GSBVH: Ch 60

Ling Zhen also felt that she was good or bad.

She felt uncomfortable, and she had to drag Wei Xi to accompany her.

The educated little fairy shouldn’t be like this, so Ling Zhen kicked his legs and thought, “Then I’ll go back to sleep.”

Wei Xi stretched out her hand to hold the ankle under her loose home pants, a slender and smooth section, and gently rubbed her fingertips, “I was wrong. Those who bully you are bad.”

Ling Zhen drooped his eyes “huh.”

Her palm sized face was porcelain white, her eyes were faint with a trace of red, and her shiny eyes were covered by thick eyelashes. Looks pitiful and twisted, so tender that it can pinch the flesh of others’ hearts.

Wei Xi didn’t ask any more, he hugged someone, patted her on the back, and murmured for a while.

The man’s voice was low and soft, Ling Zhen heard the connivance in his voice, bending his legs and making no sound.

But the anger in my heart dissipated slowly, little by little.

The little girl’s mood is very easy to perceive, Wei Xi waited for her to calm down, then asked softly, “Say it?”

Ling Zhen had passed that enthusiasm, and felt a little embarrassed now.

To be so wronged for a trivial matter is too unpromising. Besides, she has already scolded back.

She picked the fabric on her knees and whispered, “It’s nothing, I’m going to be a lead dancer, and I will start practicing tomorrow.”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes to see her “dancing solo”

Ling Zhen rubbed his eyes, and deliberately said lightly, “I didn’t say that I didn’t get the spot. The head of the team has now given me the lead dancer, which is a very important task.”

Wei Xi looked at her for a while before nodding, “Then don’t work too hard.”

His little girl must be strong, especially in the field she is good at. She never needs and doesn’t want him to help dredge things. Even if she couldn’t make a solo show this time, she would also watch the group dance as important as her own show.

Ling Zhen nodded obediently, then poked his head out of his arms and looked at the duck collarbone on the table.

Wei Xi smiled and asked “Do you want to eat?”

Ling Zhen hesitated, “It’s too spicy to have stomach pain at night.”

“Slightly spicy,” Wei Xi hugged the person directly to the table and put it down, “I ordered the porridge, and I will be there later.”

Ling was really happy, shaking two calves and started chewing.

She actually felt uncomfortable for a while, and now the feeling of depression was actually completely gone.

I was hugged for a while, and then gnawed two duck collarbones, which was fine.

Ling Zhen licked the oil on his mouth and glanced at Wei Xi furtively.

I just don’t know if hugs are more effective, or duck collarbone is more effective.

The next day Wei Xi went to the company, Zhao Yan took the documents and asked him to sign.

After signing the signing, he stood at the desk of General Wei and sighed, “Sister-in-law is really popular. Now even the dance world is so bloody.”

Wei Xi raised his eyes, “What’s wrong?”

Zhao Yan raised his eyebrows, “Didn’t Sister-in-law tell you?”

His words came directly from his mouth bald, without carefully savoring the subtle meaning of “I kiss you”. When Zhao Yan realized it, the temperature in the office had dropped three degrees.

He was excited, and quickly took out his cell phone “Hot search, hot search I saw on the hot search”

Wei Xi frowned slightly and turned on the phone to take a look.

Zhao Yan added, “My class representative sums it up, that is, there is a genius girl who is rare in a century to pull and step on her little sister-in-law on Weibo. It is clear that she is touching porcelain. But the sister-in-law hit back very well. Slap in the face”

That Weibo has been deleted, but many marketing accounts have moved screenshots. Wei Xi searched Ling Zhen’s name and found one or two records of cause and effect.

Zhao Yan is still talking about “I don’t know how Song Zhi dances, the marketing is pretty good, the fans are like chasing stars”

Wei Xi’s eyebrows suddenly frowned and raised his eyes “Who”

“Ah” Zhao Yan was stunned, and reacted, “Song Zhi is that genius and beautiful girl.”

Wei Xi waved her hand to indicate that she knew it.

I seem to have seen this name somewhere.

A few minutes later, Mr. Wei found the text message from a bunch of junk text messages.

Click to open, the content reads like “Hello, Mr. Wei, I’m Song Zhi from xx media, I’m taking the liberty to disturb you for a long time. I’ve been invited to participate in the colorful Huazhang Art Festival in city a this time. I don’t know if it’s possible. It’s fortunate to meet Mr. Wei. If it’s convenient for Mr. Wei, I can formally introduce myself and my value to you. Naughty and shy.”

Wei Xi finished reading indifferently, her black eyes narrowed slightly.

When Ling Zhen went to the dance troupe the next day, he had already cleaned up the negative emotions in his mind.

After entering the dance troupe, she didn’t feel anything when she saw Song Zhi’s smug face. After changing the dance clothes, Ling Zhen began to seriously ponder the lead dancer.

The group dances are all outstanding girls in the group, a total of seven or eight people, including Gu Xiaomeng, Song Ling and her ladies. Ling Zhen’s relationship with their small group is not good, but to perform on the same show, it is certainly inevitable to communicate.

The choreography and music have been set, and now they are practicing dance moves separately.

Ling Zhen is both the lead dancer and the main dancer. In addition to performing his own part, he is also responsible for the overall rhythm and form. She glanced at Song Ling from a distance, and saw that they had no intention of coming over.

Gu Xiaomeng was next to Ling Zhen and whispered, “Sister Zhenzhen, what do they mean?”

Ling Zhen was pressing his legs, drawing a beautiful and smooth line from the back to the waist.

“It doesn’t mean to save face, it’s okay.”

Ling Zhen was actually not worried. Although Song Ling is a little bit arrogant, she has the same thing as Ling Zhen, that is, she is serious about dancing. Ling Zhen knew that she would come eventually, because although she could not understand Ling Zhen, she would at least be responsible for the show.

Gu Xiaomeng nodded convincingly, anyway, she felt right about everything Ling Zhen said.

Turning his gaze, he fell on Song Zhi in the distance, and Gu Xiaomeng curled his lips, “This person is really thick-skinned, I won’t come to apologize after seeing you.”

Song Zhi seems to have completely forgotten her previous show operations, wearing a confident smile every day, wearing them in the rehearsal room of their dance troupe without any psychological burden.

These dancers will visit and exchange in the group for a week, and Song Zhi is undoubtedly the most active one. However, most of her communication is surrounded by output, and she especially likes to give instructions on dance moves.

On this day, after everyone practiced for a while, a small cheer suddenly rang from Song Zhi.

I don’t know who shouted, “Song Zhi is going to show us the difficult moves in her solo dance.”

After all, it is a well-known “genius girl” in the circle, and everyone is still interested in her, and one after another surrounds her.

Gu Xiaomeng “cut”.

On the other side, Song Ling also made the same “cut”.

She always looks at people who are not accustomed to relying on marketing to turn a good dance circle into a misty fan circle. That is to be a star, not a dancer.

If you really want to compare, she feels that dancers who want to be stars are more annoying than stars who come to be dancers.

Surrounded by a few young girls, Song Zhi walked to the middle of the rehearsal room, glanced around, fell on Ling Zhen, smiled slightly, “Everyone is too enthusiastic, then I will jump a little bit, and ask you for advice by the way. Ask for advice.”

Ling Zhen raised her eyebrows and looked at her with her arms folded.

Playing the accompaniment in the small speaker, Song Zhi walked a few bars, and then in the eyes of everyone, the whole person shook and kicked the Purple Golden Crown with a whistling backlash.

This is a very difficult dance movement. At the moment of flight, the human body must be drawn into a 180-degree line.

Song Zhi should have practiced it thousands of times. After finishing this movement, he lightly touched the floor and finished it again.

After the end, a circle of people clapped and applauded.

Song Zhi brushed her slightly tousled hair and smiled and blessed her body. Her gaze swept over again, Shi Shiran walked up to Ling Zhen, and said arrogantly, “Oh, I’m so ugly.”

Countless pairs of eyes stared at Song Zhi and Ling Zhen.

This is the first time that the two have interacted with each other after Song Zhi came to the group.

Ling Zhen’s expression was quite calm, she stared at Song Zhi with bright black eyes, and then nodded.

“It’s a bit ugly.”


Someone in the crowd laughed, and Gu Xiaomeng took a look, and it was actually Song Ling.

Song Zhi’s face suddenly didn’t look good. She danced from elementary school and was boasted all the way to grow up. Fans also praised her as a little princess. No one has ever said that she was ugly dancing or was told by an amateur dancer.

A stiff smile appeared on Song Zhi’s sweet face, “Where is it ugly, please?”

Ling Zhen didn’t mean anything mean, and his tone was very calm, “Kicking backwards is an instant. To pull this bow well, the shoulders, chest, waist, abdomen, and hips need to be stretched and stretched at the same time.”

After she finished speaking, she stretched out her hand and nodded Song Zhi’s waist. “You feel like you can’t do your best here.”

Song Zhi’s expression became stiff. Not far away, Song Ling was startled, and then her expression became a little complicated.

“If you don’t open and close enough, you won’t be beautiful enough to do it,” Ling Zhen closed his hands with a calm expression. “You can use less internet and practice more basic skills. Of course, the above are my non-professional personal opinions.”

After saying this, many people laughed.


Ling Zhen held up her small hand, her face was calm, and she applauded himself frantically.

She grunted very vengefully.

She won’t swallow her anger when someone else provokes her.

Besides, it is the most ridiculous thing to suppress her with professionalism. Mortals rely on acquired training, but they only reach their natural level. The soft opening and flexibility of the body raised by the spiritual temperature are far beyond the reach of mortals.

Song Zhi didn’t show off his skills, and was finally connoted with the daily marketing and peddling porcelain activities. He left the dance troupe early that day.

After she left, Ling Zhen looked and practiced her dance as usual, and her posture became much lighter.

After a while, someone slowly walked behind her and said, “Will you do that kick?”

Ling Zhen turned around and saw Song Ling without a surprise.

She didn’t say anything, took a few steps back, and then easily made a standard back kick with a purple golden crown. The arms, toes, back of the neck, and legs are all in place, and every detail has inherent lightness and beauty.

Song Ling’s expression changed, and finally lowered her head, “I’m convinced.”

In fact, since Ling Zhen began to tell Song Zhi, she has understood that they thought they were amateur players, but in fact they just hid them.

Ling Zhen was still very calm.

Song Ling turned around, called her small group over, and tentatively asked Ling Zhen, “Can we dance with you?”

Gu Xiaomeng’s eyes widened from the side.

Ling Zhen just smiled, “Yes.”

Song Zhi did not appear in the group for the next two days.

Ling Zhen’s group dance formally lined up.

Practicing dance together at close range, Song Ling and others more intuitively felt the gap with Ling Zhen, the speed of learning, mastery, and beauty of the same movement were all thrown away.

Several girls are considered the best in the dance troupe, but they collapsed several times in the past two days. However, in the midst of the collapse, progress is also rapid.

During the rest, Gu Xiaomeng sat down against the wall, swept around in the rehearsal room, gloating, “Sister Zhen, you finished talking last time, Song Zhi never dared to come again.”

Ling Zhen almost forgot about this person, she also sat down and took a sip of water, “Um.”

Gu Xiaomeng lowered her head and swiped her phone for a while, thinking of something, and a little bit resentful. “But I’m still very angry, so she snatched her solo spot for what reason.”

Ling Zhen is now fully engaged in the group dance. How to make the original choreographer become more hierarchical is also a very interesting thing, she didn’t care about that solo quota long ago.

She faintly said, “Song Zhi’s thoughts are too mixed. She has liked Teacher Wen for so long, but unfortunately she didn’t learn the open-mindedness and shape and spirit of Teacher Wen. Even if Solo Dance is given to her, she can’t make works that can move me, so why bother with her. .”

Gu Xiaomeng looked admired after listening.

Her little goddess is too powerful and handsome, right?

When Ling Zhen said this, there was a kind of loneliness and immortality on his beautiful face, and Song Zhi left Song Zhi far away in an understatement.

So Gu Xiaomeng also decided not to give her eyes to the marketing girl anymore, and let her go awkwardly.

Thinking like this, she lowered her head and continued to swipe her phone. But by coincidence, she just swiped it twice and suddenly saw Song Zhi’s Weibo.

Spent a nice afternoon picture

Song Zhi sent a photo. In the photo, it was a man’s profile face, cold and expensive, and a bit familiar.

Gu Xiaomeng poked Lingzhen, “Sister Zhenzhen, look at Song Zhi’s Weibo”

Ling Zhen was thinking about the action and waved his hand, “Don’t look at it, what does she post have anything to do with me.”

Gu Xiaomeng’s face was tangled, and he held back for a while before whispering, “So Song Zhi knows Mr. Wei.”

Ling Zhen was taken aback.

Then, the phone in Gu Xiaomeng’s hand was taken away, Ling Zhen turned on, and looked down.

Gu Xiaomeng is still wondering, “Didn’t Song Zhi always develop in the south? Isn’t she related to Wei always?”

There was no sound on the other side.

When Gu Xiaomeng looked up, she found that the detached and lonely celestial spirit on Ling Zhen’s face had disappeared. Those delicate eyebrows wrinkled inch by inch, and their eyes became indifferent bit by bit.

In the end, the palm sized face was almost covered with frost, Ling Zhen pursed her lips.

“They have nothing to do with each other.”

Nothing at all.

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