GSBVH: Ch 66

This is the first time Ling Zhen feels a kiss carefully.

In the few previous experiences, each time I passively endured it, either I couldn’t feel it because of shame, or I didn’t want to feel it when I was angry.

This time, Wei Xi handed it over to her completely.

Except for pressing her hands on her back, she didn’t make any movements.

When Ling Zhen posted it again for the second time, he even closed his eyes.

Let her play.

So Ling Zhen found out that it felt very different to take the initiative to kiss others.

Men’s lips are also soft.

It’s cold and hot.

She licked twice, then tentatively stuck her little tongue in.

The good smell of Wei Xi’s body passed over. With the contact of his lips and teeth, Ling Zhen’s body’s senses were infinitely magnified, and a stimulus that had never been felt before.

The heart beats very fast, knocking in the ear loudly. She felt soft all over, although she was kissing each other, but she was as soft as clinging to him.

The numb feeling started to jump from the fingertips, as if there was a small electric current flowing along the spine. She seemed to be buried in a ball of cotton, fluttering and shivering with heat.

In a daze, Ling really thought, it turned out to be really comfortable.

But the tip of her tongue hooked in his mouth, and then he fell out of skill.

Ling Zhen tried his best, then stepped back, flushing, and asking Wei Xi in a soft voice, “Are you happy now.”

The man slowly opened his eyes.

At that moment, the dark pupils were like ink, and there was a ray of fire falling, and they were scorching hot.

He was wrong.

In order for the little girl to explore on her own, he gave everything to her.

But he didn’t expect how deadly it would be if she took the initiative a little bit.

The creature lurking in her heart suddenly grew stronger, and when she kissed her jerkily and unstructured, she screamed like crazy.

The man held her down and kissed her fragile neck along her chin, like a bite between her teeth. Ling Zhen’s skin was delicate and red immediately.

Wei Xi’s arm stretched out a trace of blue veins, and a few seconds later, she raised her head and restrained her voice completely dumb “Are you afraid of the pain?”

Ling Zhen’s apricot eyes moistened, she flinched, and her voice was soft, “Of course I’m afraid.”

Wei Xi exhaled a hot breath.

No, it needs to be controlled.

Will hurt her.

Ling Zhen looked at him blankly and fearfully, feeling that the man’s expression really didn’t seem to be happy.

On the contrary, it seems to be angry.

Is she the wrong one?

But she dared not move. The shape under the buttocks was a bit clear, she didn’t know it, but someone had taught her by holding her hand before.

Is a terrible thing qaq

After a while, Ling Zhen held Wei Xi’s shoulder and whimpered and said, “I don’t want to hurt.”

Wei Xi was almost breathing in the air-conditioning.

People who play with fire are still crying, “It makes me hurt and I’ll ignore you.”

Wei Xi took a deep breath, her solid chest rising and falling twice before she suppressed her desire with reason. He let go, pulled the messy collar to her, and then muttered, “It will always hurt.”

Ling Zhen groaned, thinking to himself, don’t want it at all.

It’s very comfortable if you kiss me. Why does it hurt?

In order to divert his attention, Ling Zhen thought of another topic, “There will be an international stage in June. I don’t know if I can take the stage alone next time.”

Wei Xi was calming himself, and heard the words with a soft “um”.

“The group dance I brought this time had a very good response. Hehe, Mr. Wen said that after watching our video, there are not many people able to dance this dance like this in China.” The little girl’s desire is very clear, she comes and goes quickly. She quickly forgot what she had done just now and shook her head triumphantly, “Mr. Wen said that she also watched Song Zhi’s solo dance, which is much different from ours.”

But men, especially when they are dissatisfied with desires, don’t like hearing other men appear in her mouth.

Wei Xi sniffed the sweet scent behind her ears, paused, and said, “Ling Zhen, can I open a dance studio for you?”

Ling Zhen’s eyes widened, “Why?”

“Without the quota of the dance group, participate in the activity as an individual.”

Of course, there is no need to interact with the people in the dance troupe.

Ling Zhen blinked.

If the strength is enough, she is of course willing to fly solo by herself. But she is still not sure if her conditions allow it. After all, Teacher Wen’s reputation is already so big, but he still stays in the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble.

Ling Zhen thought for a while and said, “May I go back and ask?”

Wei Xi nodded. He just mentioned it first, and the concrete realization should take some time.

Ling Zhen breathed a sigh of relief.

I was a little sleepy when I was in the bath. After I came back, it was like a battle. Kissing others was really tired. At this moment, the feeling of drowsiness rolled up again, Ling Zhen moved a little bit out, being careful not to rub him, and said, “Then I will go back to sleep.”

After speaking, he glanced at him, and he was still calm.

So she just jumped off his lap “Good night”

Wei Xi sat alone in the living room for a while.

Then he lowered his head slightly, “Good night.”

After the weekend, Ling Zhen returned to the group.

She didn’t see Teacher Wen last art festival. Teacher Wen should be here today. She intends to ask about Wei Xi’s matter. After all, Teacher Wen is regarded as her predecessor, whether in the sky or on the ground, and has much more experience.

After I joined the group, I asked the girl next to me, and I knew that Teacher Wen would be here for dinner in the group tonight. Ling Zhen was not in a hurry, put things down, changed her dance clothes, and practiced dance in the rehearsal room.

She hasn’t made any announcements recently and can come to the dance troupe most of the time. Xing Li is a very good agent and respects her wishes. After seeing Ling Zhen go further and further, her acting work has been greatly reduced. Ling Zhen’s dance level is even higher than when he was in the fairy world.

Where she was, Song Ling and the others leaned in automatically and practiced with her.

Song Ling took an iad and asked Ling Zhen, “Sister Zhenzhen, did you watch Teacher Wen perform last time”

Ling Zhen stopped, remembering why he hadn’t seen it as Teacher Wen’s performance, and his cheeks blushed “No, no.”

Song Ling didn’t notice it, took Iad in front of her and exclaimed, “It’s really super god, I think Teacher Wen is about to become a god, is this a physical movement that humans can make?”

The regiment’s worship of Wen Zichu has reached a certain level, and this level of rainbow fart is nothing. Ling Zhen smiled and took it, “Then I will appreciate it.”

Then she glanced a few times and gradually widened her eyes.

Teacher Wen’s movements are indeed more handy than before, clear and elegant, with a sense of beauty that cannot be reproduced. Looking through the screen, you can even feel a breath rushing to your face

After Ling Zhen watched them all, she was a little lost.

Song Ling still sighed beside him, “God, this is a god”

The speaker is unintentional, but the listener is intentional. Ling Zhen’s eyebrows twitched, and suddenly he had a vague guess.

When you see Teacher Wen in the evening, you should ask carefully.

The gathering place was set at a restaurant in the city center, and the food was Hangzhou cuisine. There are private rooms on the second floor, and the team leader directly booked the largest room for them.

Time is almost up, the little girls in the dance troupe are holding each other, and go out to take a taxi together.

Ling Zhen lowered his head, sent a text message to Wei Xi, and then was dragged away.

On the other side, Wei Xi received the text message and looked down.

Zhao Yan knocked on the door and walked in, “Mr. Wei, Yuanda said that he wants to invite you to dinner, or I will take someone there.”

Yuanda has been their competitor for many years. The owner of the family is committed to competing with Wei Xi for various resources, and he often sends out some emotional invitations. Mr. Wei has never been interested in accompany him.

Wei Xi looked down at the text message.

Ling Zhen said that he would go to a certain restaurant with the people in the group and let him eat it by himself at night.

Wei Xi put away the phone, and said faintly, “Have they settled.”

Zhao Yan was stunned, “Ah, oh, it’s set, what kind of Hunan restaurant on xx road”

“Change to this,” Wei Xi sent the restaurant’s address to Zhao Yan’s phone, “let them come.”

Before the group, they often had dinner together, but Ling Zhen was not close to them and rarely participated.

When she came this time, she was hugged by a few little girls and sat down on the main table. The place next to it is empty, reserved for Wen Zichu.

The head of the delegation first stood in the middle of several round tables and said a few words, then the door of the private room was pushed open, and the waiter pushed the dining car in. The dishes are very homely, small roast beef, fried dough shrimp, garlic vermicelli shrimp, roasted geese are served on the table plate by plate, it is the meal, the dancing girls are hungry, and the dishes start as soon as they are on the table.

Song Ling ate very happily next to Ling Zhen, and after a while she remembered, “Hey, we just started eating like this, Teacher Wen hasn’t come yet.”

Before she finished her voice, Ling Zhen suddenly noticed a familiar breath.

The chair next to it was pulled away, and Wen Zichu smiled while sitting down, “I’m sorry, I’m late.”

Ling Zhen’s cheeks still had a croquettes, but she slowed down as she looked at Wen Zichu. After a while, he whispered “Teacher, you”

“Well,” Wen Zichu nodded, “I will come out and say later.”

Halfway through the meal, Wen Zichu said to go to the bathroom and out of the private room. After a while, Ling Zhen wiped his mouth and walked out.

This floor is full of private rooms with closed doors, and they seem to be talking about important matters in secret. Ling Zhen walked through the corridor, not knowing why, feeling a little nervous.

Turning a corner, at the end of the corridor, at the corner of the stairs, Wen Zichu was looking at a blue and white porcelain vase.

Ling Zhen walked over and raised his eyes, “Teacher, the aura in your body”

Wen Zichu held up his hand and smiled slightly, “I’m going to the southwest this time and it’s a bit rewarding.”

Ling Zhen swallowed his saliva and asked cautiously, “Is there a spiritual source”

“Yes, and,” Wen Zichu smiled lightly, “I heard, a little bit of echo from over there.”

The business negotiation is over and the wine table is officially entered.

Yuanda’s President Wang is also a young man, so he always feels that he is a match for Wei Xi and wants to prove himself by defeating him, but unfortunately he has never succeeded.

Mr. Wang had three glasses of wine, but Wei Xi still didn’t drink. He was not very happy, and raised his wine glass, “Mr. Wei, don’t give face.”

Wei Xi sat at the table, her expression indifferent and distant. The white and slender fingers pinched the glass and did not drink.

Zhao Yan has stood up proficiently, with a standard smile on his face in the workplace, “Mr. Wang, don’t worry, let me toast you first.”

Mr. Wang looked better now, and he drank with Zhao Yan instead.

There was a filthy alcohol in the private room.

Wei Xi got up, pushed open the carved wooden door of the box, leaned against the corridor, and wanted to light a cigarette.

But he swept his gaze, and suddenly saw a familiar figure passing the corner, and the tip of his hair flickered in the air.

Wei Xi had a meal.

Then he threw the cigarette into the trash can.

Step by step, go over there, the closer, the more pronounced the voice.

The corridor at the corner was not deep, and a glass lamp hung from the ceiling. Under the warm yellow light, the little girl stood with her head up and stood in front of Wen Zichu.

“The echo.” The man’s voice was not high.

Wei Xi stopped at the corner and leaned against the wall. With eyes down, the lines drawn from the bridge of the nose to the corners of the lips are a bit cold.

He suddenly wanted to light another cigarette.

After a long time, his familiar soft voice sounded, with doubts and uncertainty, “Can you be sure of this, after all, you have stayed for so long, and haven’t been there.”

Wen Zichu could understand the worries and anxiety of the girl in front of him, and finally became familiar with the stability of life and may face turbulence. This kind of emotion is normal.

As a senior, what he has to do is to tell her the possibility and let her judge for herself. “

“It’s not certain, but there is something that you need to think about in advance.” Wen Zichu said.

Ling Zhen’s brows furrowed slightly, and his thoughts on “What is it?”

“If you can really leave,” Wen Zichu smiled, “Will you leave?”

A few meters away, Wei Xi raised his eyelids.

There was frost on his face.

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