GSBVH: Ch 68

Ling Zhen was carrying a small backpack, and this time he ran away very openly.

She said very clearly, Wei Xi understood, and did not stop her.

How to stop?

Do you want to lock up people again?

Ling Zhen is ignorant and naive, but not stupid. He was indeed forcing her.

Wei Xi knew that his illness had never been better, and the germs had even multiplied in the process of getting her a little bit.

The gloomy and dark things are always lurking in every corner of the body. Violence and paranoia naturally induce him to become a perpetrator. That is the gene that he hated and rejected since childhood, and left him.

Wei Xi didn’t want to bring those to Ling Zhen at all. Regarding his past, that disgusting memory, he didn’t let Ling Zhen touch it at all.

But he lost to nature for the second time.

Bit her, tear the girl’s skirt.

Like a beast.

But this time, the little girl didn’t avoid him like a snake, and then fled hurriedly. She shed tears and cried so badly, but she left a door for him.

Wei Xi sat quietly for a while, stood up, and walked to the French window.

Ling Zhen had just walked out of the building, and the shoulder bag on his back was square and looked good from behind.

She walked a few steps, then stopped suddenly, turned around and looked at the window on the floor of her house.

A long distance apart, the eyes of the two seemed to meet.

Ling Zhen looked at the figure for a while, then grabbed his backpack strap, turned around and walked out of the complex in small steps.

For Ling Zhen’s stay, Zheng Qianqian expressed her welcome.

She just came out of the crew, and her career and relationships are in the window. At this time, a sweet little girl came to her house to play with her. How interesting, it was like raising a kitten.

Ling Zhen told her to go directly to the dance troupe in the evening. Zheng Qianqian was very happy on the phone and said that she would cook and show her skills in the evening.

Ling Zhen just smiled.

But after getting in the taxi, she thought of the slender and lonely figure behind the floor-to-ceiling windows again, and her heart became bored again.

Fortunately, you don’t have to think about anything while dancing. Ling Zhen recently continued to choreograph his favorite dance, discussing exercises with Xiaomeng Song Ling and others, and learning from each other, the day passed quickly.

At night, everyone finished the day of training and left one by one.

Ling Zhen carried his bag and walked outside with Gu Xiaomeng.

Out of the door, Gu Xiaomeng suddenly pulled Lingzhen’s sleeves and said with a smile, “Sister Zhenzhen, Mr. Wei is here to pick you up.”

Ling Zhen looked in the direction she was pointing. On the other side of the road, Wei Xi stood there silently, looking at her.

Ling Zhen didn’t come to pick her up, Ling Zhen knew.

Wei Xi came to pick her up so many times, each time at the gate of the dance troupe, but this time standing far away.

Ling Zhen retracted his gaze, put on his mask, and said to Gu Xiaomeng, “I won’t go home today. I will take the bus with you.”

“Hey” Gu Xiaomeng was a little strange, but she had to follow Ling Zhen to move forward.

After walking for a while, she quietly looked back, and then whispered to Ling Zhen, “Sister Zhenzhen, he’s still there.”

The man did not come over, but followed silently.

Ling Zhen followed Gu Xiaomeng to the bus stop. Suddenly, he saw a paper bag on a chair at the station. The o on it was familiar.

She walked closer and found that it contained the little dinosaur pillow she usually likes to hug in sleep, and her little bear eye mask.

Ling Zhen’s white finger hooked and lifted the bag.

Gu Xiaomeng was shocked again, “Sister Zhenzhen, is this yours?”

“Yeah,” Ling Zhen replied. Yu Guangli caught a glimpse of someone looking here and whispered, “It’s mine.”

Gu Xiaomeng’s house and Zheng Qianqian’s house were in the same direction. They got on the same bus and sat down in the back row.

When the car drove away, Gu Xiaomeng glanced at the window and turned back, “Mr. Wei is leaving.”

Ling Zhen knew.

Wei Xi didn’t come to pick her up, he came to send her off.

Ling Zhen held the paper bag in his arms and groaned inwardly.

After a stop, Ling Zhen’s phone rang, she picked it up and looked at it. It was a WeChat message.

Wei Xi remembers to go to bed early.

These are simple and ordinary words, but Ling Zhen suddenly felt a bit sour when he thought that the man was standing on the side of the road, watching her bus go away, and then typing these words.

After Wei Xi sent her the message, she waited for a while without reply.

He lowered his eyelashes, paused for a moment, and turned to the car parked on the side of the road.

I started the car, and just about to drive out, the phone suddenly dinged softly.

Wei Xi held the steering wheel tightly, stopped and took out the phone.

Ling Zhen returned the news.

Did not speak.

But gave him a small, pink flower.

In the evening, Zheng Qianqian warmly greeted Ling Zhen in an apron.

The single woman’s high-end apartment, like Ling Zhen’s house, is a big flat floor, cleaned very clean, style is very similar to Zheng Qianqian herself, capable and concise, but there are also many interesting gadgets.

Ling Zhen put the backpack in the room Zheng Qianqian had cleaned up for her, and turned to help in the kitchen.

“No need, leave me alone” Zheng Qianqian wanted her to go out and sit and play.

Ling Zhen “I’m bored sitting by myself, I happened to steal some beef from Sissi, how did you cook this beef?”

More than forty minutes later, four dishes and one soup were served.

Ling Zhen served the meal, set up his chopsticks, and then stood by the table and waited. Zheng Qianxi came out with a stack of small dishes and saw her, and smiled, “Why are you so behaved?”

Like children who go to other people’s homes, they must follow the mother’s teachings and must be polite and know how to come.

Zheng Qianqian pressed her to the chair with one hand, “Don’t be so restrained, you were not so polite when we were filming.”

Ling Zhen was relieved now, picked up his chopsticks, and started to eat.

They cooked all home-cooked dishes, but they tasted so good. Ling Zhen ate a small bowl of rice and leaned on the back of the chair while touching his stomach.

Zheng Qianqian filled her with a bowl of soup, put it in front of her, and said, “What’s the matter, I can’t say so much, I ran away suddenly”

Ling Zhen held the soup bowl, bit the edge of the white porcelain bowl with his teeth, and said vaguely, “It’s not running away from home.”

Zheng Qianqian raised her eyebrows.

“I told him where to go, he knows I’m here.” Ling Zhen whispered.

Zheng Qianqian is even more curious. It doesn’t look like President Wei in her family looks like she would put people here, not to mention that after the last “big health care”, she felt that her credibility with President Wei had plummeted.

“After a quarrel, I didn’t say it better to take the initiative last time.”

Ling Zhen was angry when he mentioned this, and put down the soup bowl, “I took the initiative, I kissed him” seriously.

Zheng Qianqian smiled as relieved as an old mother, “That’s not bad, you Wei always has no animalistic hair.”

The corners of the little girl’s mouth were still red, and there were traces of invisible shame. She showed a grieved expression.


Super fierce

Ling Zhen drooped feather-like eyelashes, briefly described what Wei Xi had done, and then said lowly, “He really tends to be violent, right?”

But after listening to the older sister who had experienced everything, she showed a complex expression with a touch of shock in shock and a hint of envy in sympathy.

Zheng Qianqian coughed and said, “There are some men, in this kind of thing, it is really more intense.”

Ling Zhen was stunned””

“Of course it is definitely wrong for him to do this. After all, your experience is uncomfortable. You are right when you came out. Mr. Wei does need to reflect on it,” Zheng Qianxi paused and said again, “But I listened to your description, he shouldn’t To the point of irrational, it stopped in the end. So I think it’s important to understand why he is doing this and to solve the root of the problem.”

Ling Zhen blinked.

Sister Qianqian was right, she also wanted to solve the problem. Let Wei Xi reflect on it. In fact, she herself needs some time to sort it out.

What Wei Xi wants, and what she can give.

After eating, Ling Zhen took the initiative to clean up the dishes and brought them to the kitchen. But Zheng Qianqian said she wouldn’t let her wash anything, and she just pushed people out, “You can go around the house or collect your things.”

Ling Zhen couldn’t help her, so she had to exit the kitchen. But she didn’t go far, and after a while she lay on the wall outside the kitchen, revealing a small head, calling her “Sister Qianqian.”

Zheng Qianqian looked up “Yeah”

The little girl’s cheeks are reddish, her apricot eyes are moist, and she is a little bit shy.

Zheng Qianqian was stunned for a moment, and then said “It’s not hey”

How does this explain that she feels like she is spoiling the children again.

After thinking about it, Zheng Qianqian said, “There is no probability in this matter. If you ran into it, you ran into it.”

“Oh,” Ling Zhen nodded, a little distressed, “Then I am really unlucky.”

The little girl turned and left. Zheng Qianqian washed a plate and put it on the shelf, straightened up, and sighed.

Are there any unlucky mature older sisters who can’t grab the best

A full man does not know that a hungry man is hungry

In the evening, Ling Zhen took a bath, changed into her pajamas, then lay on the bed and picked up her little dinosaur pillow.

The little dinosaur also smelled very reassuring from the scent of her bed at home.

Ling Zhen smelled the scent, and quickly fell asleep.

Accidentally settled overnight.

Early the next morning, she was awakened by the sky outside the window, turned over and sat up.

The house is very quiet, Zheng Qianqian hasn’t gotten up yet. Ling Zhen went to wash up, then changed clothes, planning to go out to buy breakfast.

She pushed open the door, and suddenly saw a large white paper bag lying on the floor outside the door.

Ling Zhen was stunned, then subconsciously looked around.

There was no one in the corridor, and the doors of every house were closed.

She held the doorknob for a while, then went out, bent down, lifted the paper bag, and returned to the house.

Zheng Qianqian woke up when Ling Zhen opened the door. She rubbed her eyes and walked out and saw the big paper bag she was holding “x remember you bought it in the morning”

Ling Zhen opened his mouth, it was not ordered by Si Qian, it really is

Zheng Qianqian came over, took the bag to the table, and opened it to take a look.

X’s morning tea, packed in a box, is still hot. With a quick glance, there are curry fish balls, chicken feet in black soy sauce, golden quicksand buns, and X Kee’s most famous fresh shrimp dumplings sold one by one. There were a dozen boxes full of piles, which cost a thousand dollars.

She was stunned, “Let’s have breakfast, don’t you need to be so grand”

Ling Zhen lowered his eyes, “It looks like it was sent by Wei Xi.”

Zheng Qianqian was even more shocked.

Then she went to freshen up and change clothes, and sat at the table with her hands clasped together.

Ling Zhen took a bite of a quicksand bag. The skin was soft and the fillings were smooth and sandy. The salty and milky flavours were intertwined. It was sweet and delicious.

She looked down and received another message on the phone.

Wei Xi ate while it was hot.

Ling Zhen swallowed the quicksand bag and moved his finger.

Send a little pink flower again.

In the next few days, something like this always appeared outside the door.

On the morning of the fourth day, Zheng Qianqian picked up a bag from the door of the room with a tongue, and said, “The double brew group that sells on the corner of the street is a huge queue every day. I have moved here for two years and haven’t bought it.”

Ling Zhen backed his hands and patted the pocket on his buttocks.

After a while, I picked up my phone and sent the seventh little pink flower.

On the other side, Wei Xi just drove to the company.

After receiving this flower, his new day has just begun.

Wei Xi tapped on the screen with her fingertips, then put her phone away, opened the car door and went out.

The work of the new quarter has begun, and there are many things to do. There was a high-level meeting at ten o’clock, and Wei Xi went directly to the meeting room without returning to the office.

It is not time yet, and the entire conference room is empty. Wei Xi sat on the leather chair alone, her eyes blanked coldly.

Zhao Yan saw such a scene when he walked in.

There was no expression on the man’s cold white face, his dark gaze stared at a certain point in the void, a slight gloomy feeling, but not heavy.

Zhao Yan tentatively asked “What is Mr. Wei doing?”

Wei Xi said lightly, “introspection.”

Zhao Yan “Ah”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes and said nothing more.

The house was quiet for four days, Ling Zhen asked him to reflect on it, and Wei Xi was really introspecting.

Desire and reason will always hold each other’s words.

Desire wants the little girl to stay with him forever, don’t look at other men, don’t think about leaving, but reason is sitting on the sidelines, asking him, whoever hurt her twice, why should he occupy her forever

Even he himself hates his own blood.

Bacteria grow in the black soil that is self-disgusting, but every time

Every time, there will be a small pink flower that will be planted gently.

She is the best little girl in the world, so good that she doesn’t belong to this filthy world. I got pain and tears from him, but I still want to redeem him.

Like a ray of light.

So Wei Xi understood.

Follow the light, hug her, trust her. Turn yourself into the light.

A week later, in the dialog between Ling Zhen and Wei Xi, twenty small flowers were accumulated.

Behind these little flowers, there are the breakfast he bought, the clothes he sent, the rainy exhortation, and many good nights.

Before going to bed, Ling Zhen flipped through the chat records, and pressed the corners of her lips slightly.

She had never thought that Wei Xi was so long and gentle.

The most intense part of his personality was cut open for her to see, the dark and paranoid side, she knew from the very beginning, before Ling Zhen knew him.

But such a person has been learning gentleness all the time.

Ling Zhen hugged her legs by the bed, her knees resting on her chest. There was a shallow scab on the broken skin long ago, and after a few baths, only a few inconspicuous traces remained.

She was a little sleepy, but she was still waiting.

Wei Xi’s “good night” is probably coming soon.

Ling Zhen waited for a while, then lay on his side on the bed, holding the phone in his hand.

The room was quiet, and the frequency of her eyelashes flickering became lower and lower. Just as her eyes were about to close, the phone pinged.

Ling Zhen opened his eyes and raised his little hand.

It was news from Wei Xi, but he did not say good night.

This time he said

I miss you.

Xing Li hadn’t seen the little artist under his hand for a while. There were few things this day, so he drove to Qingxi.

Wei Xi was in the office, Xing Li knocked on the door and walked in.

“Is Ling really busy these days?” Xing Li sat on the sofa, “No, I should ask you both if there is a variety show, and I want to ask your opinions.”

Wei Xi put down the pen and raised her eyes, “She is busy.”

Xing Li touched his chin, “That variety show is quite leisurely, not the kind of running and jumping games.”

Wei Xi nodded slightly, a trace of restraint flashed in her black eyes.

“Then you can make an appointment with her,” Wei Xi said, “Forget it, I will send you the address later.”

Xing Li””

My appointment is still yours

Ling Zhen was a little embarrassed when he received the call from Xing Li. She has been “not doing business properly” for too long, and she has forgotten that her original main business is still a small artist.

Xing Li really understood her, and Ling Zhen always thanked and respected him.

“Oh, okay,” Ling Zhen nodded obediently while holding his mobile phone, “Is it in Yulifang, xx road, um, okay, then Teacher Xing will see you.”

Ling Zhen remembered the appointment with Teacher Xing that night, and left the dance troupe earlier today. The store is quite close to Zheng Qianqian’s house, so it is very convenient for her to go. Ling Zhen first went back and changed his clothes, then put on a light makeup courteously.

After talking to Zheng Qianqian, she went out and walked to the Yulifang.

After entering the store, Ling Zhen wore a mask and said to the waiter at the front desk, “I want to find a private room reserved by Mr. Xing.”

The waiter first stared at the half of her exquisite face, and then looked around the reservation list. After reading it twice, he suddenly said “Oh, Mr. Xing, please come here.” .”

The box is the innermost one on the second floor, very quiet. Ling Zhen walked to the door, adjusted his hair, and knocked on the door lightly.

No one answered.

Ling Zhen thinks Teacher Xing hasn’t come yet?

She glanced at the house number on the top of her head again, it was indeed this one, so she pushed the door open.

In the door, beside the pear wood round table, sat a certain man who hadn’t seen him for a week.

Wei Xi raised her eyes slightly and landed on her with a slight enthusiasm.

Ling Zhen squeezed the doorknob tightly. She has an unexpected but not unexpected feeling.

For a few seconds, no one spoke.

Wei Xi saw that she hadn’t walked in, her eyes darkened, and then she said, “Come in, I’ll go later.”

There was a hint of loneliness in his tone, and Ling Zhen blinked, feeling sour.

Wei Xi lifted the lid of the copper pot on the table, and a sweet fragrance spread out.

“The pear soup is made by them in advance. Drink it while it’s hot, which is good for your throat.”

After speaking, Wei Xi got up.

At this moment, Ling Zhen’s toes slipped into the private room, and then he walked in, returned his hand, and closed the door.

The voice behind the mask was muffled, “Have you thought about it yet.”

Wei Xi was startled.

Then, while watching her, he sat back slowly, “I have a good idea.”

Ling Zhen’s little high-heeled shoes touched the toes, then walked over, pulled the chair next to him a little further, and sat down.

“Where’s Teacher Xing?” She looked at the door.

Wei Xi “Come late.”

It may not come.

Wei Xi poured her a cup of pear soup and pushed it to Ling Zhen’s hand. Ling Zhen took it and sipped it.

The man waited, and when she finished drinking, he said softly, “Are you still angry?”

The voice was low and gentle, like every message he sent these days.

Ling Zhen put down the cup and wiped his mouth, staring at him with bright eyes.

The man who is so cold that people don’t dare to look directly at him, facing the little Jiaojiao girl, even his voice is restrained.

She is checking the acceptance, asking him to reflect on the results.

“I’m reflecting on my bad personality, I will change it.” Wei Xi said slowly, “I believe you and listen to you in the future, if I hurt you again,”

He doesn’t sound like a joke, “Just let me die, okay?”

Ling Zhen was shivered by the yin in his voice, and subconsciously shouted “What did you say?”

Who wants him to die?

The little girl frowned, raised her eyes to look at him, and after a while she said, “Wei Xi, then I will ask you.”

Wei Xi’s back was slightly “Yes.”

Ling Zhen looked at him, “That day, if I didn’t stop, would you really do what to me?”

Torn her skirt and continue.

Wei Xi said dumbly, “No.”

There is indeed a vicious gene left by his father’s in his bones, but he is not willing, not willing to really do to her. The moment she yelled pain, he was sober.

“I promise.” He said softly.

But Wei Xi didn’t know whether the little girl in front of him would believe him.

Ling Zhen’s clear eyes stared at his face for a long time, until Wei Xi couldn’t help it before she spoke quietly.

“My mouth still hurts.”

With this sentence, the icy energy that had been stretched before disappeared, revealing squeamishness from inside.

“It’s all broken skin, it hurts even more that day,” Ling Zhen curled his lips to look at him, “The meat hurts too, it hurts.”

The tip of Wei Xi’s heart was so hot that it was rolled up, restrained from hugging her, and muttered, “May I let you fight back?”

Ling Zhen stared at Xingyan, so she didn’t hit anyone.

Now that it’s all here, let’s solve the problem altogether today. She is also so annoying.

Ling Zhen bit his lip, whispering a word back and forth in his heart, and finally said, “Wei Xi, are you a bit unconfident?”

This is incredible.

Obviously he has been in a high position for a long time, outstanding, strong, and has all the capital of pride. But he was so afraid of her being abducted by others, as if he was going crazy.

Wei Xi was startled slightly.

“It’s not just you who are reflecting, I also think carefully,” the little girl was wronged and serious, “What you want is a sense of security. No, you will be crazy.”

“Then I thought about it, the sense of security you want, it seems that only I can give it.”

After Ling Zhen finished speaking, he instinctively wanted to cover his face.

It’s a shy thing to admit that you have a huge influence on others.

But she held back, facing the man’s so dark gaze, she whispered, “I don’t like Teacher Wen.”

Wei Xi’s jaw tightened.

The drink spokesperson on the table was Shen Yanchu, and Ling Zhen pointed to the villain, “I don’t like him either.”

Ling Zhen leaned back, thought for a moment, and added, “Oh, I don’t like Gu Wei either.”

The man in front of him was tense, his sight could almost burn him.

The pear soup is cold, but the sweetness is stronger, and it evaporates in the air.

The heat on Ling Zhen’s cheek rose slightly.

“Wei Xi.” She called to him.


“I’m not scumbag,” Ling Zhenxing’s eyes were bright and her lips were ruddy, “If I kiss you, I will be responsible for you.”

Wei Xi was almost killed by her, and there was almost a smell of blood in his throat.

She saw that he endured so much, “You said you missed me.”

Wei Xi’s voice tightened, “Yes.”

The little girl pursed her lips, and finally stretched out her two thin arms.

“Then give you a hug.”

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