GSBVH: Ch 59

After Song Zhi reposted it, she posted a long Weibo separately.

The meaning is very simple. Although the dance partner is beautiful, she cooperates very well with the male god, but from the perspective of her professional and fans for many years, the problem is very big.

The Miss Song Zhi said straight to the door that she prefers Wen Zichu’s one-person version of the letter.

Ling Zhen opened Weibo to read her advice. He had to say that the other party’s words were rigorous and clever, and it was so bad that he was a man with rich marketing experience.

She said that the choreography of the duo version is not bad, and it can even be said that the choreography is very neat and exquisite, but the female dancer of Chushen is inexplicably abrupt in this dance. This abrupt layman can’t see it, but she has seen almost every appeal, so she feels it very clearly.

Translated, the two-person version is very good, but Ling Zhen is not worthy.

This is Miss Song Zhi’s first argument.

Gu Xiaomeng was already furious after reading it, but Ling Zhen looked very calm, and continued to slide his fingers down.

Next, Miss Song Zhi used a gentle tone to evaluate Lingzhen’s dance level in detail.

In summary, the three words are unprofessional.

This lady is also very verbose. She said that although Ling Zhen dances is not unsightly, but the dance style is too sparse, like tree branches that have never been pruned, and they are too arbitrary when they make clever combinations. In front of the well-crafted Wen Zichu, it didn’t fit well.

At the end of Weibo, Miss Song Zhi said gently that she was just a rational discussion, and by the way, she also expressed her unchanging love as a fan for many years. He returned to the Weibo account that Wen Zichu had rarely logged in, saying “Chu Shen, I love you no matter what you are”

In other words, even if you are forced to work with a star or be dragged down by her, you are still the same in my heart.

Gu Xiaomeng almost wanted to throw his phone after reading it.

She was stupid and didn’t know how to describe it, but Song Zhi’s Weibo was very yin and yang from beginning to end, and she stepped on Lingzhen in secret. Although she is very famous in the circle, she is not so big-faced, right

Song Zhi has always done well in marketing and has many fans. After she posted the Weibo, all the legs and hairs were dispatched and they agreed.

But Ling Zhen obviously had much more fans than her, and when someone came to ask for something, he tore it along. The two parties fought in the comment area, and Song Zhi’s Weibo re-comment quickly exceeded 10,000, and it quickly turned from a professional discussion to a fan circle.

Ling Zhen didn’t say anything, Xing Li first called.

“The other side is obviously touching porcelain, don’t be angry,” Xing Li was also very strange, “Is the fan circle popular in the art world now?”

But Ling Zhen’s mentality was unexpectedly good. “Teacher, don’t worry, I’m not angry.”

After all, Song Zhi might not know that Ling Zhen, who jumped so badly in her eyes, was personally selected by her male god to cooperate.

Xing Li was relieved, “The opposite party will definitely take the opportunity to market, just respond reasonably.”

Ling Zhen said nicely.

She hung up the phone, and Gu Xiaomeng looked at her worriedly.

In the heart of the ten-year-old girl, this is a big deal. Xiao Meng hesitated and asked, “Sister Zhenzhen, why don’t you ask Mr. Wei for help”

Ling Zhen smiled.

There is no need to trouble Wei Xi with this kind of thing, she can handle it by herself.

Sure enough, after a short while, the other side bought a hot search, and brushed Song Zhi’s comment on Ling Zhen’s entry. Taste a product carefully. This term is very interesting. Put Song Zhi’s name in the position of the commenter, so that people who don’t know the truth will think that Song Zhi is a senior at first glance.

In terms of fame, Ling Zhen, who had been a small hit, of course crushed Song Zhi. This wave of enthusiasm Song Zhi made a steady profit.

Opposite the network cable, Song Zhi herself and her company are also very satisfied with the current results.

The team told Song Zhi, “This wave of heat will start first, and it will be much easier for you to enter City A. Only when people can see your business value will a large company like Qingxi be willing to invest in you.”

Before Qingxi sponsored the tour of the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe, it was very greedy. Qingxi is the top investment company in the entertainment industry. If they can get their strong financial support, Song Zhi will not be difficult to be turned into a real money-sucking machine.

Song Zhi curled her lips and smiled. She looked sweet and had a unique charm when she smiled.

She is very confident and arrogant about her appearance and dance. She feels that she should stand at a higher position, no matter what method she uses.

She and her team have been watching Ling Zhen for a while. The Weibo post was also under scrutiny, and the two points that were made were that the other party did not respond very well. Ling Zhen was indeed not qualified to cooperate with Wen Zichu in terms of qualifications, and Ling Zhen was indeed from a non-professional background.

Hot search was climbing up little by little, and at this moment, Ling Zhen posted a Weibo.

Song Zhi was quite curious about how she would respond, and clicked to read it.

Ling Zhen sees that everyone is keen to discuss, so I’ll discuss it rationally, too, shy

Beauty is a very subjective thing. It should not have completely unified standards, nor should it have standards and norms. I do dance in my own style, and it’s a pleasure to be liked by everyone.

The first half is quite satisfactory, all within the range of their team. But starting from a certain sentence, suddenly it was not quite right.

In fact, when Teacher Wen came to invite me, I was very hesitant.

Wen Zichu invited her to brag, right?

As a newcomer, I also worry about my lack of expressiveness, which will affect the performance of the entire stage. But Teacher Wen affirmed me, believe me, under the guidance of outstanding seniors, I do my best to complete every performance.

After I brought the letter of intimacy to everyone for the first time, I asked the teacher nervously, and the teacher’s evaluation was affirmative. So after that, we performed this dance in three consecutive cities.

Here, I also want to thank Teacher Wen Zichu for his help and trust. I will continue to work hard in the future to bring you more professional performance.

Gu Xiaomeng witnessed Ling Zhen’s entire typing process, and when she finished reading the content, she couldn’t laugh anymore.

“Hahahaha is so cool” Gu Xiaomeng applauded frantically.

Ling Zhen expressed three central ideas in just two to three hundred words. 1 Sorry, I was invited by Teacher Wen. 2 Teacher Wen expressed affirmation to me that someone forced him to slap him in the face for a long time. 3 How could I have played so many shows if I couldn’t do it long ago.

When the Lord finished speaking, the fans were massaged to the point of refreshment, and there was a sea of ​​joy in the comment area.

Soon, the first article of the hot comment became everyone, don’t bother you in the past, we don’t help the poor, smile, don’t let the smashed touches succeed.

As a result, no one went to quarrel under Song Zhi’s Weibo, her Weibo was aired on hot searches, and it began to become a little embarrassing.

Song Zhi was a bit shameless, but he remained calm and did not withdraw the hot search.

As a result, after a while, Lingzhen’s Weibo had a new dynamic.

Song Zhi opened it and took a look.

Wen Zichu liked this Weibo “Seeing everyone is keen to discuss

Wen Zichu actually went online and liked Ling Zhen’s Weibo

This is not the most embarrassing. The most embarrassing thing is that more than an hour ago, Song Zhi’s Weibo also posted to Wen Zichu, but the other party ignored her at all.

As a result, Hot Search has truly become a large-scale rollover site.

Ten minutes later, Song Zhi commented that Ling Zhen made a forced landing from seventh to 48. After another five minutes, this hot search disappeared.

When Ling Zhen changed her dance clothes, she glanced at her Weibo again, and Song Zhi had already deleted her long Weibo.

She sticks out her tongue, feeling a little refreshed.

After returning home, the corners of her eyes and eyebrows were still a little flying, but Wei Xi spotted her and asked her, “What are you happy about.”

Ling Zhen secretly poked to show off “I am super awesome today”

Wei Xi drew the person to her and pinched the tip of her nose, “How great is it?”

Ling Zhen’s eyes were squirming, “I hit a bad guy.”

“Bad guy” Wei Xi raised her eyebrows lightly, “Who bullied you?”

The problem had been resolved, Ling Zhen didn’t want to ask him to complain, so he murmured over with a smile.

Wei Xi looked down at her and didn’t ask much.

But a few days later, Ling Zhen found out that this problem seemed to have not been solved yet.

Because of the problem, I came directly.

Among the southern dancers who came to the group to exchange and study, there was this Miss Song Zhi.

In the previous confrontation on Weibo, people from the dance troupe were secretly watching. This time, when two people met, they all had an attitude of watching a good show.

Ling Zhen didn’t pay much attention to her, and glanced casually, she was indeed a beautiful woman with big eyes and a small face, nothing more. But at the same moment, Song Zhi was looking at Ling Zhen very carefully.

Stars and amateurs do have walls, and she is conspicuous enough to stand in the crowd. Song Zhiyi felt sour when he thought of Wen Zichu’s initiative to invite her to cooperate.

However, now she was able to win a city anyway. Song Zhi thought about what the company had done just now, and his chin raised again.

After the introduction of each other, the dancers who visited were free to move, but the head of the group called Ling Zhen over.

Seeing the group leader’s expression of sorry, Ling Zhen had a vague expectation in his heart.

Sure enough, the head of the group said, “The last solo dancer’s quota was taken down by Song Zhi’s company.”

Ling Zhen nodded, not very surprised.

The head of the group didn’t expect to be able to make sure of everything, he looked at the girl in front of him apologetically, “The group dance in the group has been set, I plan to give you the lead dancer, how about it?”

This is enough to value her, Ling Zhen will not know what is good or bad, and nodded very seriously, “Thank you, head, I will prepare well.”

The head waved his hand and let her go.

That Miss Song was very confident into the dance troupe, but due to the shame she had previously lost, she did not come to provoke Ling Zhen again. But Ling Zhen would be a little annoyed to see her, and went home early today.

After arriving home, Wei Xi has not yet returned. Ling Zhen lay on the sofa, shaking her legs boredly.

After dozens of minutes, the door of the house rang and Wei Xi came in from outside.

Ling Zhen dangling in the living room, turned around, and saw Wei Xi carrying a bag of duck collar bones she liked, walking over and putting it on the table.

I don’t know what’s going on, Ling Zhen, from seeing him, the unobvious grievance that was pressed in his heart suddenly began to churn.

She touched the toes of her shoes, lowered her head, wringing her fingers.

Wei Xi didn’t pay attention at first and went to the bathroom to wash her hands first.

Ling Zhen sucked his nose, feeling that he was too hypocritical, but the corners of his eyes were still slightly red.

Wei Xi only caught a glimpse of her when she came back, paused, and walked over to hold her cheek “What’s wrong?”

The man’s voice was low and soft.

Ling Zhen thought she was cool and handsome when she beat bad guys. How could he make him feel like crying when he asked.

It’s not a big deal.

Ling Zhen’s eyes were red and he wanted to rub it, but Wei Xi stopped him, “Don’t rub it with your hands, it’s dirty.”

She was so aggrieved, she curled her mouth, “Why am I dirty.”

The fingers that Wei Xi had just washed were cold, smelling of hand sanitizer, and rubbed gently on the soft skin under her eyes.

“Who is bullying you” he asked, “tell me.”

In fact, Ling Zhen always feels bad every time she gets involved. She has always hated unprovoked malice. But she didn’t seem to be so wronged before, but now it’s so fragile, so strange.

The little girl didn’t speak awkwardly, and Wei Xi simply hugged her and sat down on the sofa. Ling Zhen leaned in his arms, sniffing and twisting his fingers.

After twisting for a while, Wei Xi’s cell phone rang. Ling Zhen sniffed and thought about getting up, “Are you busy?”

Wei Xi pressed her down and took a look at her mobile phone.

It was a text message “Hello, Mr. Wei, I am Song Zhi from xx media, take the liberty to disturb you”

Wei Xi glanced and threw the phone aside.

Then he hugged the person in his arms and dropped a bit, let her face him, then rubbed the person into his arms and kissed her red eyes.

Ling Zhen was hiding.

“Don’t tell me the reason, I want me to comfort you,” Wei Xi kissed the corner of her lips, “Why are you so bad, huh?”

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