GSBVH: Ch 55

After all, the airport was still crowded with people, Ling Zhen didn’t let Wei Xi get out of the car, put her luggage in the trunk, and jumped on the ground.

Fasten the seat belt and look up. Wei Xi is looking at her.

Look very carefully.

His eye shape is very beautiful. When he hangs slightly, his eyelashes half cover his dark pupils, and he is lazy but focused.

Ling Zhen pursed her lips, clutching the hem of the clothes with her fingers, not knowing why she was embarrassed.

Counting the days, it seems that I haven’t seen it for more than half a month. Except for Wei Xi’s clothes are thinner than when we met last time, nothing else has changed. Wei Xi stared at her like this, giving Ling Zhen the illusion that she had changed her appearance.

Let him look at it for a while, Ling Zhen became shy, and told him in detail, “Shall we go?”

Wei Xi didn’t change her face, “see it enough before leaving.”

A straight ball.

It is rare for Ling Zhen to see him so frank, instantly unable to resist, his face flushed.

The bus in front of their car has not left yet. The girls in the dance troupe just got on the car one after another, and the people sitting in the last row were sneaking up and looking down from the back window.

I can see most of the figure, Mr. Wei and the little star sitting in the car, don’t know what they’re talking about

Wei Xi saw that Ling Zhen’s cheeks and ear tips were red before finally letting her go, and asked in a low voice, “Is it tired?”

Ling Zhen sighed quietly, and shook his head cleverly, “I’m not tired.”

After she finished speaking, she turned to look at him “Why are you here to pick me up?”

Ling Zhen only told Wei Xi to be back today, and didn’t even tell him the flight.

Wei Xi looked calm, “Can’t wait.”

It’s another straight ball.

The heat that finally fell on Ling Zhen’s face rose again, she was holding onto her clothes, and she couldn’t even speak.

Little fairy didn’t know that if a man thinks for too long, only desire is the most real in his mind.

Wei Xi chuckled her lips and gave a low smile.

The heads of the people on the bus looked eagerly, but the two of them sat there and didn’t move much.

Ling Zhen knew that the bus hadn’t left yet, and was afraid that someone was watching. He blushed and thumped Wei Xi, “Could you go now?”

The head of the bus moved

But why does it seem that the little star hit the gold master’s father?

Then, they suddenly saw that the cold and steady young president caught Ling Zhen’s small fist.

Then he put it to his lips and gave him a kiss.

Everyone’s head was sluggish for three seconds.

Then collectively retracted.

They are not sour.

They are really not sour

Wei Xi kissed the back of Ling Zhen’s hand, and the corner of her lips touched her white and smooth skin, and the little girl trembled because of the stimulation. The man was finally satisfied for a while, and turned to turn the steering wheel.

Ling Zhen retracted his hand and slumped on the seat, his heart beating.

Well, it seems, this time Wei Xi has become more difficult to fight back than before.

Wei Xi did not drive home directly, and went to Qingxi first. Today, Xing Li came over to talk to Ling Zhen.

From the airport expressway, the city starts to be congested in the evening, no matter how good the car, it can only go at a turtle speed.

But the man is in a good mood, and the corners of his lips are always twitched.

Since her appearance, even the air in this city has improved.

It took two hours to finally drive to Qingxi. Ling Zhen hadn’t been here for a long time, touched his mouth to put on the hood, and walked in beside Wei Xi.

Xing Li was waiting for her in Wei Xi’s office.

When the door opened, Wei Xi didn’t know what was saying in Ling Zhen’s ear. The little girl’s face was soggy, she turned around and beat him. The man looked indulgent and smiled and took her fist.

Xing Li’s eyebrows are okay with them, Mr. Wei

Last time there was still a miserable marriage crisis, goodbye is already sweet and flirting

Ling Zhen was still very good when he met Xing Li, “Good teacher Xing.”

Wei Xi embraced her and sat down on the sofa, putting her arms naturally behind Ling Zhen.

Xing Li took a folder and sat on the opposite side, pretending not to notice Wei Xi’s movements, Chao Lingzhen smiled, “I’m happy to go out for fun this time.”

Ling Zhen smiled embarrassedly, “Thank you teacher for your support.”

Xing Li waved his hand, “I don’t support anything, it’s mainly because of you.”

He did not expect that Ling Zhen’s dance ability had such a level. Wen Zichu’s reputation in the industry is not small, but he has always followed the path of a performing artist, not the smoke of the entertainment industry.

Ling Zhen went out this time and hung up with Wen Zichu’s name, and he was raising the price. What’s more, she was not a scumbag, nor was she a foil. She completed the cooperation with the Great God brilliantly, even more eye-catching than the Great God, and directly established her reputation.

Not to mention anything else, at least there will no longer be any female artist in the circle who dares to create a multi-talented personality.

Ling Zhen indeed represents the ceiling in this respect.

Xing Li also needs to rethink Ling Zhen’s future career plan. Since dancing is something she likes, and other people can achieve such a high level of achievement, it will be the focus of her development in the future.

“Xianwen’s results are very good. Recently I received a lot of scripts. You can see if you are interested in it, but don’t force it,” Xing Li said. “I originally planned to put you on a reality show. Fans, but this depends on your personal wishes.”

Ling Zhen didn’t say anything yet, Wei Xi frowned slightly, “What type?”

“Running and jumping for tasks, it may be a bit fierce.”

Ling Zhen also watched some reality show variety shows, and the guests worked hard for the task or for the sake of laughter. She has such a temperament, she may be eaten with no bones left when she enters.

The little girl blinked and said euphemistically, “Then I’ll look at the script.”

Wei Xi turned her face to look at her, and naturally dropped her hand on her shoulder, “be good.”

Xing Li: “…”

Did this person show off in front of him on purpose?

In front of the agent, Ling Zhen wanted to be more serious, arching his shoulders, trying to arch his hands down.

But when she moved, Wei Xi directly hooked her shoulders and brought people into her arms, rubbing her ears naturally with her fingers, “Don’t make trouble.”

Ling Zhen blushed

On the opposite side, Xing Li closed the folder blankly: “…”

Reality shows are fine.

He suddenly felt that there might be more suitable variety shows.

Suitable for both of them.

After talking, Wei Xi took people home.

Ling Zhen thought for a while, counting from the time she ran out, it should have been a month since she came back.

It’s a long, long time.

Get out of the car and take the elevator upstairs. When he left, the mood and memory returned to his brain a little bit, and Ling Zhen felt that his mood was a little complicated.

At that time, she felt that she never wanted to come back and never want to see Wei Xi again, but now she has already missed her room and small bed before entering the house.

“Ding Dong.” The elevator arrived.

Wei Xi took out the key without saying anything, but handed it to Ling Zhen.

Ling Zhen obediently took it.

She suddenly remembered that she had called the master unlocker when she left, and she felt a little embarrassed. However, neither of them mentioned anything about that day again, and turned the page over tacitly.

Ling Zhen pushed the key into the keyhole, clicked, and pushed the door open.

The windows in the room were open, well ventilated, and the faint scent of laundry detergent was wafting. Everything else is exactly the same as when she left.

Ling Zhen missed it, Wei Xi walked over from behind, hugged her waist, and then softly spoke against Ling Zhen’s ear.

“Welcome home.”

Ling Zhen’s eyelashes trembled, and he heard a lot of deep emotions from these four words.

It’s back.

Her heart collapsed and she forgot to get out of his arms for a while.

So, the man’s lips pressed against her ears, and he quickly kissed a few times along the pinna.

Ling Zhen’s ear tips were numb, and she shrank her neck to avoid it.

But Wei Xi had tightened her arms, turned around and closed the door with one hand, and then came in with her arms around the person.

She came back again, back to the private space that belonged only to the two of them.

Desire grows naturally.

Wei Xi hugged the person and leaned against the wall, with Ling Zhen on her forehead, and began to settle accounts, “Where did Wen Zichu hold you?”

Ling Zhen’s eyes widened, “What are you talking about.”

“While dancing,” Wei Xi sniffed the smell of her body, and brushed her fingertips over her back, “here.”

Ling Zhen understood what he was saying, so he was speechless, and pushed him away “It’s just a dance move, can you please, can you?”

The little girl blushed and scolded him “Don’t be so dirty”

Wei Xi has endured for many days.

He put his chin on Ling Zhen’s shoulder and rubbed the person in his arms “This is nasty.”

Ling Zhen made him blush from rubbing, and was so angry that “you are like this again”

Wei Xi paused for a while.

Ling Zhen pushed his chest, his eyes full of water, “You said you want to listen to me.”

Wei Xi had no choice but to step back a little, hooking her face, “I listen to you.”

Ling Zhen saw that he was a little normal, and cleared his throat, “I think we still need to have a good talk.”

Since we will still live together in the future, some historical problems must be resolved, otherwise there will be endless troubles.

For example, Ling Zhen’s worst memories in this living room, she hopes will never happen again.

Wei Xi lowered her eyes, then her eyes became clearer, and she nodded “Okay.”

Ling Zhen went back to the room to clean up, put everything in the suitcase back into place, then changed into a house suit before knocking on Wei Xi’s door, “You come out.”

Wei Xi opened the door, and the little girl looked serious in her furry pajamas. He held back his smile and followed her to the living room.

Two people sat opposite each other on the sofa.

Ling Zhen’s face was sullen, and he said seriously, “I need a sense of security at home.”

Wei Xi “Okay.”

“You have to abide by what you said,” Ling Zhen poked at him, “Don’t force me, respect me, and ask for my consent.”

Wei Xi nodded “Okay.”

Ling Zhen saw that his attitude was positive and good, and thought for a while, “The specific manifestation is that we should discuss things carefully, and don’t get angry. Then don’t hug casually, both at home and in public.”

Wei Xi did not say yes directly this time, but asked her “what do you want to do then?”

His dark eyes looked over very openly, and Ling Zhen was actually asked.

Then, what should he do when he wants to kiss

Ling Zhen was upset for a few seconds, and then looked at him weirdly, “But why do you want to kiss?”

Isn’t a kiss between mortals essentially an exchange of saliva? Why do you always want to kiss?

Wei Xi curled her lips and smiled, “When you want to kiss me, you will understand.”

Ling Zhen opened his eyes wide.

She won’t

But Ling Zhen pondered for a while and said to him, “Then you have to ask me too.”

Wei Xi chuckled, “Okay.”

His little girl is too pure and terribly sweet.

Ling Zhen made a few more requests, and Wei Xi agreed, causing her to have the illusion of asking too much.

“No, that’s it.” Ling Zhen patted his pants, and asked him “Then what do you want of me?”

Wei Xi’s eyes were dark, “Just don’t leave.”

Ling Zhen’s hand hanging beside her suddenly tightened.

She could hear that this was Wei Xi’s most serious sentence all night.

The tip of his heart seemed to be pinched, and Ling Zhen also looked at him “Okay.”

Then she stretched out her hand “That’s a happy stay.”

Wei Xi held her hand in a low voice, “It’s a pleasure to live together.”

In terms of the structure of Chinese characters, the two words seem to have similar meanings. Ling Zhen nodded, “Good, happy living together.”

There was a smile “really” in Wei Xi’s eyes

Ling Zhen is ignorant, “Yes.”

In the next second, the man raised her knees, hugged the person horizontally, and whispered, “Then sleep in my bed.”

Ling Zhen understood what he meant. His calves kicked back and forth in the air, and the rabbit head slippers fell off.

Wei Xi hugged her and stopped “Yeah”

Ling Zhen quickly added, “You are not allowed to take me to your room without permission.”

She was taken to Wei Xi’s bed last time, but in the end there was nothing good.

Wei Xi kept the promise, bowed her head and asked her “Is it allowed now?”

Ling Zhen hooked his shoulder and neck like a rabbit, jumped off and ran away.

Of course not allowed

In the evening, Ling Zhen finished the shower and went back to the room to go to bed.

Her sheets were changed by Wei Xi, warm and dry, Ling Zhen grabbed her half-dry hair and fluttered happily on the bed.

As soon as he lay down, the door of the room knocked.

Ling Zhen didn’t want to drive him, pretending not to hear.

Wei Xi continued to knock at the door at a constant speed.

Ling Zhen couldn’t help but slipped on the slippers and walked over and opened the door.

Outside the door, the man had just finished taking a shower, completely covered in water.

The wet hair was behind his head, revealing a cold white face, slightly seduced by the moisture.

“Then I’ll come to your room, okay”

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