GSBVH: Ch 69

Wei Xi looked at her deeply.

No matter how pure and innocent a girl is, she is born with the ability to become a demon.

Wei Xi was squeezed by her and couldn’t even react for a few seconds.

It wasn’t until she stretched out the lotus root arm and said in a soft voice that she could hug him, Wei Xi’s tight limbs relaxed, and there was a flow of heat in her heart.

Then he gently took her and put his arms in his arms.

Ling Zhen leaned forward obediently.

In summer, the clothes were thin, and she was a warm and soft ball in her arms. Wei Xi tightened her arm little by little, and finally clung to it.

Ling Zhen put his arms on his shoulders, rubbing Wei Xi’s black hair on his cheeks, and smelled the familiar scent of cedar on his body.

She took a deep breath quietly, thinking, smell it well.

Wei Xi didn’t speak, and hugged him for a long time. Ling Zhen could feel that something surging in his body was sinking slowly.

But Ling Zhen had to lean slightly in this position. After a while, she felt a little uncomfortable and moved a little.

The man loosened a little, then bent her knees, hugged the person to his lap, and pressed her into his arms again.

Ling Zhen became a little bit shy, and whispered, “This is outside.”

Wei Xi’s fingers followed her ears to the back of her neck, her voice was soft, “Telled the waiter, let someone come again.”

Ling Zhen shook his calf and whispered “Oh.”

Wei Xi’s fingers flicked the corners of her lips, moistened a little, and asked in a low voice, “It still hurts.”

Ling Zhen put his chin on his generous shoulder and snorted.

Actually it doesn’t hurt, but the pain stays in my memory, and it will be recalled when I am angry.

But she was squeamish and said, “It hurts so much.”

The little girl was particularly seductive with coquettishness.

Wei Xi’s fingers down, along her neck to the collarbone, and finally landed on her chest, lightly “it hurts here too”.

Ling Zhen flushed and pushed away his hand “Who let you touch it?”

Wei Xi smiled and hugged the little girl who had blown up her hair. “Don’t touch it, don’t be angry.”

He dare not recall the soft, delicate touch easily. She has never been touched before, and she is extremely sensitive and delicate. Wei Xi remembered, and will try to be lighter next time.

Ling Zhen didn’t know what he was thinking, so he punched Wei Xi’s chest and laughed when he was so angry.

Wei Xi caught her fist, and then held her back of the head to raise her small face slightly, and then kissed the corner of her lips lightly, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

It was a very gentle touch, Ling Zhen liked it a little, closed his eyes and obediently.

Wei Xi kissed a few times and whispered in her ear, “Do you like shrimp dumplings and double stuffed dumplings?”

It has been given for a week, but I don’t know whether she likes it or not.

Ling Zhen nodded, “It’s delicious.”

Wei Xi touched her head, “I will buy it later.”

Ling Zhen raised his eyes to look at him, and slowly said in a low voice, “But I like my little dinosaur the most.”

Wei Xi paused slightly to understand what she meant.

Among those things, her favorite was the one he sent her from home.

So obedient to make people feel soft.

Wei Xi hugged the person tighter and lowered her head “Ling Zhen.”

The little girl raised her head “Yeah”

“If you kiss me, I will be responsible for me.” The man was quiet in his heart, and slowly raised his lips, repeating her words, “Now take responsibility, it doesn’t count if you hold me.”

Ling Zhen knew that his heart was bad, so he hummed and quit, and the man teased her.

But not long after, the door of the box suddenly opened with a squeak.

This is what Xing Li saw when he opened the door.

Mr. Wei, who is known as a cold ascetic person, carried the red-faced girl to his lap, lowered his head, and asked others to be responsible while kissing her.

Xing Li: “…”

What is his picture

Ling Zhen was so embarrassed that he exploded. Wei Xi said that no one would come in. As a result, it was Teacher Xing who came in. She felt like she was discovered by the teacher in her early love. Her cheeks were so hot that she pinched Wei Xi’s waist under her hands.

Wei Xi caught her hand, with a trace of irritation in her eyes, she swept to the door extremely coldly.

Xing Li and him looked at each other for three seconds, then turned his head, “Okay, I’ll go and smoke a cigarette first.”

The box door was closed again.

Ling Zhen was so angry that she bit someone, “I’m not ashamed”

Wei Xi lifted her face, lowered her head and sucked on her lips, “not ashamed.”

A few minutes later, Xing Li returned to the box again. This time, Wei Xi lazily poured water on Ling Zhen, while the little girl was sitting tightly, and there was a big gap between Wei Xi and Wei Xi.

Xing Li smiled, “It’s okay, relax.”

Ling Zhen secretly glared at Wei Xi.

Xing Li’s gaze turned back and forth between the two of them, and he felt that what was going to be discussed today was interesting.

Although he felt blind just now, even someone his age would feel a little sour when looking at them.

“I came here today mainly to talk about work,” Xing Li looked at Ling Zhen, “I mentioned something to you before, and I want to push you to a variety show. Thanks to the beautiful girl dancer before, you have been enthusiastic recently, just because A program group came up.”

Ling Zhen listened to Xing Li briefly, and his eyes widened “Couple and Couple Variety Show”

She looked at Wei Xi subconsciously, and the man curled his lips.

Xing Li didn’t want to look at his big-tailed wolf, and nodded to Ling Zhen. “Yes, it’s not just the reality show that is popular now. The slow-paced, dog food variety show is very popular. Very fanciful.”

Ling Zhen also watched such variety shows in his spare time, and it was really comfortable. But she never thought that she would be on such a show with Wei Xi.

Xing Li said, “There is another reason. According to my guess, it is also the most important reason for this program group to find you.”

Ling Zhen asked “What is it?”

“They don’t know where they got the information about your marriage, so they want to take advantage of the public opportunity to make a big wave of popularity.” Xing Li told her.

Ling Zhen is a somewhat special presence in the circle. During the winter vacation, Xianwen’s ratings slammed all the movies and TV dramas at the same time, which caused her to burst out on her debut and start very high. She has a masterpiece that will always be handy, and the image that she has created is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In that period, she was even a little girl of the whole people.

But at the same time, her business is very Buddhist, and she moved to the field of art when the heat was the highest, and she achieved remarkable results. This has indeed lost a number of fans and traffic, but at the same time, it has also solidified a number of diehard fans.

In this case, if she reveals her married status, it will definitely be regarded as throwing a nuclear bomb to the entire network, and the program group can make a big wave of heat in vain.

Of course, they also knew that they were deliberately unpredictable, so the remuneration offered to Ling Zhen was a bit higher than the market price.

Ling Zhen pondered, “Oh like this.”

Xing Li glanced at Wei Xi who was silent, and said, “It depends on your own wishes.”

If other female artists are in their early twenties, even if they are secretly married, she will definitely not let people announce their marriage easily. But Ling Zhen is different. Her future development focus is not here, and she does not need to hide her marital status to keep more film and television resources.

More importantly, from Xing Li’s point of view, the two of them participating in this variety show might explode.

After all, it’s not uncommon for female stars to have amateur husbands, but there are not many who have amateur husbands whose faces are able to beat the amateur level. Xing Li can almost predict how many Yangou their c can attract.

Ling Zhen was thinking hard, and Wei Xi was watching her.

After a while, the man stretched his hand around the end of her hair and looked down “I don’t want to make it public.”

Ling Zhen shook his head, “No.”

It makes no difference to her whether she is public or not. After all, she wants to dance, and no one stipulates that dancers can’t get married.

But Ling Zhen knew that in this kind of variety show, there were cameras in every corner of the place where he lived, and every move seemed to be monitored. She has worked as an actor and is not so sensitive to cameras, but she knows that Wei Xi will definitely not be used to it.

She turned her head and asked in a low voice, “Do you want to go?”

He was not an extrovert, so it would be too uncomfortable for him to stay under the camera for so long. As long as Ling Zhen thinks about it, he feels that he is definitely not willing.

But Wei Xi’s eyes were calm and she said “I can.”

Ling Zhen’s apricot eyes widened “really”


He really hates the life under the camera, and he doesn’t have the habit of showing himself and Lingzhen to the outside world.

But he likes to be public.

Let the names of the two of them be permanently tied together, so that everyone knows where she belongs.

Ling Zhen thought for a while, then turned to Xing Li and said, “Then I have no problem.”

Xing Li glanced at a certain big-tailed wolf again and smiled, “Okay, we will make an appointment next day for the specific information and signing of the contract. I will talk to you about the program group first.”

Ling Zhen smiled obediently, “Trouble Teacher Xing.”

Being on variety shows is still a new experience for her, but this time Wei Xi will work with her, it should be very interesting, right?

After eating, Xing Li retreated in the blatant sight of Mr. Wei’s blatant rejection, with the excuse of retreating first.

Wei Xi pulled Ling Zhen’s chair back, hooked her calf with her long legs, and asked, “Will you go home at night?”

Ling Zhen glanced at him.

Although it is reconciled now, she always feels that Wei Xi seems to have adjusted too quickly

Before eating, I still looked like you didn’t want to see me and I just left. Now I start to use my hands and feet skillfully.

She hummed, “Sister Siqian said she made me a banana milkshake, I have to go back and eat it, or she will make it for nothing.”

Wei Xi was silent for a moment, then stood up, “After that, we will come back.”

Ling Zhen: “…”

Half an hour later, Zheng Qianqian opened the door and yelled “Baby, you come back.”

Then she suddenly saw the cold man standing behind Ling Zhen “La”

Ling Zhen touched his head very embarrassedly, pointed at the tall man, and carefully asked, “Can you give him a banana milkshake?”

Zheng Qianqian: “…”

She thought to herself, silly boy, does your man want a milkshake?

But she turned her face and smiled “Yes, of course we can warmly welcome”

Zheng Qianqian invited the two in on the side and took them to the living room. After not taking a few steps, she suddenly shook her whole body.

Ling Zhen probe “what’s wrong”

Suddenly Zheng Xiqian rushed to the living room, put away something on the table, and turned her back behind her, “Hahaha, it’s nothing, Mr. Wei, don’t sit down, the milkshake will be ready soon.”

Wei Xi glanced over the corner of the box exposed behind her without a trace. Without saying anything, she pulled Ling Zhen and sat down on the sofa.

Zheng Xiqian smiled and backed away, retreated to the door of the room, rushed in quickly, and took out what was in her hand.

It was a box of compact discs, and the cover was very cough and glaring.

This is a small adult education class specially prepared by her for the little girl without personnel, but she did not expect it to come in handy, and was caught by her parents again.


In the living room, Ling Zhen whispered in Wei Xi’s ear, “Aren’t we here at the right time?” She clearly saw what Sister Qianqian had hidden.

Wei Xi looked at the disc player that was turned on next to the TV set on the opposite side, her lips twitched slightly, and she put her arms around Lingzhen’s shoulders.

“No,” he said, “it’s quite the time.”

He hadn’t taught it before, how could others be taught.

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