GSBVH: Ch 63

Their voices are not loud, but a few of them are very eye-catching, and the surrounding eyes still gather here.

Song Zhi stayed for a few seconds, as if being slapped in the head.

Ling Zhen is Mr. Wei’s wife

Then she, she didn’t know what she said before, did she keep watching her jokes?

Song Zhi felt very embarrassed and at the same time felt unbelievable. She is beautiful and can dance. She has been a goddess of others since she was a child, and she has been chased by many people. Since Wei Xi agreed to come out to see her before, isn’t it because he is interested in her?

She recalled the short meal. Although the man had been very cold, she thought it was due to his character. And she herself likes this man very much.

Now what does he mean

Song Zhi felt that she had been fooled from start to finish.

In the distance, the few friends from the south just now covered their mouths.

It’s too much slapped face. I talked for a long time, but they didn’t come for her at all.

Ling Zhen was still immersed in the anger and did not notice the eyes around her. She raised her chin and looked at Song Zhi condescendingly, “Is there anything else?”

Song Zhi glanced at Wei Xi, but the man didn’t even give her any eyeballs. The corners of her thin lips were hooked, and she looked down at the girl in front of her.

Her face finally turned blue and white, and the rhinestones on her evening dress became extremely heavy. Song Zhi squeezed his fist, and finally turned away without saying a word.

Ling Zhen’s tense face only loosened, and his shoulders collapsed.

She is not in a fighting state anytime, anywhere, in fact, it is very tiring.

Ling Zhen let out a small sigh, and suddenly, a chuckle came from the top of his head.

When she looked up, she ran into Wei Xi’s dark eyes unexpectedly.

The eyes were full of smiles at this time.

Wei Xi lowered her head slightly and whispered “wife” in a volume that only the two of them could hear.

Ling Zhen’s ears exploded and his face flushed.

She yelled so smoothly just now, like an aggressive chicken facing a bad bug. But now that Wei Xi called out this name with an aura, Ling Zhen suddenly felt super ashamed.

Especially, because Wei Xi’s actions were very intimate, as soon as he lowered his head, people peeking around all pretended to look at the sky and looked away.

But it was good for them not to move. Once they moved, Ling Zhen realized how many people were watching.

I watched her and shouted at the little fairy that his wife is me and me

Ling Zhen felt a rush of heat coming from the top of his head, and the palm of his face was flushed with blood.

She felt that she would not dare to stay here for a second, and she put down the glass in a hurry, and didn’t finish the blueberry juice.

Then her eyes floated and said, “You play first, I, I will go backstage to change clothes first”

After speaking, Ling Zhen ran away in a panic.

Wei Xi curled her lips, drank her remaining blueberry juice in one gulp, and then walked slowly in the direction of her escape.

Ling Zhen ran into the dressing room of their dance troupe with her face covered, and “clicked” to put the lock on.

There was a little girl in the room who had just tried on her clothes. Ling Zhen didn’t know her well. She seemed to be the girl who wanted to give her the first row of the bus when she returned to city a.

Seeing Ling Zhen, she smiled without embarrassment, “Sister Zhenzhen, didn’t you go to the front to eat something?”

Ling Zhen’s face remained hot, and he replied in a daze, “I have eaten, oh there is a round white cake on top is delicious, you can taste it later.”

The little girl packed her things and nodded “Okay.”

When Wei Xi saw which locker room Ling Zhen had entered, he calmly walked to the door of the room and started knocking on the door.

In the room, Ling Zhen’s whole body exploded, staring at the door of the dressing room as if facing an enemy.

Wei Xi knocked on the door at a constant speed, her voice calm, “Ling Zhen, open the door.”

No one opened.

Wei Xi was very patient. She continued to knock for a while, her voice lowered a little, but she still heard clearly into the room.

“Baby, open the door.”

The room was super quiet.

After a minute, the door was opened from inside.

Wei Xi stepped back a bit and saw an unknown young girl emerging from the door, blushing and afraid to look at him.

The little girl dared to look back when she had gone a little farther. Then he saw the former big gold master of their regiment, pulling the door of his house without changing his face, and walked into the locker room.

She turned her head and covered her mouth.

What’s the name baby

It’s too Su, right?

Who would have thought that such a cool handsome guy would be a baby?

Wei Xi opened the door, and after walking in, he turned back and locked the door again.

There was no one in the dressing room, his eyes swept around, and he walked towards the hanger.

Behind the hanger with all kinds of dance clothes, the little girl was hiding inside, blinking blankly innocent eyes.

Wei Xi bent over, hooked her knees, and hugged the person to the dressing table.

“What to hide”

Ling Zhen actually hadn’t recovered yet.

To be honest, the emotions she has experienced these past few days have not let her relax. Sorrow, grievance, jealousy, the feeling of being dominated by these strange, never-experienced moods, is not good.

And these emotions were suddenly revealed, and they were clearly grasped by the man in front of them, which made Ling Zhen panic a little instinctively.

Wei Xi lowered her eyes, watching her expression carefully, her black eyes faded a little bit.

After a while, he said coldly “unwilling”

He was very bad in nature and shameless. He wanted to satisfy his dark desire that no one knew, so he led her to say that little by little and calmly.

But the little girl returned to God, still unwilling to declare her possession of him in front of so many people.

Although he was willing to hold it in both hands and handed it to her.

The man’s breath became cold, and the cedar and mint flavours intertwined with a hint of coolness.

Ling Zhen shook his legs and suddenly realized that the smell on his body had a magical power that calmed her down. She smelled the good smell, and her panic and anxiety stabilized a lot.

Unknown emotions are indeed scary. But she doesn’t just escape.

So she raised her face and sighed, “I’ll just talk about it, what else can be done.”

If someone else knows it, she will know it. In a big deal, she will be accustomed to such things as being taken care of by the president of XX.

The cold breath on Wei Xi’s body stagnated.

The little girl poked his waist and hummed, “I have something to say, you will pick me up when the performance is over.”

It’s a semi-command tone.

But it makes people lose their minds, and a hint of joy is lifted up.

Wei Xi “Okay.”

Ling Zhen thought for a while, and continued, “Then you have to watch the show.”

Wei Xi’s lips curled up, “Okay.”

Ling Zhen grinned his teeth and said, “Look, is she dancing well or me?”

The performance is about to officially begin.

There were performers everywhere in the backstage of the theater, Ling Zhen called everyone together, found a clean place, and passed it one last time.

This kind of high-level stage is indeed very stressful. Song Ling has a tight body, and she asks Ling Zhen, “Sister Zhenzhen, aren’t you nervous?”

Ling Zhen’s expression was very calm.

After she finished her styling, she combed her hair all the way to the back of her head, revealing a smooth and full forehead. The eyelashes are long, the nose tip is quite clever, the lips are red, and he wears a dance skirt with white gauze and red lines, like a fairy who has fallen into the world.

“I’m not nervous,” Ling Zhen smiled, “I want to get on stage as soon as possible.”

After Song Ling moved her limbs, she asked uncertainly, “What if I get nervous and don’t jump well?”

Ling Zhen looked at her, her clear black eyes with calming power, “Don’t be afraid.”

“Just follow me to dance.”

Ling Zhen had been preparing for this dance for a long time, but now he only had expectations for the stage and the determination to prove it to someone.

On the other hand, Song Zhi’s condition is not good.

She grew up so old that she hadn’t lost such a person, and her mentality was about to collapse.

However, at this time, the company she was bound to did not know that the line between her and Wei Xi was broken before it was set up, and the marketing was still carried out according to the plan.

The last time Song Zhi commented on Lingzhen’s hot search was just a foreshadowing. The company’s real goal is tonight. Before the performance began, the company began to build momentum for her performance tonight, and repeated the old tricks, pulling Ling Zhen out to back up.

By the time Song Zhi Ling was on the same stage, Song Zhi was already on the stage of the Grand Theater.

Just now in the background, many acquaintances were watching her snickering. Song Zhi was extremely embarrassed. She didn’t finish the preparation activities and hurried to the staging area.

The huge stage was completely handed over to her, and some fans who she came to support were also sitting underneath. Song Zhi took a breath, and started her dance moves as the background music sounded.

The organizer didn’t know if it was intentional. The next show of Song Zhi Duo was Ling Zhen and the others.

Ling Zhen didn’t pay attention to how Song Zhi jumped. She stabilized the military spirit of her companions in the background, and then finally mentioned a few things to note, and the staff came to call them to wait.

The host came to the stage to read the crosswords, and when Ling Zhen’s name was read, the audience cheered.

Afterwards, the host exited and Ling Zhen walked onto the stage with the girls behind him.

She stood still, glanced around off the court, and found the man easily.

Wei Xi sat in the middle of the fourth row.

His back is straight, almost sitting in a tightly stretched position. When the little girl looked at her with high attention, he was looking at her intently.

Ling Zhen pursed his lips, and quickly held back his smile, but there was a hint of sweetness in his heart.

Why is Wei Xi like this?

Let him take a good look, he really just sat there obediently, looking at her carefully and without blinking.

Ling Zhen raised his chin again, letting his mind sink.

Today, there are many professional teachers and seniors, as well as art practitioners from all walks of life, Ling Zhen is very serious.

Afterwards, the stage lights dimmed, and the girls behind them took their place.

Ling Zhen slowly raised his arms into the air.

The wide sleeves of white gauze fell down, revealing a delicate and slender arm like porcelain.

Ling Zhen’s gaze swept across the man in the middle of the fourth row, and their eyes touched in the air.

She didn’t want to blink.

Your little fairy is going to dance.

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