GSBVH: Ch 47

Ling Zhen’s eyes were wide open, the teardrops still hung on the eye sockets, and the eyelashes rolled down as soon as they flickered.

Wei Xi’s face was very close to her. The man closed his eyes, his eyelashes drooped, and kissed the back of her hand.

His lips were cold, but from where he touched, Ling Zhen felt that her whole body was hot, and her head was stunned.


Wei Xi never had an emotional line in the original book. Although he is a villain, he has no emotional communication with the heroine and the female partner. In the author’s setting, it is completely cold and cold, designed to strike the protagonist. A tool man.

Moreover, she remembers that, in order to make Wei Xi’s role more reasonable, the author also said when describing his childhood that Wei Xi was very indifferent to feelings due to the influence of his deformed and violent father and the cold family relationship. Even though he values ​​his mother who is kind to him in his heart, he is not close to his mother, and even somewhat alienated.

So even though Wei Xi is very good to Ling Zhen, Ling Zhen has never thought about it affectionately.

But now, the man’s clear breath brushed his nose, and he closed his eyes and kissed seriously.

Those things that are not easy to understand seem to be explained suddenly.

Ling Zhen’s slender eyelashes trembled, his heart beating like a drum, and even the fingertips on his side were taut.

She has never liked anyone, nor has she been liked.

She is purely a blank sheet of paper.

The days in the fairy world are so long and dull, that’s why she wants to see the world from the novel. But Shizu and Xianchang only told her that seven emotions and six desires are vulgar things, but no one told her how to face it when she really fell into this vulgar world.

Ling Zhen was so nervous that he dared not breathe, but suddenly saw the man in front of him retreat a little and opened his eyes.

At that moment, Wei Xi’s eyes were extremely deep, like a night sky with cold stars falling. Ling Zhen even clearly saw himself reflected there.

She was taken aback, as if she had been discovered, she immediately closed her eyes tightly.

Wei Xi pursed her lips, her fingertips fell to her neck, and she muttered, “Let go.”

Where did Ling Zhen dare to let go. But she didn’t dare to shake her head.

The little girl was pressed on the door panel, and even the strands of hair were scared and nervous.

Wei Xi lowered her eyes, exhaled a cold breath, then raised her head slightly and kissed her forehead.

Her forehead was also well born, full and clean, with a few broken hairs.

“I like you, so I’m not allowed to go,” Wei Xi moved softly, but her voice was still cold, “get it.”

Ling Zhen closed her eyes, her eyelashes were still wet, and she looked very pitiful.

She thought, but no one likes this

Wei Xi is almost like a beast, or the smartest kind. She can pretend to wait for her prey, but inside is still unchanging violent and paranoid. It is more like the desire to possess than like, just like beasts are used to circle their territory.

Ordinary people confess not to say sweetness, at least it is kind. But Wei Xi said he liked her, but he was fierce and cold.

When she did not speak, Wei Xi’s breath became cold and cold.

He stared at her for a while, then suddenly hugged her.

Ling Zhen opened her eyes in fright, and the whole person was already suspended. She held back her instinct and didn’t reach out to grab him, let alone hold him.

Wei Xi’s eyes became colder.

He hugged the person, walked to the door of his room, kicked the door open.

Ling Zhen felt dangerous and struggled in his arms.

Why go to his room

Wei Xi’s room was the same as his own. It was cold and clean, with few things, and a large area. The big black bed in the center was very eye-catching.

He held the person and put it directly on the bed.

Although Ling Zhen was ignorant, he also knew that other people’s beds could not be used casually. She trembled and tried to get up, but the man’s figure was enveloped.

Ling Zhen: “…”

She closed her eyes, her entire face wrinkled, like a shivering lamb.

Wei Xi lowered his eyes, “I know you are afraid”

Ling Zhen bit her lip.

Wei Xi didn’t do anything, just lay down on her side. He put his arms around the person and coaxed her lowly, “If you don’t want to talk, just go to sleep.”

When you fall asleep, you won’t think about running away.

Ling Zhen was forced to be next to him, half covering her face with her hands, without opening her eyes or speaking.

In this situation, whoever can sleep is at the source of danger, and Ling Zhen dare not go to sleep no matter how hard it is.

But the curtains were drawn in the room, and the sky light outside only revealed a little from the gap, and the light was very dim. Ling Zhen’s face was resting on Wei Xi’s pillow, and her body was covered with Wei Xi’s quilt. Her breath was full of the smell of his body.

When Wei Xi waited for her to be quiet, she reached out and took a small spray on the bedside table and sprayed it twice in the air.

After two seconds, Ling Zhen smelled the scent of lavender and chamomile, and his tight nerves unconsciously relaxed.

Wei Xi patted her back gently, coaxing her to say something, as if very gentle.

Light, temperature, and smell are all very helpful for sleep. Ling Zhen originally only slept for a few hours. After resisting for a long time, her consciousness was forced to fall into drowsiness, and finally she slowly fell into her sleep.

Wei Xi slowly lowered his eyes until her breathing gradually became longer.

The corners of the girl’s eyes were still slightly red, and her small hands guarded her face defensively. Her long eyelashes draped smoothly under her eyes, and her black hair spread out on the bed in a mess, with a few strands rubbing against his wrist.

You are good when you fall asleep, but you are good only when you fall asleep.

Wei Xi just looked at her like this, his eyes darkened.

The dark, extreme appearance, and hideous and ugly desires have been seen by her.

Will she like him, Wei Xi doesn’t know.

But even if she loathes him, hates him, and doesn’t want to talk to him, Wei Xi will not let her go.

Even if it is to lock people up.

Outside the window, the sky gradually brightened, and after noon, it gradually dimmed.

Under the effect of the sleep spray, Ling Zhen felt very heavy. When I woke up again, I felt like day and night turned upside down.

Wei Xi is no longer in bed, but there is a faint smell of food floating in the house.

Ling Zhen lay down and reacted for a while before suddenly turning over and sitting up. The phone was not by her side, she scanned around and found an electronic watch on Wei Xi’s desk.

Five thirty eight.

The performance is seven o’clock exactly.

She actually slept from early morning till now

Ling Zhen’s heart sank, now the time is running out. Wen Zichu’s solo dance is the finale, and the two of them are the opening. She has to change clothes, put on stage makeup, and rush over, but it’s too late.

But the phone was nowhere to be found. Ling Zhen turned around in Wei Xi’s room. When she was a little anxious, the door of the room knocked.

Wei Xi stood at the door of the room, his dark eyes swept over, “Come out to eat.”

The moment Ling Zhen saw him, she shrank subconsciously.

But business matters right now, she bit her lip, and whispered “Where is my phone?”

Wei Xi looked at her and was silent for a few seconds before saying, “In the living room. You haven’t eaten for a day, eat first.”

Ling Zhen shook his head, took courage, and walked past him to the living room. She was indeed hungry, but she was even more worried that people from the dance company could not contact her.

Lingzhen’s phone was placed on the table in the living room.

The flower candlesticks of last night had already been cleaned up, as if they had never existed.

Ling Zhen walked over quickly, picked up the phone, and found that the phone was turned off without even thinking about who did it.

She had just pressed the power button, and Wei Xi’s voice followed behind her, “Who are you looking for?”

Ling Zhen took a breath, turned around, and said as calmly as possible, “Wei Xi, I have a performance tonight, and I want to rush over as soon as possible.”

Wei Xi smiled, her eyes were cold, “Go to your teacher Wen and leave.”

The phone in Ling Zhen’s hand just turned on at this time, and after a few seconds of reaction, new messages popped up continuously.

Ling Zhen was anxious, but tried to calmly communicate with him, “We have a cooperative dance. Last night, I was preparing for this performance for the week I wanted to invite you to watch. Now I can’t help but go.”

She spoke earnestly, but every extra word she said made Wei Xi’s expression more serious.

The black mist is getting deeper and deeper. With a strong sense of gloom, he said, “You invite me and watch you dance.”

He bit the word “you” slightly.

Ling Zhen seemed to see something broken in Wei Xi’s eyes, and she unconsciously held the phone and stepped back.

Wei Xi smiled softly when seeing her, “Then don’t go.”

Ling Zhen’s eyes widened, “What?”

Wei Xi walked towards her slowly, with a soft tone, “Will you be back if you go?”

His aura was suppressed point by point, Ling Zhen was dumbfounded, not knowing how to answer.

At this moment, the cell phone rang abruptly, and Ling Zhen lowered his head to see that it was Wen Zichu who called.

At this moment, a call from a normal senior gave Ling Zhen an instant feeling of being saved, and he subconsciously pressed the answer immediately.

But her action directly stimulated the man in front of her.

Before Ling Zhen said “Hey”, the phone was taken away and slammed off.

Then, the man pinched her chin, lowered his head, and bit her lips hard.

Lingzhen’s pupils shrank instantly.

Wei Xi’s kiss was crazy.

He pressed her into his arms with one hand, and the back of her head was forced to lift up with one hand, and he robbed her soft mouth like a smashed city with his lips and mouth, wherever he went, it was as hard as a bite.

She sobbed like an endangered prey, and the ferocity of the wild beast was completely ignited.

It was a punitive kiss.

Ling Zhen was pressed and kissed by him for a while, and finally had enough energy, her red eyes pushed him hard, and her palm swept his jaw.

Wei Xi’s face turned slightly, but he was not angry.

He paused for two seconds, then brought the man back easily, and lowered his head again.

The girl was avoiding, but her resistance made people bloody. The man’s violent and hazy breath melted between her lips and teeth, and his dark desires in his heart were greatly satisfied. He tortured the person in his arms with a posture of swallowing people into his stomach.

Ling Zhen didn’t know how long she had been kissed.

She was held in a dangling, passively endured, and in the end she didn’t even have the strength to resist.

After a long time, Wei Xi stopped and lowered her eyes. The little girl’s lips were red and swollen, and her eyes were full of water. She was bullied.

He stepped back a bit and pressed his straight nose against her.

Ling Zhen took a breath from the suffocation, his lungs swelled upside down, and then softened his arms and pushed the person in front of him heavily.

Glancing at the wall clock in the living room, Wei Xi kissed her for twenty minutes.

He did it on purpose.

The show was about to begin with only half an hour left, and she couldn’t keep up anyway.

Ling Zhen’s lips were sore, and her body was too soft. But her eyes were bright, burning a ball of fire, staring bitterly at the person in front of her.


Wei Xi met her gaze, and suddenly awoke from the burst of possessiveness and pleasure.


Ling Zhen looked at him silently for a while, then turned back to the room, and slammed the door heavily.

“Boom” echoed in the room.

Wei Xi stood there, and after a long time, he raised his hand with irritation and lifted the black hair on his forehead.

A few minutes later, the man’s cold voice sounded in the house.

“Oriental Song and Dance Troupe, I am her family member who suddenly became unwell. I’m really sorry.”

“The funding for this tour is 50% funded by Qingxi. I wish you all success in your performance.”

On the opposite side, the head of the dance troupe didn’t expect such a great thing from the sky. Of course it’s not a big deal if a newcomer didn’t show up. She knew that Lingzhen’s show was to dance with Teacher Wen to tell her heartfelt orders, but that dance was originally Teacher Wen himself. Just jump, and it won’t matter if you don’t come.

The group leader suppressed his excitement and coughed twice, “Then please take a rest, Miss Ling Zhen, don’t worry about the group, right, Mr. Wei, then Miss Ling’s position with the group is unnecessary, right”

Wei Xi was quiet.

The man stood in the living room, his eyelashes casting a shadow on his face.

Then he spoke, with a slight dumb “No” in his voice.

“Keep it for her.”

On the other side, Wen Zichu, who was hung up, looked at the phone with an unpredictable expression.

After a while, the team leader came out to inform everyone regretfully that Ling Zhen was unable to participate in tonight’s performance due to a sudden physical condition.

Everyone in the group looked different, some were cheating, and some were sorry.

Wen Zichu glanced at the phone again, with an unexplainable premonition.

The team leader came here to apologize to Wen Zichu, “Mr. Wen, you see that your performance will not be affected.”

The single-player version of the appeal made him skip it many times, so naturally there will be no problem.

Wen Zichu shook his head “No.”

He also wanted to ask Ling Zhen’s specific situation, when a voice suddenly came in from his side.

“Teacher Wen, since Ling Zhen can’t come, can you see Lingling?” A friend of Song Ling pushed the blushing Song Ling up. “Lingling practiced this dance countless times at home every day. When it arrives, she is definitely strong and proficiency.”

Song Ling blushed a little, but glanced at Wen Zichu, she didn’t stop her friend.

Who doesn’t want this opportunity? If you give it to her, she believes that she will not make a mistake.

Wen Zichu’s gaze swept over and glanced at the expectant little girl, as if he was thinking about it.

But after a while, he smiled gently “No need.”

Song Ling’s face turned pale, showing a little embarrassment.

Wen Zichu didn’t say much, turned around and went to the waiting room.

The aura on Ling Zhen’s body could not be replaced by strength and proficiency alone.

I just don’t know if we can cooperate.

After Ling Zhen returned to the room, she sat on the bed with her legs in her arms, angry and aggrieved.

She really didn’t want to talk about Wei Xi anymore.

This man is a liar, a bastard. Stop her and force her.

Before she was going to dance, Wei Xi also said that she was happy, and she was all pretending.

Ling Zhen covered her lips and wanted to cry.

Wei Xi really can eat people. After being kissed by him, her lips almost broke, as if she would be bitten to death by him. She definitely, never let him touch it again.

If this is like it, then she doesn’t want it. If Wei Xi’s paranoia is used emotionally, possessiveness can make people drown.

Ling Zhen had been sitting for a long time before the breath in her heart dissipated a little bit. She rubbed her belly before she felt hungry.

She thought, why is she starving herself?

So Ling Zhen calmly pushed open the door and walked out. As soon as he raised his eyes, she saw the man standing silently at the door.

Ling Zhen didn’t even look at him, walked around him to the kitchen, took a plate of pasta that Wei Xi had prepared in the evening, and took it back to his room.

When passing by Wei Xi again, he stretched out his hand and grabbed Ling Zhen’s wrist.

Ling Zhen had been bullied by him, and she was still afraid subconsciously. As soon as he touched her, she shivered slightly.

Wei Xi curled up her fingertips as if she had been burned to the bottom of her heart, then lowered his eyes, and then let go of her hand.

“Eat slowly,” he whispered, “leave the dishes for me to wash.”

Ling Zhen didn’t speak, went back to the room, and locked the door again.

Originally, Ling Zhen thought that when Wei Xi went to work, she would leave. Just find a hotel first, anyway, can’t stay with him.

But things don’t seem to be that simple.

For the whole day, Wei Xi stayed at home, not going anywhere.

He wanted to lock her.

After realizing this, Ling Zhen became even more angry.

She is clearly a free fairy, and not a small animal in his captivity.

After that day, Wei Xi was no longer as gloomy and violent as before, and his attitude became very gentle, as he used to pretend, but he just refused to let her go.

Ling Zhen started a cold war with him.

She felt that Wei Xi was really too much, too much.

Ling Zhen didn’t eat with Wei Xi, didn’t talk to him, got up and left when Wei Xi sat next to her. It was obvious that the two people were still under the same roof, but Ling Zhen was so angry that he completely ignored him.

If he wants to blacken it again, he will be blackened, Ling Zhen thought.

Kill her

After maintaining this for a few days, Ling Zhen clearly felt that Wei Xi was getting busy.

She can’t go on tour, and she doesn’t have a job for the time being, of course it’s okay to stay at home. But Wei Xi is different. He is in charge of such a large company, and so many people are waiting for him to make a decision. It’s just a matter of not showing up for a few days.

This afternoon, Wei Xi connected a few telephones and seemed to be in a hurry.

Zhao Yan was about to cry on the phone, “Mr. Wei, come on, Yuanda, this is deliberately grabbing projects with us”

Wei Xi stood up and went to the balcony to pick it up.

Ling Zhen sat on the sofa, glanced at his back, did not speak.

Wei Xi answered the call for a long time. When she came back, she walked to the sofa with a chill and looked at her.

The little girl didn’t squint, she didn’t even look at him.

Wei Xi leaned over, trying to kiss Lingzhen’s forehead.

Ling Zhen put down the phone, stood up and left. But as soon as she took a step, she was hugged from her back.

Wei Xi’s chin rested on her shoulders, her lips rubbed against her ears, and her voice was muted, “I’m going out, don’t run around.”

Ling Zhen hadn’t spoken to him for a long time, and Wei Xi was breathing the breath from her body, and his heart ached slightly.

He knew she was angry.

I also know how to calm her down.

But he didn’t know what would happen to him if Ling Zhen was allowed to leave.

Ling Zhen didn’t speak, Wei Xi’s eyes were dim, she kissed her ear, and then let go of the struggling girl.

He glanced at Ling Zhen, took away her mobile phone and computer, and whispered, “I’ll pay you back when I come back.”

Ling Zhen looked at him in disbelief, she sometimes wondered if Wei Xi was crazy.

Wei Xi lowered his eyes, his fingers tightened slightly, “Wait for a moment.”

Ling Zhen felt that he was unreasonable.

After Wei Xi went out, Ling Zhen jumped up, walked to the door of the room and tried it, and she was locked. She walked around the house, thinking about how to escape.

After a while, Ling Zhen went back to the door of the room, trying to call out “Is anyone there?”

There were not many residents on their level, and they yelled for a while without any response.

Ling Zhen pulled out another wire from the house, and tried to unlock the lock as it was on TV. But the security door was too complicated, and Ling Zhen sat on the ground and tried it for an hour, in vain.

She didn’t know when Wei Xi would be back, she missed this time, and she didn’t know how long she would have to wait.

But she really did not want to be locked up anymore.

I don’t know if God heard the little fairy’s call. Just when Ling Zhen was helpless, the doorbell at home suddenly rang.

When Ling Zhen’s whole body was excited, he heard someone outside the door shouting “Hello, are you the takeaway?”

The house number of their building is a bit similar. There have been cases of wrong delivery of takeaways before, but Ling Zhen didn’t expect it to catch up at this time

She quickly sat up from the ground and said to the door, “Yes, it’s my house.”

The takeaway boy thought she was afraid to open the door, and understood, “Then I will leave it out for you. You can pick it up later.”

“Wait” Ling Zhen stopped him and said embarrassedly, “Our house is locked, can I trouble you to go to the property, let the unlocker come and I can give you double the cost of running errands.”

When the takeaway boy heard that the money is good, he promised “Okay, wait a minute.”


Wei Xi had an emergency meeting and it took two hours to determine the current solution.

After the meeting, Zhao Yan grumbled his teeth, “Yuanda has been against us for a long time.”

Wei Xi looked down at her watch and got up with her jacket in her hand. “Continue to follow. Please call me anytime if you have any questions.”

Zhao Yan was stunned, “Mr. Wei, something happened at home recently.”

Although Wei Xi’s work has not fallen, it is indeed rare to not show up for a few days.

Wei Xi nodded, “Yeah.”

He drove the car and drove home, when he met a red light, his slender fingers tapped the steering wheel.

There was a sense of irritability in his heart, and his almost pathological mentality made him go home as soon as possible to see people.

But halfway through the drive, Wei Xi glanced over a shop on the side of the road, and suddenly stopped the car.

It was a dessert shop that Ling Zhen liked very much. It was not exquisite, it was just a small window. But every time she passed by, she had to buy a soy milk box.

Wei Xi got out of the car and lined up. The little girls in the team were secretly looking back at him.

When Wei Xi arrived, the clerk blushed and asked, “Sir, what do you want?”

Wei Xi calmly said, “Soymilk box.”

“Oh, only the last one is left,” the clerk speculated that the handsome guy should have bought it for his girlfriend, sour and envious, “your girlfriend is lucky, she will definitely be happy”

Wei Xi took the handbag and lowered her eyes, “I hope.”

Ten minutes later, Wei Xi returned home with a dessert bag.

As soon as his hand touched the door lock, he suddenly stopped.

Then Wei Xi opened the door and walked in slowly.

The house was deserted.

No one is there anymore.

MTL/N: Wei Xi’s character development arc coming up.

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