GSBVH: Ch 51

It’s a long way back.

The night is sinking down, and the corner of the unmanned campus is silent and gloomy.

But this time Ling Zhen didn’t need to be afraid.

She hasn’t calmed down yet, don’t go with Wei Xi. He unhurriedly followed her one meter away, reminding her where to go at every intersection.

Ling Zhen walked slowly for a while, then looked back at him.

Wei Xi’s eyes were always on her, Ling Zhen looked back and saw the corner of the man’s lips slightly raised.

There seems to be a hint of joy.

Ling Zhen curled his lips, inexplicably not wanting him to be so happy.

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows and took a step closer “Yeah”

The gloominess on his body was washed away, and the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were soft and he looked at Ling Zhen with a smile.

The little girl is really amazing.

She stole his appetite, his sleep, and took away all his positive emotions.

Then he returned easily.

Ling Zhen glanced at him unclearly, then turned his head back and continued to walk forward.

Wei Xi was in a good mood and continued to follow.

After walking for about half an hour, Ling Zhen finally saw the school gate where she came, and then realized how far she had gone.

After leaving school, Wei Xi continued to follow her. After passing the path that I met pervert that night, she was finally sent to the residential building.

Ling Zhen turned around, sullen his face, “I’m here, you can go back.”

Although she was deliberately indifferent, her voice was still soft, and her ending was always soft and pretty. In the dim corridor, she was slightly scratching people.

Wei Xi whispered, “Send you upstairs.”

When he went upstairs, Ling Zhen unlocked the code lock and entered the door, leaving a gap in the door to see him through the gap.

Her eyes flickered, as if she was considering whether he had any intent to push.

Wei Xi couldn’t help laughing.

“Rest early,” Wei Xi said, “I won’t go in.”

Ling Zhen breathed a sigh of relief, thought about it, and said to him, “Then you too.”

After speaking, close the door.

Wei Xi suddenly reached out and pressed the door panel.

Ling Zhen was taken aback and stared at him with bright eyes, “You can’t come in if you said.”

Wei Xi laughed and coaxed her, “Well, if I don’t enter tomorrow, I will be with you, OK?

Ling Zhen blinked.

She hasn’t sorted out the relationship between the two, but the day after tomorrow song and dance troupe has arrived in this city, if Wei Xi knew that he would let her go.

Wei Xi’s voice is soft and soft, “Leave it to me tomorrow. Then you return to the group, I won’t bother.”

Ling Zhen opened his eyes slightly, it turned out he knew

It turned out that he was trying to resist the character and give her what she wanted.

Ling Zhen felt that the small temper in her heart had been stroked with care.

Wei Xi looked at her expression and couldn’t hold back, he reached out and rubbed her lips, and smiled “Okay”.

Before Ling Zhen could open his hand, Wei Xi took it back.

She raised her eyes to look at him, and whispered “Okay, then.”

Wei Xi curled her lips, pressed her door, and helped her close “I’m leaving, lock the door. Good night.”


The door was closed, Ling Zhen leaned against the door panel and stunned for a while.

Has the contradiction between them resolved? Ling Zhen didn’t know. But she knew that her heart was very unbelievable. In fact, Wei Xi apologized, and she forgave him.

After taking a shower at night, Ling Zhen sat cross-legged on the bed.

She searched her mobile phone about the news of the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe’s tour, and the response on Weibo was pretty good. Many of Wen’s fans wrote reo, and they all praised him for being a fairy.

Ling Zhen smiled, thinking that they must not know that what they said was true.

After thinking about it, she sent a message to Wen Zichu.

Teacher, I should be able to participate in the tour.

Can I still perform on stage?

On the opposite side, Wen Zichu was not busy either, and squinted after seeing the news.

Seems to be resolved

He bowed his head and returned the news.


Just next stop

Ling Zhen’s mood rose.

Her original plan was that it would be nice to have a long experience with the group. Because she was temporarily absent for the first show, it made sense even if she couldn’t perform on stage, but she didn’t expect her to be on stage for the city’s performance.

Ling Zhen has not officially announced that she will participate in the dance performance, but once she goes on stage publicly, her fans will definitely know. She hopes that she can not let them down in this field.

Ling Zhen and Teacher Wen determined the time to return to the team, then put down their phones contentedly, and lay back under the covers with a smile.

Go to bed early today.

Although there will be no special arrangements tomorrow.

But still have to go to bed earlier.

Early the next morning, Ling Zhen woke up naturally. Yesterday, I told Wei Xi that I was going out at noon, but the time was not tight.

She took off her messy hair and got out of bed to wash. After packing, he went back to the room and started looking for clothes in the suitcase.

She didn’t bring many clothes. After all, she didn’t have that leisurely time when she left. She brought more comfortable and convenient clothes.

Ling Zhen picked it for a while, but suddenly felt unnecessary. She used to wear home clothes every day at home before, so how could she get formal after changing places?

Thinking of this, Ling Zhen picked up the loose sweater at hand, put it on, matched the clothes, and tied the head of the tall ball.

Sitting in front of the dressing table, she simplified her eyebrows and put on lipstick. His semi-plain face was pretty and fresh, with a natural and nice complexion.

After dressing up, Ling Zhen put on his coat and opened the door with a small bag.

Outside the door, Wei Xi leaned against the wall and looked up from the phone.

To this day, those cold emotions on his body have been cleaned up, and the whole person has become quiet. The eyebrows and eyes under the black hair are clear and delicate, and the skin is white and the lips are thin. When focusing on people, there is a fatal attraction.

Ling Zhen was not surprised to see him, but she was still inexplicably cramped for an instant, and stood in the door for a while.

Wei Xi accepted the phone and curled her lips, “Are you going.”

Ling Zhen coughed, “Go ahead.”

The two went downstairs and Wei Xi stood beside her. Their arms were close to each other, and the clothing was rubbed slightly.

“Where do you want to go” Wei Xi asked.

Ling Zhen was embarrassed to walk in tandem like yesterday, so she had to pretend that she didn’t feel anything and said, “Go to Ocean Park.”

When she checked the guide online, she saw someone recommend this place.

Wei Xi had no objection, he was hers all day.

After hiring the car, Wei Xi opened the rear door and Ling Zhen got in. But as soon as she was seated, Wei Xi followed in the back seat.

Ling Zhen had no choice but to sit inside and glance at him with sullen eyes.

Wei Xi talked to the driver about the destination, then turned to look at Ling Zhen, “What’s wrong?”

His long legs were folded at right angles and separated, with his knees next to her calves.

Ling Zhen was forced to sit in the corner by him, and wanted him to be a little bit aside, but he was embarrassed, “It’s nothing.”

It’s just a bit strange. They quarreled yesterday, and it seems they shouldn’t be so close today. But looking at Wei Xi’s appearance, it seemed that there was nothing wrong with it.

Ling Zhen didn’t know why, there was always a feeling of being taken in by him.

When you get to the place, pay to get off. Today is neither a weekend nor a holiday. There are not many people in Ocean Park.

Wei Xi went to buy a ticket, and Ling Zhen followed him into the park wearing a mask.

Because it is not peak season, two of the five museums are closed. The coral landscapes introduced on the Internet were lacklustre. Ling Zhen walked around and walked into the next pavilion, where the sea animal performance was somewhat interesting.

Ling Zhen was in the sky and had never seen a creature like a dolphin or a sea lion. She watched them interact with the breeder, and recorded a short segment with her mobile phone.

Wei Xi doesn’t look at animals, but looks at her beside.

After a while, I asked her “Do you want to feed”

Ling Zhen didn’t have this common sense and asked “what do they eat”

Wei Xi “Raw, fish.”

Ling Zhen was a little scared, and wrinkled the tip of his nose, “That fish is also a bit pitiful.”

Wei Xi curled the corners of her lips, with a conniving voice, “Well, then don’t feed it.”

But apart from watching the sea beasts, everything else in the Ocean Park is a bit boring. This is mainly to attract parents and children, but for adults, it is a bit naive.

But after buying a ticket, I followed the guide and walked around. When I finally reached the beach in the park, it was already evening.

Ling Zhen glanced at Wei Xi next to him, and said a little embarrassed, “Is it boring?”

Tomorrow she will join the group, and Wei Xi has been delayed here for so long, so she should return to city a. Unfortunately, this ocean park is not fun.

Wei Xi’s lips curled up, and she seemed to be in a good mood “It’s interesting.”

He was in a good mood from start to finish.

Ling Zhen felt funny or boring, smiled with bent eyes or lacked interest, only he could see all the emotions.

For Wei Xi, wherever he goes, it is the most important that people are next to him.

The little girl ran so far and shed tears a few times before finally daring to let him stay by her side again.

He can stand his temper, teach her hand in hand, and turn his heart over.

This is a sandy beach. There are a few children in the distance, not afraid of the cold, running barefoot in the water. There are also young couples standing in front of the sea at dusk, hugging and taking pictures.

When Ling Zhen saw it from a distance, his heart moved. She came out this time, and during the two days she played, she didn’t have a photo left. She couldn’t find passers-by to help her take pictures, and if she was recognized, it would be an innumerable trouble.

But people here are traveling, as if the photos are some kind of necessary rituals. Without photos, it’s as if you haven’t been here.

Ling Zhen looked at the man next to him and whispered “Wei Xi.”

Wei Xi lowered his eyes, “Yeah”

“Can you take a photo for me?”

Wei Xi smiled a little, “Okay.”

After receiving Lingzhen’s phone, Wei Xi stepped back and looked at her from the screen.

The background is the expanse of the sea, covered with golden light by the setting sun, and the clouds are like solidified paint on oil paintings where the sea and the sky meet.

With her back light and soft lines, she gently pulled down the mask on her face, revealing a pretty little face, and whispered to him “Hurry up.”

Otherwise, they will be recognized.

Wei Xi nodded, but he was still very slow when taking pictures of her.

Every frame is meticulously studied to record her most beautiful moments. When the filming was finished, Ling Zhen quickly pulled up the mask and bounced back to look at the photo.

Wei Xi photographed her with her mobile phone, and she was still very stable. Ling Zhen remembered the last time Wei Xi shot her with a SLR. Many people on Weibo praised her, and this time the shot was equally good.

Looking at it, Ling Zhen suddenly remembered something, and looked up at him, “Then there was a missing photo last time, did you hide it secretly?”

Wei Xi smiled.

She is really slow.

Wei Xi turned on her mobile phone and showed her her wallpaper.

The girl was wearing a white sweater, looking straight into the camera with full eyes, naively ignorant, and didn’t know what kind of gaze the man behind the camera was using to trace her.

Ling Zhen blinked, and later realized from this behavior a little bit of his desire for exclusivity.

Exclusively enjoy the photo, and then sealed it in a small screen, every time I opened it, I met her gaze.

Ling Zhen’s face was inexplicably hot.

The sunset was setting quickly, and the sea was getting darker and darker.

The children playing in the water were scolded and taken away by their parents. After the couple took the photos, they left holding hands.

Ling Zhen returned the phone, blushing, “Don’t use this as wallpaper.”

She was shy, Wei Xi lowered her head and teased her “then change to the one just shot today”

Ling Zhen tilted his head back, “I didn’t mean that.”

Wei Xi endured it for too long, and finally couldn’t help it. He reached out his hand against her waist and half-wrapped the person into his arms “What does that mean?”

what does it mean.

She cried with anger, but still felt sorry for him.

So holding a grudge, but also so coaxing.

He breathed the smell of her body, rubbed her with the tall bridge of his nose, and the corners of his lips fluttered over her smooth cheeks.

Ling Zhen immediately realized that this distance was too dangerous, pressed his chest vigilantly, and pressed his lips, “You are not allowed to kiss me.”

No one would say such a thing seriously.

Wei Xi was so hot on the tip of her heart that she hugged someone and softly coaxed “Why?”


Ling Zhen was stunned for a moment, before subconsciously thinking about the reason.

Because because they haven’t confirmed the relationship, because she didn’t take the initiative to ask, she shouldn’t kiss.

All kinds of thoughts tangled in a mess, Ling Zhen blushed at last, and said the most direct reason “because it hurts.”

His relatives looked terrible, with his eyes closed as if he was biting her. After being kissed by him once, her lips hurt for several days.

Wei Xi’s arm tightened, and Ling Zhen was forced to get closer to him, resting both hands on his shoulders.

“I was wrong last time.”

Ling Zhen didn’t want to hear him say I’m sorry anymore, her voice was soft, “I forgive you.”

“Then give me another chance,” Wei Xi said softly, touching her forehead, “this time we will use the right way.”

Ling Zhen asked in a low voice, “What is the right way?”

“Don’t force you, respect you,” Wei Xi said, “seeking your consent.”

Ling Zhen opened his eyes and felt that this was right.

Nodded “Okay.”

“Excuse me,” Wei Xi lowered his eyelashes and curled his lips. “Can I kiss you now?”

Ling Zhen didn’t expect that what he was asking for was this kind of thing, so startled that she didn’t know how to react, she blinked subconsciously.

Wei Xi smiled, “I agree with the blink of an eye.”

Then, without giving Ling Zhen time to react, he lowered his head, leaned over and kissed her lips, rubbed it, and sucked lightly.

After a few seconds, he walked away and looked at her very closely, “Does it still hurt?”

Ling Zhen was stunned.

This time is completely different from the last time.

Her blush was hot, her head was dizzy, and the touch on her lips was truly transmitted to the nerve endings.

It doesn’t hurt.

It seems to be sweet.

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