GSBVH: Ch 50

Ling Zhen looked at him for the first time, and the thought that came out of her mind subconsciously was that he seemed to have lost a little weight.

After a few days, Wei Xi’s eye sockets have become deeper, and his eyesight is even more secluded. When I look at people, I seem to trace her facial features bit by bit with my eyes.

Ling Zhen’s second thought was to be angry.

He did so many excessive things, and he still followed her and came here.

The last thought is fear.

Then he chased him, and she was caught again.

When she filed for a divorce and said that she was going to tour, Wei Xi was so angry. Now that she really ran away, hiding in this city, would he be so black that he would put her in a mental hospital?

Ling Zhen really feels insecure with Wei Xi. She doesn’t know if he is in the dark, or what he will do.

Within a few seconds, various emotions arose in Ling Zhen’s heart, and they were complicatedly entangled.

Then her little face was strained, and she turned away without saying a word.

Whether it was out of anger or fear, Ling Zhen wanted to stay away from him now.

She was as fast as a little rabbit, with her pure white fur collar flying in the air, and she ran away in a blink of an eye.

Wei Xi’s eyelashes trembled and did not catch up immediately.

Ling Zhen walked out a long way, then secretly turned his head back.

Wei Xi did not follow.

She breathed a sigh of relief quietly, then went to a restaurant on the roadside, found a corner position and sat down, so that she had time to sort her thoughts.

How did Wei Xi find it?

If she changes to another place, will he still find her?

The world is so big, did she really fall into his hands.

Ling Zhen put his hand on his chin, lying on the table, feeling a little frustrated.

The restaurant she casually entered was a Thai restaurant, and Ling Zhen was too embarrassed to just sit down, flipped through the menu and ordered a few dishes, which she had never heard of.

When the dishes came up, Ling Zhen casually tasted a few mouthfuls, but he didn’t really like it. There was a soup called Tom Yum Goong, which was spicy and choking. Ling Zhen took a sip and started coughing after putting down the bowl.

After coughing for a while, someone came over and placed something gently on her table.

Ling Zhen’s eyes filled with water, and when he raised his eyes, he saw Wei Xi’s face again.

The man’s expression was calm, and he withdrew his hand after putting down his things. After noticing her gaze, he lowered his eyes restrained and turned away coldly.

Ling Zhen only saw that what he put down was a bottle of strawberry yogurt. I told him that she liked the one very much.

And the box of strawberries at her door the night before

It’s him too.

When did Wei Xi come? Did you look at her silently after coming?

What does he want?

Ling Zhen’s mood became more complicated.

After eating two coconut milk sago cakes casually, Ling Zhen went to check out and left the restaurant.

Wei Xi got up, saw the untouched strawberry yogurt on the table, and dropped her head slightly. After a few seconds, he followed out.

This piece is still near D big, Ling Zhen raised his eyes after going out and just saw a side door of D big. She thought that she had also come out to visit the campus, so she simply hid in the school.

Higure Saidui, it was the meal, and the students either went to the cafeteria or the dormitory. Ling Zhen walked slowly along the path, passing downstairs of the dormitory, and found two people hugging each other in the grove. She took a curious look, and realized that they were kissing in the woods.

Suddenly she blushed.

The girl hid in the arms of the boy and seemed to enjoy it. Ling Zhen’s ears were very good, and she heard the girl humming comfortably in addition to the sound of water.

Ling Zhen blushed and was about to explode, but after walking quickly, she couldn’t help but be a little curious.

Is kissing a very enjoyable thing, why does she only feel pain.

Ling Zhen lowered his head and thought again after a while, in fact, this is love.

Relaxed, comfortable, and adjusts life.

It should not be heavy, restrained, and unable to break free of her.

Ling Zhen’s head was full of messy thoughts, and she wandered aimlessly around the campus. Passed the teaching building, passed the library, passed various buildings.

d The campus is indeed beautiful and big.

It’s just too big.

The setting sun has completely gone, and the night is coming from the four-in-one cage. As she walked, she suddenly realized that the surrounding area seemed to be more and more deserted.

Ling Zhen stopped and looked down at the phone navigation. After changing several directions horizontally and vertically, Ling Zhen finally confirmed that she had reached an undeveloped area with large d, which was blurred in the navigation.

She can barely find the nearest school gate by relying on the approximate direction, but obviously, the fairy’s sense of direction in the world is not very good.

After a lot of hard work, she managed to walk into a dead end.

Ling Zhen stared blankly at the road blocked by the dirt slope in front of him, and was stunned for a few seconds before daring to turn her head.

She was very scared as soon as she turned around and saw Wei Xi following her, witnessing her stupidly getting lost all the way, and finally returning stupidly.

Ling Zhen exhaled, closed his eyes, and slowly turned around.

Not far away, under the only street lamp, the man in the black coat was standing there with a deep gaze.

Ling Zhen breathed, and suddenly felt that it was too embarrassing.

She was afraid that Wei Xi felt that she had run away from him with all the hardships, but had a bad life at all. When I return home late, I will meet a gangster, I will cry when I eat, and I will get lost in all the details of life when visiting the campus. She is less experienced than others.

She couldn’t bear his paranoia, so she rushed out to find freedom. In the end, she was embarrassed by his witness.

But this is the only way back.

His heart was full of frustration and inexplicable emotions, Ling Zhen pursed his lips, lowered his head, and walked back.

When passing the street lamp, Wei Xi finally moved.

He turned sideways, walked over and grabbed Lingzhen’s wrist, and whispered, “I’ll take you home.”

Ling Zhen was even more embarrassed.

An inexplicable nasal soreness came up, she shook Wei Xi’s hand, raised her eyes and stared at him, “Then take me away and lock it up again.”

Wei Xi hasn’t heard her voice for a long time.

Even the voice of resistance.

The tip of his heart shrank slightly and looked down at her “No.”

Ling Zhen was really angry, and he was angry with himself as well, and turned around to leave.

Wei Xi has seen enough of her back in the past few days.

She has a leisurely and hurried back alone, the back of her walking with others, countless backs.

Wei Xi grabbed her wrist again and said, “I’m sorry.”

The voice is low and every word is extremely clear.

Ling Zhen’s figure stagnated.

Wei Xi actually apologized to her.

She thought that Wei Xi came to arrest her and to prove that she could not do it alone, but she didn’t expect that he was going to say sorry.

Because paranoia and violence are his nature, just like the innate ferocity of beasts, it is a gene fused in the bones and blood. Admitting that he was wrong is almost reflecting on his own nature.

Wei Xi walked around in front of her and looked down at Ling Zhen, with an unobvious stiffness in her voice, “I scared you, I’m sorry.”

Ling Zhen raised his face, and suddenly his nose became sore.

You also know Wei Xi. I am afraid to die.

Her eyes were red again.

Wei Xi saw her body slowly revealing a depression of self-disgust. His fingertips subconsciously rubbed her wrist bone, and then let go of his hand restrained.

“I don’t deserve to like you, I’m sorry.”

He said sorry three times.

There was a string in Ling Zhen’s heart, and it broke with a “pop”.

The accumulated grievances finally broke out.

“You lied to me,” Ling Zhen punched his chest with a fist, the corners of his eyes and the tip of his nose became a piece of red.

Wei Xi allowed her to beat her, his heart was shaking, his voice was very low and low “Yeah.”

“You pretend to be a good person and just say it makes me happy, but you don’t let me go to the show.” Ling Zhen raised his hand and wiped her eyes, the back of her hand was wet.

Wei Xi’s fingertips trembled, and she held her cheek, wiping away tears, “Well, I’m a beast.”

But she was so wronged that she couldn’t hold back her tears and fell into a string of beads.

“How could you do this? You forced me to accept the ring. If you don’t accept it, you won’t forgive me,” Ling Zhen pours out with tears, and beats him with tears.

Her tears are like sulfuric acid. Half of Wei Xi’s heart was burned to death by her.

His breath was burning, and his voice was hoarse, “You’re right, forgive me.”

Ling Zhen blocked his hand, shook her head and took two steps back.

The tears on her face were still wet, and her misty apricot eyes and red nose looked pitiful.

“Why are you so bad, Wei Xi.”

Wei Xi’s hand hanging on his side tightened.

The complaint is over, and his girl is going to sentence him to death.

His empty stomach was aching, and his heart’s rustling voice laughed coldly.

She may not want to see you again.

I don’t want to have any connection with you anymore.

Then, the girl whispered “but”

Ling Zhen was tired from fighting and crying too. After all the anger, anger, and grievance erupted, she found the distress from the ashes.

She has always wanted to heal Wei Xi, and she will still feel very sad when a proud person like him degrades and dislikes himself.

“I’m not angry that you like me,” Ling Zhen blinked away from the mist in her eyes and rubbed her eyes. “You are not unworthy, you are worth it.”

“Wei Xi, you have to love yourself.”

Wei Xi was startled.

The murmur in my heart stopped.

The black mist receded like a tide, and the night wind suddenly became clear at this moment, and he seemed to smell a long-lost fragrance of flowers.

She can heal him in a word.

Ling Zhen finished what she wanted to say at one time, only to realize that she was crying so badly just now.

She rubbed her face and lifted her foot to go.

Wei Xi suddenly stretched out his hand, and this time she hugged him back.

“I am,” Wei Xi said softly, leaning over her ear, “very bad.”

Ling Zhen was very embarrassed at this time, and didn’t calm down at all, and put her arm against him reluctantly.

“You are not allowed to hug me”

Wei Xi’s arm remained motionless, and there was a hint of anger in her voice that she hadn’t just lost.

“I’m sorry for the last sentence,” he said.

“I don’t love myself, a bad person who loves you.”

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