GSBVH: Ch 53

Throughout the meal, Ling Zhen’s table was extremely quiet.

The few people who were still ridiculing just now can’t wait to return to a few minutes and seal their mouths.

Several people are now watching their noses and noses, and on the surface they are eating honestly. But under the table, the small group in the phone has exploded.

What is the relationship between the celebrity and Mr. Wei?

I think it’s the relationship between nurturing and being nurtured

Do you feel like

A few faces lifted up secretly and looked at Ling Zhen who was eating quietly across from him. She really didn’t drink ice-cola anymore, and the pink and tender strawberry yogurt was in her hand.

A few faces lowered again.

Isn’t that special? Isn’t it a relationship?

Why do I rely on

A real sour smell floated on the dining table.

Therefore, they had been irritated for a long time. Ling Zhen didn’t get pricked in his mind and pretended to be there, but really didn’t bother to pay attention to them, watching them play monkeys.

The little girls are not too old, and their faces are red and white.

Ling Zhen didn’t care about their ups and downs. She unscrewed the strawberry yogurt and took a sip, licked her lips, and secretly looked back at the person on the main table.

Wei Xi was at that table. In addition to the head of the group, art director and other seniors, there was also Wen Zichu. Wei Xi and him are diagonally opposite.

Ling Zhen bit the bottle and took a peek.

Wei Xi is essentially a person who doesn’t like socializing, and is also bored with all kinds of dining table culture. Especially she could feel that she didn’t know how many eyes were falling on him in all directions, and Ling Zhen was a little afraid of him being annoying.

But after looking at it for a while, although Wei Xi was very cold, her expression was very calm.

She relaxed a little, and planned to turn around and continue eating.

But at this moment, the man in the distance suddenly turned his face slightly and caught her eye accurately.

Ling Zhen said “Yeah” in his heart and looked at him blankly.

Seeing her, Wei Xi was expressionless before suddenly curling her lips.

Mouth-shape her far away and eat more.

Ling Zhen turned his face back and clamped a piece of small ribs, thinking, of course, he should eat more.

He said to help her treat.

The little girl turned around and went to eat obediently, and Wei Xi withdrew her gaze. Then he raised his eyes and met the inquiring gaze of the man diagonally opposite.

The temperature in his eyes dissipated quickly and his eyes were cold.

The head of the delegation could naturally feel that Mr. Wei was not very eager to see them, Teacher Wen.

But there is no way, one is the group pillar, the other is the gold master, neither can be offended. She had no choice but to take charge of the topic, barely keeping the atmosphere at the dinner table in a harmonious category.

Halfway through the meal, Wei Xi got up and went to the bathroom.

When I came out to wash my hands, a person stopped by the sink.

Wen Zichu stood in front of the mirror, watching Wei Xi’s cold white hands wash in the water, and whispered, “It looks like it has been backlashed.”

The last time I met Wei Xi outside the dance troupe building, he saw the real inside of this man’s coldness, and once said that if he pretended to be too much, he would be beaten back.

But now it seems that although the villain has the same personality, it seems to be a little more stable than when he saw it last time.

Wei Xi washed her hands slowly, drew a paper and wiped them dry, looking in the mirror that he “has something to do with you”

Wen Zi first spread his hands. Although he stabilized a little bit, his hostility towards him remained the same.

“A question in good faith.” Wen Zichu stated his position.

Wei Xi threw the ball of paper and squinted slightly, “Dance with her, don’t care about the others.”

This is already the bottom line he can accept.

Wen Zichu raised his palm to express his understanding.

Wei Xi walked out of the bathroom, and then Wen Zichu heard it, and there was an innocent voice outside.

“Wei Xi, are you full?”

When Ling Zhen saw him, he stepped upside down in front of him and asked him with his face up.

The man’s voice was much softer than before, “Yeah.”

Ling Zhen’s delicate eyebrows frowned slightly, “Then you eat so little now, that milk gel pack is delicious.”

Wei Xi said with a smile, “I see.”

The two voices gradually faded away.

Wen Zichu walked out slowly, a little understanding.

It’s not that Mr. villain has changed.

It was the little fairy beside him that made him stable.

The performance of this stop was two days later.

The location is at the Grand Theater in the center of this coastal city, and the time is seven o’clock in the evening.

Ling Zhen has been reviewing with Teacher Wen many times in the past few days, but this day when she was waiting for the stage with makeup in the backstage, she was still very nervous.

After all, this is her real first stage.

Gu Xiaomeng was about to become her assistant, and she was very proactive to help her run before and after, making Ling Zhen very embarrassed.

As usual, other people in the dance troupe will definitely have to ridicule them, saying that Ling Zhen stars are brought to the dance troupe, or that Gu Xiaomeng is willing to lick a dog.

But after that meal, they learned that Ling Zhen seemed to be the sponsor’s father, and that someone with good luck went to the special team leader to verify.

Although the team leader didn’t say it clearly, he told them meaningfully that Ling Zhen was sent back by President Wei himself.

From then on, no one dared to talk in front of Ling Zhen anymore.

Ling Zhen sat in the background, taking a deep breath to calm her mood.

She and Teacher Wen’s appealing order is still the opening dance. The first two shows were all solo dances of Teacher Wen. Today is the first time the two have cooperated on stage. Ling Zhen hopes that he will not smash Teacher Wen’s signature.

Before entering the field, Ling Zhen’s phone turned on.

She opened it and saw that it was Wei Xi’s Wei Xi.

take it easy.

He was stuck in time, Ling Zhen smiled, and answered him well.

After she started dancing, Wei Xi really didn’t bother her again, and she should be in city a now.

Ling Zhen returned to WeChat, put her phone away, then took a breath and walked to the waiting area.

Today, she wore a soft white dance skirt, the upper body was tight, and the lower part of the skirt and calves gave a clear view of her exquisite figure.

Gu Xiaomeng’s show is behind, and now follow Ling Zhen to cheer for her. She was a girl, and she couldn’t help swallowing when she saw Ling Zhen’s figure.

How could there be such a beautiful face, such a good figure, and such a great dance? Gu Xiaomeng, God is really unfair.

But it’s so unfair

The performance officially opened, the host stepped onto the stage, and after reading the opening remarks, he began to cross-talk.

“Then below, please enjoy the duet dance and tell your heartfelt deeds. Performers, Wen Zichu, Ling Zhen”

When these two names were pronounced, there was a slight commotion in the audience.

“Ms. Wen’s heartfelt appeal is not a solo dancer, and do you think the name behind is so familiar”

“Is it right that in the recent hot drama, the second female is also called Ling Zhen”

“It’s the same name”

The lights on the stage dimmed, and the sound on the stage gradually ceased.

After the room was completely quiet, the melodious piano sounded, and a man in an all-black dance suit came out with rhythm, dancing and singing poetry.

It was late spring when green plums were boiled for wine, and they happily went to Huaxia in Nanmo, Dongcheng.

Wen Zichu looked devoted, and within tens of seconds, the exquisite and flexible dance moves quickly elicited the first wave of applause.

After going to the outing, soon, I will meet the person I like.

So just as the audience was immersed in Wen Zichu’s dance, a light figure swept into the picture like a spring breeze.

The woman’s movements are light, and she cooperates wonderfully with Wen Zichu who is like a god. The fan was thrown in the air, and the girl caught it every second, shaking her face away with a smile, intimate and intoxicating.

A series of difficult moves were performed by the two. Such as the play of dragon and pond fish, it is so beautiful that people forget to breathe.

In the end, it was “thousand-foot hairspring that provokes Chaoyun.” The man is nostalgic for her, but happiness is temporary, and the clouds finally disappear.

At the end of the song, people go, two silhouettes, one black and one white, stop, and bow to everyone hand in hand.

There was silence in the theater for a few seconds.

Then, the violent applause almost overturned the roof.

The voice of the person who was talking in a low voice was full of excitement, “This is my God!”

“I said she didn’t seem to be a substitute for dancing when she played Fuqing. I didn’t expect her to be of this kind of god level.”

Ling Zhen recovered from the performance at this time.

In the audience, countless people looked excited and sent a steady stream of applause.

She smiled, feeling extremely satisfied in her heart.

At this time, in the corner of the auditorium, Wei Xi’s eyes were dark and her face was not very good.

In the pas de deux, the two had a lot of physical interaction, and Wen Zichu even hugged her waist.

The assistant just called him, and the last flight to city a today must be rushed to the airport.

On the stage, Ling Zhen seemed to be shining, smiling very brightly.

Wei Xi looked at her for a while, and finally sighed lowly.

Forget it. Since she likes it.

Come back later.

That night, Ling Zhen took the term “Oriental Dance Troupe touring” on the hot search.

This time, she was not praised or trampled by someone else, but she was hit by hot searches based solely on her dance performance.

Some netizens uploaded a dance video of her and Wen Zichu, and the whole network was shocked at the same time.

The enthusiasm for Xianwen is still there, but “Little Floating Green” has been in hiding for so long, and he actually went to dance.

Moreover, it’s a professional performance

The most crazy fans are Ling Zhen. They don’t know what kind of treasure girl they have fanned. On the hot search, while crying and Amway, it is almost like a collective Chinese New Year.

All major marketing accounts have come to catch Ling Zhen’s enthusiasm, saying that Ling Zhen represents the ceiling of female artist’s dance business level.

Of course, behind this grand marketing, there is no lack of Xing Lihe’s team operations. After all, he is his own artist, such a good publicity opportunity, a qualified agent will definitely not be wasted.

After this battle, the tickets for the next stop of the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe were sold out three seconds after the tickets were released, and it was hard to find a ticket.

Ling Zhen became the new cash cow of the dance troupe in one fell swoop, and even Wen Zichu gave way. The head of the group looked at her like his own daughter.

After a few days, they finally left the seaside city and went to the next stop.

Ling Zhen packed up his luggage and lay on the bed to play with her mobile phone.

Just then, Wei Xi called.

It was a video call.

Counting the days, they seem to have not seen each other for a week since Wei Xi left.

When Ling Zhen went to other provinces to film, she also video with Wei Xi. But at that time it was to observe his state, and it seems very different now and then.

Ling Zhen took the headset and tapped to answer. There was still no one on the other side, and the camera was facing the room.

Xiao Meng went to take a bath, and Ling Zhen was the only person in the hotel room at this time.

Wei Xi’s deep magnetic voice came into her ears, “What are you doing?”

Ling Zhen answered truthfully, “Lie down.”

Wei Xi smiled.

On the screen, her small face is resting on a thick and soft pillow, and her lips are pouting, with a natural cuteness.

But Ling Zhen was a little bit dissatisfied. She held her mobile phone and whispered, “It’s not fair, why is I the only one showing up.”

Wei Xi’s voice with a low smile came over, “Why did you say?”

Ling Zhen’s calves hooked up and slid in the air, and said angrily, “Because you are shameless.”

Wei Xi’s voice was low, as if he was coaxing people, “No.”

Ling Zhen blinked, and there was an unconscious squeamishness in her voice, “Then what do you mean?”

“Because I want to see you, so you show your face,” Wei Xi coaxed, “Do you want to see me?”

Ling Zhen stayed for a few seconds.

Then, the hand hanging by the bed gently picked the quilt, her eyes floated and floated, and finally she whispered, “It’s okay.”

The bathroom door opened with a “click”, and a little water vapor curled up on the very smooth calf.

Xiao Meng was calling her, “Sister Zhenzhen, I’m ready to wash.”

Ling Zhen turned her head to say “Okay” to her

At this moment, the camera on the opposite side of the phone switched over.

Wei Xi’s face appeared on the screen. At a close distance, the man’s facial features were perfectly proportioned and handsome.

He was laughing.

There was a deep laughter in the headset, and he said, “But I miss you so much.”

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