GSBVH: Ch 64

On Weibo, various marketing accounts have begun to hype Song Zhi’s dance.

The once-in-a-hundred-year-old genius girl appeared on the stage of the national theater and performed a solo show. The dancer who received the same treatment that night and her idol Mr. Wen Zichu for many years.

Coincidentally, Ling Zhen, whom Song Zhi had evaluated, also performed, but it was just a group dance. Having had previous disputes, the marketing account will naturally not let go of such a gimmick selling point. After Song Zhi didn’t make any mistakes and performed plainly, Song Zhi Lingzhen pulled a vote in the hot search on the same stage.

Professional beautiful girl dancers, amateur dancers who are halfway through, which one do they prefer?

Before Ling Zhen took the stage, Song Zhi’s votes were overwhelming.

Her leg hairs are already quite skilled in hot searches, skillfully occupying the front row of reviews, fancy control reviews, as if Song Zhi performed an unprecedented dance.

But Ling Zhen’s fans had experience this time, and they didn’t end up in the heat at the beginning, but patiently waited for the Ling Zhen dance video to flow out.

About ten minutes later, Lingzhen’s video came out

On the stage, seven or eight girls surrounded Ling Zhen who was wearing a white dress in the middle.

Their dance steps are very uniform, with Ling Zhen as the center, and as the music progresses layer by layer, they express their excitement, joy, and joy. The dance moves are dazzling, but they also maintain a high degree of neatness.

But in this group dance, no audience will ignore the lead dancer in the middle.

She is like the spirit in this grand dance.

Everyone is imitating and approaching her style, but no one can express it as precisely as hers.

When Ling Zhen danced, she looked completely engaged. The tight toes, the stretched waist, every inch of the body tells a story. The red thread on the veil flew along with the movement, in a trance like red leaves drifting in the wind.

Finally, the wind ceases and love and hate end.

Ling Zhen’s clothes fell, and everyone looked up into the distance following her gaze.

In the video, the audience burst into applause.

In addition to the video, netizens did the same, and they blew up.

Within a few minutes, Ling Zhen’s performance video broke 10,000 revolutions, and the red and blue voting bars immediately began to overtake

Lingzhen fans endured for more than ten minutes, and their idols were really strong enough, not disappointing at all, so everyone raised their eyebrows and began to sweep hot searches.

I don’t need to say more about this. Anyone who has eyes knows who dances well.

Hahahaha Is the marketing rollover scene happy? Is it exciting? Hahahaha

Unprofessional amateur, did you see the crossover just now? If I read it right, Miss Song’s feet are not stable when she dances solo.

On the stage, Ling Zhen finished the dance and was immersed in the emotions of the dance, unable to return to his senses for a long time. The first row of the auditorium was filled with seniors from the art world. After watching their performances, their faces showed affirmation.

Gu Xiaomeng jumped over excitedly, and the other girls also walked to Ling Zhen one after another. Song Ling’s eyes were even a little wet, and she held Ling Zhen’s hand “Thank you.”

Take us to perform such a great dance.

Ling Zhen smiled.

Then she turned around and looked for the person among the thunderous applause.

It is still easy to find, because his eyes are different from others.

Wei Xi was in the crowd, clapping slowly, her dark eyes still falling precisely on her.

It seems that he has never moved more than half a point.

The corners of Ling Zhen’s lips were raised high, and he took the hands of several girls, bowed to the stage together, and then went down happily.

On the other side, after reading Weibo, Song Zhi was so angry that she threw her phone.

“What are you doing to vote? I obviously didn’t play well in this game.”

The people in the company didn’t expect that Lingzhen’s stage could overwhelm Song Zhi. Now countless netizens are watching the vote, and they are slapping their faces brightly.

They were also angry, “Didn’t you say that the actress is an amateur? How come you can’t dance with her”

Behind the fresh and sweet personality, Song Zhi is completely a young lady, “I am in a bad shape today.”

The company guy rolled his eyes behind his back.

Since Song Zhi had a fan, she spent very little time practicing dance. She was busy posting Weibo, accepting fan praises, and participating in various social occasions every day.

Why is she in a bad state today?

Song Zhi stayed calmly for a while, and said irritably, “I lost to her this time, and I must find the place back in the next few games.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the company’s agent opened the door and walked in, his face even uglier than her.

“No need to find a place”

Song Zhi frowned, “Why?”

“You won’t be able to go to the next few activities in city a,” the agent dropped the phone, “how on earth did you develop with Mr. Wei and let him directly block you in city a”

Song Zhi was really shocked this time “What?”

After Ling Zhen and the others came down, they were first pulled by the group leader to give a compliment.

The main reason is to praise Lingzhen, and it was right to give the show to her. Just now, a lot of peers came to inquire about her. The other girls performed very well. Their show is definitely the best group dance tonight.

The girls were very excited, chatting around the leader for a long time, and then stopped until the leader was called away.

Ling Zhenzhen and Song Ling were talking about something. Suddenly, Gu Xiaomeng beside her pulled her sleeve, “Sister Zhenzhen, look over there.”

When Ling Zhen turned around, Wei Xi stood a few meters away, waiting quietly.

It’s not the first time that a few girls have seen Mr. Wei. After this time of getting along, they had already treated Ling Zhen as a little god, so they no longer felt sour, and instead pushed Ling Zhen out one by one very well.

“Sister, please go now”

Ling Zhen pursed his lips, resisting an inexplicable smile, walked in front of Wei Xi with small steps, carrying his hands behind his back.

The girl’s eyes were shining, she raised her face and asked, “Is it good?”

Wei Xi lowered her head, “It looks good.”

It’s good to see that I want to take people away and hide them now.

He raised his hand and put it on Ling Zhen’s thin shoulder, “going home”

Ling Zhen remembered something, and shook his head, “Wait a second, it should be almost Teacher Wen’s performance.”

Wei Xi’s eyebrows moved slightly and looked at her with deep eyes.

The girl didn’t notice it, turned around and looked at “It is estimated that another show will be here”

Wei Xi suddenly hooked the person’s shoulders and carried him into her arms, “It’s not like you have something to tell me.”

Ling Zhen lay on his chest, tilted back and raised his head, “You can talk about it after reading it.”

Wei Xi pinched the back of her neck and trapped people in her arms “I want to hear it now.”

That posture meant that she had to choose one.

Ling Zhen curled his lips to look at him.

Why is Wei Xi so naive?

A few seconds later, Ling Zhen was defeated, “If you don’t watch it, you won’t watch it.”

Anyway, the repertoire I’ve seen before is not a pity.

Wei Xi only then raised her lips, “Hey, take you to change your clothes.”

It’s the locker room just now. There were originally two girls in the regiment. They smiled and greeted when they saw Ling Zhen opening the door. When they saw Mr. Wei behind her, they suddenly withdrew with insight.

Ling Zhen was embarrassed.

In fact, they are fine in the room, and she and Wei Xi are not doing anything.

But soon, Ling Zhen realized that she was the only one who was wrong.

After the man came in, he locked the door, walked over, swept aside the things on the dressing table, and then hugged her to the table, bowing his head to kiss her.

She didn’t know how attractive she was when she danced.

Like a fairy, people can’t wait to swallow it.

Ling Zhen’s gauze skirt was very thin, and when he pressed him, his back was pressed against the cold mirror surface, and his spirit was suddenly shocked.

“I, I’m going to be serious.” Ling Zhen resisted, still a few kisses fell on his lips, and annoyed Wei Xi’s shoulders, “be more serious.”

Wei Xi stepped back a bit, still rubbing her nose against her, “You said.”

Ling Zhen pushed him away and asked him seriously, “Does Song Zhi dance well?”

Wei Xi said, “I didn’t look at it.”

Ling Zhen’s sullen eyes fixed on him, “Whoever I dance with is beautiful”

Wei Xi kissed the tip of her nose “You.”

Ling Zhen widened his eyes and beat him, “You didn’t see how she compares it.”

Wei Xi was dumb.

His little girls are all cheating.

Wei Xi straightened up, put her hands on her side, and looked at Ling Zhen with deep eyes, “I didn’t look at it, you are also good-looking.”

He will do well.

Ling Zhen was smoothed by him in a second.

After holding it back for a while, he still couldn’t hold back, and laughed.

Wei Xi hugged her slender waist and said “continue” in a dumb voice.

Ling Zhen shook his head squeamishly, “You made a mistake this time, and I haven’t punished you yet.”

The world of the little fairy is black and white. But she didn’t know that among adults, especially lovers, the word “punishment” has many fascinations, and it is an ambiguous zone between black and white.

Wei Xi’s eyes darkened, and a smile appeared “How to punish me?”

He doesn’t mind her being cruel.

“Punish you” Ling Zhen thought for a while, and said seriously, “You are not allowed to see others secretly in the future. You are not allowed to hook up with others. Oh, you are not allowed to praise others casually, at least not to be more serious than me.”

Where is the penalty.

It’s the little girl’s acting like a baby, so cute and foul.

Wei Xi said yes, and then let her rest assured that “Song Zhi will not participate in several events in city a this year. You don’t need to see her again.”

Ling Zhen opened his eyes, “Really”

Wei Xi nodded.

Originally, their company had no foundation here. He just greeted a few times and Song Zhi’s road in City A was blocked.

From now on, she will never be in front of Ling Zhen to add obstacles to her.

Ling Zhen froze for a while.

Wei Xi squeezed the tip of her nose and asked people to look back. Then approached her and asked “the penalty is over”

Ling Zhen nodded, “Yeah.”

Originally it wasn’t really punished, it was just a little request for him.

Wei Xi looked down and asked, “How am I doing?”

Ling Zhen thought for a while, never having to see Song Zhi again, he still felt pretty cool. So she chuckled twice and lowered her head embarrassedly, “Okay.”

Wei Xi lowered her voice, coaxing her, “What about my reward?”

The evil factor in her heart could not hold back and breed, from the moment she admitted that she was his person.

He can reasonably ask for more, right.

Ling Zhen was asked.

Yes, people have to distinguish between rewards and punishments. You will be punished if you are wrong, and you must be rewarded if you are right.

But she didn’t know what to reward, so she had to carefully raise her eyes “what reward do you want”

Wei Xi lifted her chin, brushed her lips with cold black eyes, and then uttered two words.

“kiss Me.”

Ling Zhen blinked and stayed.

Wei Xi tilted her head slightly, “Is it difficult?”

Difficult is not difficult. Ling Zhen had also been kissed by him several times.

But but

Wei Xi didn’t speak, but waited patiently, watching her embarrassed herself happily.

The little girl’s face was tangled.

After a long time, Wei Xi felt her soft palm to pull his big hand.

Then Ling Zhen looked at him with bright eyes and raised his hand, gave a “pommy”, and kissed the back of his hand.

The little girl was overly spoiled and smiled slyly, “Kiss.”

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