GSBVH: Ch 48

Wei Xi put the desserts in her hands on the table blankly, and then slowly opened the doors of each room one by one.

Her room, bathroom, study, storage room.

Finally, it was his own room.


Of course she could not be there.

Wei Xi’s hand was on the doorknob, his fingertips were cold.

After a long time, he returned to the living room and sat down on the sofa.

In fact, this silence has lasted for a while, Ling Zhen hasn’t spoken for many days. The little girl was so temperamental that she didn’t even want to look at him.

But she is still here, there is aliveness in the house.

And now, the huge flat layer seems to be dead.

Wei Xi’s expression was very calm. He lowered his eyes slightly, his black hair pressed his eyebrows, and his cold white face could not see happiness or anger.

Just sat there for a long time.

There is no hunger, and there is no concept of time.

It wasn’t until the night wind blew the window and made a faint sound that the withered human sculpture slowly revealed a trace of cracks.

Wei Xi lowered her eyes, picked up the soymilk box on the table, and opened the lid.

Leave it too long, the cream on the top is somewhat solidified. Wei Xi tore open the spoon’s packaging bag and took a bite of the cake.

Too sweet to vomit.

The stomach was rejecting the smell, but a cold voice in my heart told him that Ling Zhen liked it.

She likes sweet strawberry yogurt.

Like to dance on stage beautifully.

She likes all beautiful things, so she doesn’t like him.

He is just a possessive monster.

Wei Xi suppressed the nausea and ate the soymilk box bit by bit. The sweet and greasy food is in the stomach and cannot be digested, and the man’s cold and white complexion is almost blue.

He thought silently, he really didn’t deserve to be liked.

Some distant memories, fragments deliberately forgotten by him, suddenly surged from his mind on such a dead night and came to life cruelly.

Vicious curses for no reason, fists and feet that fell on the body, the man laughed wildly, his mother guarded his arms

Regarding the past, Wei Xi sealed them in a corner no one knew. To deceive yourself by this, even if he and that person shed the same blood, he will not become that animal.

Unfortunately, the germs are still hidden in his blood vessels.

The paranoid, morbid, dark, and real him.

So his little girl is smart and sensitive.

He pretends to be kind and friendly, she doesn’t like it. She ran away after she was barely exposed.

Wei Xi threw the box and spoon, her fingertips trembling slightly. He put a cigarette to his mouth and set it on fire. The pungent smell of nicotine burned through his lungs.

But he is still different from that person, he doesn’t know how to do it. Ling Zhen is so tender and so afraid of pain, her wrist will be red even if she squeezes it. He is not willing.

Maybe his illness can be cured.

But she doesn’t seem to believe it anymore.

The open windows swept away the last trace of temperature in the room.

In the cold room, the man slowly raised his hand and covered half of his eyes.

On the other hand, after Ling Zhen escaped from the house, she did not leave city a immediately.

Ling Zhen didn’t ask a friend for help. She didn’t want to irritate Wei Xi, but simply couldn’t bear the life of being surrounded by him.

The blackened Wei Xi can be regarded as tearing off his disguise and completely showing her his true craziness. Ling Zhen was afraid of being caught by him as soon as he walked away, so she stayed in city a for two days to observe the situation.

I heard that now that the technology is advanced, payment with mobile phones will be tracked. Fortunately, thanks to the takeaway boy, Ling Zhen was fully prepared when he left. Although the mobile phone was taken by Wei Xi, the bank card and ID card were still there. Ling Zhen also took a few pieces of clothes from the house before leaving the house.

Masks are also indispensable. Now that she has a little fame, she is afraid of being recognized. When news of an actress wandering on the streets appears on Weibo, then she would be too embarrassed.

Especially, what Wei Xi saw.

In case he thinks, look, if you don’t have me, and you really have a bad time, then she will really explode with anger.

From now on, she will live happily on her own as she originally planned. She is not a female partner Ling Zhen, does not serve the plot, she is a free self.

Ling Zhen first bought a new cell phone and cell phone card. Many things were troublesome to authenticate, so Ling Zhen had to register a new account. After staying in a hotel for two days, it seemed calm and calm, so Ling Zhen began to wonder where she was going.

The first stop of the tour is city a, the next stop is the next city, and the third stop is a coastal city that Ling Zhen has heard of.

She checked the place on the Internet and was immediately moved by the scenery of the blue sea and clear sky.

So on a sunny afternoon, Ling Zhen bought a ticket and rushed to the city with a small suitcase.

She hadn’t taken the high-speed train before, and the seat was by the window. Ling Zhen lay by the window, watching the scenery backwards by the roadside.

Seeing that the distance between myself and city a is being extended bit by bit, at the same time, there seems to be an invisible thin line in my heart, which is gently pulled away.

Ling Zhen thought that she should report to Teacher Xing for leaving like this.

On the night of the premiere, Ling Zhen sent a letter of apology to Wen Zichu. The other party was not surprised. It was obviously Wei Xi who helped her take care of it.

No matter how angry she was, she couldn’t complain about Wei Xi with others, so she didn’t explain it carefully with Wen Zichu.

But she did not forgive Wei Xi. Ling Zhen really held grudges for his deception and coercion.

Then don’t report to Teacher Xing, Ling Zhen thought.

She leaned on the window, thinking of his bad behavior of biting her and shutting her, and curled her lips.

Let that bastard explain it yourself

A few hours later, the high-speed rail arrived.

Ling Zhen put on a mask and a hat, and as soon as he left the station, he felt a blast of air that was significantly wetter than city a.

At this time, her slightly tense heart finally relaxed.

Originally, the tour was also a trip for her. Now that she has come out, please make yourself happy.

During her stay in City A, she booked a place to stay on the software in advance. Next to a well-known university in this city, there is a very life-like homestay. Ling Zhen booked it for two weeks.

The touring song and dance troupe will arrive here next week. Ling Zhen wants to get settled before trying to get in touch with Wen Zichu. If there is no place for her in the group, then Ling Zhen wants to watch the performance at least once.

However, the problem right now is that although the homestay is interesting, there is obviously no hotel to find.

When Ling Zhen got out of the taxi, the driver’s master enthusiastically helped her take the box, and then showed her the way based on experience.

She followed the direction pointed by her master and walked through the undulating roads of the city. After about half an hour, she finally found the place.

Ling Zhen took off his scarf and wiped the sweat from his neck.

It’s really troublesome to be alone in a strange place.

But no matter how troublesome it is, it’s better than being restricted.

Ling Zhen shook his head, not wanting to be unhappy. Then she shook her small arm, carried the small box, and entered the building of her bed and breakfast.

The residential building here is different from the high-end apartment at home. The door between the neighbors is very close. She unlocked the door according to the code given by the landlord, and finally entered the hotel.

The rooms are one bedroom and one living room, not big, and very clean. Looking out from the window, you can see the beautiful campus of the university.

Seeing the bed, Ling Zhen suddenly lost her energy and threw herself on it to rest, only to fall asleep accidentally.

The next day, Ling Zhen was directly awakened from starvation.

It was not too bright, and she was holding her stomach, dizzy with hunger.

After all, Ling Zhen still has no travel experience, and did not buy something to eat in advance at night, and most of the stores are not open at this time.

She put on her coat and went out. After walking for more than ten minutes, she finally found a 24-hour convenience store, but there was nothing fresh about rice balls and sandwiches. Ling Zhen struggled for a while, so he had to buy cup noodles and go back.

The first meal after escaping was instant noodles.

Ling Zhen suddenly realized this when he was blowing the noodles, and immediately suppressed the trace of sadness, self-comforting what happened to the instant noodles.

This is free instant noodles.

Even if Wei Xi prepares her three meals a day in a variety of ways, it is not as good as the noodles she makes.

Ling Zhen finally felt better in his stomach after eating the warm bowl of free noodles. Today she has an itinerary. This homestay is not far from the seaside of the city. There is a square spot there. She plans to go there and take a look.

After putting on a little makeup, then putting on a mask, Ling Zhen took a taxi and went out.

The weather today is better than yesterday. Although it is early spring, the temperature is already warm.

Sitting in the taxi, having nothing to do, Ling Zhen swiped Weibo with his trumpet for a while.

This account has not been used for a long time and has been bought a lot of attention, including many marketing accounts. Ling Zhen swiped at random, his eyes were suddenly attracted by the words “wall of heart”.

The entertainer, the heart-wall actor, set makeup photos, and the male patron Wei Wei is handsome and handsome, the god of mathematics and science, and fascinated all the girls in the school. The heroine Zou Yun is bright and beautiful, and the girly breath is full of the screen. What kind of youth story will the two collide on campus?

Ling Zhen didn’t take a closer look at the content behind, as she was stunned when she saw the second sentence.

The hero of the heart wall is not Shen Yanchu.

She recalled that when she asked Wei Xi, he did only say “Successful”, but Ling Zhen automatically thought that everything went according to the story of the original book.

Before, even if there was such a change, Ling Zhen would not think about himself. but now

Will Wei Xi suppress the male lead because of her?

Ling Zhen remembered that a long time ago, Wei Xi pressed her down and asked how she compared with Shen Yanchu. It was only at this moment that she suddenly realized that Wei Xi had been treating her with such thoughts since a long time ago.

After thinking about it, Ling Zhen felt unexplainably uncomfortable.

It turns out that she is Wei Xi’s blackening point.

Obviously at that time, Ling Zhen could still hug him without distraction, comforting that Shen Yanchu was far behind him. But now, Ling Zhen didn’t dare anymore.

The taxi stopped outside the square, Ling Zhen suppressed his thoughts and paid the cash to get off the bus.

A foggy place in the distance is the sea.

The closer you get, the more moisture from the sea breeze blows on your face. The seagull flew very low, and the pigeon landed on the platform by the sea. People spread bait against the sky, and flocks of birds pounced at low altitude.

Ling Zhen leaned on the railing and looked at the sea in front of him. The empty scenery will open up one’s heart. She blew the salty sea breeze for a while, and the emotions in her heart gradually dissipated.

A child was chased by seagulls, crying and running, Ling Zhen looked for a while and laughed.

Then she bought a bag of bait and threw it to the sky.

Under the blowing of the sea breeze, the girl’s long black hair was messy in the air. Although wearing a mask, his full forehead and delicate apricot eyes are already beautiful enough.

Even the birds were kind to her, pecking away the bait, and hovering over her head.

Ling Zhen leaned back and laughed, eyebrows crooked, and the people around him stared in a daze.

When Ling Zhen was blowing the sea breeze, Qing Xi had fallen into the low pressure storm of the boss.

General Wei is not angry or harsh, but he just sat there blankly, showing a gloomy feeling all over his body.

In the past, the women of the company would still covet his cold temperament, secretly thinking that he is a sexy kaolin flower.

But now, the flowers are withered, and the cold beauty is too cold, and directly becomes a dead person.

At the end of the meeting, everyone filed out, even Zhao Yan did not dare to wait.

When the people were cleared, Wei Xi raised her hand and rubbed her brow bones.

The man’s eyes were slightly blue and black, and the line of his jaw pulled out a tight line, a trace of fatigue.

The third day.

Ling Zhen still knows to use cash to consume, but she doesn’t know that it can be checked even with money from a bank card.

Wei Xi has a clear grasp of her position.

Many days of insomnia, anorexia, and negative emotions cannibalize people’s senses.

Want to go, want to meet, want to hug her.

But he has to learn to be normal, learn to control, and can’t scare her anymore.

“Knock knock.”

The door of the conference room was knocked, and Wei Xi opened his eyes.

Xing Li stood at the door and glanced at the man in the main seat, only to realize that Zhao Yan’s cry just outside was not exaggerated.

Wei Xi did look very wrong.

Xing Li tried to say, “Is Ling Zhen busy these days, there is a variety show I want to talk to her.”

Hearing her name, Wei Xi’s replied “busy.”

Busy to escape from him.

Xing Li probably understood that the couple had a problem.

After a while, he asked in a low voice, “Quarrel and divorce”

Wei Xi lowered his eyes and explained in a few words after a long while.

“” After hearing this, Xing Li felt complicated for a moment, and picked a more straightforward question, “Why don’t you let people perform?”

Wei Xi’s fingers tightened.

Actually he didn’t know.

I don’t know the specific time of her performance that night.

But he has no quibble. It’s real to be sick, and it’s real to want to keep her.

It is true that it is wrong.

Xing Li looked at him, secretly surprised.

“Then you don’t follow along”

Wei Xi “Flight tonight.”

He is still shameless.

Reason is piercing persuasion, but it can’t resist the desire of the heart.

Xing Li had nothing to say.

After a while he asked again “What about after you meet”

Wei Xi’s face was briefly blank.

Such a look is too rare on the face of an excellent, decisive decision maker.

Wei Xi’s eyelashes blinked, and at a certain moment, she was slightly dazed.

“I” he paused and lowered his eyes, “I don’t know.”

really do not know.

Ling Zhen went to the beach on the first day, and then planned to go to Da Dao opposite the homestay on the second day. She didn’t have the chance to go to college, but she was still very interested in the mortal campus.

The campus of this university is famous all over the country because of its huge area and beautifully built.

She was not in a hurry. She put on a light makeup when the sun went down, then buckled on the mask as usual and went out.

d It is worthy of being the most beautiful university in the country. Ling Zhen walked in from the main entrance and walked slowly along the road. The buildings on both sides had their own styles, but they were harmonious and unified. The ginkgo trees along the road were full, and the students riding bicycles passed by, raising a ray of spring breeze.

Ling Zhen walked leisurely, and the more he walked, he realized that the people around him were gathering in a certain direction.

She was a little curious, and as the excited people flowed over, she suddenly saw something familiar from a distance.

Camera, tripod, slide rail, daylighting lamp.

Someone is filming here

Ling Zhen subconsciously covered his mask, not daring to join in the excitement, avoiding the flow of people, and turning into a small road.

Who knows, just walking a few steps, I ran into an acquaintance.

Ling Zhen had no time to hide, so she could only pray that the other party would not recognize it.

But his eyes were very sharp, he recognized it at a glance, and shouted “Ling Zhen” in surprise.

Ling Zhen subconsciously looked at both sides, but fortunately, there were no passers-by.

She pulled the mask down helplessly and nodded, “Hello, Gu Wei.”

Gu Wei didn’t expect to be so coincidental, with a surprise “Why are you here?”

Ling Zhen now realizes that campus d is the filming location of the heart wall. She thought very helplessly, how could it be so coincidental.

“I just come out to play.”

Gu Wei listened and looked at her calmly for a while. Recently, Ling Zhen hasn’t made any announcements, and rarely does any public activities. Now he appears alone in this city, and there is no one around him.

Isn’t she from Mr. Wei Qingxi?

Could it be that the two of them

But Gu Wei didn’t say anything, just smiled, “Do you live nearby? The hotel our crew package is opposite.”

Ling Zhen thought to himself, it’s not so coincidental.

Gu Wei casually pointed, “Did you see that tall building.”

Ling Zhen: “…”

It’s next to her bed and breakfast.

With a smile on Gu Wei’s face, he looked down at her, “I have one more shot and I will finish it, do you want to have dinner together?”

Ling Zhen waved his hand, refusing simply, “I have something else.”

Even if she left Wei Xi, she had no intention of connecting with other men.

Even if she was angry with Wei Xi, she would not ruin him in this way.

Gu Wei didn’t force it, and smiled, “Then make an appointment another day.”

Ling Zhen didn’t answer, and walked out slowly following the path, thinking in her heart that she would change the door to enter next time.

Today, I can’t walk around the campus. Ling Zhen was a little bit lost. She walked out of the gate of D University and picked a restaurant to go in for dinner.

They used to have a private room for dinner with Wei Xi. But she is alone now, it is a bit exaggerated to want a private room. So Ling Zhen picked a relatively hidden corner, sat down to order food, and then pulled the mask down a bit.

I ordered all home-cooked dishes, and I also ordered a bowl of hibiscus soup. Ling Zhen ate slowly, suddenly feeling like being watched.

She was shocked in her heart. Did someone notice that Ling Zhen pretended not to notice, and then suddenly raised her head after a while.

From her perspective, the entire restaurant could be seen, but Ling Zhen looked around and saw no suspicious person.

Ling Zhen frowned.

Do you think too much?

Although no abnormalities were found, she subconsciously accelerated the speed of eating. After eating, put on a mask to check out and walked out of the restaurant.

On the way back to the homestay, Ling Zhen thought about buying some fruit to take home to eat while watching a movie at night.

There was a cheap fruit shop downstairs, Ling Zhen walked in with her scarf in her hands, looked around, and picked a few apples and a few pears.

Then she walked around and asked the boss “Hello, are there no strawberries?”

The boss waved his hand, “I didn’t make it.”

Ling Zhen looked back a little regretfully, then took the one in his hand to check out.

Entered the building and returned to the floor where she lived. Ling Zhen had just stepped out of the elevator when he heard a sound of footsteps on the stairs and walked upstairs.

Ling Zhen is a bit weird, there is an elevator, why do you have to climb stairs

She shook her head, not paying much attention, and walked to the door of her room.

Just about to unlock the code lock, he glanced casually, and suddenly saw a box of things on the carpet at the door.

Ling Zhen bent down and picked it up to take a look.

It’s a box of small red strawberries.

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