GSBVH: Ch 45

Ling Zhen was startled, the expression in her eyes changed, and then nodded “Okay.”

I also have something to tell you.

Wei Xi separated a little distance, rubbed the corners of her lips with her fingertips, intimate and ambiguous.

“good night.”

Ling Zhen also whispered “Good night.”

But saying good night is not peaceful, Ling Zhen suffers from insomnia at night.

After tossing and turning until late, she simply got up from the bed, dressed in thick home clothes, and looked around her small room.

Staying in one place for a long time, there will always be a feeling of nostalgia in my heart. When I came, this room was still full of the original owner’s things, but now, the clothes hanging in the closet are all picked by herself, plain and beautiful. The curtains are small floral daisies, and the Rilakkuma pattern on the sheets matches the duvet cover. There are aromatherapy stations and dried flowers on the table, and there is a faint warm fragrance in the room.

This place is full of things she likes, and there are traces left by her everywhere.

Ling Zhen hugged his knees and sighed slightly.

After the divorce, of course she has to move out as soon as possible. The reason why she has not been looking for a house is because she is not sure whether she will stay in city a in the future. The house prices here are too expensive. If you go to a smaller city, you might be able to live more easily and comfortably.

Ling Zhen planned to take advantage of the opportunity of this tour to look around to find out if there is a place that suits him. The money in hand is still enough, and Xing Li also told her a few days ago that there might be variety shows suitable for her in the second half of the year, and dance troupes can also make money. Ling Zhen felt that she was more than enough to feed herself.

Once settled down, she can also occasionally go back to city a to see Wei Xi. Of course, if he has a new family, her ex-wife will not deliberately ask for suspicion, and she will definitely not bother them.

Ling Zhen thought about it a lot, and then fell asleep in a daze.

In the early morning, she woke up naturally and stayed for a while. Then he turned over and got out of bed, took out the divorce agreement from the drawer, and put it flat on the table.

She took a deep breath, put on her clothes and left the room.

Tomorrow night will be the first performance, and Ling Zhen’s heartfelt appeal is already skilled enough. Although she is only Wen Zichu’s foil in this dance, if two people cooperate well, it is definitely a performance of mutual achievement.

What I have to do today is to continue practicing and make sure that there is no flaw on the stage.

After the competition that day, the attitude of the people in the dance troupe towards Lingzhen changed again.

This circle is also Mu Qiang’s, strength, technology, and appearance are all representatives of the right to speak. Ling Zhen proved her ability to be on the same stage with Wen Zichu. They can be unwilling, but they can’t resist.

So someone started to greet Ling Zhen or ask some questions. When Ling Zhen and Wen Zichu were rehearsing alone, there would be little girls at the front door and back door stealing the teacher.

“Lingling, Teacher Wen and Ling Zhen are going to rehearse, let’s go and watch”

Song Ling looked unhappy, “I won’t go”

A friend pulled her arm, “Oh, let’s go, they are a whole row from beginning to end today, you will regret it if you don’t see it”

Song Ling vented her nose and nodded reluctantly, “Then I’ll just take a look.”

ten minutes later.

The girls who were watching the rehearsal left in a trance, shocked and shocked at the same time.

Ling Zhen is two or three years older than them, and it is said that he hasn’t been systematically trained, how could he jump to this level. Under Teacher Wen’s aura like a swimming dragon, he is not at all disadvantaged. On the contrary, he is like a flexible fish. Very subtle. It will neither overpower the guests nor be forgotten.

Even Song Ling looked awkward but amazing after reading it.

She has seen Teacher Wen jump on her own heartfelt order, of course it is beautiful enough. But she had to admit that after Ling Zhen as a dance partner, this appealing order was discovered in a new realm.

After the rehearsal, Ling Zhen was very satisfied, panting slightly and tidying up her messy temples.

Wen Zichu smiled and looked at her in the mirror, “You have a very high understanding.”

Ling Zhen is humble, “It’s a good teacher.”

Wen Zichu shook his head, “I am looking forward to tomorrow night’s performance.”

Ling Zhen also smiled, “Me too.”

Wen Zichu gave Ling Zhen a few more tips. Ling Zhen looked at the time and looked up, “Teacher Wen, let’s get here today. I have something to do. I need to go back soon.”

Wen Zichu heard this, showing a hint of hesitation on his face and stopped “you today”

Ling Zhen nodded, “We have an appointment, we will have a good chat today.”

Wen Zichu nodded, the man’s icy gaze floated in his mind, and he was a little worried, “If there is something wrong, you can call me.”

Ling Zhen smiled, “It’s not that serious.”

Her current hesitation and entanglement are actually mostly out of reluctance, and it will be fine once she has said it. What can be wrong

“Then see the teacher tomorrow.”

“see you tomorrow.”

Wei Xi only stayed in the company for a long time.

After disposing of the documents sent to his desk, Wei Xi checked the time and left the office with his jacket.

Zhao Yan happened to come out and saw their general Wei look solemn, as if about to go to the negotiating table. He was shocked and hurriedly went up to “Boss, go out and talk about things”

Wei Xi’s slender fingers pressed the elevator, “Yes.”

Zhao Yanxin said, “Is there anything bad to chew recently,” he thought about it, and said faithfully, “Is there anything I need to do?”

Wei Xi said, “Yes.”

Zhao Yan’s expression is willing to hear the details, “Say it.”

“Tell me,” Wei Xi said calmly, “Where is there a flower shop nearby.”

Zhao Yan talked about what flowers to bring in business

Although Zhao Yan looked at Mr. Wei, you must keep your thinking right and never do the complicated expression of sorry for your sister-in-law, but you honestly told him the best flower shop nearby.

Twenty minutes later, the flower shop owner blushed and sent Wei Xi out.

It’s too much the flower shop owner thought. Although this man is as cold as ice, his complexion is cold and white, his features are handsome, and the appearance of holding a bunch of red roses indifferently is too sexy.

Wei Xi drove home after buying flowers.

He is not a person who is active in life, he cares very little, and he has no sense of ritual.

But if the ceremony can make him look more solemn, or increase the likelihood of success, he doesn’t mind the trouble.

Set up a table in the living room, cover it with a red velvet tablecloth, put a gorgeous rose in a glass bottle, and a tower candle on each side.

Wei Xi has cold eyes and is meticulous in doing this. He pinched the red mouth cloth with his white fingertips, folded it into regular sharp corners, and placed it in a glass goblet.

The Michelin dinner will be delivered in ten minutes. After Wei Xi finished this, she took out a small box from her pocket.

From the platinum setting to the weight, cut and clarity of the Italian handmade diamond ring, Wei Xi controlled everything one by one. It was indeed a long time to wait, but it was worth it.

The small ring was lying on the velvet cloth, and the drop-shaped diamond reflected a bright halo.

The man put down the ring, then held his arms, and scanned the whole house with a scrutiny gaze.

The walls of the room are very eye-catching.

He can control his emotions and pretend to be himself, but true desires will not deceive.

He longed secretly, expecting to carry his girl into his room.

Branding on the skin and engraving his ownership with his body.

Wei Xi’s eyes were slightly hot.

He was silent for a while, as if driven by something, he lifted his foot to the door of Lingzhen’s room and gave a light push.

The girl’s room is very fragrant and cute everywhere. Wei Xi felt like a pervert, but he still walked in and sat beside Lingzhen’s bed.

The line of sight was facing her desk, which was neatly packed with only a piece of paper.

Wei Xi’s gaze fell on the piece of paper.

After a while, he stood up, walked to the table, and lowered his eyes.

After Ling Zhen left the dance troupe, he did not go home directly, but went to the supermarket first.

She made up her mind last night to cook Wei Xi a good meal today, even if it was a farewell meal.

Pushing the shopping cart into the supermarket, Ling Zhen glanced across the shelves, and suddenly found that he remembered Wei Xi’s preferences clearly. He doesn’t like sour and sweet, tomatoes, and strong-smelling things like green onion, ginger and garlic. But he likes spicy, but also light, he likes her chicken and eggplant.

Ling Zhen sighed. After today, there may be no chance to cook for Wei Xi in the future.

She leaned on the shopping cart and froze for a while, and tossed her head to separate it was a good thing for both of them. In the future, Ling Zhen would have to rejoice in pushing the cart again and simply remember all Wei Xi she remembered. I bought everything I like.

Finished shopping, and went home with a big plastic bag. When he reached the door of the house, Ling Zhen freed a hand to get the key, but suddenly found that the door of the house was unlocked.

Wei Xi has returned

She picked up the plastic bag and pushed open the door, only to find that the house was completely dark.

Ling Zhen was a little frightened, and cautiously turned around the hallway, walked into the living room, and suddenly saw a glimmer of light.

On the square table is an exquisite dinner with flowers and two candlesticks.

The man sat at the table, wearing a black silk shirt with a few buttons open, revealing a cold white neck and a mole. He propped his cheek with one hand, the flame of the candle reflected the outline of his facial features, and the line from the brow bone to the peak of his nose was incredible.

He sat in the darkness, with a cold and lazy temperament. Ling Zhen swallowed subconsciously, a bit dazzled by the beauty.

Wei Xi looked over, her pupils were so dark that she absorbed light, but her voice softly “come back” when she spoke.

Ling Zhen put down things, “I originally planned to cook, why didn’t you tell me if you ordered a meal?”

As soon as she entered the door, Wei Xi’s gaze stuck to her. Listening to the young girl’s fine complaints, she smiled, “Come and sit down.”

The dishes in the Michelin restaurant are delicious, but the atmosphere on the table is strangely heavy.

Halfway through the meal, Ling Zhen wiped his mouth with a napkin, and raised his eyes to look at the opposite man “Wei Xi, I”

Wei Xi didn’t look up, but cut a piece of meat with a knife and put it on her plate with a fork.

“I’ll talk after you eat it.”

Ling Zhen blinked “Oh.”

She had to stuff a whole plate of food into her stomach, so she couldn’t eat anymore, so she put down her knife and fork and waited for the man opposite to finish.

Wei Xi slowly wiped her mouth with a napkin, raised her eyes, and her expression seemed calm.

Seeing that he was fine, Ling Zhen put his hands on his knees and said seriously, “I have something to say.”

I don’t know if it was because of the candlelight. Wei Xi’s deep gaze was mild and “think about it.”

Ling Zhen nodded, “I’m done.”

After that, she was afraid that she would regret it, and said directly, “Wei Xi, I will go on tour with the group next. The cycle is very long. I can’t accompany you or take care of you during this time, and I can’t fulfill my duties as a wife. In fact, I have never fulfilled this responsibility. I am very happy during the time I am with you, but I can no longer selfishly enjoy what you do to me, so”

“Let’s get a divorce.”

Then go have your own freedom and live your own life, Wei Xi.

Ling Zhen added in a low voice in her heart.

The girl’s eyes were bright, with unknowingly naivety and cruelty.

After Ling Zhen finished speaking, the hand under the dining table squeezed into a fist, and then stared at Wei Xi, waiting for his response.

The man is really plain.

Don’t say good, don’t say bad.

After Ling Zhen finished speaking, Wei Xi just stared at her blankly for about a minute.

But I don’t know why, under his gaze, Ling Zhen inexplicably panicked.

She stood up and wanted to go to the room to get the divorce agreement, but when she moved, Wei Xi suddenly grabbed her wrist.

He used an unprecedented strength to pinch Ling Zhen in an instant.

Ling Zhen yelled in a low voice.

At this moment, Wei Xi raised his eyes, his lips curled up, and he smiled.

With this smile, the man’s expression finally broke through the ice, and the turbulent undercurrent under the ice sheet began to show its deeds.

“Do you know what day it is today?” His smile was hostile, “Ling Zhen.”

Ling Zhen panicked even more, she shook her head “I don’t know.”

Wei Xi held her wrist in one hand, took out a small box with the other, and knocked it open with one hand.

The brilliant light of the diamond hurt Ling Zhen’s eyes.

“Happy first anniversary of marriage.” Wei Xi said.

Ling Zhen’s eyes widened, as if seeing something terrible.

Wei Xi stood up without hesitation, his height advantage made him feel as if he was suppressed. And because of the backlight, Ling Zhen was almost enveloped in his figure and breath.

He is so different in normal times.

In this state, it’s like, like

“I made you misunderstood, I’m sorry,” Wei Xi lifted the hair from her ears, his cold lips pressed against her ears, “but I’m still not a good person.”

The disguise was torn apart, and the haze spread like black mist.

Ling Zhen was held by him, and her body trembled.

“You tell me now, you are joking.” Wei Xi’s voice is low and magnetic, with coaxing.

“If you accept the ring, I will forgive you.”

The author has something to say, don’t feel bad

Brother Xi can be a beast in the future haha

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