GSBVH: Ch 41

Ling Zhen didn’t sing words, and replaced all of them with single syllables, chanting a melody gently.

It was a song humming by the fairy in Leng Ji Yue Gong, talking about loneliness and longing. Ling Zhen simply sang for a short while, and suddenly missed the peaceful and peaceful time in the fairy palace, only to realize that he had been away from home for so long.

It’s been a long time to consider this place as home.

Ling Zhen stopped, curled her lips and smiled, then turned her head and asked Wei Xi “Does it sound good?”

The man beside her suddenly reached out and pinched her wrist.

Ling Zhen’s singing voice is very ethereal, and she can sing a simple melody like a natural sound.

But Wei Xi suddenly felt an inexplicable feeling.

She is like a little fairy, singing a song like the sound of nature, and when she finishes singing, she will float away in the wind.

The picture was beautiful, but Wei Xi instantly crawled out of the thin black line from the bottom of her heart, and subconsciously clenched her wrist.

Ling Zhen “hissed” and whispered “pain”

Wei Xi returned to her senses, suppressing the surging darkness in her heart waiting for an opportunity, and raised her wrist to take a look.

Ling Zhen’s skin was white and tender, and it was pinched red with a little effort. He rubbed it with his thumb, “Sorry.”

Ling Zhen became unhappy, and withdrew his hand, “Sing to you and you still pinch me, who is it.”

Wei Xi smiled and gave her her hand “Pinch it back for you.”

Ling Zhen raised his wrist, the man’s cuffs were spotless, and the back of his hand was cold and white, covered with light blue blood vessels and blue veins. She glanced twice, then put it back, “I won’t pinch you.”

Wei Xi hooked her lips and dragged her to continue walking, taking on her words, “It sounds good.”

Ling Zhen smiled triumphantly, “Of course.”

Wei Xi asked “Where did I learn from?”

Ling Zhen was empty and rolled his eyes, “It’s the song of my mother and their hometown.”

In the night, Wei Xi turned her face to look at her, without speaking.

The two of them didn’t know how long they had slipped, and finally they went back to the parking lot when Ling Zhen was tired.

The car drove home and drove on the empty street. When passing by the unknown square, I suddenly heard a huge cheer.

Ling Zhen grabbed the car window and looked out, “What’s wrong?”

Wei Xi didn’t look, and drove the car calmly, calling her “Ling Zhen.”

Ling Zhen turned around, “Yeah”

“It’s zero o’clock,” Wei Xi said, “Happy New Year.”

Ling Zhen realized that the people on the square were watching the time and guarding the new year.

She didn’t have a deep conception of time before, because she had been in the fairy world since she was born, and her life was as long as the world.

But the life span of a mortal is short, only dozens of cold and heat in his life. Therefore, the end of each year and the arrival of each festival are worthy of attention, and worthy of such cheers.

She felt a bit of a taste when she was in it, and it was indeed only in the world.

Ling Zhen curled up his smiling eyes and gave him his first smiling face in the New Year, “Happy New Year, Wei Xi.”

The voice is soft and sweet.

The car stopped at the red light.

Wei Xi turned her head, “Then I beg you.”

Be happy because you are there.

I slept peacefully this night, and wake up again, it is already a new year.

Ling Zhen lay on the bed for a while, then slowly got up and stretched.

With this stretch, she suddenly felt that something was wrong.

She looked all over her body and finally found the source of the problem

The warm natal spirit orb at the neck seemed to have cooled a little bit.

The spiritual energy in this world is thin, and Ling Zhen has been relying on the spiritual energy stored in the spiritual orb to nourish since she was wearing it to the present. But as if in response to the words “New Year and New Atmosphere”, Ling Zhen discovered at this time that after such a long period of time only to get in and out, nearly half of the aura in the Lingzhu had been consumed.

Ling Zhen raised his hand and touched it, wondering that it was because of the recent chills.

Although she won’t die without aura, she will gradually experience aging and injury like a mortal person, accepting the end of life prescribed by the fate.

Although she had been mentally prepared since she put on the book, Ling Zhen suddenly felt that under Wei Xi’s protection, she seemed to worry too little and had a good time.

But Wei Xi has no such obligation after all, and she wants to live on her own after all.

This may be a warning on the first day of the new year.

Remind her to think carefully about how to deal with herself in this world if she is not a “cannon fodder girl” after she is out of the plot.

Ling Zhen thought about it for a day at home, and when the holiday was over, she met with Xing Li to chat.

“I’m going to Teacher Xing’s studio,” Ling Zhen walked out while putting on his coat, and said to Wei Xi in the living room, “You can’t eat together today. You can eat by yourself.”

Wei Xi frowned quickly, then sent her to the hallway and asked “I’ll send you.”

“No,” Ling Zhen bent over to put on his shoes, “Xiaode will pick me up.”

Finally, she took a photo with the full-length mirror in the hallway, and turned around and waved her hand, “Oh, what are you doing so politely, and I’ll leave when you send me out”

“Boom”, the door was closed.

Wei Xi frowned, with an undisguised irritability in her eyes.

When Xing Li’s office was knocked on, he was flipping through a magazine that he had received recently.

“Please come in.” He shouted.

As soon as the door opened, the little girl walked in a little cautiously, “Ms. Xing.”

“Come on, sit down, you don’t have to be polite,” Xing Li smiled, “I will come out to talk about work just after the fake, won’t your boss Wei be upset?”

Ling Zhen shook his head strangely, “No way.”

Xing Li smiled, did not say anything, and instead said, “Talk to me about something”

Ling Zhen took the coffee from his assistant, “It’s mainly to talk to you about my future development.”

Xing Li looked at her seriously, and sat upright, “You said.”

“Actually, you also know that I am not very ambitious about acting,” Ling Zhen smiled embarrassedly, “So I want to ask you, besides the work you normally arrange, can I do something that I like. “

Xing Li nodded “like”

Ling Zhen was even more embarrassed. “Compared to acting, I think I am better at dancing. If I can, I would like to do stage performances in this area.”

Of course, she still has her own selfishness.

She thought for a long time yesterday. If she can join the dance company, she will not only do what she likes, but also take advantage of the opportunity to tour with the group to see the spiritual situation around the world, and maybe even go to find out if there is any return. The possibility of fairyland.

Xing Li pondered for a moment.

In fact, there is no problem with her like this. The brokerage contract Wei Xi signed for her was very relaxed, and the main purpose was to entrust him to take her with him. There was no mandatory contract for working profit. In fact, Lingzhen had a lot of freedom.

“I can help you introduce some dance groups,” Xing Li thought afterwards, “but you have to think carefully. After Xianwen broadcasts, your popularity is likely to rise, and there will be more opportunities. You will face trade-offs on both sides.”

Ling Zhen breathed a sigh of relief and smiled “I understand, thank you Teacher Xing”

“Originally, I was to take you. The way you go depends on your personal choice,” Xing Li waved his hand. “But your dancing strength really shouldn’t be wasted. If there are related jobs, I will pay attention to you.”

Ling Zhen solved a big problem, and the whole person relaxed “then thank you teacher”

The little girl left happily, Xing Li sat still and continued to drink tea.

Ten minutes later, the phone rang.

The man’s cold voice came, “What did you say to her?”

Xing Li was helpless, “Can you ask her if she can’t do it?”

Wei Xi “will ask.”

His desire to control doesn’t hide at all, even Xing Li is secretly surprised.

Ling Zhen is completely like a simple white rabbit, I don’t know if I can stand it up in the future.

He briefly said, Wei Xi was silent for a few seconds after hearing this, and then said, “Thank you, thank you.”

hang up the phone.

After Ling Zhen returned home, he naturally told Wei Xi about this.

The man looked quite supportive, and his expression was calm. “Okay.”

Ling Zhen was a little happy and asked him “Don’t you think I’m fooling around?”

Wei Xi touched her head and said in a high-sounding voice, “It’s good if you are happy.”

Once a person has something to do, life flies quickly.

Two weeks before the annual holiday, Xing Li helped Ling Zhen contact the very famous Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble in China. There is a fixed recruitment time there every year, but they have watched Lingzhen’s dance video and recognized her strength, and because she is a special star, she made an exception and asked her to come to the group to accept the assessment.

It is said that the content of the assessment is personal dance demonstrations and impromptu performances. Ling Zhen is not worried. He finds a place to practice dance every day when nothing happens, and occasionally lets Wei Xi be the audience.

On the day of the assessment, there was already a strong New Year atmosphere on the street, and even the building of the song and dance troupe was affixed with Spring Festival couplets and the word blessing, which seemed particularly festive.

Ling Zhen entered the building, and someone came out to pick him up. Seeing Ling Zhen came alone, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

I have long heard that there is a little star who wants to join their dance troupe, but when the star comes, he still needs to be assessed. They all guessed that the person must have brought the assistant agent with him, all around her to serve.

But I didn’t expect that not only did they come alone, they also didn’t have the style of celebrities at all. They were simply dressed and there was almost no makeup on their faces. A plain white face was beautiful enough.

The man brought Ling Zhen in, and introduced, “Today happens to be an open rehearsal. There is our large rehearsal room, you can take a look.”

Ling Zhen thanked him and walked to the door of the large rehearsal room to observe. Nowadays, most of the dancers are ten-year-old children, one by one is full of youthful vitality.

She watched for a while, and the people from the dance troupe took her to the assessment.

Before leaving, Ling Zhen swept his eyes inadvertently, and was suddenly attracted by the figure in the other rehearsal room.

Unlike the noisy rehearsal room next door, there was only one person dancing in the empty space.

It was a man, but he had a very flexible and light dancing posture. His whole person is like moving clouds and flowing water, and the rhythm and movements make Ling Zhen feel familiar, and he is slowly matching the memory in Ling Zhen’s mind.

A member of the dance troupe introduced next to her, “You are very lucky, and I met Teacher Wen to dance when I came here. This is the treasure of our town troupe.”

Ling Zhen forgot to answer.

She stood there and watched for a moment, her eyes widening a little bit, and finally she almost stared at the man.

This person.

How can this person dance their fairyland dance?

The author has something to say about debuting a somewhat important role

Also, don’t worry, according to the author’s outline, the copywriting will come soon oo

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