GSBVH: Ch 52

Her dumbfounded look makes people feel guilty of smearing on blank paper.


Wei Xi’s fingertips were rubbed gently behind the girl’s warm neck, a natural soothing movement. The man subconsciously hopes that she will be at a loss for a longer time, just in a daze in his arms.

But Ling Zhen reacted after a while.

He obviously didn’t let him kiss

Even if it doesn’t hurt, it’s not right.

She blushed and got out of his arms and pulled the mask again, staring at him with bright apricot eyes.

Ling Zhen held back for a while, whispered “I’m serious”

If you don’t force her, respect her, and ask for her opinion, if you say no, you don’t.

Wei Xi accepted it as soon as he saw it, lowered his eyes and smiled “I am serious too.”

Ling Zhen carefully identified it for a while before drooping his eyebrows reluctantly and “huh.”

Kissing is something that lovers only do. She and Wei Xi are not. It is not appropriate to just kiss and kiss.

After returning to her place of residence from Ocean Park, Wei Xi took her to dinner first. This time it was Yangzhou cuisine next to that Thai restaurant, and they all ordered Ling Zhen’s favorite.

Ling Zhen really had a good meal this time. He glanced at Wei Xi halfway through. The man was drinking tea, but he didn’t take a few mouthfuls of the meal.

She puffed her cheeks and asked him “Don’t you like it?”

“No,” Wei Xi said, “I’m not too hungry.”

The stomach has been empty for too long and needs to recover slowly.

“Oh” Ling Zhen believed, and continued to eat.

After dinner, Wei Xi took her to the door of the house like yesterday.

Before Ling Zhen opened the door, she turned to look at him, with a hint of temptation in her tone, “Then I will be back in the group tomorrow.”

Wei Xi nodded, “Okay.”

A gleam of joy flashed in Ling Zhen’s eyes, and the corners of her lips curled, “You want to go back to market a”

Wei Xi bowed her head and pressed her voice “catch me”

Ling Zhen waved his hand, “No no.”

Wei Xi chuckled, “Send you there, I’ll leave.”

Ling Zhen finally confirmed that Wei Xi really let her go on tour. A glimmer of excitement rose in her heart, and her whole body was soft.

“You do what you like,” Wei Xi stretched out her hand and squeezed her ear, “just come back later.”

Although possessiveness still cannot be subdued, he can endure short-term pain for a long time. A beautiful bird always flaps its wings to show its feathers, and if he wants to occupy it permanently, he needs to endure the price of her beauty.

If he didn’t let this step, Ling Zhen would never dare to return to him.

Ling Zhen’s eyelashes flickered and snorted vaguely.

She picked up Qiao at this moment, Wei Xi smiled, and put her hand on her shoulder and squeezed it gently, “You know.”

Ling Zhen smiled so itchy, and hid away.

Wei Xi has already made concessions, and Wei Xi also said that he wanted an opportunity.

Ling Zhen was always soft-hearted, and to Wei Xi, he seemed to be a little softer than others.

The little girl pursed her lips, “I know.”

The next day, Wei Xi sent Ling Zhen to the hotel where the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe was staying.

Ling Zhen didn’t expect that their tour would be treated so well, and they would still be staying in a five-star hotel, and suddenly felt that the dance troupe was very rich and powerful.

When I entered the hotel lobby, I saw the head of a song and dance troupe welcoming him with a fragrant wind.

Their head is over forty years old, and they are very charming dancers. At the same time, they are all-faced and exquisite. They run the dance company very well and have a good status in the circle.

Ling Zhen was stunned, wondering if he was so important in the regiment, and when he returned to the team, the head of the regiment came to pick him up.

Like a student who saw the teacher, she curled her sideburns nervously, and when the group leader came over, she cleverly said “Hello, leader.”

The head smiled, but did not look at her.

“Mr. Wei, look up to you for a long time to see why you came here specially”

Ling Zhen: “…”

Wei Xi’s expression was calm, and she put her hand behind Ling Zhen, “It’s just on the way.”

The head of the group’s eyes turned back and forth between the two of them, then turned to Ling Zhen with a smile, “I have been thinking about you, now I can finally return to the team.”

Ling Zhen still wondered why the group leader looked familiar to Wei Xi, but she obediently did not ask, and said, “A temporary situation has caused trouble for the group.”

“No trouble, no trouble,” the head of the team thought about the benefits of her trouble, and smiled brightly, “No trouble at all.”

The head of the delegation warmly invited Wei Xi to have a meal with everyone in the evening before leaving.

Usually, Wei Xi does not attend such occasions, but he turned his head and glanced at Ling Zhen, and said faintly, “Yes.”

The group leader was very happy and told Ling Zhen her room number, and then beamed to find someone to determine the menu for tonight.

When she left, Ling Zhen should also go to her room.

She took her suitcase back from Wei Xi’s hand and raised her face, “Then I’m leaving.”

“Well,” Wei Xi looked down at her, “Take care of yourself.”

Ling Zhen obediently nodded “Okay.”

Wei Xi paused, “Stay away from the other man.”

Ling Zhen blushed, “I didn’t get close to me to go upstairs.”

“Well,” Wei Xi said, “see you tonight.”

After taking the hotel room card, Ling Zhen dragged the small suitcase into the elevator. They all lived in standard rooms, two girls in a room, Ling Zhen still didn’t know who he lived with.

The hotel corridor was covered with soft and thick carpets, and Ling Zhen pulled the box to the door of his room without making a sound. She swiped the card and walked into the room, startling the person sitting on the bed.

Ling Zhen looked at her roommate. She was a little thin girl. She didn’t talk much, but she danced very well. Ling Zhen had an impression of her.

When the girl saw her, she stood up very nervously, “Hello, you”

Ling Zhen smiled and waved “Hello” very friendly.

“I, my name is Gu Xiaomeng,” the girl looked at Ling Zhen, her face gradually reddening, “I am your fan”

Usually in the group, Song Ling’s group is more active. Ling Zhen has been practicing dance with Teacher Wen again, and she has no chance to speak, now she finally has a chance to confess

Ling Zhen raised her eyebrows in surprise. He didn’t expect that her random roommate was actually her little fan. She became more friendly immediately, and she put the box in and smiled, “I’m in a group, just treat me as a classmate.”

Gu Xiaomeng is a book fan of Xianwen, who originally rejected the film and television of the original work, but after watching the play, it became very gorgeous and really fragrant, especially Fuqing.

When she learned that Ling Zhen and herself were in the same room, Gu Xiaomeng was so excited that he hadn’t fallen asleep for a few days. Later, Ling Zhen’s physical condition could not come, and she was disappointed for a long time.

I didn’t expect that she was back in the team now, she was so happy

It took Ling Zhen a while to calm down his little fans.

Gu Xiaomeng looked at Wenwen quietly, but he talked a lot when he got excited. Ling Zhen was shy with a rainbow fart in front of her face, but she could only pretend to be calm in front of her fans.

She puts the things she uses daily on the small table, then hangs the coat and the like in the closet, while chatting with Gu Xiaomeng, “It’s a good thing to say, does it happen that only this room has a free bed? Yeah”

Gu Xiaomeng shook his head, “No, the other bed in my room is always empty.”

Ling Zhen wondered “why”

Gu Xiaomeng was not very clear either, “The head of the team said that you have to keep your place, so my room has been vacant.”

Ling Zhen was startled.

When she ran away, she didn’t have time to talk to the people in the regiment. It was Wei Xi who helped to take care of it. Was it Wei Xi who asked the team leader to keep her place?

“Oh, yes, the head of the group said that the sponsor father is going to have dinner with us today” Gu Xiaomeng looked down at the WeChat group, “Everyone wants to see him. After all, we have never had such a high profile when we came out on tour. What’s your treatment?”

Ling Zhen blinked, as if he understood something.

“Ah, right, haven’t you joined the group yet” Gu Xiaomeng suddenly remembered something, then his face turned red and asked Ling Zhen, “Then can I add your WeChat account and then pull you into the group”

Ling Zhen recovered and smiled, “Okay, thank you.”

Gu Xiaomeng suppressed his excitement and added Lingzhen’s friends, and then excitedly pulled her directly into the tour group.

Lingzhen’s WeChat name is a small flower, an ordinary name, no one noticed after pulling it in, everyone was still having the conversation just now.

So the host of money is already in this city now

Yes, the team leader said he has a job here, so come and see us on the way

Oh my god, I still don’t understand why the big boss sponsors us

Qingxi was originally an investment in the entertainment industry, maybe it’s because of our commercial value.

After a few seconds, someone asked if today’s big star is in the group

Yes, they can leave if they want, or come back if they want

Just in time for Lord Jinzhu’s visit

Hey celebrities, you know

The words are fairly subtle, but the subtext is already obvious. Ling Zhen, a female star, does not return to the team at other times, but to catch up with the wealthy president.

But at this time Lingzhen’s focus was not on their overt and secret irony.

She did not expect that Wei Xi had sponsored this tour.

Is Wei Xi making up?

Ling Zhen blinked, feeling that this man is so stupid.

Acknowledging that I was wrong, wanting to make amends, and only doing things behind my back. Even during the few days of their cold war, she did not speak and ignored others, and he did not mention a word.

Gu Xiaomeng saw the conversation in the group only now, and was immediately embarrassed and apologetic, “True sister, me and them”

Ling Zhen raised his eyes and smiled, “It’s okay.”

She really doesn’t care about these. After all, her relationship with Wei Xi does not need to be explained to others.

Nothing happened during the day today, Ling Zhen recalled the dance moves in the room, and exchanged experiences with Gu Xiaomeng, and both were very rewarding.

At night, someone shouted in the group, saying that the hotel restaurant was ready and could go to eat.

The little girls of the dance troupe came out of the room one after another, and after a closer look, they all put on delicate makeup.

After entering the restaurant, everyone sat down in their respective seats, and the friend next to Song Ling approached with a little excitement. “I just saw a man talking to the group leader, it seems that it is Mr. Wei.”

The girls all around looked curiously “how is it?”

My friend sold it for a while, and then excitedly said, “I’m super handsome, I won’t lose celebrities at all.”


Soon, the news that the sponsor’s father was rich and handsome spread among the girls, and the restaurant was full of seats. When Ling Zhen and Gu Xiaomeng came down from the room, there were no more seats left in the dining room.

Ling Zhen looked around and saw Wen Zichu sitting at the main table. She had to separate from Gu Xiaomeng, found an empty seat by herself, and looked around.

Is Wei Xi here?

She did not see the familiar figure of the man, and withdrew her gaze, only then did she notice that Song Ling’s group of people sat across the round table.

Ling Zhen didn’t think there was anything at all, but the little girls were obviously a little hostile. As soon as she took her seat, the lively conversation just stopped.

Song Ling’s friend is the most uncomfortable with the truthfulness.

When the big star was coming, the group gave her the position of Teacher Wen’s dancing partner. As soon as he went on stage, they were not coming again. She recommended Lingling to replace her, but was rejected by Teacher Wen.

Why is her treatment so unique? Is she good-looking?

The man glanced at Ling Zhen a few times, pretending to ask kindly, “Your body is okay.”

Ling Zhen poured a little ice-cola into the glass and sipped “Um.”

Her attitude made the person on the other side very upset. A few of the little girlfriends looked at each other and pointed out, “Oh, it’s better if they are not good.”

Some people covered their mouths and laughed, “Isn’t it, after all, there are noble people coming today.”

“I heard that in the mixed circle, no one behind it is hard to move. Alas, understand.”

Several people sang and said a few words, but Ling Zhen had no response while drinking ice coke. They condemned themselves for being boring, curled their lips and didn’t say any more.

At this moment, the door of the restaurant was pushed open again.

Ling Zhen dropped his head and wandered, walking, and suddenly felt someone standing behind her.

Looking up, the eyes of the little girls at the table were shining, adjusting their sitting positions and pulling their hair.

Ling Zhen was about to turn her head when a white and slender hand appeared in front of her, and took away the glass of Coke bubbles in her hand.

Then, he changed a bottle of warm strawberry yogurt and put it in her hand.

The whole table was stunned.

Only the head of the group knew about the relationship between Wei Xi and Ling Zhen. At this time, he walked out with a smile and said to the people in a restaurant, “Let me introduce you to everyone. This is Mr. Wei from Qingxi. This time he sponsored our tour and let us have Better energy to prepare for the performance, everyone does not express gratitude.”

Everyone listened and quickly applauded.

Ling Zhen also folded his hands and applauded obediently.

After the team leader introduced, he turned around and looked at Wei Xi with a smile on his face, “Then Mr. Wei, you have a few words.”

The man’s expression was cold, the lines of his profile were perfect and picturesque, and the girls blushed and heartbeat.

Ling Zhen also blinked at him.

Wei Xi nodded slightly and faced everyone, “I wish you all the best in the performance.”

Ling Zhen looked at the man beside him, widened his eyes, and thought that just such a sentence was too perfunctory.

Wei Xi seemed to be able to hear what she was saying, and the corners of her lips twitched.

“I hope you all have a good meal,” he said, looking at someone on the main table, “I will treat Ling Zhen for this meal.”

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