GSBVH: Ch 67

Ling Zhen returned to the table again, obviously distracted.

The waiter served another dish, which seemed very fragrant, and everyone at the table was robbing it.

Only Ling Zhen stared at the half-eaten bowl, in a daze.

What I used, what I ate, and what I wore in the fairy palace before, now that I look back on it, it has been completely blurred, leaving only the boundless, cold and cold sense of time.

Recalling now, what is clear and fresh in my mind is the spring, summer, autumn and winter here, and the joy and sorrow of every day.

When she first came, she thought, comforted her villain husband, and then walked freely. Now their villain is black, and she is still here.

The problem that Teacher Wen left for her is very realistic. Although you may not really face it, you must make a choice if you are faced with it.

Certainly reluctant.

When I wanted to get a divorce, I would never give up. Now so many have passed.

Wen Zichu had already left, Ling Zhen had a vacant seat on one side, and the people on the other side were standing and grabbing the dish, and greeted her, “Sister Zhen, you will try this and you will grab it.”

Ling Zhen was in a daze, hearing this sentence, subconsciously asked “what is delicious”

“It’s this tea-flavored pork ribs, who is surnamed Zhao, who asked you to grab the last piece, Zhenzhen hasn’t eaten it yet”

Ling Zhen waved his hand, “It’s okay, I’ll go and pack a copy later.”

“That’s okay, you take one back to eat in the evening”

Ling Zhen nodded.

But she was actually full, it was delicious, she wanted to pack it back and bring it to Wei Xi.

It didn’t take long for everyone to eat almost, and they packed up and prepared to withdraw.

The little girl at the table next to them stayed outside for a while before coming back. Seeing Ling Zhen, she said, “Sister Zhen Zhen, I seem to have seen Mr. Wei just now.”

Ling Zhen was a little surprised, “Are you here?”

The little girl said, “I just saw a back, a bit like, after all, Mr. Wei’s temperament is also quite special.”

Ling Zhen told him that he would come to this restaurant for dinner, but he never heard Wei Xi say that he would also come. If he comes, he should go home with her.

When he walked downstairs when he walked out of the private room, Ling Zhen looked around for a while, but didn’t see the familiar figure.

May be wrong

The crowd dispersed at the entrance of the restaurant, Ling Zhen carrying a packing box, hired a taxi to go home.

Entering the apartment building, she found the elevator stopped on her own floor. Ling Zhen took the elevator up, the door of the house was not closed, and Wei Xi seemed to have just returned.

Ling Zhen walked a few steps quickly, entered the house, and saw that Wei Xi had just taken off his suit, only wearing a shirt.

She was a little happy for a moment.

People seem to be very strange animals. After having active intimacy, they can’t help but become intimacy psychologically.

Ling Zhen closed the door, changed her slippers, went to Wei Xi, raised her face, “Did you just come back?”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes.

In May, the night breeze was warm, but there was a chill in him inexplicably.

But Ling Zhen didn’t notice it.

“Well,” Wei Xi said, “just came back.”

Ling Zhen squeezed the packing box and asked expectantly, “Have you eaten?”

Wei Xi was quiet.

The dark eyes absorb light, and there are faint, finely cracked ice flakes.

After a while, he said “eat it.”

Ling Zhen is a little regretful, “Ah”

Then, Wei Xi added slowly, “In the store you mentioned.”

Ling Zhen’s eyes opened, “You too”

Wei Xi looked at her for a while, her lips pulled up with a temperatureless arc, and her fingers lifted and landed on her neck. “Then, I saw you talking to your teacher Wen.”

Ling Zhen was startled, only then did he realize that there was something wrong with his whole person.

Wei Xi’s head was pressed down, and her dark eyes approached her inch by inch. “He asks you if you want to go.”

Ling Zhen’s pupils shrank, and for a moment he was a little panicked.

She has never revealed her identity to anyone. After all, what kind of weird power, what is a girl who wears a book, is too unbelievable for normal people.

She didn’t expect Wei Xi to hear it so and so precisely.

Ling Zhen had no idea where Wei Xi began to listen, and how much he listened to.

But he obviously didn’t like any concealment from her.

For a few seconds in Ling Zhen’s panic, Wei Xi’s pupils sank a little. Then something darker and darker climbed up and was hung up by the last trace of reason.

But he still wants to be a human being and doesn’t want to scare her.

“Explain well,” Wei Xi’s voice was very low and low, “I’m listening.”

But Ling Zhen was even more difficult.

how to explain

She couldn’t tell him that this “walk” was not a literal walk, but a flight to the sky. When the little girl was nervous, her slender eyelashes kept trembling, her eyes dangled, and her whole body revealed a kind of tension and anxiety.

It looks like a cover up.

Cover up some things, between her and other men, she can’t tell him.

Wei Xi lost his expression, her reason no longer spoke out, and her lack of security exploded in her veins.

Ling Zhen saw the storm in his eyes and drew back anxiously. Then she took a step back, and what the man suppressed finally collapsed after crumbling.

Wei Xi directly picked up the person, walked two steps forward, and pressed into the sofa. Before Ling Zhen could react, his lips were bitten heavily.

Very strong, Ling Zhen felt a tingling “huh” in an instant

The beast is marking its prey, leaving marks on her body, leaving a smell, and declaring his ownership.

But she was in pain, and her thin arms and legs were struggling violently, but he was completely suppressed. Wei Xi sucked hard like crazy, bit her lips alive, and then bit and kissed her fragile neck.

As soon as Ling Zhen’s lips were released, he immediately puffed out and let out a whimper.

Wei Xi stretched out a hand to cover her mouth, knelt down on her body, bit her chest with the tip of her teeth, leaving scarlet marks on her teeth. Ling Zhen had never been touched before, and he was so painful that he raised his toes and kicked him.

The man grabbed her thin white ankle directly. The palm pressed her skirt, and with force, she tore a slit almost to the waist along the stitching.

The girl’s slender and well-proportioned legs were exposed.

Ling Zhen finally let out a greasy and collapsed cry from his nose.

When Wei Xi let go of her hand covering her mouth, she heard her trembling voice “I hurt.”

The girl was lying on the sofa with her neckline half loose and her legs crossed. She squeezed the collar with one hand and pulled the torn skirt with the other, tears bursting from the corner of her eyes, and she collapsed because of the bullying.

Wei Xi was stiff.

The rapidly boiling blood began to regain moisture, and the blood vessels all over his body were soberly painful.

Ling Zhen turned sideways a little bit, turned her back to him, choked up in her voice, but was very cold, “Are you crazy enough.”

Wei Xi recovered completely, pressing her thumb on the joint of her index finger, and then went to hug her waist.

This time, Ling Zhen turned over and sat up, knocking out his hand.

“I said I don’t want to hurt,” half of her face was wet, the corners of her lips were peeled, and she was shocked on her plain face, “Did you forget or don’t care at all”

Ling Zhen thought that she had been at ease for too long.

But Wei Xi hasn’t changed at all.

The bones are black, and they are still black.

He bit her flesh and tore her skirt.

Ling Zhen even felt like he was going to be raped just now.

Wei Xi’s expression changed, and she was silent for a moment, and said dumbly, “He said he wants to take you away.”

“He didn’t say to take me away, and I didn’t say to go,” Ling Zhen covered the corners of his stinging mouth, “I will pack you tea-flavored pork ribs tonight.”

Now, the box fell to the ground and oil was splashed on the lid.

She was so angry.

I was so angry that I even forgot my grievances, and the whole person was calm and transparent like never before.

“I didn’t want to leave,” Ling Zhen wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes, staring at him with wet eyes, “You are forcing me.”

Wei Xi’s fingertips trembled.

“I” he slowly said, “I didn’t want to really hurt you.”

His little girl is already slowly walking towards herself. He couldn’t bear a little slippage, couldn’t bear a little covetousness from others.

But still out of control.

It hurt her and made her cry.

Ling Zhen took a breath and looked at him, “But I was hurt by you.”

“I said, I will ignore you if it makes me hurt,” Ling Zhen pushed him away, his tears were still wet, but his face was serious, “From now on.”

Ling Zhen had a nightmare all night.

For a while in the dream, I was pounced by a wild beast, and for a while, a fairy king chased after him and knocked his head with a whisk. The soldiers fled all night, and in the end, it was Wei Xi’s cold face, leaning over to kiss her forehead.

Ling Zhen woke up.

The corners of the mouth still hurt, and the chest hurts. Looking down, the red bite marks have not subsided.

The feeling of last night has been settled all night, and now it has calmed down a lot. But Ling Zhen curled his lips, still wanting to cry.

Wei Xi is really a bastard.


The little girl sat cross-legged on the bed and wiped her tears for a while, then got out of the bed and began to pack her things.

Packing a backpack, she put on her clothes and walked out of the room door.

There was a strong smell of smoke in the living room, which was dull and choking.

Wei Xi was sitting on the sofa. Her clothes were from last night, with only a little more folds in her shirt.

He sat all night. Ling Zhen knew it at a glance.

But still angry.

Seeing her come out, the man slowly raised his face, bloodshot eyes were obvious.

Then her eyes fell on her backpack, her eyes gloomy and “going”

Stayed all night, afraid that she would sneak away from him like last time. But when she really put the bag on her back, Wei Xi found that he did not dare to stop her.

Don’t dare to force her anymore.

Ling Zhen stared at him sullenly for a while.

The corners of her mouth were red, and the anger in her slightly round apricot eyes was still lingering.

Ling Zhen rarely showed an indifferent expression. Wei Xi curled up slightly when she looked at it like this for a while.

Then, the little girl carried the bag, adjusted the strap, and wanted to ignore him after she said this sentence.

Then she said quietly, “I’m not going to run.”

Wei Xi had a meal.

“I’m going to Sissi’s house, you can find me. I can read mobile phone, SMS, WeChat.”

Wei Xi raised her eyes, staring at her blankly.

Running will not solve the problem, Ling Zhen understands this truth, and she is also serious about the relationship between the two of them. So this time she was very serious about Wei Xi’s anger, and she was also very serious about asking him to admit his mistake.

“Reflect on yourself, Wei Xi, why are you like that, why am I hurt,” the little girl taught him seriously, “you have to figure it out.”

“Okay.” Wei Xi said softly.

“Otherwise, you are always like this.” Ling Zhen walked out the door carrying her bag, her voice so soft that she could hardly hear her, “How can I dare to like you.”

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