GSBVH: Ch 49

Early the next morning, the doorbell rang.

Ling Zhen saw through the cat’s eyes and opened the door.

Gu Wei stood at the door and smiled and picked up a bag of fruit “Hello.”

Although Ling Zhen was a bit annoying, he quietly breathed a sigh of relief. It turns out that he sent the box of strawberries last night.

She was so scared that she didn’t even dare to open it now.

Ling Zhen said hello, but didn’t mean to let him in, and asked him “how do you know I live here”

Gu Wei smiled handsomely, “This residential building is used as a homestay, just look at it.”

Ling Zhen didn’t know what to say, and looked at him with a bit of annoyance, “It’s hard to film, you can keep the fruits for yourself.”

“I have an assistant, I bought this for you,” Gu Wei looked down at her, “You live here by yourself, and there is an acquaintance like me nearby. You should take care of you, don’t think too much.”

Ling Zhen thought, but we are not acquaintances either.

But she was pure and kind by nature and couldn’t say such hurtful things.

She didn’t know how to answer the conversation, Gu Wei could see, and the smile deepened in her eyes.

The first time he saw Ling Zhen at the reception of Xianwen, she was wearing a red dress standing in the corner of the banquet hall. She was very attractive without speaking. Later, I saw her dancing and found out that she was a little fairy.

No one doesn’t like fairies. Gu Wei will of course be moved when he sees a girl closing his eyes. But after taking a photo of Xianwen’s fixed makeup, that Mr. Wei appeared out of nowhere and directly declared his sovereignty to everyone. Although Gu Wei had doubts about the relationship between the two of them, after all, he did not get involved in other people’s hobbies.

And he didn’t have the ability to grab people from big bosses.

but now

She is a bit more mature than when she first met, but she still looks like a little girl, a little fairy who doesn’t know everything about the world. Alone, appeared where he was.

This is fate.

Gu Wei smiled, “I brought you all the fruits, so don’t let me carry them back.”

Ling Zhen had no choice but to take it over and said thank you.

The smile on Gu Wei’s face deepened. He does have the red-hot capital, his face is white and handsome, and his smile is like a school grass of first love.

“I’m already familiar with it here. I happen to have no play for me today. I will show you around.”

Ling Zhen was even more distressed, and simply said, “No, I prefer to play alone.”

Gu Wei stepped back strategically, “It’s okay to have breakfast together.”

Ling Zhen was entangled, his face changed tangledly, and finally collapsed and said, “I can go and play by myself after I have eaten.”

Gu Wei was so cute by her that she laughed “Good, good.”

A few minutes later, the two walked out of the residential building one after another, both wearing masks and hats.

Ling Zhen stayed behind Gu Wei not far away, wondering how to get rid of him. The song and dance troupe is still a few days away, do you want to quit this homestay for Gu Wei?

Ling Zhen lowered his head and pursed his lips, slightly annoying.

The front of her forehead was blocked by the wide brim of the hat, so she did not see. On a bench outside of the large campus opposite, there was a man in black clothes sitting.

The passing students looked back one after another. Several girls blushed together and hesitated to ask for contact information.

That man is really handsome, but he doesn’t look good.

There was a slightly depressed aura on his body, sitting there quietly, making the surrounding air full of icy scum.

Ling Zhen finally got through the breakfast, and Gu Wei kept the promise and left, she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Hearing from Gu Wei, today the crew will be filming in many places on the campus of D University. Ling Zhen thought about it and decided to avoid it and waited until tomorrow.

So she intends to stroll around today and visit the surrounding business districts.

He buttoned the mask again, lowered his hat, and walked out of the breakfast shop. Suddenly, the new mobile phone rang “dingdong”.

When I picked it up, it was a text message from an unknown person.

The content is simple. Don’t stay out too late by yourself.

Ling Zhen thought, Gu Wei should have sent it.

After all, they were kindly reminding her that Ling Zhen was not good for her. She bowed her head and replied a text message.

Thank you.

After returning, put the phone back in his coat pocket, Ling Zhen walked slowly along the road towards the business district.

Not far away, Wei Xi looked down at the phone.

I read it countless times in just three words.

After a long time, he put the phone away. Follow the figure who has gone far away, and walk slowly.

Ling Zhen entered a mall only to realize that she hadn’t been shopping for a long time.

Looking east and west, wandering around the ground, it actually took a day. The dinner was settled in the mall. I found a Sichuan restaurant and made Ling Zhen so spicy that he burst into tears.

After eating, she went to buy a cup of iced sour plum soup to suppress the spiciness.

But his stomach was still burning, and Ling Zhen felt that he couldn’t go back like this, so he temporarily bought a ticket for the most recent movie and watched a movie.

She bought the tickets casually and didn’t read the content. After the screening began, she realized that it was a love movie.

She is familiar with the actors and actresses, but she doesn’t know them. The love between the two protagonists started from the acquaintance, went through a sweet one-way secret love, and then turned into a sweeter two-way secret love, and then the male protagonist confessed to the female protagonist, experienced some misunderstanding twists and turns, and then the two people were super sweetly together.

The plot is not very eye-catching, but it is very sweet.

Ling Zhen blushed after reading it, thinking to himself, this is the love of mortals.

Why does it become so abnormal when I get to her?

She had never experienced it, but the love Wei Xi brought to her made her miss the show. He also forced her to kiss and locked her up.

Obviously in the movie, the male protagonist wants to kiss the female protagonist and has to ask the other party’s wishes

After watching the sweet movie, Ling Zhen fell a little bit.

Wei Xi is a bastard.

She drank the sour plum soup, she threw away the cup, buried her face in the scarf and walked back slowly.

It was almost ten o’clock in the end of the movie, Ling Zhen forgot to remind Gu Wei, when he walked to the residential area, the sky was already dark.

The community is an old community, and there is only one street light far away. Ling Zhen looked at the dark road, and then was a little scared, and quickly quickened his pace.

But as if she was afraid of something coming, the more she walked, the more she felt that someone was following her behind her.

The sound of footsteps was not obvious at first, but later, it was obvious that she was following her, with a few unexplained laughs, it was a man.

Ling Zhen immediately started to run, and the people following behind said “beautiful” with a squint.

Ling Zhen was so frightened that he exploded and ran across the corner quickly.

The voice behind it stopped abruptly.

Ling Zhen ran directly into the building, stuck in the doorway, and looked out in shock.

The road just now was empty.

She observed for a while, and suddenly heard a man’s scream from a distance.

Ling Zhen was taken aback again, never daring to stay anymore, and ran into the elevator back to the bed and breakfast.

In the corner of the community.

The drunk gangster finally caught a lonely beauty, and before he could make a move, he was stunned and stunned on the ground. Half-consciously unconscious, he felt that the person who beat him threw the stick casually, and then dragged him off the ground.

He himself is not a good thing, but at this moment a panic of fear suddenly arises in his heart. It was a man with white hands, and his coat cuffs were spotlessly clean. He looked like a classy man.

But his actions didn’t seem to treat him as a person at all.

The man threw him into the corner like throwing garbage, lowered his eyes, and stepped on his shoulder.

Leaning over, the voice is soft and cold, “What is your name?”

The little hooligan thought that he was burning incense and meeting a ghost, and he met a righteous person, and he quickly pleaded for mercy, “Yes, sorry, I just want to talk to that beautiful woman”

But after he finished speaking, he suddenly felt a more gloomy breath.

Wei Xi tilted her head slightly, then straightened up, her eyes falling on him without any temperature.

After a while, a fierce scream broke out in the corner of the community.

Lasted for a long time.

Ten minutes later, the man in the black coat walked out from the corner, his suffocation was still in his body, but his face was calm.

Wei Xi sorted out the slightly messy clothing leader’s mouth, and while calling, entered the building where Ling Zhen lived.

Follow the stairs, layer by layer, to the door of her room.

Then he leaned on the door, quietly waiting for the violent mood in his heart to sink.

The doorbell is at his hand.

Press once and she will come over.

But Wei Xi endured and endured, and in the end she just raised her chin and exhaled a slightly hot breath.

Ling Zhen was still a little scared after returning home, and locked the door tightly. After a while, the sound of an ambulance rang out of the community, and it didn’t take long for him to leave.

She couldn’t bear the sleepiness, and finally fell asleep.

When I went out the next day, I just passed by yesterday’s breakfast shop and I ran into Gu Wei again.

He didn’t know whether he was staying here or what, anyway, Ling Zhen was blocked by him, and couldn’t reach the other party’s kind invitation, so he had to sit down and have a bowl of porridge together.

Gu Wei is very actively looking for topics to chat, “You didn’t go out at night, I heard the crew say that in the neighborhood of your hotel, someone was beaten last night.”

Ling Zhen widened his eyes in surprise.

Could it be that the person I met last night was not a pervert, but a violent maniac

She was scared for a while, and she never dared to be outside alone at night.

Gu Wei said, “I’m familiar with the field affairs here. It is said that the person was beaten as a man, and the attack was too cruel. Anyway, pay attention to safety at night. If you have to go out, you can call me.”

Ling Zhen frightened her fingertips and drank the whole bowl of brown sugar jujube porridge.

After eating, Ling Zhen always felt a little uneasy, so he got up, “I didn’t sleep enough last night, so I will go back to rest first.”

Gu Wei called her “Ling Zhen”


“Let’s have a meal together tonight,” Gu Wei smiled, for a very legitimate reason. “Screenwriter Liu heard that you are here and wants to get you together.”

Ling Zhen frowned slightly.

Screenwriter Liu is in charge of Heart Wall, who was also the screenwriter of Xianwen before, and has indeed taken care of her. But the question is, how does he know that he is here

Gu Wei touched his nose, knowing that this trick is not very clever, and said with a smile, “Just chat, nothing else.”

Ling Zhen sighed. The elder asked her to eat, so how could she refuse. She nodded “what time”

Gu Wei smiled “Six o’clock.”

After they left, the man sitting in the corner of the shop calmly stood up.

Gu Wei was very happy. Although it was hard to come out to film, he didn’t expect to meet Ling Zhen here.

In fact, he deliberately told the screenwriter Liu that he had missed it. The screenwriter was very busy, and he saved this meal. But the process is not important, the result is important.

Gu Wei finished filming the afternoon scene, left the crew, returned to the hotel and started picking clothes. It is strange that he is not young anymore, but there is a kind of excitement like a hairy boy in his heart.

After choosing the clothes and spraying a bit of men’s perfume, Gu Wei still has confidence in his face. Wearing a mask and sunglasses, he walked out of the hotel and walked into the residential building of Ling Zhen.

As soon as he entered the building door, a tall man came out of the stairwell, blocking his way.

Gu Wei’s excitement stagnated, and slowly took off his glasses, his expression slightly complicated “Mr. Wei”

Wei Xi’s expression was cold, her dark pupils looked at him “Yeah.”

There is not much dialogue between men.

This person left Qingxi and appeared here, in fact, it has explained everything.

Gu Wei understands, but he is not reconciled.

He also thought that Wei Xi and Ling Zhen might have that kind of relationship, so he could just throw it away, letting her run to such a far place by herself.

But now it seems that it is not.

He smiled bitterly, “Does Wei always come to chase people?”

Wei Xi’s dark eyes were slightly hostile, and he made no secret of his coldness, “Keep away from her if you know.”

Gu Wei opened his hands, “I don’t know that your relationship is not over yet. If I know, I won’t get involved.”

Wei Xi raised his eyelids and said indifferently, “Work hard, I don’t want the heroes I invested in to be half-hearted during work.”

Gu Wei: “…”

After being hit by a high-altitude boss, Gu Wei felt a little vomiting blood in an instant.

Wei Xi glanced at him from the corner of his eye, then turned and walked up the stairs.

Gu Wei finally yelled unwillingly, “But you can’t chase people like this, fairies are to be spoiled”

Wei Xi stopped and turned his face halfway, drawing a perfect line.

The man’s voice was very soft, but he was serious about every word.

“All I can give is all I have.”

Gu Youyi was startled.

When the man’s footsteps were farther away, he lost his face, knowing that he was completely incomparable.

Ling Zhen was about to clean up, but suddenly received Gu Wei’s WeChat.

Screenwriter Liu has something to do, we have blown up this meal, I’m really sorry

Ling Zhen wasn’t angry because she was pigeoned. After all, she didn’t really want to go. After lowering his head and turning back to WeChat, he looked up again and looked at his makeup face in the mirror.

She thought, don’t waste it, just go to d and wander around, and then come back early.

So Ling Zhen wore a short down jacket with a big fur collar, thin jeans on the lower body, and a pair of schoolboy daddy shoes on his feet, and then went out.

When she got off the elevator and was about to walk out of the building door, she suddenly realized what was wrong.

Gu Wei has her WeChat, who sent her the previous text message

Ling Zhen’s heart jumped inexplicably.

Then she pushed open the door, and the top of her head suddenly went dark.

Ling Zhen raised his eyes.

The man who hadn’t seen him for a long time stood in front of him, blocking the dim sky.

Wei Xi’s dark pupils absorbed light, and his gaze fell on her without blinking.

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