GSBVH: Ch 70

After a while, Zheng Qianxi walked in with two cups of banana milkshakes and put them on the table in the living room.

Wei Xi doesn’t like sourness and sweetness, but the banana milkshake is just sweet and sour, and the thick yogurt texture, Ling really likes it. He took a small spoon and ate cleanly one bite at a time. Turning around, Wei Xi’s barely moved.

She blinked her eyes.

Wei Xi pushed her over.

Ling Zhen took it with the spoon in his hand, and put his empty cup in front of him.

When Zheng Qianqian came out, she just saw Ling Zhen smiling slyly. Mr. Wei beside her had a faint expression, but there was a conniving smile in her eyes.

It seems to be reconciled.

The old mother was very pleased and brought the sliced ​​strawberries to the table and chatted with them for a while.

Ling Zhen took two bites without paying attention, and the spoon was turned upside down, and a drop of the milkshake leaked and fell on the clothes. She let out a cry and ran to the bathroom in a panic.

Wei Xi’s gaze chased it, and then retracted it.

Zheng Qianqian sighed, “I’m still a little girl.”

Wei Xi nodded.

After a while, he said “Thank you very much.”

Let her borrow and enlighten her.

Some of what Ling Zhen said tonight was something Wei Xi had hardly expected. Little girls are transparent and innocent by nature, but because of this, they are very strange to emotions. She could think of it. Someone should have helped guide her.

No matter how much he led, Wei Xi led the love.

Zheng Qianqian is a smart person, and one sentence can explain three sentences. She thought that Ling Zhen was indeed a small lucky star. As an actor, she had a good relationship with the president of Qing Xi and it was harmless, but she actually didn’t do anything to help Ling Zhen.

Zheng Qianqian smiled and waved her hand, “I like this girl. She has been with me for the past few days. I am also happy. Now that Mr. Wei has taken it away, I still can’t bear it.”

Wei Xi smiled lightly, “I can’t bear to take it away too.”

In the evening, Ling Zhen packed up her little backpack, held Zheng Qianqian and talked for a while, and agreed to come and play with her next time. Then they left Zheng Qianqian’s house with Wei Xi.

Riding in Wei Xi’s car, Ling Zhen took off his schoolbag, Wei Xi took it, and put it on the back seat.

Ling Zhen leaned back in the chair and took out the phone to look. After Xing Li went back, she emailed her with general information about the variety show.

She clicked on it and watched it. The program team expected to invite five couples or couples in total to ten people. It is a gourmet variety show named Shi Jian Mian.

Seeing this name, Ling Zhen was stunned.

I don’t know why, she feels a bit familiar

Continue to look down, there are the guests and the content of the programs that this variety show has invited in the past. It is indeed a leisurely and relaxing variety show. Several couples and lovers move into their own houses, live in it, cook, clean, visit each other, and then gather together in the evening to taste the dishes they make by themselves.

Ling Zhen looked over one by one, then exited the document, and clicked on the next one. There were currently scheduled guests in it.

Ling Zhen glanced, and suddenly saw two familiar names

“Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi” Ling Zhen turned to look at Wei Xi, “They both want to participate.”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows slightly, and turned her face to the side, “Really.”

Ling Zhen seemed to have caught something, and then glanced at the name of this variety show, suddenly blessed to his soul.

This food companion seems to be the variety show where the male and female protagonists of the original book make love, scatter dog food, and abuse audiences all over the country.

Ling Zhen digested this fact in his heart, and then remembered Wei Xi’s reaction just now.

How it feels, he doesn’t seem surprised at all

Midsummer Entertainment’s office.

Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi were sitting in Zeng Hong’s office, they were very close to each other. Shen Yanchu held Jian Wenyi’s hand, and there was a sweet atmosphere between each other.

Jian Wenyi is very happy recently. After Shen Yanchu missed the drama of The Wall of Heart, his career has entered a trough, but their feelings have entered a rising period. She stayed with Shen Yanchu wholeheartedly, and finally waited for a new turn with him. And now, the two have been engaged, and the variety show, the food room partner, has just been found.

Both agents knew about the two of them. After all, their childhood sweethearts’ love couldn’t be stopped. After mutual negotiation, the brokerage companies of the two parties decided to take advantage of the situation to stir up their c.

One is a very popular first-line niche, and the other is a gentle and pleasant quasi-flower. The appearance and various conditions of the two are completely online, and they will definitely be able to create a pair of the sweetest c in the whole network, crazy sucking fans.

Shen Yanchu smiled and looked at Jian Wenyi, “It looks like I’m going to learn to cook.”

Jane looked at him softly, “I’ll be with you.”

After talking, Shen Yanchu left first. Zeng Hong walked over at this time and told Jian Wenyi, “That Lingzhen is also set.”

Jian Wenyi’s eyes moved slightly, her lips curled and smiled, “It’s good, there is an acquaintance who can take care of it.”

Zeng Hong nodded, “It’s good for you to think so, this time we don’t need to be jealous of her. You and Yanchu make good use of it, it’s sweet enough to come as you usually do.”

Jian Wenyi said angrily, “Where is it?” Then her curled eyelashes drooped, blocking the emotion in her eyes.

In any case, Shen Yanchu’s excessive attention to Lingzhen was a small thorn in her heart.

It happened to take this opportunity to let Ling Zhen and everyone see who was in Shen Yanchu’s heart.

A week later, Ling Zhen signed a contract with Wei Xi and was scheduled to shoot next week. A few days later, the official blog of the food room companion officially announced.

As a well-received veteran variety show, there have been various speculations on the Internet for this year’s guest candidates.

The official blog adopts the method of official announcements one by one, and the first to be sent out is the oldest and most senior couple among the five groups of guests. The two have taken off the laurels of the actor and queen respectively, and they are well-deserved seniors and elders.

After the release of this group, netizens responded well.

The love of the old artist, I can

I like to see old couples and old wives happy and happy feeling so warm

After half an hour, the official announcement of the second group of guests was posted on Weibo, Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi.

This time, there was a lot of news on the Internet.

Before this, paparazzi had actually taken photos of two people hugging on the set, and the marketing account had a deep history of their childhood sweethearts. A large part of the fans on both sides knew about it. However, an official announcement by the food companions said that the fans and netizens of both sides were still in an earthquake.

Is it finally here? Official dog abuse

I don’t listen. I don’t listen. Brother Chu is mine.

Pure passers-by said that the little brothers and sisters are all good-looking, I will buy this stock first as a respect

Following the official announcement, the brokerage teams on both sides began to operate at the same time, the marketing was synchronized in place, and the hot searches were directly bought. The hot spots were full of ghosts and wolves, and the discussion was extremely high.

The program group must be very satisfied with this effect. This time the interval was pulled to an hour before sending out the next group of guests.

Guan Bo, the companion of the food room, is a cute little Fuqing and a great dancer from the dust. This winter, you have guarded the TV and howled for her Behind you that you don’t know, the little fairy also has her own happiness. Ling Zhen and her outsider husband Wei Xi serve as a guest dining room, are you looking forward to it?

When the official announcement Weibo came out, Ling Zhen just refreshed the page. Seeing the Weibo with her and Wei Xi photos posted, he was still worried for a moment.

Then she refreshed again.

Comment, repost, and like instantly.

Ling Zhen clicked in and took a look.


Let me calm down later

Who do you say

The screen full of exclamation and question marks dazzled Ling Zhen, she turned off her mobile phone a little worried, and walked to Wei Xi, “What to do, netizens seem to be crazy.”

Wei Xi smiled, “It’s okay.”

Good crazy.

Ling Zhen worried for a while, and then he plucked up the courage to open Weibo again.

At this time, Ling Zhen’s marriage has already rushed to the hot search by natural heat.

The comments under Guan Bo of the food room companion have also rushed to tens of thousands. Ling Zhen opened it cautiously and found that there were some normal speeches in the front row.

It doesn’t seem to be normal if you don’t look closely.

I asked Kailing’s real old fan to come. Actually, I saw her husband’s photo. I think I’m OK or not. I can’t really do it. I don’t know if I can do it. Really give my mother a duck.

Why ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

We are really young and we are not old enough to distribute dog food ah ah ah beasts

Ling Zhen looked at it for a while, becoming more sad, and took a peek at Wei Xi.

With Wei Xi’s temper, will people directly block this official blog?

At this moment the man is leaning on the sofa, looking down at the phone.

He has a pale expression, his black hair presses his eyebrows, the line from the brow bone to the bridge of his nose is very firm, and there is no expression on his graceful profile.

Ling Zhen cautiously and tentatively said to Wei Xi, “What should I do? It seems someone scolds you.”

Wei Xi raised her head.

Ling Zhen only saw that his black eyes were light, and there was a faint smile.

Wei Xi said softly, “Swear.”

This is the price of possession of the fairy. He doesn’t mind at all.

Even the harder others scolded, the more weird he felt.

Ling Zhen looked suspicious “”

In short, that night, Ling Zhen and Wei Xi’s official announcement, as expected by the program group, blew up the entire network.

At the same time, because almost all netizens eat the melons of Ling Zhen’s hidden marriage, the dog abuse hot search between Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi has not even “exploded”, and has always been “hot”. The two groups of guests announced later failed to make another big wave, and everyone was attracted by the third group of couples.

The matter was raging, and it took three days before it ceased.

And they finally arrived the day before departure.

Wei Xi treated this as a business trip, and she was very calm. But Ling Zhen was different. She was like a child who was going to go on a spring outing. She was excited and panicked.

The night before departure, she ran around the house, seeing everything she thought should be taken away in the suitcase.

She wore a white cotton nightdress, dangled it from her room to the bathroom, took a big jar of body milk, and asked Wei Xi, “Want to bring this.”

Wei Xi had already packed up and leaned her arms against the wall, “Okay.”

Ling Zhen kicked back to the room and packed his body milk. Then he ran out, rushed to the living room, and took two unopened electric mosquito coils from the cabinet. “You have to use this too. Isn’t there a lot of mosquitoes in the mountains?”

Wei Xi nodded, “Take it.”

Ling Zhen ran back to the room again and stuffed the electric mosquito incense into his suitcase.

Here is full of her clothes, shoes, toiletries, and a lot of snacks she likes, and everything she wants to bring is packed in.

But Ling Zhen was still a little worried, always feeling uneasy. She wandered around the house with her hands behind her back, thinking about what else she could bring.

After turning for a while, he asked, “Ah, do I need to bring a raincoat?”

In fact, there are already two umbrellas in the box.

Wei Xi took a breath and called her “Ling Zhen.”

Ling Zhen looked down at the raincoat and turned back “Yeah”

Wei Xi beckoned, “Come here.”

Ling Zhen patted her skirt, and as soon as she walked to him, she was picked up by Wei Xi, went to the bathroom, and put it on the sink.

Wei Xi held her back on her neck, lowered her head, pried her lips apart, and kissed her directly.

After half a day, Wei Xi withdrew, with the tip of her nose pressed against her, “Is it quiet?”

Ling Zhen’s eyes were foggy, but the scent shrouded in Wei Xi’s body made the panic in his heart really gone.

She nodded obediently.

Wei Xi bowed his head again, and kissed her smooth cheek, “What is it?”

“Taking me is enough.”

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