GSBVH: Ch 72

Wei Xi moved the suitcases of both of them into the south-facing room.

This room is relatively large in size, equipped with a bathroom, and has a wall made of floor-to-ceiling windows. You can see the vegetable garden in the backyard and the mountain village in the distance. The furniture in the room has bright lines and bright colors, and the sunlight is transparent, making it very bright.

In the middle, is an oversized bed covered with off-white sheets, with a big heart embroidered on it.

Ling Zhen’s little hands twisted and looked at their suitcases side by side, one black and the other white, with an inexplicable intimacy.

She slowly put her snacks and skin care products on the table, then looked at the two cameras in the room, and couldn’t say anything, so she had to tidy up and lose her mind.

After pondering for a while, the dull little girl finally remembered.

…Wei Xi had long thought of living together!

But he never reminded her before! Ahhhh, this bad guy!

Ling Zhen put down the things in his hand and went to look for him angrily. After just walking two steps, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the man in the half-open door of the bathroom taking off his clothes.

A pliable line was drawn from his back, and his waist line was narrow, tucked into his black trousers. Seen from the back, the black hair, the cold white skin, and the long and straight legs are really beautiful.

Ling Zhen blushed, then took a step forward and closed the bathroom door.

——Will it be photographed?

After a while, Wei Xi changed his clothes and came out, and the doorbell downstairs rang at this moment.

“Ah,” Ling Zhen stood up, “Did other guests come here?”

Wei Xi’s expression was faint, and there was no reaction even in front of the camera, Ling Zhen took him downstairs together.

As soon as the door opened, Ling Zhen heard a familiar, gentle female voice: “Hello—we’re here to drop by!”

Ling Zhen gave in and looked at Jian Wenyi outside the door and Shen Yanchu behind her, curled her lips and smiled, “Welcome.”

When it comes to work, there is no need to add personal emotions. Although Ling Zhen doesn’t like male and female protagonists, since everyone is on a variety show, they must finish their work well.

Jian Wenyi and Shen Yanchu interlocked, wearing a couple outfits. The man is in a blue and white striped shirt, while the woman is in a dress of the same color. Two people standing there are a pair of bright bi people.

Jian Wenyi shook the hands held by the two of them, and smiled sweetly at Ling Zhen: “I have been waiting for you to come over, but we have not waited until we are’uninvited’.”

There was a lot of twists and turns in her words, but Ling Zhen actually didn’t pay attention to her thoughts. He just nodded when he heard the words: “Okay, come in and sit down.”

Shen Yanchu never spoke.

His gaze swept across Lingzhen’s face first, and then fell on the man behind her, a touch of sourness in his heart.

After a few months, this man still held Ling Zhen firmly. As a man, he might be able to guess a little bit of Wei Xi’s thoughts about participating in variety shows, but this little speculation made him a little bit more sour.

But Wei Xi never paid attention to these two people from the beginning to the end. His gaze directly crossed Jian Wenyi and Shen Yanchu, looked at the middle-aged man entering the door behind, and slightly nodded.

Jian Wenyi and the others came early and had already visited other guests in advance. She noticed that Ling Zhen was also looking at the people behind, and she smiled and said, “May I introduce to you? This is…”

The movie emperor Wang Zheng and the movie queen Hu Ling are both young, and they are very kind.

Wang Zheng waved his hand directly: “It’s okay, what to introduce-Mr. Wei, it’s been a long time! I didn’t tell me when I got married. It’s not authentic.”

Jian Wenyi’s smile paused slightly.

Ling Zhen turned his head and blinked at Wei Xi, as if saying: Do you know him?

Wei Xi took her shoulders and brought a belt forward: “Say hello to Uncle Wang and Aunt Hu.”

He previously invested in Wang Zheng’s first film when he became a director. The box office was average, but his reputation was very good. It was the first door to Wang Zheng’s career as a director. The two have known each other for several years, and Wei Xi has a good personal relationship with their family.

Ling Zhen looked at him a little embarrassed, wondering if it was appropriate to call it that way.

Hu Ling saw that the little girl hesitated, and laughed out: “Your Mr. Wei will give me a lift when he comes up-call it, call it, I know when I am old.”

Ling Zhen quickly denied it, and then called someone obediently, with a quiet voice, listening to people like it.

Hu Ling glanced back at Jian Wenyi and Shen Yanchu: “We can call it that way. Lao Wang and I are elders.”

Jian Wenyi’s slightly stiff face then smiled again: “Don’t say that, Teacher Hu, you are the predecessors of all of us.”

Wang Zheng and Wei Xi are the most familiar and the oldest, and they walked around the house directly with their hands behind their backs: “I’m here to visit Mr. Wei’s love nest, haha…”

Jian Wenyi also took Shen Yanchu’s hand and looked around. Seeing the fish tank in their house, she showed envious eyes, turned to Shen Yanchu and acted like a baby: “We don’t have such a vibrant little thing in our house.”

Pushing the camera over with the camera, Shen Yanchu hugged Jian Wenyi from behind, and said softly: “What do you like, let’s buy it too, okay?”

Both of them have been actors for many years. They didn’t shy away from the shots, and the dog food was very professional.

On the other hand, Ling Zhen was obviously not used to being close to others in front of the camera. Wei Xi pinched her ears in front of the King Actor, and Ling Zhen ran away embarrassedly.

As soon as the little girl left, Wang Zheng smiled: “I didn’t expect you to come to this kind of show.”

President Wei, Qingxi, has heard of it in the circle. He is cold by nature and hard to come into contact with. Even in front of the camera, Mr. Wei didn’t mean to change at all, he was still cold. No one thought that such a man would silently marry a little white rabbit-like girl and accompany her on this kind of husband-and-wife variety show.

Wei Xi didn’t speak, her eyes fell on Ling Zhen.

After a while, the cold and cold man said in a low voice, “She is with me.”

Wang Zheng raised his eyebrows, and then suddenly looked quite serious.

He also had the inherent idea that the marriage of young actresses and investors in the circle was mostly due to factors other than love.

But looking at Wei Xi’s attitude now, it seems that he is narrow-minded.

Ling Zhen was watching the flower arrangement in their room with Hu Ling at the moment. She was the kind of girl who was born to be liked by her elders, and it didn’t take long before Hu Ling began to call her really true.

Ling Zhenzhen wanted to take her to the vegetable garden in the backyard and suddenly heard Jian Wenyi’s voice from the second floor: “Wow, can I see the bedroom~”

Ling Zhen looked up and said, “Yes.”

Jian Wenyi pulled Shen Yanchu and pushed the door in, and then “wow”: “We don’t have such a big floor-to-ceiling window in our house, it’s great—”

Her gaze swept around, and she suddenly said “Huh”.

Before long, Jian Wenyi’s voice came out again: “Xiaozhen, why do you have so much food in your house?”

Ling Zhen didn’t feel that there was anything wrong, and replied: “If you want to eat, just eat it.”

Hu Ling tugged her arm.

At this time, Jian Wenyi had already gone downstairs, walked to Ling Zhen and reminded him warmly: “Snacks will be confiscated by the show crew. You should hide them quickly.”

Ling Zhen opened his eyes wide.

But after Jian Wenyi’s voice just now, everyone knew that Ling Zhen had food in his room. The program assistant came very quickly, smiling and holding a transparent box, filling up bags of simple snacks.

Ling Zhen squatted beside him, almost crying.

Hu Ling looked at her. The little girl was obviously pitiful, because she was so angry that she didn’t dare to speak when she first came to the show. Her beautiful little face was suffocated and looked miserable.

But I don’t know why it makes people want to laugh.

The camera had a close-up of her innocent expression for a long time, then turned and swept over Wei Xi’s body.

The man’s eyes were focused, but he also had a slight smile.

After a while, he walked over to pull Ling Zhen up, and patted the little girl who was in grief.

On the other side, the camera is also shooting Jian Wenyi. With apologies on her face, she asked Shen Yanchu in a low voice anxiously: “Should I just put it away for her?”

Shen Yanchu shook his head gently: “We should abide by the rules of the program group.”

Wei Xi hugged the person and glanced indifferently.

Since each group of guests arrived here on the first day, today the program group did not let them prepare for dinner on their own, but let everyone come to the village to taste the local food.

Ling Zhen only saw two other groups of guests at this time, one was the national athlete He Qiong and his outside girlfriend Fu Huanhuan, and the other was the well-known female singer Song Lan and her outside boyfriend Sun Han. Ling Zhen greeted them friendly, and everyone sat around a big round table for dinner.

The local dishes are indeed very distinctive, and their native wild vegetables are added to many dishes.

The dish tastes strangely sour, and people who like it will especially like it, but those who don’t like it will be uncomfortable after a bite.

Unfortunately, Ling Zhen couldn’t get used to the taste at all.

She didn’t want to refute other people’s wishes. After trying hard to swallow a few mouthfuls, she would have the strange sour taste in other dishes.

Wei Xi had been picking up vegetables for her without the wild vegetables. Ling Zhen reluctantly ate a small bowl of rice, but finally couldn’t eat it.

The program team has recorded enough of everyone’s reactions to eating, so let you go home and rest.

Ling Zhen returned home, went into the bedroom, and lay on the big bed.

She couldn’t remember the problem of sleeping at night anymore, her abdomen was empty, almost nothing was filled in.

Wei Xi walked in and Ling Zhen looked at him sadly: “I’m hungry.”

Under the camera, she was arched on the bed like a small ball of cake, her face turned sideways, her eyes blank, and she looked even worse.

Wei Xi raised her hand to block the corner of her lips, but the other corner shot recorded his smile.

Ling Zhen didn’t realize that she was full of thoughts–her egg yolk crisps, pine cones, waffles, and cup noodles were all taken away.

Wei Xi walked over, sat down by the bed, and hooked her hair with her fingers: “Don’t be lying on your stomach.”

Ling Zhen said weakly, “I don’t want…”

She was so wronged that she didn’t expect to be hungry when recording the show.

Wei Xi looked at her for a while, stood up, then bent down and hugged the person directly.

His flat and hard chest was against Lingzhen’s back, his arms were wrapped around her waist, and he bowed his head and kissed her on the cheek: “Come with me.”

The little girl followed him dejectedly, and Wei Xi led the person to the corner outside the room. This was a blind spot for surveillance, and the camera couldn’t take pictures.

Ling Zhen opened a pair of eyes, and then suddenly saw that Wei Xi took out a large bag of snacks from the cabinet.

She was stunned by the surprise, and her godless eyes lit up instantly: “!”

Wei Xi also brought a copy in the box, and put it away after he came in. Lingzhen won’t be checked again after being taken away.

He took out a box of biscuits that Ling Zhen liked, opened it, and handed one to her mouth.

Ling Zhen opened her mouth and bit out, the sweet taste of chocolate melted in her mouth, she shrank her shoulders and laughed.

Wei Xi fed her piece by piece. Ling Zhen only cared about the pleasure of stealing food. He fed her as soon as he ate, and he was very behaving.

She thinks Wei Xi is so amazing. Without him, she would really be hungry!

After feeding half a box of biscuits and drinking a can of Wangzi milk, Ling Zhen patted his stomach to indicate that he was full.

From the lens, two people stood in the corner and didn’t know what they were doing. The camera on the side could only take pictures of the man’s back, and Ling Zhen was completely hidden inside.

After a few seconds, the little girl’s arms suddenly stretched out and put her arms around Wei Xi’s waist, and her little hand patted him on the back.

Ling Zhen was full of happiness.

She stretched out her hand and hugged her parents with a smile. With his face up, his chin poked sharply on his chest, his eyes bright.

Wei Xi looked down: “Happy?”

Ling Zhen’s little chicken nodded like garlic.

Wei Xi hooked up the corners of her lips, then put her things away, and walked to the room with people in her arms.

“Then we can sleep.”

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