GSBVH: Ch 54

“Sister Zhenzhen” Gu Xiaomeng wrapped a towel on his head and waved in front of Ling Zhen, “Sister Zhenzhen”

Her little idol was lying on the bed, in a daze.

Just by looking at Ling Zhen’s appearance, she is a goddess with a fairy spirit. But after living together for a few days, Gu Xiaomeng also knew a little about her. Her little idol is actually a little girl. Although she is two years older than her, she is dumbfounded in many things, and will be as dazed as she is now.

Of course the goddess is good at everything, and she is more prettier than others in a daze.

Gu Xiaomeng shook his hand, “What do you want?”

Ling Zhen finally recovered, her slightly hot cheeks rubbed against the pillow, and she kept her eyes open, “No, nothing.”

Gu Xiaomeng also asked casually, without intending to inquire about privacy, she straightened up, “I’m out of the shower, the bathroom is a bit slippery, please be careful.”

Ling Zhen nodded, “Yeah.”

After entering the bathroom, he took off his clothes, and the warm water flowed over the body.

In the mist, Ling Zhen went away again.

Someone’s low and dumb “missing you” is still echoing in my ears.

She remembered that Wei Xi had actually spoken to her like this occasionally before. The voice was a little bit ridiculous, and there was a trace of teasing in his black eyes, and he looked down at her.

Ling Zhen always thought that this was the result of a good relationship. Wei Xi was close to her, so he would make a few jokes.

For example, ask her if she likes him, and ask her if she doesn’t care about herself.

But now she knew Wei Xi’s intentions, and after listening to him say such things, she finally understood the word commonly used by men and women in the world without a teacher.


It turns out that the feeling that makes people blush a little is ambiguous. And what Wei Xi said to her with a chuckle was ambiguous and intricate, and she would speak to a lover.

Ling Zhen’s eyelashes were wet, and she raised her hand and wiped the drops of water on her face.

The steam in the bathroom made the face even hotter.

After a while, the little girl lowered her head under the shower, blushing, and poked her finger at the cold tile.

Wei Xi, he will do well

The next stop of the tour is a first-tier city in the south.

The dining, lodging and transportation of the dance troupe is still an advanced configuration. After arriving in this city, three-fifths of the tour has been completed, but everyone is not tired, but more excited.

Because this time not only the tickets were sold off, but also attracted much attention on the Internet. Outside the theater where they performed, there were even standing cards and flower baskets supported by fans. Of course, they were mostly simple fans.

In view of the popularity of the appeal on the Internet, after careful consideration, the head of the group put this dance to the final finale.

Ling Zhen didn’t think it was right. After all, the finale had always belonged to Teacher Wen alone. Now that she has to be a junior, it’s really a bit

But Wen Zichu himself has no objection, and even said that he has always felt that this dance can be put at the end. Ling Zhen had no choice but to agree.

On the night of the performance, the theater was full. Lingzhen’s fans hung up a banner on the railing on the second floor. Above it was Lingzhen’s refined photos and cheering slogans.

Ling Zhen felt ashamed, but also moved. After a while, Ling Zhen updated a selfie on Weibo with a copy of “I won’t let you down”

The performance went smoothly, and about two hours later, she and Wen Zichu appeared on the stage.

After the host reported the curtain, there was obviously a commotion in the theater.

Then the stage lights were also dimmed, and Wen Zichu appeared first to conquer the audience with his dancing gestures. After Ling Zhen played, the audience burst into applause and cheers.

Song Ling and the others watched in the background, both sour and envious.

Originally, it was already a great honor to be able to dance with Teacher Wen and match him. But is Ling Zhen really matching people?

As soon as she appeared, half of the audience stood up.

When she dances, she is really wagging like a fairy, and everyone’s eyes will stop on her involuntarily.

Some people are born to belong to the world on the stage.

The performance ended perfectly, Wen Zichu and Ling Zhen still bowed hand in hand.

Ling Zhen is still performing immersively today, jumping very happily. She pulled her hair, raised a smile, waved to the audience, and then prepared to step down.

At this moment, a man suddenly came up with a flower under the stage.

The man was confident, with a clear goal, and went straight to Ling Zhen.

The bouquet in his hand is huge, there are about a few hundred red roses, it seems to be a real male fan. Of course, this kind of flower offering is not allowed in concerts and other occasions, but dance troupe performances are different. Usually, people are even arranged to present flowers to dance artists.

Ling Zhen had never experienced this posture. The man had directly handed the flowers to her eyes and said loudly, “999 roses, dedicated to my goddess Ling Zhen.”

There was a sudden commotion in the theater, and the sound of mobile phones “clicking and wiping” taking pictures one after another. Lingzhen fans also expressed dissatisfaction, and the hall was full of noisy noises.

Ling Zhen was stunned, then waved his hand quickly, “No, no, no.”

The man is the second generation of the local rich, who became fascinated by Ling Zhen watching TV dramas, and she happened to be touring the city again, so the second generation of the rich came directly with flowers.

He looked at the little fairy in front of him, pretending to be affectionate and said, “Accept it, I can do more for you.”

Ling Zhen responded for a while and backed away “No thanks, thank you.”

The rich second generation looks persistent and wants to say something.

Wen Zichu stopped a hand and smiled, “Sir, don’t send roses indiscriminately.”

In the end, the rich second generation was invited by the security guard to leave. When they left, they turned around three steps later, and the bouquet of roses was also taken away by the security personnel. Ling Zhen finally got off the stage and patted his chest with lingering fear.

Gu Xiaomeng ran over, with a frightened expression, “That man is so terrible, there will be such a fanatical fan, really sister, are you scared?”

Ling Zhen shook his head.

She was indeed a little scared just now, but now I think about it carefully. When she looked at the big bouquet of roses, the first thought that came to her head was actually that Wei Xi would be angry when she knew it.

That night, Ling Zhen was forced to offer flowers by fans or was on the hot search.

Some viewers took a few live photos. The male fan was dressed in expensive clothes and held a handful of exaggerated roses, almost as wide as three Lingzhen.

The little fairy was wearing a costume and was buried behind the flowers. She didn’t mean to be happy, she looked pitiful.

Most people on Weibo are scolding the rich second generation. In this kind of thing, that person can be drowned directly by saliva.

Ling Zhen was still a little uneasy after reading the hot search. It didn’t take long before Wei Xi called.

She picked it up, with a hint of anxious “Hello”

Wei Xi’s voice sounded calm, “Have you eaten?”

Hey, it doesn’t seem to have the meaning of asking the teacher

Ling Zhen breathed a sigh of relief and leaned down softly on the head of the bed, “I ate it.”

Wei Xi let out an “um” and chatted with her a few words.

Ling Zhen’s slender fingers grabbed the tassel of the bed flag and yawned to talk to him.

Suddenly, Wei Xi asked, “Does anyone give you flowers and don’t like roses.”

Ling Zhen was stunned and reacted. She yawned and she subconsciously explained, “I confiscated, I don’t like roses, and I heard that roses can’t be collected casually.”

The tone is serious, as if explaining innocence to a jealous lover.

But she may not have noticed it herself.

Wei Xi’s restlessness all night finally died down.

Seeing other men give her flowers, the dark things in my heart will still be moved around. The ugly villain is instigating in his ears, look, so many people covet her, is it right to let her out?

He is still not well.

But his little girl started to understand him.

There was a hint of joy in Wei Xi’s eyes, and she smiled, “I don’t like roses, what do you like?”

Ling Zhen can now distinguish the different meanings of his laughter, knowing that Wei Xi’s laugh at this time is really laughing. She breathed a sigh of relief, and then curled her lips, “You know what I like.”

The little girl was teasing him.

Wei Xi’s eyebrows were completely loosened, and she leaned back in the chair with her raised neck outlining the sexy line “What is it?”

Ling Zhen smiled, with a good voice, “I like it, I gave it to you.”

That emerald green rich tree.

She smiled, “Do you take good care of it”

Wei Xi curled up her fingertips and said, “Yes.”

Ling Zhen was very satisfied, and touched each other’s feet in slippers.

Then, Wei Xi continued to say, “Since you like it, please come back early and water it yourself.”

Ling Zhen’s toes felt softened.

She knew that Wei Xi was waiting for her to go home.

The meaning of the word “go home” was given to her by this person. She ran a long circle and was free enough, and then she turned around and found that someone had been waiting for her.

Ling Zhen pulled the bed flag, and after a while she whispered, “Okay, it’s coming soon.”

More than a week later, the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble successfully concluded its last tour, carrying full performance results, and the class returned to the court.

This trip took a month, and when the returning plane landed, the little girls on the plane were very excited.

Ling Zhen also had an inexplicable joy.

After each took their luggage, the dance troupe was dissolved on the spot. You can choose to take the bus set in the group to go back, but there are also some people’s relatives, friends and lovers who will come and pick them up.

Wen Zichu had left beforehand, and there seemed to be something to say to Ling Zhen before leaving.

Ling Zhen took his luggage and waited for him to speak.

Wen Zichu thought for a while, “Do you still remember the other purpose we said when we went out on tour?”

Ling Zhen didn’t react to “what?”

It happened that a few little girls dragged their luggage over to say hello to Wen Zichu, “Wen, go slowly.”

Wen Zichu was interrupted by what he was about to say, and greeted them, but said to Ling Zhen helplessly, “Forget it, it’s okay, go back and rest first.”

Not in a hurry at this time.

Ling Zhen didn’t ask much, and nodded “Okay.”

When I left the customs, I ran into the sister station who was taking pictures at the airport. But this time Ling Zhen had experience and was not in a panic. She was walking with a group of dance troupe girls. Sister Zhan couldn’t get close, so she had to give up in the end.

The bus reserved by the dance troupe stopped outside the arrival hall. After a large group of girls came out, most of them got on the bus.

Ling Zhen and Gu Xiaomeng stood together and walked to the bus together with the crowd. When someone saw it, my heart suddenly felt refreshed.

Big stars go home and don’t have a private car, so they have to take the bus with them.

Ling Zhen didn’t think there was anything wrong with the bus. It was so convenient to stop directly outside the house.

But there are always people who are shuddering for her, pretending to say to Ling Zhen, “You stars have never taken a bus before, do you want to leave the first row for you, for fear of motion sickness.”

The little sisters around immediately agreed with “Yes, we are all fine”

Ling Zhen didn’t say anything, but Gu Xiaomeng’s sleeve was suddenly torn.

“Sister Zhenzhen, look at the back”

Ling Zhen turned around, and the people around him collectively turned around.

I saw that in the black luxury car parked at the back of the bus, their father, who had only seen one face, was putting one hand on the window and looking at someone.

It’s April in the world, and the man is wearing a thin black shirt with his cuffs rolled up, and the texture of his arms outlines a beautiful line.

Handsome, cold, and expensive.

The moment Ling Zhen turned his head to look at him, the person’s eyes were dark, and the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

Gao Lingzhihua’s smile is as lethal as a nuclear bomb.

Ling Zhen’s eyes lit up, and he talked to Gu Xiaomeng, and then trot to the man.

Proposed to leave the first row of seats to Ling Zhen: “…”

Everyone else: “…”

Gu Xiaomeng patted the shoulder of the person just now, and seriously suggested that “you should sit in the first row.”

“Eating too much dog food makes it easy to get motion sickness.”

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