GSBVH: Ch 62

Ling Zhen didn’t believe the man’s nonsense now.

After this incident, her cognition of men has made a qualitative leap.

Men, especially good-looking men, can speak as good-looking as their faces

No, it looks better than the face

If you miss you or like you, you can come as a package at will, and don’t need money anyway.

Ling Zhen snatched his hand from the quilt, and pushed him to prevent him from kissing, “Just say it nicely.”

Wei Xi’s chest was shaking with a smile.

He pulled back the quilt, revealing Ling Zhen’s messy collar, put the tip of his nose to her white neck and sniffed “So sour.”

The tears on the corners of Ling Zhen’s eyes hadn’t dried yet, she thought, she was sore.

She wasn’t originally here, and she didn’t know anything about men and women. She has no experience and doesn’t understand the subtle meanings. If others say she likes her, she will believe it. If others don’t like her, she will like others, and she can’t notice the clues.

And Wei Xi himself is such a difficult person to understand.

He said that he liked her, and then ran to meet others. Can’t she be sour?

Once the sour lemon juice found its outlet, it began to overflow.

The girl’s eyes were red, her small face was white, like an aggrieved bunny, she said with tears, “Then you still have to see her, and still carry me, and take pictures.”

After hearing her complaint, Wei Xi whispered back, “I don’t know about taking pictures or Weibo.”

Ling Zhen is angry, “Do you know the difference between what you don’t know, you’ve seen all of them anyway”

“I was wrong,” Wei Xi suppressed her smile, but her eyes still leaked, “Never see you again.”

Ling Zhen was hugged by him with a quilt on his thigh, and the top of his head was rubbed against his chin. He raised his head and continued to accuse him, his eyes lamented, “She has found me.”

Wei Xi was startled, “She’s still looking for you”

Ling Zhen said it was very angry, “She said you had a good chat, and she is coming to Qingxi to work with me.”

Wei Xi frowned.

Is that Miss Song’s ear power or brain power, he has never expressed these words.

She and her company stepped on Ling Zhen on the Internet, and then greeted Qing Xi. Wei Xi took a dozen minutes and sat down. After understanding their intention, she left without drinking any water.

But Ling Zhen didn’t know, she was a little cat whose tail had been stepped on now, and asked reluctantly, “Then you say why did you see her”

Knowing that she was really wronged, Wei Xi held people to her, “Go and see what they want to do.”

Ling Zhen’s vicious “and then”

Wei Xi touched the tip of her nose “Don’t let them succeed.”

Ling Zhen blinked, judging the credibility.

Her eyelashes were very long, pierced by tears, wet, and the tip of her nose and the corners of her eyes were red.

Wei Xi explained in a low voice, “I saw her comment on your Weibo.”

Ling Zhen came to understand now.

She thought she did a great job before, so she didn’t tell Wei Xi about it, but she didn’t expect that he would still know it.

The following things are ready to string together. After knowing it, Song Zhi happened to throw an olive branch over. Wei Xi wanted to know their purpose, and went to sit and was taken by Song Zhi to Ling Zhen to show off.

Then she ran to Wei Xi, crying, making trouble and hanging herself.

Ling Zhen was sober.


Then she hummed and shrank into the quilt, starting to feel shy.

How could Wei Xi let her hide.

Xiao Miao, who was waiting patiently, finally nodded his head. It was impossible for him to retract.

He squeezed the person’s chin, smiled and leaned over and kissed her on her lips, “I’m jealous, huh”

Ling Zhen hummed and said to Gu Zuo, “I was dumbfounded for a while.”

“I’ll find another woman angry,” Wei Xi said in a whisper, biting her.

“I didn’t ooh” Ling Zhen opened his mouth after being bitten by him, and called him “Don’t bite” in a super shameful manner.

Wei Xi is very cool.

He held the person to the side of the table and pressed his lips and tongue straight in, sucking her soft tongue heavily, gradually revealing his fierceness.

As soon as the pressure came, Ling Zhen recalled the feeling of being kissed by him last time, and suddenly felt a little afraid. She was so confused by the kiss, she patted him on the shoulder with a little hand, “You must not bite me”

I said before that I would not let you kiss her casually, but now I can’t stop the kiss, I just hope that he will not bite her.

It hurts really.

“Don’t bite you,” Wei Xi rubbed her teeth on her lips, the clear mint smell passed through her breath, and the man’s voice was low and mute, “I don’t find other women but you.”

Wei Xi did not bite her hard this time.

But Ling Zhen found that even if she didn’t need to bite, her lips would still hurt.

After the kiss that day, Ling Zhen covered her mouth and kicked him with toes. Wei Xi smiled and pinched, saying sorry.

Ling Zhen could feel that he was in a good mood.

Even her own mood improved.

So a certain Miss Song became a little cannon fodder that she didn’t need to worry about again, Ling Zhen’s energies of an outsider picked up again, and when she met her again in the rehearsal room, she didn’t even bother to look at her.

Song Zhi thought she had irritated Ling Zhen the last time.

The company also has high hopes for her. The last time I was able to ask Mr. Wei to come out for dinner was a signal in itself, and Qing Xi should also recognize her commercial value.

Looking at Ling Zhen’s answer last time, his relationship with Mr. Wei should not be so good. Song Zhi is very moved. If she can develop with Mr. Wei, will she still worry about development in the future?

The older generation’s way of dancing down-to-earth is outdated, and it has become a fan economy these days. Like her idol Wen Zichu, she is well-known in the circle, but out of this circle, who knows

Song Zhi felt that her face and dance should be liked by more people.

As long as she can hold the line of Qingxi, she will definitely not be less famous than Ling Zhen in the future.

Song Zhi formally issued an invitation letter to Mr. Wei, inviting him to attend the Wucai Huazhang Art Festival and watch his performance. As long as Mr. Wei showed the face that day, she would have succeeded for more than half of the time.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day of the performance.

The festival is held in the state-level theater in the city center. The exterior of the building is magnificent and the interior is even more magnificent.

Before the performance, there is a banquet for exchange in the theater lobby. After all, it is a grand gathering of art workers from all walks of life across the country. Many celebrities also appeared during the event. It is said that the mayor of this city is also among them.

Wei Xi also went to participate.

Ling Zhen was on the side, watching him facing the full-length mirror, using his white and slender fingers to tie his tie, and the narrow neckline to restrain the neck mole. His expression was cold and abstinent, and he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.

This man changed into a formal suit and still had amazing abilities.

But she looked at it for a while and was a little upset.

Ling Zhen folded his hands, raised his face and asked him, “What if someone hooks on you.”

Wei Xi bowed her head and kissed the corner of her mouth, “Just looking at you.”

Ling Zhen hummed and said nothing, but the toe of his shoe touched with satisfaction.

Wei Xi took her to the outside of the banquet hall and parked her first. Ling Zhen walked in alone.

She had to change the costume for the show in a while, so she only wore a simple little dress, which Wei Xi helped her choose. The design was simple and thoughtful, but only half of her arms and calves were exposed.

Xiao Meng and the others haven’t arrived yet, the hall is now mostly dance groups and performers coming from other places. Ling Zhen turned around boredly, and finally stopped at the long table with food, and served a small plate of snacks.

She ate quietly, but after a while, she felt a gaze fall on her.

She licked the cream from the corner of her mouth and looked over, not surprisingly, she saw Song Zhi’s face.

This person is dressed up today, with a lot of bright rhinestones on his skirt, the upper body is close-fitting, the thin shirt is semi-transparent, sweet and sexy. Ling Zhen can also be regarded as a person in the entertainment industry, and Song Zhi’s skirt is about to catch up with the female celebrity who is struggling with beauty.

At this time, Song Zhi did occupy the focus of the field.

Several people around were also from the Southern Dance Troupe, and they were quite familiar with Song Zhi. Seeing her dress, they all joked, “Azhi has done a lot of work.”

“Whether you want to show it to someone so beautiful?”

Song Zhi smiled without saying a word.

She really wanted to wear it to someone, but she was still waiting.

Song Zhi’s gaze swept across the audience without a trace, received a lot of attention, and finally landed on Ling Zhen in the corner.

Ling Zhen also looked at her, and slowly put a piece of cake into his mouth.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and Song Zhi smiled, then looked away.

Within a few minutes, Song Zhi’s assistant suddenly ran out and whispered in her ear, “I saw Mr. Wei just got off and parked the car.”

“You are really good, Mr. Wei really asked you to come”

Song Zhi’s eyes lit up instantly. Immediately afterwards, her entire face became radiant.

When people around saw it, they were all curious, “What’s so happy about Azhi?”

Song Zhi just pretended to be surprised and pulled up her curled hair. “Oh, I invited Mr. Wei from Qingxi to come to see me dancing. There was no hope for him. I didn’t expect him to come.”

“Is Qingxi that well-known investment company?”

“Azhi is really amazing. When I first arrived in city A, I got on the line with the big shots”

Song Zhi smiled and clinked glasses with them, holding the skirt corners, and walked to the corner of the banquet hall.

Ling Zhen ate a plate of dim sum, and would not eat anything this night. She choked a little and asked for a glass of blueberry juice to drink.

When Song Zhi walked over, the rhinestones on her skirt shook Ling Zhen’s eyes.

“How are the group dance preparations?” She grinned and asked in a familiar tone.

Ling Zhen swallowed the blueberry juice “Not bad.”

The entire choreography has been redesigned by her, and after rehearsal, it has been fully in line with Ling Zhen’s own expectations. She is also looking forward to her performance tonight.

Song Zhi nodded, “That’s good, I’m going to be on stage by myself tonight, I’m still a little nervous.”

Ling Zhen knew that she wanted to show off that she was a star solo dancer, but there was no wave in her heart and nodded, “Don’t be nervous, or your muscles will become stiff and the dance will be even more ugly.”

Song Zhi: “…”

She felt that Ling Zhen’s EQ was really not generally low.

“There is another very important reason why I am nervous,” Song Zhi hooked her hair with her French manicure fingers and smiled, “I have invited a very important person to come to the show tonight.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the door of the banquet hall was pushed open with a creak.

The slender man in an expensive black suit walked in coldly from the door.

Song Zhi’s gaze was instantly attracted to him, and his heart beat faster. Last time she went out to eat, she already thought Wei Xi was very handsome. I didn’t expect this man to change into a formal attire.

Not only her, but many women around her blushed.

The man’s gaze swept across the banquet hall, not knowing what he was looking for, all the places his gaze passed were girls fixing hair and clothes.

Ling Zhen saw it, her cheeks bulged.

Not too happy.

Song Zhi also straightened her chest, showing a perfect standard smile. She turned her face slightly, and saw Ling Zhen’s face unhappy, and smiled, “The very important person I said is Mr. Wei. I will invite him to come to the show tonight.”

Ling Zhen glanced at her, “You invite Wei Xi”

Song Zhi bent her lips, “Oh, you said you are unfamiliar, so I didn’t tell you in advance.”

Ling Zhen stared at the man in the distance.

Oh, it turns out that there are little fairies inviting him privately.

At this time, the man had already seen her and walked straight over.

Seeing him walking here, Song Zhi’s heartbeat could not help speeding up, she straightened her waist, and said with a smile, “Mr. Wei.”

Wei Xi walked to Ling Zhen and lowered her eyes.

The little girl bit her lip, and a small flame was burning in her black eyes.

Song Zhi smiled shyly, “Mr. Wei, thank you for enjoying the dinner in your busy schedule.”

When she finished speaking, Ling Zhen pointed at her and asked Wei Xi, “She invited you to come.”

Wei Xi glanced indifferently, then moved back to Ling Zhen’s face, “No.”

Song Zhi’s face froze.

Ling Zhen’s tone was delicate, “Then you say, what are you here for”

Wei Xi curled her lips slightly, “Come and see my wife dancing.”

The people around were listening with their ears erected, and when they heard this, there was a sudden inhalation sound.

It’s a pity that such a handsome man has a wife

Song Zhi’s face was even more ugly, she smiled stiffly, “It turns out that Mr. Wei is already married, I don’t know which lady the wife is.”

Wei Xi did not look at her.

The man looked gentle, raised his hand, raised a strand of Lingzhen’s hair, and whispered, “Someone asked who my wife is.”

Ling Zhen looked like a proud cat and turned to face Song Zhi, who was already petrified.


It’s me.

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