GSBVH: Ch 44

Ling Zhen quietly glanced at Wei Xi beside her.

With the natural aura of the villain and the male protagonist at odds, Wei Xi thinks Shen Yanchu will be very unpleasant.

Sure enough, although Wei Xi was very calm, Ling Zhen seemed to be able to feel that there was a dark and heavy aura floating around him, which was definitely not much pleasure.

On TV, Xiao Fuqing still laughed heartlessly, and his voice was clear and bright, “Wen Tian, ​​you are coming up.”


The air pressure in the room is lower.

Ling Zhen was so embarrassed that he asked Wei Xi in a low voice, “Why don’t you turn it off and watch it?”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows, but when she turned her face to the side, her face was already flat, “Look, it’s interesting.”

The man’s eyebrows are high, his eyes are deep, his emotions are pressed into the dark water, and the water is not leaking.

Ling Zhen observed for a few seconds but couldn’t see a hint, so he was very pleased.

Wei Xi is really out of the villain role, even looking at the male protagonist is completely insensible

She was relieved and watched all the premieres of Xianwen while embarrassed. It was too late when the broadcast was over, Ling Zhen didn’t have time to read the comments on the Internet, and was too sleepy to go back to the room to sleep.

Wei Xi was still sitting on the sofa, holding her arms, her eyes fell on the LCD TV screen.

After the TV series is finished, now we cut into the commercials.

The disgusting face disappeared.

But the restlessness still lingered in my heart, like ghosts, replaying the way she smiled at others repeatedly.

Wei Xi frowned.

As an investor, he actually has a strange voice in his heart, hoping that the show will not spark or explode.

But facts have proved that Wei Xi’s investment vision and judgment ability are no problem.

After the premiere of Xianwen last night, it immediately detonated the popularity of all platforms, winning the first place in the nation’s simultaneous ratings, and rushing to the top of the satellite TV ratings list. At the same time, there were three hot searches on Xianwen related topics, with a volume of over 200 million.

This film and television series, which the whole network has been waiting for for more than half a year, quickly swept the network by virtue of the actors’ always-on appearance and acting skills, beautiful fairyland special effects, and the greatest respect for the originality of the original work. Up.

The investor, as the owner of copyright, income, and peripheral rights, naturally makes a lot of money.

At the end of the annual vacation, when Ling Zhen went to celebrate Xi, he could obviously feel the joy of the whole company. At present, Xianwen has broadcasted ten episodes, and has become the absolute popular king in the winter holiday lunar new year. Seeing that Qingxi is about to win another hit drama, the whole company is of course beaming.

At the same time, Ling Zhen really felt the taste of the skyrocketing popularity.

Xianwen’s three hot searches that night was premiered, two were about male and female protagonists, and the remaining one was Lingzhen.

Before this, many people worried that she would drive high and low, and only a short-lived makeup photo. It was not until after the show was broadcast that the beauty of the true fragrance fairies is continuous and uninterrupted. There is no most beautiful, only more beautiful.

The number of Lingzhen’s Weibo followers has skyrocketed by several million. Every day, fans confessed in comments. I used to wear a mask to block me when I went out, but now I will be recognized if I don’t wear a hat.

After she entered the Qingxi Building, she was asked for a signature all the way. Finally, she entered the elevator and reached the 17th floor. Just after she breathed a sigh of relief, Zhao Yan was already greeted with a fragrant breeze.

“Sister-in-law” Zhao Yan held a few pieces of paper, “My uncle, his son and my third aunt and his daughters love you very much, and I want to ask for your signature.”

Ling Zhen was amused by him, “I see.”

She was actually not surprised by Xianwen’s popularity, but she was a little surprised by her popularity. But it is a good thing to be liked after all. She smiled and signed her name and returned the paper to Zhao Yan.

“Wow, sister-in-law, you are so immortal in writing.” Zhao Yan blew the rainbow fart, and put his signature away happily. “You must be the little lucky star of our company. Everything has been going well recently. I hope you will bless the next heart wall to be smooth Benefit”

Ling Zhen’s heart moved and raised his eyes and asked him, “Is the heart wall also invested by Qingxi, has it been set?”

“It’s set, the actors are all selected, and it’s time to boot up soon”

Zhao Yan still wanted to say something, but a voice came from a distance, “Are you finished talking.”

He was a joke, now he has learned well, and immediately found an excuse to run away.

Ling Zhen still thought of Zhao Yan’s words, walked to Wei Xi’s office, and Wei Xi opened the door for her.

Ling Zhen raised his eyes, “I heard Zhao Yan say, did you invest in the drama of Heart Wall smoothly?”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes, her black eyes calm “Smoothly.”

Ling Zhen quietly let out a sigh of relief.

If everything goes well, the timeline in the original book will follow, and then the blackening point that she has been worried about is completely over.

Shen Yanchu is proud of the recent spring breeze, and his career is on the rise.

Although there were some small problems in the relationship that he had never had before, he always felt that the understanding Jian Wenyi was always suspicious about some small things recently, and she started to cry when her tone was a little bad. Although Shen Yanchu has been patiently coaxing, he is inevitably a little impatient.

Fortunately, a smooth career is enough to make up for these unhappiness.

The popularity of Xianwen has greatly increased his value and countless fans. A new watch endorsement just announced two days ago. In this circle, coffee position is a kind of silent but ubiquitous thing. The warmth and warmth of the people in the circle have a huge relationship with the popular coffee position.

Shen Yanchu obviously felt that when he met a senior who was not familiar with before, the other party would take the initiative to say hello with a smile. Little idol, a younger actor who was at the same time as him, will also try to get close to him.

At the same time, new appointments flew like snowflakes and piled on his desk.

Shen Yanchu knew that the scripts that flowed in at this time were all very good for collecting money. If you shoot dozens of episodes at random, you can earn millions. However, he is proud of himself. He is not in the circle to make quick money. He needs to accumulate good works in order for his future career to reach a higher level.

The wall of heart is what he really needs.

It happened that Shen Yanchu’s agent came to his house, looked at the script spread out on his desk, and asked with a smile, “How is it? Has Yanchu decided?

Shen Yanchu smiled gently, “I thought about it carefully, and then, my focus will still be the heart wall.”

Staying focused during the hottest times is not something everyone can do.

But the agent did not show appreciation, but rather embarrassed. “This, at the beginning, I haven’t told you yet.”

Shen Yanchu smiled, “What do you say.”

“Well, don’t worry about it.” The agent looked embarrassed. “The man on the wall of heart has decided to make a decision. It is xx”

The smile on Shen Yanchu’s face suddenly froze.

“It doesn’t matter, there are still many good scripts. With your current popularity, you can’t worry about not picking a good one.”

Shen Yanchu has always been prudent, but at this time he rarely showed anger and wondered “why”

He thinks he is the most suitable for the drama of Heart Wall, and with his current popularity, how could he be rejected

The broker said vaguely, “It’s set by the investors, and we can’t control it either.”

The man’s face suddenly flashed in Shen Yanchu’s mind, his face changed to “Wei”

The agent nodded awkwardly.

Only then did Shen Yanchu suddenly realize that he could not challenge some power because the opponent could easily take what he wanted. And there are some things that he really can’t covet

His face changed a few times, and finally he was defeated, and he lowered his hands “I know.”

Within a few days, the Xianwen team held an offline promotion event in this city, and Ling Zhen had to participate as the lead actor. On that day, the media came turbulently, and many fans stood by the side of the road waiting to meet the idols, including male and female fans who called Ling Zhen’s name.

As an investor, Wei Xi was also invited to participate in this publicity event.

The host invites all the creative teams to come on stage. The director, screenwriter, and several leading actors walked up, because Ling Zhen retreated to both sides because he wanted the elders to stand in the middle. She originally intended to stand with Zheng Qianqian, but the male and female protagonists stood on the two sides in a tacit understanding. In this way, Ling Zhen and Shen Yanchu got together.

The last charity night was not due to Shen Yanchu’s reason, so Ling Zhen felt annoyed when he saw him, and wanted to hide from him.

However, during the entire event, Shen Yanchu did not take the initiative to speak to her. Only when the host cue arrived, he would talk a few words with a gentle face, his tone was polite and alienated, and he did not cross the boundary.

Ling Zhen thought to himself, it seemed that the words that I said to Jian Wenyi last time really worked.

At the same moment, Wei Xi sat in the corner, her dark eyes falling on the stage, her face like a cold and handsome sculpture.

After a while, the man smiled coldly.

“Really familiar.”

In addition to cooperating with the Xianwen team for publicity, Ling Zhen spent the rest of her time on dancing.

The year-end tour of the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe was finally put on the agenda. Wen Zichu officially announced that he would choose Ling Zhen as his dance partner. In the first stage of the tour, he will perform the dance with him.

Wen Zichu gave her only a short week, but fortunately, Ling Zhen had a solid foundation and learned quickly. Moreover, because she is from the same place, she really understands what Wen Zichu wants to express in dance better than others.

The poem is a double tune, and the dance is also a duet, but before Ling Zhen joined the group, Wen Zichu had always performed the dance alone, because he did not find a partner that satisfies him.

How many people practice the dance moves hard, desperately trying to cooperate with Wen Zichu, but they did not expect this opportunity to be given to the newcomers in the dance group.

Even if this person is a hot star recently, she is also a newcomer

Two days after announcing her partner, Ling Zhen noticed the hostility towards her in the dance troupe.

When she entered the rehearsal room that day, the noisy room suddenly fell silent.

Ling Zhen paused, but didn’t panic and walked in as usual.

In the center of the crowd, a thin, tall girl looked at each other with her companion, and said in a weird manner, “Oh, how come the big stars have to squeeze the rehearsal room with us”

After saying this, a circle of girls chattered and laughed.

Ling Zhen didn’t get annoyed, he tied the straps on his ankles without rushing, and slowly straightened up.

When she did this movement slowly, a pliable and smooth line stretched out on her back. When he raised his head, his expression was neither happy nor angry, and his black apricot eyes were crystal clear, looking at the speaker.

“Are you not convinced” she asked softly.

She spoke very calmly, but to those who listened, she only felt that she was arrogant.

The thin and tall girl is called Song Ling. She was the most hopeful person in the whole group to dance with Wen Zichu, but Ling Zhen suddenly parachuted and took her place directly. Can she be convinced?

They have practiced dancing since they were young, cheating and pressing down on their shoulders, and practicing basic skills for so many years. These little stars are just beautiful, and they are not pure dancers at all.

Teacher Wen is the god in their hearts, how does this little star dance with him?

Song Ling was very arrogant and was not afraid to offend the star. She sneered, “Why do you convince us?”

There is no teacher in the rehearsal room, just a confrontation between a group of girls.

Ling Zhen didn’t say much.

In the field she is good at, she doesn’t need to rely on Wei Xi or anyone. It is enough to speak with her own strength.

So she picked up a folding fan, threw it over, and said, “Turn around and pick up the fan, Bibi”

This is one of the most difficult moves in the appeal order. The dancer throws a fan, and the other catches the fan after a group of quick sucking and twisting legs. It takes a long time to practice just to catch the fan accurately, let alone make the movements beautiful and elegant.

Everyone around was waiting to watch the play, Song Ling smiled coldly and “successful.”

She has been practicing for several months. This little star has only practiced for a few days. She was afraid that Ling Zhen felt that she was taking advantage. She moved her shoulders and said, “I practiced longer than you. I’ll come first.”

Ling Zhen made an inviting gesture.

She gave the fan to her closest friend, and then stood a little further away. Everyone automatically made room for her, Song Ling posed and nodded at her friend.

“call out”

The fan was thrown high, and at the same time, Song Ling began to turn around.

She did have a solid basic skills and her movements were clean and tidy. After about five turns, “Patter” caught the fan.

The crowd around the audience immediately applauded “Okay”

Song Ling smiled triumphantly, handed the fan back to Ling Zhen, raising her chin, “Pick one you can trust and throw it for you.”

Ling Zhen shook his head, “It’s still her.”

Song Ling’s friend took the fan again, Ling Zhen had retreated a few meters away and nodded at her.

The fan was thrown into the air again.

And this time, after the people on the ground moved, they turned their legs as fast as a shadow. After a few seconds, Ling Zhen turned twice as much as Song Ling.

The people around couldn’t help holding their breath

Can’t catch it, she is too fast

The fan fell down quickly, just when it was about to fall over the top of the head, “slap”

Ling Zhen turned around in the last one and firmly grasped the fan. Then with a crisp sound, he shook the folding fan.

After a second, the person stopped, and the hair in the air fell down.

And she held a folding fan, smiled, and shook it gently.

There was silence all around.

“Slap. Slap.”

Someone applauded, and the voice was “nice.”

Everyone turned their heads in an uproar “Mr. Wen”

Wen Zichu glanced at Song Ling and said lightly, “Skills are not as good as humans, accept it.”

Song Ling bit her lip, blushing and lowered her head.

As soon as the teacher came, the people around did not dare to watch, and scattered around. They had always had the mentality of watching the excitement, but they didn’t expect Ling Zhenxiu’s face to admit that she was actually so powerful.

When the people were gone, Wen Zichu glanced at Ling Zhen and smiled, “As expected, I am a member of the fairy door.”

Ling Zhen also smiled.

Sure enough, she can do very well in her area of ​​expertise.

The two of them rehearsed for a while and danced. During a break, Wen Zichu asked, “Have you taken care of the family’s affairs?”

When he asked this, the vigorous vigor on Ling Zhen’s face was swept away, her ears drooped, and “not yet.”

Once the tour started, Ling Zhen left City A, even if he really said goodbye to the identity of “Cannon Fodder Ling Zhen”. Before leaving, she must remove the label belonging to the original owner.

The most important of these is the “villain ex-wife” article.

In order to bid farewell to Wei Xi, Ling Zhen also did a long time in advance of psychological construction. Then she rummaged through the cabinets and found the document that she had hidden from a corner of a dusty drawer.

The words “Divorce Agreement” are slightly yellowed, but they are still clear.

She was trembling with fright when she took back this agreement, but now it’s time for it to function correctly.

Ling Zhen thought about Wei Xi’s reaction after receiving it. He may be a little surprised, but he probably won’t react too much. After all, he is a person who is born cold. But it should be a little uncomfortable, after all, I have lived together for so long. If Wei Xi is too cold and indifferent, she will definitely be sad.

Ling Zhen secretly waited for the time to speak, but she waited and waited, Wei Xi never gave her a suitable opportunity.

Wen Zichu raised his eyebrows, “I will perform the day after tomorrow.”

When this event in this city is over, they will soon set off on a tour.

Ling Zhen drooped her ears, “I will definitely talk about it in these two days.”

“Don’t be afraid,” Wen Zichu said, “hasn’t all the plot changed? Those things after the divorce won’t happen.”

Ling Zhen nodded.

Of course she knew that Wei Xi would never put her in a mental hospital no matter what. But what on earth was she anxious about, maybe even Ling Zhen himself couldn’t tell.

After the rehearsal was over, Wei Xi’s call came on time.

Ling Zhen said several times not to let him pick it up, but Wei Xi would always come. She hung up the phone, sighed, and waved to Wen Zichu, “Then Teacher Wen, I will leave today.”

Wen Zichu smiled meaningfully, “Come on.”

Ling Zhen ran out of the building with a small bag, and Wei Xi stood quietly at the door as usual. Ling Zhen trot to him, suddenly looking embarrassed, and whispered “No, I suddenly want to go to the bathroom”

Wei Xi’s lips twitched, “Go ahead.”

Ling Zhen handed Wei Xi the bag and mobile phone, and ran to the bathroom on the first floor “I’ll wait a moment soon”

On the other side, after Ling Zhen left, Wen Zichu saw a fluffy scarf lying on the chair, which Ling Zhen had dropped.

“Little confused” He shook his head, and walked out quickly with the scarf to give it away.

Wei Xi held Lingzhen’s phone, and within a few seconds, she said “dingdong”.

Looking down, it is a WeChat message.

Teacher Wen don’t leave, your scarf is here with me.

Wei Xi’s pupils darkened.

He slowly raised his head and stared coldly at the man coming out of the distant building.

Wen Zichu found out that Ling Zhen was not there and that the one holding her mobile phone was the legendary villain who had been well-behaved.

He has been listening to Ling Zhen describing that this person is very good and kind, but finally took a closer look

It doesn’t seem to be the case.

Wei Xi’s eyes looked like a dead person, cold and cold, and stretched out a cold white hand “scarf.”

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and Wen Zichu handed him the scarf.

Wei Xi took it and trembled, as if there was something dirty on it.

Then, in front of Wen Zichu, he turned on Lingzhen’s phone and deleted Wen Zichu’s entire dialog box.

Wen Zichu: “…”

After doing all this, Wei Xi raised her eyes, “There is still something to do.”

It was the first time Wen Zichu met such a person in the world for many years, and his cold breath almost forced others.

He looked at Wei Xi for a while, and said, “You pretend to be too much. Once you are exposed, you will be backlashed.”

Wei Xi smiled.

“Be less concerned about things that have nothing to do with you,” he laughed so hard that he seemed to be colder, “this is my warning.”

When Ling Zhen waved his hand out, he saw Wei Xi holding her scarf in her hand, and said in surprise, “Hey, did I take the scarf? I just wondered if I had fallen.”

Wei Xi calmly “Well, I took it.”

Ling Zhen stretched out his hand, “I’ll put it on, then.”

Wei Xi raised her hand, “Go home, wash, wash and wear.”

Ling Zhen: “…” Her scarf is not dirty

On the way home, Ling Zhen remembered what he was going to say, and wanted to speak several times. But until she got home, she didn’t take the words out, and sighed helplessly.

After getting out of the car, the two went home together. Ling Zhen was walking around, and suddenly heard Wei Xi asking, “Do you know anyone in the dance troupe?”

Ling Zhen casually said, “I mainly met Teacher Wen.”

Wei Xi picked “Who” at the brow

Ling Zhen said, “He is a great dancing master. I heard that he is very famous in the world, and he is still very young. He can achieve this achievement at this age. Very powerful. Our group The little girls here admire him very much”

Wei Xi did not speak.

She talked about other men, chatting endlessly.

After entering the house, Ling Zhen still said, “I have watched one of his dance videos. It is hard to imagine a man who can make such soft movements.”

Before the lights in the house are turned on, in the dark, the gloomy factors are especially easy to breed.

She is too recruiting.

His surname is Gu, Shen, or Wen, he can drive away.

But she was like light, and insects kept flying towards her.

“I might not be able to make his big jump, anyway, it’s really amazing.”

Ling Zhen didn’t finish speaking, and suddenly his mouth was covered by the man.

His fingers are cold, but his palms are warm. Ling Zhen opened his eyes wide and didn’t dare to move.

The scent of cedar was mixed with a hint of mint, and Wei Xi’s breath brushed her cheeks.

“Ling Zhen, do you know what day tomorrow is.”

Ling Zhen shook his head, his lips moved slightly, “I don’t know.”

Her wet lips rubbed against his palm, and for a moment Wei Xi almost couldn’t control her desire. But he took a breath and let go, his voice low, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, come back soon.”

“I have something to tell you.”

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