GSBVH: Ch 42

“Miss Ling, Miss Ling”

Ling Zhen returned to his senses and looked at the little girl who was showing her the way.

The little girl didn’t say anything. After all, there were countless people who watched Teacher Wen dance and watched. Ling Zhen’s reaction was quite normal.

She smiled proudly and asked her “may we go now”

Ling Zhen suppressed the shock in his heart and nodded “Okay.”

If you didn’t admit it, it was indeed a kind of dance in the fairy world, and the movements of hanging hands and kicking were very familiar. Could it be that this person, like her, came in through a book?

She thought about it, the little girl has taken her to the assessment classroom and opened the door, “Today is Mr. Guo and Mr. Zhang assessing you, don’t be nervous, the teachers are all very nice.”

Ling Zhen waved away the various thoughts in his mind, and decided to focus on the present matter first. She smiled and said thank you, then walked in with a smile on her face. The little girl closed the door and walked to the back of the classroom to take notes.

“Hello teachers, my name is Ling Zhen.”

“Hello there.”

The two teachers sat down and looked up and down.

It is indeed a star, and the appearance of an amateur is not on the same level. Although the little girl is in her early twenties, she does not seem to be much older than a ten-year-old. Judging from their years of dancing experience, that waist is flexible enough and has the graceful posture of a professional dancer when standing still, and the dance that comes out is definitely not bad.

But the strange thing is that this girl did not graduate from dance academy, nor did she have the experience of mentoring famous artists. How did she get it out?

“Then dance the dance you prepared first.” Teacher Guo looked at her with a smile.

Ling Zhen nodded and played the accompaniment with the portable speaker.

This is her newly learned human dance. In order to show her strength more directly in the assessment, the degree of difficulty is not small. At the end of the song, satisfaction appeared in the eyes of the two teachers.

Really solid

Even the little girl who recorded in the back row was shocked. Ling Zhen’s level was definitely considered first-rate in their group. The most frightening thing is that not only does she dance well, but she also looks first-class.

The world is so unfair

The second level of the assessment is an impromptu performance, and the other three people in the classroom are looking forward to it. An ancient style accompaniment was played randomly, Ling Zhen listened to two bars quietly, and started to dance gently with the rhythm.

This time, she used dance moves she was familiar with. After a few eight beats, the faces of the few people sitting underneath changed.

The expression of the little girl in the back row became more straightforward, her eyes widened and her face was full of shock.

After Ling Zhen finished jumping, Teacher Guo and Teacher Zhang looked at each other, and then asked Ling Zhen to go back and wait for the notification. There will be a reply within a week.

Ling Zhen thanked him politely, opened the door and walked out.

Teacher Guo turned his head and said to Teacher Zhang, “Where did this kid learn from is too similar.”

Mr. Wen Zichu, the stage pillar of the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble, is well-known throughout the country for his unique classical rhythm in his dances, and no one can imitate it until now.

But this girl named Lingzhen easily jumped out of Wen Zichu’s feeling, even lighter and more elegant than him.

With Lingzhen’s strength and conditions, they are absolutely willing to call her into their subordinates. But one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers. No one would have thought that her and Wen Zichu’s unique style were so close to each other, and it was necessary to ask Teacher Wen.

Ling Zhen left the assessment classroom, followed the memory, and returned to the rehearsal room just now.

She didn’t know if she could still meet that “Ms. Wen”, but she was really curious.

Is there really her kind in this world? If there is, how long has he been here? Has he tried to go back? What is the result?

Ling Zhen carefully grabbed the window glass and glanced at it.

The man has gone.

Ling Zhen sighed, and just about to turn around, a voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“Look for me?”

Ling Zhen turned back abruptly.

That teacher Wen was standing behind her at this moment, smiling unclearly.

“It’s been a long time since I felt such a plentiful aura.” His voice was gentle, “However, you have consumed more than half of it.”

Ling Zhen opened his eyes wide and was surprised.

But she still looked at the person in front of her with a trace of vigilance. Ling Zhen always felt that everything was a little too coincidental, which made her feel unreal.

From a closer look, this is a young man, visually about the same age as Wei Xi. He has clean facial features and is wearing a red dress for dancing. He has an aura that only Ling Zhen can understand.

Wen Zichu saw her concerns and smiled faintly, “Which house is the little fairy who has never seen you before.”

Ling Zhen confirmed in his heart that the man in front of him is really of her kind.

She had a lot of questions, but at this time she was very cautious, and cautiously said, “Master Ling Xu is a disciple of the real person.”

“No wonder, I don’t know you well,” Wen Zichu said, “Don’t be afraid, I did wear it in too.”

Ling Zhen’s heart beating, raised his eyes and asked him “How long have you been here”

Wen Zi first thought about it, “It’s been many years.”

“Then you now” Ling Zhen hesitated whether to ask.

But perhaps because the two are from the same place, Wen Zichu easily understood what she wanted to ask, and he nodded, “It’s like an ordinary mortal.”

Ling Zhen was a little surprised.

Hearing his voice, he should have been a fairy prince who has been doing his Taoism longer than his own, but as a mortal, he has lived very well in the world, and it seems that there is no feeling of resentment or unwillingness.

Wen Zichu didn’t explain too much. His inquiring gaze fell on the little fairy’s face, and a trace of interest arose. “It’s just right that you want to join our dance troupe. I will be missing a partner for the national tour in the next year. I think you should be able to. .”

Ling Zhen nodded ignorantly, now there was a mass of paste in his head.

Wen Zichu continued, “Since you are destined, you can have a meal together at night. You can ask me if you have any questions.”

Ling Zhen thought for a while, sit down and talk slowly. Just about to agree, the phone in the bag rang suddenly.

“Sorry” Ling Zhen gave Wen Zichu an apologetic look, then lowered his head to see that it was Wei Xi’s, so he hung up first.

Wen Zichu waved his hand “It’s okay.”

Ling Zhen put down the phone and said, “You are a senior, I will invite you to dinner. I don’t know what’s around here.”

As soon as the voice fell, the phone rang again.

It seems a little bit fiercer than before.

Ling Zhen was embarrassed, “I’m really sorry”

Wen Zichu smiled, somewhat meaningful, “It seems that the person who called you is in a hurry, please answer it.”

Ling Zhen apologized, thinking that Wei Xi might be in a hurry, so he took the phone to the side and answered “What’s the matter?”

But Wei Xi’s voice doesn’t sound anxious at all, “The exam is over.”

Ling Zhen was a little absent-minded, “Hmm.”

Wei Xi’s deep voice came from the microphone, “Why don’t I come out, I’m at the door.”

Ling Zhen was taken aback, “You came to pick me up”

“Yeah,” Wei Xi said calmly, “Come along.”

Ling Zhen”” She didn’t know which way to go from Qingxi to here.

But Wei Xi is here, how can she let him go back.

After hanging up the phone, Ling Zhen awkwardly returned to Wen Zichu, “My friend came to pick me up, and it seems that I can only invite you to dinner another day.”

Wen Zichu smiled with a deep meaning, “It seems that you are very comfortable here, it doesn’t matter, there is another time. I think we will meet again soon.”

Ling Zhen said goodbye to him, turned around and walked out of the building.

Wen Zichu opened the door and walked into the rehearsal room, standing by the window. He saw that little fairy came out of the building, changed the restraint he had just before him, and bounced out of the gate.

Outside the door, a long and cold temperament man was waiting for her.

Wen Zichu’s eyes showed a hint of playfulness.

“Little girl, the bond in the world is very deep”

“Did the assessment go well?”

Ling Zhen was still digesting the huge amount of information just now, and he took a beat before repliing, “Well, it went well.”

Wei Xi glanced at her from the tip of her eye.

There was a roast duck restaurant that Ling Zhen liked very much nearby. Wei Xi walked over with her without driving.

When I entered the store, I asked for a private room. Ling Zhen was not as active as usual when ordering food. Ren Weixi ordered a few casually, and then poked her chin and wandered.

Wei Xi’s dark gaze fell on her face, staring at her for a few seconds without any response, as if completely ignoring him.

Wei Xi’s breathing deepened, put her hand on her shoulder, and turned the person around to face herself.

“What are you thinking”

Ling Zhen twisted his waist, struggling for a while and couldn’t get away, so he wrinkled his face and pushed him “What are you doing?”

But as soon as she pushed, Wei Xi suddenly relieved her strength, Ling Zhen lost her focus and plunged straight into his arms.

She is fragrant and soft, and it doesn’t hurt to hit someone. Wei Xi lifted her lips, dropped her big hand on her back, and stroked it lightly.

At this moment, the door of the box was opened, and the waiter smiled, “Hello, I will serve you some food.”

In the box, the man raised his eyelids coldly, outlined a stern arc, turned sideways, blocking the person in his arms. In his arms, the little girl blushed her ears and dared not look up.

The waiter knew that he had come at an untimely time, and under the sight of that death, he quickly arranged the dishes, and then closed the door quickly and left.

“have a good meal”

The waiter wiped the sweat from his forehead as soon as he went out. The handsome guy just now was so scary

She clutched her heart and walked around the corner, leaning on the wall, shouting in her heart.

But they both look good and hug and hug so sweet

After the waiter left, Ling Zhen dared to raise his face and whispered “She is gone”

Her slightly sweet breath blew around her neck, and Wei Xi’s throat tightened, “Yes.”

But Ling Zhen got up in the next second, staring at his black and bright eyes, holding up and scratching him, “You deliberately made me ashamed.”

She committed a terrible crime, but Wei Xi was not at all annoyed. Instead, there was a hint of joy in her eyes, and her entire chest was opened to her.

Ling Zhen was confused by his good-tempered appearance, and finally gave birth to an illusion that he was making troubles unreasonably.

However, after such interruptions, Ling Zhen briefly forgot about seeing Wen Zichu just now, and the meal was very stable.

After eating, the two took a short walk as usual.

Walking side by side quietly, the street lights cast the two figures long.

Ling Zhen suddenly realized that perhaps this kind of life has been one day or one less.

The timeline is advancing little by little, and in the near future she will face the day when she leaves Wei Xi and no longer depends on him.

Actually will not give up.

After getting along for so long, this man has gone from a black villain who made her afraid, to a gentle and kind person who would never fight him back.

Ling Zhen didn’t want to say that these changes were caused by herself, but she did witness his changes little by little.

Wei Xi looked at her and asked in a low voice, “What do you think?”

Ling Zhen smiled, raised her small face, eyes like stars, “I think you have really changed a lot, Wei Xi.”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes and called her “Ling Zhen.”

The man’s voice was low, and there was an imperceptible haze in the night.

He asked her “Am I a good person.”

Ling Zhen smiled and nodded “Forget it.”

Me too, I can rest assured.

Wei Xi smiled.

Back in the car, Ling Zhen stretched out his hand to pull the seat belt, just buckled, and suddenly he was grabbed by the man beside him.

Ling Zhen puzzled “what’s wrong”

Wei Xi raised her hand and pinched her slender white fingers. He didn’t know where to take out a thin thread and gently wrapped it around her ring finger.

Ling Zhen didn’t understand the meaning of “What is this?”

Wei Xi noted the size, closed the thin line, and squeezed her fingertips.

He smiled softly, “It’s nothing.”

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