GSBVH: Ch 58

Ling Zhen found it interesting.

It’s the same meat. How could Wei Xi’s be like this? It was originally a vaguely clear outline, but when it was tightened, the shape was particularly obvious, and it was a hard piece.

Wei Xi didn’t react much, she really looked like letting her explore. Ling Zhen was a little more courageous, and his fingers hooked along the lines of the texture.

The temperature of the man’s skin is higher than hers, and the whole person is hot and hard.

Ling Zhen touched a few times to satisfy her curiosity, let go and smiled “Okay.”

Wei Xi’s eyes were dark, and her smile was a little different from usual. He squeezed Ling Zhen’s wrist and asked, “That’s it.”

Ling Zhen didn’t know what else, so she was just a little curious about his muscles.

After exploring, Ling Zhen found that in fact, apart from the hardness and thickness, there was no difference in the meat of the two of them.

On the whole, everyone has two arms and two legs, but Wei Xi’s chest is flat and strong, while she herself is soft.

The structure of men and women is similar.

Wei Xi laughed very lowly.

Then he suddenly stretched out his hand, pinched Ling Zhen’s waist, picked up the person and put it on the table.

Ling Zhen bends her knees vigilantly, stepping on the edge of the table with her toes, separating him from “what are you doing.”

Wei Xi lowered her head, “Receive reward.”

Ling Zhen’s eyes rounded, and he leaned back “you let me touch it.”

The implication is, how can you charge for it if you let it be touched for free?

“Then you won’t be paid,” Wei Xi breathed close to her with a slight scorching breath, “another lesson is included.”

Ling Zhen was innocent at all, and blinked “What?”

A dim light flashed in the man’s eyes, and then he took her hand and stopped somewhere under him.

“The difference between men and women is not just muscles.”

Ling Zhen was puzzled for two seconds, and suddenly realized what it was, his fingertips were struggling to shrink back as if they had been burned.

She was ashamed and angry, “Who is going to touch your one, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuck

Is it hard or hot? Whatever he does, he does it on his own.

Wei Xi didn’t force her, lowered her head, bit her nose like a fire, and whispered “There is still.”

“You touch a man, he will react.”

Ling Zhen was literally refreshed with her worldview.

The man’s throat is hoarse “So if you are not ready, don’t touch me like just now.”

After this, the ignorant little fairy has made a qualitative leap in understanding the human male body.

It turns out that if a man is touched, that will happen.

And that thing looks so fierce and fierce qaq

In the end, she couldn’t escape Wei Xi’s blackmail, and Wei Xi asked for a good meal before she ran away crying.

How could this be so obviously he told her to touch it?

Man’s mouth deceiving ghost!

A few days later, the dance troupe’s vacation ended, and Ling Zhen returned to the troupe that day.

The videos of each show of their tour have not been edited yet, and the news of the next event will come again.

In late April, the city will host a large-scale art festival, inviting major dance groups and well-known art schools across the country to perform, aiming to promote academic exchanges in the professional field, show the strength of all parties, and discover new artistic stars.

As a representative force of the city, the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble is naturally impossible to miss.

After the news was announced, everyone was discussing during leg press training.

Ling Zhen and Gu Xiaomeng were together. Xiaomeng told her what she had found out: “This event is quite big. Many celebrities in the south will come to Zhenzhen. Have you heard of Song Zhi?”

Ling Zhen shook his head, “No hey.”

“It’s quite famous in our circle, and there are so many fans,” Gu Xiaomeng gave her popular science. “She is from a science class, and her mother is an old senior who dances folk dance, but she walks in the kind of genius and beautiful girl. , There is the kind of company packaging marketing, which is dead in the south.”

Ling Zhen nodded, “That’s it.”

She doesn’t comment on other people’s development models, after all, she herself has the light of star status.

“It seems that Song Zhi has always wanted to come to the city of A for development, and she has always regarded herself as an old fan of Teacher Wen, and she was tied up with Teacher Wen to fire c” in the early years. Gu Xiaomeng saw that she was a surfer on the Internet. After talking a lot, “Ah, yes, this time our group will definitely let Teacher Wen go on.”

After all, Wen Zichu is their golden sign. His reputation is better than that of the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble, and he has countless fans all over the country. And unlike Ling Zhen’s fan base, a large part of Mr. Wen’s fans are professionals, which very much proves his degree of recognition in the circle.

Ling Zhen nodded, “Sure, I don’t know what dance the teacher chooses this time.”

Gu Xiaomeng blinked, and whispered, “In fact, Sister Zhenzhen, I think you might go solo this time.”

Ling Zhen is now the pillar of their regiment, and by all accounts, what kind of genius and beautiful girl like Song Zhi, like her little goddess, who can jump into this without professional studies, is the real genius. Ok

Ling Zhen is indeed trying to choreograph herself and dances choreographed by others. Although she can also express her own feelings within the framework, she always feels a little frustrated and uncomfortable.

But although she also yearns for solo dance, she also knows that her experience is still a little worse, so she waved her hand, “Let’s not guess, just listen to the team leader’s arrangements.”

Gu Xiaomeng is her little fan girl, and she listens to her “good.”

Two days later, the delegation leader announced several notices.

In this art festival, each group has a group dance quota and a solo dance quota. The group dance program is yet to be selected. The solo dance quota is for Wen Zichu. In addition, some dancers from the south will come to their group to learn and communicate in the near future, and then everyone should be friendly.

The whole group naturally had no objections.

But after the notification was over, the group leader found Ling Zhen alone.

“In addition to the fixed quota, there is also a vacant solo dance place. As the city dance troupe, we are also regarded as half the host. The possibility of winning this place is very high.” The head patted her on the shoulder, “Although we say no Yes, but you should be a little bit prepared.”

I have to say that this is indeed a pleasant surprise.

Ling Zhen smiled sweetly, “Thank you, leader.”

The head of the delegation “don’t thank you first, and thank you later when you get this place.”

For Ling Zhen, whether or not he could go, the head of the group was willing to give this opportunity to her, which was an affirmation in itself.

There is a sense of swelling satisfaction in my heart.

Ling Zhen was in a good mood when he returned home, and he bought some ingredients and planned to cook for himself.

The evening breeze in April gradually became more comfortable.

The soup was gurgling in the kitchen, the windows were open, and the night breeze softly passed through the hall.

Wei Xi leaned at the door of the room, listening to the little girl whispering, “It must be because I performed too well during the tour. The head of the group gave me the opportunity. Although I am not sure whether I can make it in the end, this is recognition. “

Wei Xi also thought it was pretty good.

She dances by herself, so she doesn’t have to be with that man.

Ling Zhen wore her newly bought little strawberry apron, waved the spoon in his hand, turned his head and looked at Wei Xi with bright eyes.

It looks like that, brightly asking me if I’m great

Wei Xi walked to her and praised her as “great.”

Ling Zhen’s tail is about to rise to the sky, and he shook his head triumphantly, “Our group only has Teacher Wen this treatment. Teacher Wen is so good, I might stand on the same stage with him.”

Wei Xi’s hand passed through Xiao Strawberry’s apron, hooked her slender waist, and bit her punitively on the tip of her ear.

Ling Zhen covered her ears, “Speak well, why do you bite?”

Wei Xi leaned on the edge of the cooking table, drew the person in front of her, and hugged “Where is he?”

Ling Zhen was held by him and lifted up a bit, and his lower abdomen was pressed against his abdominal muscles, thinking of the exploration that day, a trace of blush slowly rose on his face.

She answered honestly, “Dancing well.”

Wei Xi’s fingers moved up her spine and pinched the back of her thin white neck. “What about me.”

The soup was still gurgling and gasping, the little girl groaned from side to side, and the man was trapped and she wouldn’t let her go.

Ling really annoyed him.

Jealous again

How can there be so much vinegar and delicious?

Ling Zhen hummed back to him, “You are super powerful everywhere, the most powerful, the most powerful”

Wei Xi’s eyes filled with a smile, and she rubbed her lips meaningfully, rubbing out a little water.

“Remember this,” he smiled close to her ear, his expression gloomy, “Keep it to me later.”

Ling Zhen

What later

After another two days, the video of each station tour of the song and dance troupe was finally edited.

On the same day, the dance troupe’s official Weibo posted these videos. All group dances were cut into one video, while solo dances were cut separately. Like Wen Zichu’s personal stage, and his co-operation with Ling Zhen, they are all key clips of the video.

The official WeChat account of the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe had no traffic, but Ling Zhen reposted the video after watching it. Although she is not a top-notch, she has millions of fans on Weibo.

As a result, the number of views of that Weibo increased geometrically in an instant, and a large number of fans poured in, and the re-comment likes rose.

Crazy ah ah ah ah ah ah official video is here

First God x Fairy I’m really good

My real little fairy, I’m so okay, oh oh oh, a book of blood for one person to perform in xx city

Can I see xx city? xx city also wants a name to cry

No matter how high the dancers are, they need attention after all. This kind of enthusiasm and discussion is naturally a dance company loves to see.

The stage of appealing to heartfelt orders was once again heated up. Fans were reminiscing, passers-by clicked in to become a large fan scene, and the Internet was full of rainbow farts and crying cries from various netizens.

In this atmosphere, a yellow v account suddenly appeared in the video forwarding.

Gu Xiaomeng is watching others praise her goddess happily on Weibo. Originally, she should be one of these people, but her status is different now. She is a friend of the little goddess hahaha!

It didn’t take long for Gu Xiaomeng to see that yellow v account forwarding, and she said “Sister Zhenzhen, Song Zhi forwarded your stage.”

But she clicked in and took a closer look, but her eyebrows wrinkled.

That Weibo is like this.

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