GSBVH: Ch 43

It’s a new day in the song and dance troupe.

Although Wen Zichu joined the regiment not long ago, he supported the entire regiment by himself, so he has a special status and owns an office.

Early this morning, Teacher Guo came to his office door and knocked.

“Please come in.” The gentle voice of the man came out.

Teacher Guo pushed the door in with a smile on his face, “Mr. Wen, I am here mainly to tell you about a new girl in our regiment.”

“Is that girl yesterday?” Wen Zichu held a cup of tea and raised his eyes. “It’s pretty good.”

Teacher Guo asked in surprise, “You have already met Ling Zhen”

Wen Zichu’s eyebrows twitched slightly, Ling Zhen

I forgot to ask her fairy name yesterday. I heard it today and suddenly felt like I had heard it.

But he didn’t show a different color, and asked “I have seen it, why?”

“That girl” Teacher Guo hesitated, “It’s a bit similar to your dance, it shouldn’t be said, it’s very similar, so we discussed it and decided to ask your opinion first.”

Wen Zichu understood what she meant, and he smiled, “Like me, it’s normal.”

Teacher Guo: “…” Are you serious?

“It doesn’t matter, as long as she is willing, I welcome her to come,” Wen Zichu took a sip of Pu’er tea and smiled “It just happens that I lack a dancing partner.”

Teacher Guo was surprised.

After all, Ling Zhen is also a newcomer to the dance troupe. How many people robbed their heads and wanted to be Wen Zichu’s dance partner, if she would become Wen Zichu as soon as she came, they would be unconvinced.

A few days later, Ling Zhen received a reply from the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe, agreeing that she would join the group and can perform with the group in the future.

Ling Zhen was very happy, after all, it was something she liked to do. After officially joining the group, she didn’t stay at home much anymore. She often ran to the dance group and got acquainted with Wen Zichu.

“So the teacher didn’t wear it until after reading the book?” Ling Zhen asked him.

She thought that only a little fairy like her idle and nothing to do would search the world to pass the time, but she didn’t expect other fairy monarchs to do the same.

“Yes,” Wen Zichu sighed, “but luckier than you, the name Zichu is just a passing character.”

He came earlier than Ling Zhen, and he also died from the law of “you must wear a book when you have the same name”, but here he is just a person who has nothing to do with the original plot. After too long, the plot can’t be remembered clearly.

But when he learned that Ling Zhen had become the supporting female role of “Ling Zhen”, he was still a little surprised. After all, Wen Zichu remembered that this female partner had a series of strange behaviors in the original book, and finally had a miserable life.

“I remember you were called by the villain in the end”

Ling Zhen immediately said “Wei Xi”

Wen Zichu glanced at her and asked “What did he do to you”

Wen Zichu still has the impression of this villain. As an existence that overrides and crushes the protagonist, his vicious, violent, and indifferent character brings a strong sense of impact.

Ling Zhen finished listening and shook his head frantically. “No, Wei Xi is actually a very good person. The reason why he has been blackened is because of childhood shadows and garbage plots. Now he is not like the persona in the book, he will not be blackened. La”

There was a hint of playfulness in Wen Zichu’s eyes, “Then you still have to stay with him.”

Ling Zhen was startled.

The little resentment in her heart started to appear again, but after the daze, she still shook her head.

“Wei Xi is fine, and I can’t always rely on him.”

He has become better now and will no longer be a villain, so he will have his own life in the future, have people he likes, and form a real family. After all, their marriage is also a deal, and Wei Xi is fulfilling his responsibilities.

She can’t let him perform for a lifetime.

Wen Zichu laughed, “Then are you leaving him? The dance troupe will perform in the next year. The first show will be in this city. If you can come, you can perform with me on stage.”

He paused, and then said, “Moreover, you should understand that the aura here in City A is barren. Go and look around. Maybe you can find something new.”

What Wen Zichu said coincided with her own thoughts at the beginning.

Ling Zhen thought for a while, then solemnly nodded.

She also has her own life to live.

Let’s spend another year together at the end, she thought. At that time, she should also be able to say goodbye calmly.

When leaving the dance troupe that day, Wei Xi came to pick her up again.

When Ling Zhen saw him waiting silently as usual, his heart was inexplicably sore, and when he called him, he always said “Wei Xi” more often than before.

But the man rarely answered.

His gaze crossed Ling Zhen’s hair and looked at a figure in the building.

It was a very thin young man who seemed to be a dancer, and he was looking here at this time.

Wei Xi squinted slightly.

It seemed that this person had sent Ling Zhen out just now.

Ling Zhen didn’t notice, and pulled his sleeve, “Let’s go home”

“Yeah.” Wei Xi stared at the person in the distance and pulled her hand into her pocket, which meant it was obvious.

Then she retracted her gaze and squeezed her little hand, “Let’s go home.”

The Spring Festival is probably the more and more red in the streets and lanes, and the more and more smiles on people’s faces, quietly.

There are countless festivals for mortals, but this one is the most important.

But Wei Xi and his family had a special year. They spent time in the hospital.

Wei’s mother is now much better than before, and she can occasionally go outside in a wheelchair. This is also something that Ling Zhen is particularly happy about. It seems that everyone has become better with the changes in the plot, which is great.

The word “Fu” was also posted in the ward, red and jubilant.

Wei Xi ordered a table of dishes from the hotel in advance and sent them directly to the hospital. Ling Zhen arranged the dishes with him, then turned on the TV, and spent the festival in the background sound of the Spring Festival Gala.

Outside the window is the cold wind of the new moon, and the ward is not noisy, but occasionally a few words of jokes can fill the entire room.

Wei’s mother didn’t expect that at this age, she could still enjoy such happiness, and smiled and wrapped a big red envelope for the two of them.

Ling Zhen didn’t know what to do, and asked Wei Xi for help in a daze.

Wei Xi curled her lips, “Just keep it for you, blessed.”

On auspicious days, no one could refuse the blessing, so Ling Zhen had to accept the hot red envelope. After a while, Wei Xi handed his one to her as well.

“Mine is also yours.” He whispered in Ling Zhen’s ear.

Mother Wei pretended not to see it, but her eyes kept smiling.

After eating the New Year’s Eve dinner, Wei Xi went to take out the garbage. Only Wei Mu and Ling Zhen were left in the room.

Ling Zhen chatted with her mother-in-law, and said that the drama she was filming was about to be broadcast, and that she had recently gone to the dance company and was going to perform.

Mother Wei was willing to listen to them talk about her life, but as she listened, there was a faint worry in her heart.

Ling Zhen’s future plans are not related to Wei Xi.

But Wei’s mother didn’t say it directly, she just said softly, “You live with Wei Xi. If he doesn’t do anything well, just tell me.”

Ling Zhen blinked, and then shook Mother Wei’s hand. “Wei Xi is very good everywhere, he is not the same personality as before.”

The “little nobleman” has completed her mission, and the misfortune he hit will never happen again, so you don’t need to worry about it.

After listening to Wei’s mother, there was a hint of worry in her eyes.

She knew she was selfish as a mother, and wanted Ling Zhen to be with Wei Xi all the time. But when the two were about to go back, Mother Wei stopped Wei Xi alone and left him to say something.

There is not much communication between mother and son, but Mother Wei knows that he can understand “It’s so good. If you are too indifferent, you won’t be able to keep her.”

Wei Xi stood there in silence, nodding slightly.


The ring is almost ready.

The days are also chosen.

The man must be his.

In a festive atmosphere during the New Year, the much-anticipated national i film and television series Xianwen finally started broadcasting on Blue Channel.

After all, it was his first work. On the day it started broadcasting, Ling Zhen was also waiting in front of the TV.

Wei Xi sat next to her, peeled the orange, and placed it in Ling Zhen’s palm.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the first episode of Xianwen was played on time.

There are countless people watching the whole network at the same time, and after the episode is broadcast, the Internet will explode.

Ling Zhen didn’t go online, and didn’t know what was going on online. She just thinks that the post-production is beyond imagination. People on the TV screen are even better than real people. In addition, the plot is excellent, well-made, the scenery and special effects are not cheap, Ling Zhen’s two episodes in a row is actually a bit addictive.

Fortunately, four episodes will be released on the first broadcast day, otherwise she would not be enough to watch it.

There are not many Lingzhen scenes in front, Wei Xi has no interest in other people, leaning against her, and lazily asking “Where are you?”

Ling Zhen stared at the screen, “I will have more behind.”

In the third episode, Ling Zhen showed up more.

But Ling Zhen looked at it and suddenly felt embarrassed.

Fuqing is exactly Ye Wentian’s little fan in the play. Ling Zhen’s many rival scenes with Shen Yanchu are almost molesting the male protagonist Shen Yanchu.

She had no distracting thoughts when she filmed, but she was inexplicably ashamed when she watched it.

In particular, Wei Xi also watched with her.

There was a scene where Fu Qing and Ye Wentian crossed the river together. Fu Qing deliberately stretched out his hand to Ye Wentian, but when he caught it, he yanked, and the two of them thumped and fell into the water.

Inevitably, there will be some physical contact between movements.

Ling Zhen covered his face.

I don’t know if it was an illusion. She felt that the air pressure in the room was low and it seemed to be getting colder.

The author has something to say that Wei always wants to lock up his wife

Ling Zhen

That’s right. It’s a stage where both people have a certain misunderstanding of each other. Of course, the misunderstanding will be broken soon hahahaha

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