GSBVH: Ch 56

Ling Zhen held the door for a long time before suffocating a “bad”.

How could there be such a shameless person!

It’s nothing more than doing things, don’t go to his room, this person is going to come to sleep in her bed.

She has a single bed.

And is it appropriate for the bear to fall asleep?

Ling Zhen is now full of distrust of Wei Xi.

Even if you want to talk about feelings, at least you should follow the procedures. In other movies, don’t you have to step by step and deepen the degree a little bit?

The little girl glared at him, and then closed the door “bang”.


Not surprisingly, Wei Xi ate behind closed doors and laughed low outside the door. I never thought that she could let him in, but he was itching and wanted to tease her.

When Ling Zhen returned to the bed angrily, a man’s smiling voice came from outside, “Good night.”

She didn’t answer, holding the pillow, she lay down directly with the quilt rolled up.

But I closed my eyes, and no one noticed for a long time.

Her only experience is derived from novels collected from the mortal world. But her only common sense also told her that nothing in the novel can be put into reality.

Ling Zhen doesn’t know what it’s like when people talk about feelings. Are other men the same as Wei Xi?

She rolled on the bed over and over for a while, and sat up, wrapped up in a ball.

She herself couldn’t think of a reason, so she had to ask someone who has experience in this field. After thinking about it, there seems to be only one suitable candidate among the friends she knows.

Five minutes later, Ms. Zheng Qianqian received Ling Zhen’s WeChat.

Sissy, are you going to sleep?

Zheng Qianqian had just finished an announcement and was lying idle at home. She immediately became energetic when she saw her news.

Didn’t sleep, why did you think of looking for me?

By the way, I haven’t congratulated you, the tour was a success

Ling Zhen sent a shy expression over.

Then she hesitated, and hesitated to send a WeChat message. Actually, I want to ask you an emotional question.

Zheng Qianqian is more interested. She herself has been a school girl since she was a child, and she has very rich emotional experience. She has always been a consultant among friends.

And based on her understanding of Lingzhen, this girl is not as simple as the people of this era in some things, with so little experience, and sometimes she is really afraid of being deceived.

Especially, the person in her family does not seem to be a pure person.

Zheng Qianqian hurriedly uttered a voice “about your family, Mr. Wei?”

Ling Zhen immediately hurriedly explained that it was someone else she had met.

It’s not good for Wei Xi to talk about this kind of thing.

Zheng Qianqian raised her eyebrows, a little surprised. But Ling Zhen was innocent and would not lie, so she believed it to be true, thinking that she and Mr. Wei had separated, so she didn’t mention him again.

Okay, let’s talk about it, sister will help you out!

Ling Zhen is a little bit ashamed, biting her lip is what is going on if someone always wants to get in your bed.

Zheng Qianqian looked at it and thought it was worth it.

It seems that a man is talking about Lingzhen and the little girl still doesn’t know how to refuse

She immediately said categorically, “It’s a scumbag.”

Ling Zhen was shocked. Is this, this?

Zheng Qianqian simply hates him for not fighting, “Every day I think about the man who turns a woman on the bed, 100% is a scumbag. Stay away from him, don’t give him a chance.”

Zheng Qianqian educated Ling Zhen for a long time, and finally made an appointment to meet tomorrow to continue her education.

Ling Zhen was frightened by her education, and she was worried.

Seeing Wei Xi again the next day, there was a hint of suspicion in her eyes.

Mr. Wei didn’t know that he had become a scumbag, so he walked over and handed her a glass of milk, “Did you sleep well.”

Under Zheng Qianqian’s guidance, Ling Zhen is now very sensitive to the word “sleep”. After listening to this sentence, the slightly round apricot eyes immediately fixed him, “I slept well by myself.”

Wei Xi: “…”

He lowered his eyes, a little inquiring, meaning “meaning it would be better to sleep with me.”

Ling Zhen’s face turned serious, and she said righteously, “Don’t always think of turning a woman onto the bed.”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows slightly, thinking that Ling Zhen might have peeked at some weird things.

Sure enough, in the next sentence, the little girl spoke very seriously.

“That’s scumbag.”

Wei Xi: “…”

What a mess.

Ling Zhen was going out that day, besides seeing Zheng Qianqian, he also had to go to the dance troupe first.

The tour is successful and consummate, it is necessary to sum up the experience results, sit down and have a meeting.

Originally, this kind of meeting would not be called Ling Zhen, a newcomer who has just joined the group for just two months, but now Ling Zhen and Wen Zichu are standing side by side. As the two pillars of the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe, they are naturally valued.

The meeting was held in the song and dance troupe building, with the leader in the main seat, and the art director and others in the troupe, followed by Wen Zichu.

When Ling Zhen entered the conference room, only Wen Zichu still had a place. She politely greeted the teachers, and then sat next to Wen Zichu.

At the airport before, Mr. Wen still had nothing to say to her, so she had to think about asking after a while.

The head of the group presided over the meeting, praised Wen Zichu for every perfect performance at every stop, and then also mentioned Ling Zhen’s outstanding role in this.

The popularity of this tour is far greater than any previous year. The popularity of the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble has greatly increased. When the third stop of the tour, domestic and foreign song and dance troupes sent invitations to cooperate with them.

After summarizing the experience and lessons of each station, the head smiled and looked at Ling Zhen who was listening quietly.

“Next time there will be a stage, you can consider letting Ling Zhen dance solo.”

Some people hesitate to say “This, it’s still early”

Generally, young girls who pass the assessment have to go through a long process before they can develop from a group of dancers to a solo dancer. After all, Ling Zhen has only been in the group for two months.

Ling Zhen himself was a little flattered.

But the head of the group smiled and did not explain much.

She started dancing on the 13th and 4th, and has been in this circle for 30 years. She knew very well that for a person like Ling Zhen, the brilliance of her feathers could not be concealed. Although she is still a little dancer in the dance troupe, it may not be long before she can fly into her own world.

Or let her fly more while she is still in the regiment, and you might not even be able to find regret in the future.

After the meeting ended, everyone left.

The tour lasted for one month, and after the end, the whole group took a one-week vacation.

Ling Zhen and Wen Zichu fell behind, and when everyone else had left, Wen Zichu said, “I want to tell you something.”

Ling Zhen nodded “Okay.”

Wen Zichu glanced at her neck and said, “The spiritual energy in your beads should have been consumed more than half.”

Ling Zhen didn’t pay attention to it for a while. He raised his hand and touched it “it seems to be.”

She also realized at this moment what Wen Zichu was about to tell her.

Wen Zichu lowered his voice slightly, “Before the tour, I said that the aura here in city a is poor, so I have to look around.”

Ling Zhen asked “the teacher”

Wen Zichu nodded slightly, “The more you go to the southwest, the aura is much better than here. But I haven’t inspected it on the spot, but I can feel it roughly.”

In this book, the world itself doesn’t have any aura, and the southwest is more abundant, most likely because of the treasures of heaven and earth buried there.

“However, it’s just a bit of information now,” Wen Zichu said, “I just mention it to you, don’t take it too seriously. I will tell you more when I have more discoveries in the future.”

Ling Zhen nodded.

Only when she said this to Wen Zichu, would she realize that she originally did not belong here.

The cold moon in the fairy palace, the days of walking in the wind, now I think about it, there will be a vague feeling.

Before she knew it, she had become accustomed to the world.

Leaving the singing and dancing troupe just in time, Ling Zhen took a taxi to the club agreed with Zheng Qianqian.

This club is a membership system, with celebrities often coming and going, and privacy is well protected. Zheng Qianqian didn’t book a private room, and Ling Zhen saw her as soon as she entered.

Zheng Qianqian came up and gave her a big hug. “Little unscrupulous, if you say God is hidden, I don’t know if you go to dance unless you read the hot search.”

Ling Zhen smiled embarrassedly, “There are too many things in between.”

When the food was served, the two chatted while eating.

Zheng Xiqian’s focus is still on the scumbag. She said, “Did that man talk to you again?”

Ling Zhen felt guilty and didn’t know how to explain, so he had to say “No more.”

“I’m telling you, the men nowadays, one by one, are polite and deceptive, in fact they are greedy for you.”

Ling Zhen swallowed, “No way”

“Remember, does he like to be frivolous to you, and often ambiguous”

Ling Zhen thought about it for a while. A lot of what Wei Xi said made people blush.

“Forget it, do it.”

Zheng Qianqian waved her hand, “This kind of person is mostly Sea King, not just hooking up with you a little girl, if you reject him, he can turn his head to attack the next one.”

Ling Zhen’s expression was tangled.

Wei Xi does not meet this point.

He would indeed be ambiguous with her.

But it seems only ambiguous with her.

The meal was almost done, and desserts were delivered after the meal.

Zheng Qianqian’s topic has been from a scumbag to the entire male community, and she is eloquently teaching her own experience to her.

Ling Zhen became more embarrassed as she listened, and finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

She humbled her shoulders and asked in a low voice, “Well, what if that person is Wei Xi”

Zheng Xiqian’s expression changed dramatically, “What is it?”

Ling Zhen covered his face, ashamed that he lied, “Oh, I’m sorry, I was so embarrassed yesterday.”

Zheng Qianqian’s expression was slightly dull.

Therefore, Ling Zhen is still with Mr. Wei.

Also, Mr. Wei hasn’t abducted anyone to bed until now.

If it’s not impossible, it’s a saint.

Ling Zhen covered her flushed face and whispered to her a little bit of Wei Xi’s usual behavior.

Therefore, the scumbag that Zheng Qianqian sketched in her mind changed into a cold and abstinent face.

And the owner of that face would hold the little girl and kiss her ear.

He would put people in his bed, but he was restrained and didn’t do anything.

Ling Zhen spoke very briefly. She actually wanted to ask if normal men are like Wei Xi, always thinking about impure things.

But when she finished speaking, she raised her head, opposite, Ms. Zheng who claimed to have been in love for ten years.

He blushed bit by bit.

Zheng Qianqian was stimulated by her own brain replenishment, and she wondered what kind of killer this was.

At this time, Ling Zhen’s mobile phone “ding dong”.

She looked down, “Ah”, and said sorry to Zheng Qianqian, “Wei Xi came to pick me up.”

And Zheng Qianqian’s gaze had passed her, and she looked at the man who opened the door and walked in not far away.

He came from the night, carrying a body full of coldness. The side face is immaculate, the black eyes are cold, and his eyes are slightly oppressive, sweeping across the restaurant.

Such a man would hold a girl to his heart like no one else.



Ling Zhen said, “I might have to go first”

Zheng Qianqian suddenly said, “True.”

Ling Zhen looked up “Yeah”

“I think you’d better follow it.”

Ling Zhen “Yeah.”

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