GSBVH: Ch 61

The photo on Weibo should be taken secretly.

The profile picture of Wei Xi was taken in a high-class coffee shop. The man was looking out the window, drawing a beautiful line from the precise jaw line to the neck. The casual look looks very sexy.

In the comment area, Song Zhi’s fans are howling. While crying, the baby goose she raised has learned to see a man, and yelling at the same time, but this man is so handsome, ah, they can.

Ling Zhen even browsed the entire Weibo and comment area, and then returned the phone to Gu Xiaomeng blankly.

In the afternoon, Song Ling and the others were nearly killed by training.

It wasn’t that Ling Zhen deliberately made things difficult for them, but Ling Zhen himself practiced fiercely without saying a word. In order to keep up with her, they had to work hard to practice.

Ling Zhen’s face was strained, practicing cross-turning.

Her feet were clear and crisp, her arms turned round and round, and the completion was beautiful and sassy, ​​with a rare fierce force.

The main dancer worked so hard, and the others would feel ashamed even if they stopped to drink. Song Ling and the others were almost crying. They really couldn’t reach Ling Zhen’s level. They couldn’t wait to analyze every inch of her movement with a magnifying glass.

After the dance practice for the day was over, Song Ling and her little sisters slumped on the floor.

The little sister has tears in her eyes, “Lingling, or let’s practice by ourselves.”

The girl next to him also nodded, “I think if I keep practicing like this, I won’t live on stage next week”

Song Ling took a breath before she said, “I want to quit you, I won’t quit.”

After practicing for so few days with Ling Zhen, she felt like she had gotten through something, and her whole body became clearer. It was really embarrassing to remember that when Ling Zhen first joined the group, he had challenged her unconvincingly.

Tired is really tired now, and the sense of frustration is really strong, but she is reluctant to part with this opportunity.

The others sighed for a while, and said nothing.

Of course, who would be willing to have the opportunity to learn to dance around the gods.

Ling Zhen practiced all afternoon, changed clothes in the evening, and walked out of the dance troupe building with Gu Xiaomeng.

The two separated at the intersection. Gu Xiaomeng glanced at her hesitantly and asked, “Sister Zhenzhen, are you in a bad mood?”

Ling Zhen’s expression eased, then raised his eyebrows, “No.”

Gu Xiaomeng is a solid eye, and when she sees her tone as usual, she feels relieved, “Then I will take the 12th road home, see you tomorrow.”

Ling Zhen smiled and waved “See you tomorrow.”

After sending off Xiao Meng, Ling Zhen put on his pockets and walked down the road by himself.

Walked to the intersection and stopped.


When I was practicing dancing, I couldn’t remember it, but now my body stopped, unhappy, like cotton wool, slowly fluffy and swelled.

She hung her head and kicked the flowerbed on the side of the road with the toe of her shoe.

There was a strange emotion in her heart, which annoyed her so much, but she couldn’t explain it clearly.

Slowly returned home, Wei Xi has not yet returned.

When Ling Zhen changed his clothes, when he came out to pour water, when he went to the bathroom, he glanced at the door intentionally or unconsciously. Wei Xi came back thirty or forty minutes later than usual.

He seemed to be very busy today. After returning home, he opened his laptop in the living room and was still working on things.

Ling Zhen stood by the wall and looked at him silently.

“I ordered the roast meat that you said you liked last time,” Wei Xi said. “When the doorbell rings, pick it up by yourself, eh”

Ling Zhen “Oh.”

The voice is a bit low.

Wei Xi’s gaze handed over, “Tired”

Ling Zhen raised his eyes and asked him, his slightly round apricot eyes did not blink, “Are you busy these days?”

Too busy to go out to meet some people.

Wei Xi told her truthfully, “There is a little bit today.”

But he didn’t want Ling Zhen to wait, so he ordered dinner and then brought back work.

Ling Zhen stopped talking.

After a while, Wei Xi finished her work, remembering Ling Zhen’s listless appearance just now, closed her notebook and went to find someone.

Ling Zhen ate the roasted rice in the kitchen, and more than half was left.

Wei Xi walked over to hug her and asked softly, “I don’t like roasting meat anymore” with a little nasal sound.

Ling Zhen didn’t want to interrupt his work or give him a hug. She rubbed him out of his arms like a kitten and walked to the room. “If I don’t like it, I’m so tired and I’m going to sleep.”

This man held her the day before and said that the bullies were bad guys, but the next day he carried her to meet other women.

Not happy, but she refused to show her concern.

She felt that Wei Xi should take the initiative to explain this matter to her.

Ling Zhen walked without sloppy, “bang” slammed the door and locked it. She was lying on the bed with her legs curled up, and heard Wei Xi’s footsteps ringing outside the door several times throughout the night, but he said nothing.

Ling Zhen was in the room, poking her mouth to beat her pillow.

He knows so well, can’t you see that she is upset.

After beating the poor pillow, Ling Zhen grievedly closed his eyes, and fell asleep very hard.

Wei Xi got up early the next day and went to knock on Lingzhen’s door.

But the little girl’s inexplicable anger hadn’t subsided last night, and she ran away early in the morning today.

Wei Xi opened the door and looked at the empty room, putting her hand on the doorknob.

The man frowned slightly.

He didn’t like Ling Zhen’s emotions that he couldn’t figure out.

He should perceive and understand all her emotions and anger. Occasionally there is a feeling of slipping through the net, and he will want to hold it firmly.

The desire for control began to cause trouble, and there was a slight irritability in my heart.

What Ling Zhen was thinking, he really didn’t have a clue this time.

Ling Zhen also practiced very much today.

The whole body’s bones and meridians are stretched and unfolded in the dance, and my heart relaxes.

But it didn’t take long for her to relax, and the person who made her unhappy appeared.

Song Zhi hadn’t been here for two days, and she showed up again as a bright and innocent beautiful girl, her whole person inexplicably radiant.

Ling Zhen didn’t even look at her, even the corners of her eyes were cold.

Song Zhi probably wanted to make up for the embarrassment that Ling Zhen pointed out the problem in public last time. After entering the large rehearsal room, she actively communicated with everyone.

Ling Zhen didn’t squint, but Gu Xiaomeng was secretly watching. After watching it for a while, he leaned into Ling Zhen’s ear and whispered, “I think Song Zhi seems to be eager to try.”

Ling Zhen reluctantly split his eyes.

Song Zhi’s facial features are indeed good, her makeup is exquisite, and she has a pink and tender girlish look. The hair is permed into delicate wool curls, and she wears a close-fitting dance suit. She looks protruding forward, and her figure is very attractive.

In all fairness, this is a very attractive body for men.

Ling Zhen glanced a few times, even more annoying.

Song Zhi quickly circled a group of spectators, centering on her.

She is very accustomed to being the focus of the crowd. She glanced around and smiled and said, “I can get a solo spot from the organizer this art festival. I am very grateful and cherish this opportunity, but there is one action that I can’t do well, just for everyone. Take a look, and point me if you can”

Song Zhi was smarter in learning this time, so instead of talking so full, she changed to asking for guidance.

Standing next to Ling Zhen, Gu Xiaomeng said angrily, “She just wants to show that she has got a solo dance spot, right”

But being able to perform solo dance is indeed very enviable. For activities like this kind of national dance, music and art group gathering, those who can perform solo on stage are all stars of each group.

What Song Zhi prepared today was a trick “Yunli Qianqiao”. The flip was clean and beautiful, and the landing was steady and soft.

After it was over, Song Zhi looked at Ling Zhen.

She thought that her movements were perfect this time, and she couldn’t pick up any problems. Ling Zhen wanted to take the move, so she could only make a Yunli front bridge that was more beautiful than her.

But Ling Zhen hugged her arms and looked back at her without speaking.

Ling Zhen’s face was calm, but what she thought was the photo of Wei Xi that she secretly took.

Why did Song Zhi shoot?

Did she allow

Ling Zhen was silent for two or three seconds before turning his face to Song Ling, who was squatting next to him, with a clear and bright voice, “Go and point Teacher Song, I taught you.”

Song Ling was startled, and then suddenly felt that their fairy is really easy to pull.

It’s not clear to say, you don’t deserve my personal advice.

Sure enough, Song Zhi’s face was even uglier than that day.

Song Ling felt that although she was far behind Ling Zhen, her basic skills were solid, and it was more than enough compared to a little marketing princess like Song Zhi.

She cleared her throat, and followed Ling Zhen’s arrogant appearance. She stood on tiptoe and came directly to Yunliqianqiao to meet the barbarian.

When finished, Ling Zhen clapped and applauded, “It’s pretty good, but it’s almost empty.”

Song Ling walked over humbly, “Then how can I do it?”

Ling Zhen whispered to her, neither of them bothered Song Zhi.

The onlookers also dispersed.

In fact, they just have fun. Ling Zhen is now in their regiment, with the head of the regiment respecting him, and also serving the public, almost second only to Teacher Wen. But the difference is that Teacher Wen is the flower of Gaoling and cannot be approached. Ling Zhen is actually a soft little sister. If you ask her for advice, she will tell you seriously.

In the past, people who were keen on cynicism could not save face, and would secretly ask others to ask for help.

So when they saw Ling Zhen whispering to Song Ling, they were still a little envious, so how could anyone care about Song Zhi.

Song Zhi’s face was ugly for a while, and he didn’t show up again in the morning. When she returned to the rehearsal room in the afternoon, there was finally no one next to Ling Zhen.

She leaned on the corner railing alone, looking at the phone.

Song Zhi pulled up her hair, smiled again and walked over.

“Miss Sister, are you busy?” Song Zhi leaned over and blinked playfully.

Ling Zhen was reading WeChat.

It has been a whole day, and there is no news from someone. The opposite is quiet, without explanation.

Doesn’t it matter if she is not happy?

Ling Zhen’s chest was stuffy, and she didn’t feel good about Song Zhi “Yes.”

“…”Song Zhimo took a moment, and then laughed again. “I apologized to you last time about the incident. As an old fan, I was too impatient, and I didn’t like what I said. I hope you don’t take it to heart. I plan to stay in a The city is developing here. There will be several large-scale events in city a this year. I hope we can have more opportunities to communicate.”

Ling Zhen was indifferent “Oh.”

Song Zhi’s eyes turned, and suddenly the front of the conversation turned, “Yes, I heard that Teacher Ling’s personal studio was under Qingxi’s two days ago. I had a meal with Qingxi’s President Wei and we had a great conversation. Happy, maybe we can work together in the future.”

Ling Zhen understood that the woman came to her to find a place.

What she meant was that your boss has eaten with me and appreciates me a lot. Maybe you will see each other often in the future, so it’s better not to get too stiff with me.

Song Zhi is really interested in Qingxi.

This interest was enlarged to the highest level after meeting Mr. Wei himself.

Facing that face, I am afraid that no woman would be unmoved, let alone he is still so young and promising.

She blinked, as if she didn’t see Ling Zhen’s increasingly ugly face, she smiled and said, “I plan to invite President Wei to attend the art festival to watch the performance. Teacher Ling will stay in Qingxi for a long time. I don’t know if I am not familiar with President Wei. Do you know Mr. Wei’s usual preferences?”

Ling Zhen exhaled.

Negative emotions have accumulated to the apex, and my heart is like a piece of ice.

“Unfamiliar. I don’t know. Goodbye.”

After speaking, turn around and leave.

Ling Zhen went home with anger.

The tip of her tongue was sour, and her body was full of unhappiness and grievance. When she went upstairs, she was using her toes.

After entering the house, she took out the iad directly, opened Weibo, found the Wei Xi sent by Song Zhi, and put the iad on the table in the living room.

When she was done, she hugged her knees and waited on the sofa.

Today Wei Xi came back very early.

As soon as he entered the door, Ling Zhen could smell the scent of food, but she was not in the mood to eat at all.

Wei Xi carried a packing bag and put it on the table. Seeing Ling Zhen, he lowered his head and touched her cheek, “Wait for me”

Ling Zhen blocked his hand and opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly a sore nose.

So annoying, so annoying, so annoying.

She simply shut up, poked the iad screen bright, and then went back to her room with a sullen face.

Wei Xi was startled slightly.

His gaze followed Ling Zhen into the room, and then he retracted to look at the iad on the table.

It’s a Weibo.

There is a picture of him on Weibo. He didn’t know the sneak shot.

The photo was sent by Song Zhi. He didn’t know either.

But his little girl saw it.

And, there were two weathers for this.

Wei Xi lowered her eyes, looked at iad for a moment, and suddenly began to laugh.

Pleasure is revealed from the corners of the eyes and eyebrows, and the cold facial features are softened.

The thought he couldn’t guess was that someone was jealous.

Be jealous for him.

Wei Xi hid her smile and opened the door of Lingzhen’s room.

The little girl curled up on the bed, with a huge “I’m not happy” written on her face.

The man pretended to look as usual, looking down at her “what’s wrong”

Ling Zhen finally survived the soreness of her nose, and now she wanted to shed tears with one mouth. But this bad guy hasn’t even responded

The little fairies you provoke outside have bullied me

She was so wronged that her voice trembled, “You have gone to see Song Zhi.”

Wei Xi curled up her fingertips and nodded “Yeah.”

Ling Zhen glared at him.

He said “um” and he didn’t explain it

Sister Cici is right, he is a scumbag

Ling Zhen’s eyes were red with anger, and her sanity burned out. “Is she good-looking?”

Without waiting for an answer, the next sentence immediately asks “Do you like her?”

Someone can’t help it anymore.

Wei Xi originally wanted to tease her again.

But I can’t bear it anymore.

The nerve endings stretched happily, and the whole body’s cells were pleased with her jealousy.

The arc of Wei Xi’s lips rose slowly, and finally walked over with a smile, fished the person out of the quilt, and hugged him tightly.

“Ask what.” He kissed off the tears from the corner of Ling Zhen’s eyes.

“You look good, like you,” Wei Xi said, and kissed her, followed the corner of her red eyes to her lips, and bit her, “She is worthy of you too.”

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