GSBVH: Ch 65

Ling Zhen is playing tricks here.

The laugh is too sweet, and it makes people unbearable to blame.

Her soft lips were slightly moist, printed on the skin, and slightly hot.

Wei Xi looked at her for a while, and finally hooked her lips and hugged her from the table.

“Little Laipi, go home.”

On the other side of the stage, the host is making an announcement. Wen Zichu will appear next.

When he heard his name, the audience was very excited, and even the big guys in the first row smiled.

Indeed, Noto Dancers are all star contestants, but the most dazzling one is undoubtedly the pillar of the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble.

There are actually many people in the industry who have polished their dance skills to the level of perfection. But what Wen Zichu is detached from is that he has a unique temperament in him, sometimes as dusty as an immortal, sometimes as solemn as a god.

Recently, Wen Zichu studied in a closed retreat. I heard that he went to a beautiful place in the southwest. This time he returned to the stage, and he must have been diligent again.

The host stepped off the stage with an expectant smile, the lights were dimmed, and Wen Zichu appeared in the eyes of everyone in a simple dance costume.

Chushen did have some changes from the last time he showed up, but this change is difficult to explain clearly in words. But everyone can feel that as soon as he comes out, there is a refreshing air that refreshes people’s spirits.

It seems to have really absorbed aura from the heavens and the earth.

The art festival ended smoothly in a small set of twists and turns.

Teacher Wen’s dance once again became a large-scale fan scene. It is said that one-third of the people on the scene cried.

In addition, the group dance led by Ling Zhen also received great acclaim and was widely recognized in the industry. She became a minor hero in the group. No one would call her “Big Star” secretly anymore, and a group of little girls all began to call her Real Sister.

Ling Zhen was a little bit cool about this.

There is nothing more enjoyable than conquering others on your own strength.

The art festival ended just after the weekend, and there was no need to go to the group, so Ling Zhen gave herself a holiday and planned to take a good rest.

Ling Zhen slept until the sun was basking, then lay on the bed for a while before walking out of the room, rubbing his eyes.

Today, Wei Xi didn’t go to the company either. After seeing her wake up, she went to the kitchen and put her breakfast in the microwave. After Ling Zhen washed up and came out, he went straight into the kitchen to look for food.

Wei Xi handed over a cup of warm milk, Ling Zhen swallowed the sandwich and took it and drank it obediently.

The gentle April slipped away silently, and it was now Mayday. Ling Zhen changed into thick plush home clothes, and wore a white nightdress made of pure cotton.

The slender collarbone nestled beautifully under the shoulders and neck, and there was a small circle of lace on the chest, and then there was a bulging ball.

There is a pure natural, pure hook.

Wei Xi’s gaze fell on the small group and moved away.

Ling Zhen didn’t feel conscious, and groaned after drinking the hot milk, and he hiccuped with a milky taste.

Wei Xi took the cup, washed it easily, and asked her “Do you want to go out today.”

Ling Zhen wiped his mouth and nodded, “I’m going out.”

Wei Xi raised eyelids, “With whom”

“Sister Qianqian, haven’t seen me for a long time, she asked me to go” Ling Zhen said here, with a subtle expression of Zheng Qianqian’s original words, “big health care”

Wei Xi””

Ling Zhen didn’t understand the meaning of this word, but she could vaguely feel from the slightly wretched tone in Zheng Qianqian’s voice that this word, it seemed, was not so serious.

“Go out in the afternoon, don’t have to wait for me for dinner.”

Ling Zhen finished speaking, turned around and walked out of the kitchen, but was dragged back by someone hooking on his clothes.

Wei Xi said softly, “Don’t be so troublesome.”

Ling Zhen doesn’t understand “what”

“Great health care,” the man said, “I can do it for you too.”

Ling Zhen””

Wei Xi went on to say, “Then you don’t have to go to her, stay and accompany me.”

Ling Zhen dumbfounded “what to do with you”

Wei Xi’s fingertips followed her smooth face and her voice was calm, “Dating.”

On that day, Ling Zhen blushed and went out.

Although she doesn’t quite understand the meaning of big health care, she understands the meaning of dating.

How, why suddenly upgraded

It used to be nothing to eat and watch movies together. Once they were called “dating”, it seemed to become very ambiguous.

Ling Zhen had an appointment beforehand, so he couldn’t dominate others. After being rejected by her, Wei Xi’s expression was nothing, but she must be sent over.

“I just passed by after a taxi.” She was a little shy, trying to stop him from going.

Wei Xi hugged her and went out, “I’ll leave when I see you there.”

She is too naive and ignorant.

In order to prevent the little girl from being broken, he needs to confirm the location of the “big health care”.

The clubhouse was relatively hidden, and Zheng Qianqian was afraid that Ling Zhen could not find her, so she was waiting for her on the side of the road wearing a mask.

As a result, Mr. Wei’s car arrived.

The window of the car was rolled down, and Wei Xi’s cold face was exposed, and she asked “Big Health” in a low voice.

Zheng Qianqian’s legs are soft

He took the little girl and was found by the little girl’s guardian

Boss, I just said casually that this is a formal place, a formal place

Ling Zhen crawled out of the co-driver, walked around this side, smiled at Zheng Qianqian, then bent over and waved “I’m leaving” to the car window.

Wei Xi said, “Don’t play too late.”

Ling Zhen curled his lips, “I see.”

When Zheng Xiqian took Ling Zhen’s shoulders and walked into the clubhouse, she obviously felt that the line of sight from behind had not withdrawn. She subconsciously walked with her head upright and upright, to prove that she really did not kidnap his little girl to do anything bad.

She often visits this club to provide one-stop bath, massage and beauty services, which is very refreshing.

Zheng Qianqian brought people in to serve. The two picked a private soup for medicated bath. After taking a bath, they were led to the dressing room by the waiter.

Ling Zhen also likes to soak in the pool in the fairy world, but she has never been with others. Entered the locker room, a little shy holding the collar.

Zheng Qianqian took off her clothes boldly for a few seconds and wrapped her hair in a towel. When she turned her head, she saw the little girl with a blushing face and slowly undressing, her guilt suddenly became stronger.

“I’m not watching,” Zheng Qianqian walked directly to the pool behind the screen, “You can just come in directly after you take it off.”

Ling Zhen replied in a low voice, “Okay.”

Zheng Qianqian went down to the pool, sighed comfortably, and closed her eyes to enjoy.

After a while, Ling Zhen also came out. After the slight sound of water, Zheng Qianqian opened her eyes, “How is it, I’m not happy”

The temperature is right, the hot water with the smell of medicinal materials spread over his chest, Ling Zhen’s white and tender face was baked into a pink, and he exhaled “cool.”

“Sister didn’t lie to you, right.”

The two chatted for a while, Zheng Qianqian teased in her eyes, watching her “So have you never been?”

Ling Zhen blinked his eyes before he understood what she meant, and slid down into the water, “No.”

Zheng Qianqian could also see that she was so ashamed to take off her clothes in front of the same sex, obviously she had never experienced anything.

As a free woman in the new era, she finds them both incredible.

With such a delicious piece of cake at home, Mr. Wei can really hold back

Ling Zhen didn’t have the urge to put a man like Mr. Wei by his side.

Zheng Qianqian changed her posture in the water, facing her, and asked with interest, “Then your family, Mr. Wei, do you want you?”

Man, I must have some sweetness.

Ling Zhen slid into the water again, and the hot water covered the tip of her chin. After a long time, she blushed and said, “He wants me to kiss him.”

Zheng Qianqian blushed after making up her mind. Think of Wei Xi’s kind of cold and abstinent person who pressed a little girl and asked them to take the initiative to kiss him.

Beasts are so good

Zheng Qianqian rubbed her hands, “Then what’s next.”

Ling Zhen pursed his lips, remembering the man’s reaction, and smiled, “Then I kissed the back of his hand”

Zheng Qianqian vomited blood.

After vomiting, she couldn’t help feeling a little bit, maybe the sweet little girl is like this.

Zheng Qianqian sighed, “This pure love”

Ling Zhen’s eyes widened slightly.

In love, in love?

Zheng Qianqian knocked her on the head, “You President Wei really loves people, so do you love him too.”

Ling Zhen blew a bubble on the water, sharing his worries curiously, “But he is actually very fierce, sometimes blackened, it’s super scary.”

Ling Zhen counted the terrible moments of Wei Xi in detail, and Zheng Qianqian listened carefully.

She has a lot of love experience, and after listening, she said, “Have you noticed that although he looks very strong, in fact, in your relationship, he is not the one who has the initiative.”

On the contrary, the soft little girl in front of her is the one who has the absolute advantage. You can run away, you can come back, you can cry, you can make trouble, you can give nothing.

“I don’t know Mr. Wei, just analyze it,” Zheng Qianqian said, “It sounds like Wei is always a person with insecure sense, but he seems to be a very restrained person.”

Ling Zhen flickered his eyelashes that were wet by the water vapor.

Wei Xi?

“So if you don’t refuse to go forward a little bit, you can try to take the initiative,” Zheng Xiqian blinked, “give more, don’t be afraid.”

“Adults must learn to pursue happiness.”

Ling Zhen still thought about Zheng Qianqian’s words until he got home.

She felt that Sissi was like a wise man, and her words were so profound.

After soaking in the soup, she followed Zheng Qianqian for a massage, and the bones all over her body were almost squeezed. But it was really comfortable, the limbs became light, and the brain was dizzy.

When pushing the door open, Wei Xi was sitting in the living room. He was the only one in the huge house, looking deserted.

Ling Zhen felt a little guilty inexplicably.

He said he wanted to date, but she ran out to have fun with others, leaving him alone.

The sky in May was completely dark, and Wei Xi had indeed been waiting for her for a long time.

When someone entered the house, he did not stand up, but looked at her with dark eyes and said, “Come here.”

Ling Zhen was very good this time.

Zheng Qianqian’s teachings and a slight sense of guilt made her walk past obediently. When he reached him, Ling Zhen hesitated, not knowing whether to sit next to him or on his lap.

Wei Xi squeezed her wrist and pulled it, Ling Zhen took the opportunity to sit on his lap.

The little girl who had soaked in the soup was fragrant and soft, warm and well-behaved. The restlessness in Wei Xi’s heart sank, and other thoughts began to float.

People are really greedy.

After being satisfied a little bit, possessive desires for deeper possession.

Wei Xi knew that Ling Zhen didn’t hate him now, and even liked him a little ignorantly, but it wasn’t enough.

He hopes she loves him, wants him, longs for him.

“Are you happy to go out and have fun,” Wei Xi asked, “I left it out for a day and had a bath with others.”

Even if it is the same sex, he is unhappy.

Ling Zhen shrank her neck, not knowing whether to say happy or unhappy.

Wei Xi put her fingers in her fragrant hair and whispered “How can I be happy when I’m not happy?”

Ling Zhen raised his eyes and looked at him for a while.

She thought, she didn’t reject going forward a little bit.

So she straightened her waist, closed her eyes, and leaned over to touch Wei Xi’s lips.

It’s okay

Wei Xi laughed.

When she kissed, she trembled, nervous and careful, as if she was afraid of breaking something.

Ling Zhen retreated, opened his eyes secretly, but ran into the man’s deep black eyes.

Wei Xi held her on the back of her neck, and humbly coaxed, “Kiss.”

Ling Zhen’s brain was steamed by the heat, and it suddenly became even more floating. The heartbeat became louder and louder, and she felt that she was tempting towards a certain boundary.

“Comfortable, don’t lie to you.” The man’s voice was magnetic, and the hormones were permeating.

The little girl seemed to be bewitched by the devil, her heart was beating fast, and she leaned forward again in a daze. This time, the pink lips lightly opened, covering his thin lips.

Wei Xi didn’t move at all this time, leaning on the sofa and letting her kiss.

Ling Zhen fumbled, and gently hooked him with the tip of his tongue.

After a long while, she blushed and backed away and moved her body.

There is something.


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