GSBVH: Ch 40

Ling Zhen was taken aback.

    There was a short silence in the car, the warm yellow lights came down from the top of the head, the breath of the two of them entangled in the narrow space, there was a kind of secret intimacy.

    Wei Xi’s brow bones are high, her eye sockets are in the shadow, and her deep black eyes silently observe the person in front of her.

    He is testing.

    Ling Zhen was stunned for a few seconds before coming back to his senses, and whispered, “I don’t use it.”

    Of course she couldn’t accept it. Not only was the gift too expensive, but also… I felt it before, it was vague and couldn’t be grasped. Feeling uneasy, he slowly moved to my heart.

    Although they have the name of a husband and wife relationship, they do not have the reality of husband and wife. Although she is an immortal, she also knows that if the mortal world is hired and passed the door, she will go there forever.

    At the moment, her relationship with Wei Xi is like a friend, very comfortable, close but just right, not burdensome.

    Ling Zhen always remembered where he came from. She is a floating cloud in the sky, can’t hold it, and can’t bear it.

    Ling Zhen held the flannel box in both hands, feeling heavy, and returned it to Wei Xi: “You can keep it as a collection if you take the photo. You don’t need to give it to me.”

    Wei Xi didn’t answer it at first.

    Ling Zhen sensed a trace of pressure inexplicably, and pressed it slightly, causing her heart to beat faster.

    Then Wei Xi smiled lightly, and answered if nothing had happened, and whispered: “I’m kidding.”

    “Ah—” Ling Zhen felt the pressure in the air disappear, and secretly relieved, “I’ll just say it!”

    Wei Xi However, there is no emotional drama in the original book for the villain who has no feelings. How can it be for a lifetime. It was really scary that the boss suddenly became serious, she almost believed it just now!

    Wei Xi squinted her eyes halfway, and the corners of her lips were lightly curved: “As an ordinary gift?”

    “That’s too expensive! I can’t afford to sell it.” Ling Zhen waved his hand.

    Wei Xi’s eyes were dark: “Sell it to me.”

    Ling Zhenzhen took this sentence for granted as a joke, and punched him with a small hand clenched fist: “Don’t make trouble!”

    Wei Xi smiled lightly and turned the steering wheel. ,drive home.

    Since she didn’t want it, the Polar Heart, which was photographed heavily, was placed on the dashboard casually. Wei Xi put his hands on the steering wheel, looking at the lights on the road ahead, thinking about something.

    A qualified lover needs to respect her wishes, give her space and time, be gentle and considerate. Even if your heart is completely upside down, you have to pretend to be like a person.

    So be patient, test her boundaries, and slowly trap people.

    Then confirm his ownership and declare his exclusive right.

    He can still wait.

    But… he couldn’t wait too long.

    -The Christmas style on the streets has not been cleaned up yet, and New Year’s Day is approaching.

    The new year is approaching, and the day before the New Year’s Day holiday, everyone’s heart at work is impetuous. On the surface, I work seriously on the computer, and all I think about is what to eat and what to spend in variety shows during the New Year.

    Zhao Yan is a long-sighted person. He is currently actively dating in order to cope with the not-to-distant Spring Festival.

    Upon learning of this incident, Qingxi’s senior officials introduced him to her relatives and friends who were of the right age. After all, Vice President Zhao was a little bit more nonsense, but at any rate he was considered young and handsome!

    After learning about his blind date, Mr. Wei glanced at him lightly and sneered.

    With a strong sense of sarcasm and superiority.

    Zhao Yan: …It’s great that you have a wife, isn’t it? ! !

    The others said: Yes, that’s great.

    They also wanted to marry the fairy qaq,

    but with everyone’s efforts, Zhao Yan also fell in love with the truth. The young lady is good in appearance and character. She is proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy, and she is a person of great taste and style. As the date coincides with the New Year’s Eve, Zhao Yan racked his brains and finally decided to take the young lady to the concert.

    What a compelling New Year’s Eve event! Zhao Yan is very satisfied.

    As a result, before leaving get off work that evening, there was a sorrow in the office.

    “I got a pigeon!” Zhao Yan cried, “She took me!”

    Everyone comforted: “What’s the matter? Didn’t you talk well before?”

    Zhao Yan cried and said, “Maybe I was too anxious and pulled others. Then he was disgusted.”

    A group of rough guys gathered together and sighed: “Ah, this kind of talented girl is very reserved, old Zhao, old Zhao!”

    But in short, he played these two concerts. The ticket is empty.

    The men around are not bitter single dogs, or the romantic old men who can’t stand this kind of soy sauce for children, it’s not suitable for anyone to give it away.

    So a few minutes later, these two tickets appeared on Wei Xi’s desk.

    Wei Xi’s white and slender fingers held the ticket and raised her eyelids.

    Zhao Yan is very dogged: “The New Year’s Eve is such a good opportunity, don’t you and your sister-in-law have some romance? The symphony orchestra concerts are all classical music.”

    Wei Xi raised her eyebrows: “You got dumped? “

    …” Zhao Yan’s heart ached, “Don’t mention the past.”

    Wei Xi looked down and returned the ticket to him.

    Zhao Yan: “Aren’t you going?”

    Wei Xi stood up with her mobile phone and threw a word.

    “Your ticket position is not good.”

    Zhao Yan: “…”

    I have a dirty word…Forget it, I dare not say it.


    two days at the end of the year were really cold, especially on the 31st.

    Ling Zhen heard that everyone likes the New Year’s Eve event, especially the young couples. It is said that they will go to the square to wait for the New Year’s Eve.

    She said she couldn’t understand–how cold it was!

    Ling Zhen didn’t know what was happening lately, she was particularly chills. There was no job, so I stayed at home for a few days.

    So this day when Wei Xi went home and said that when she took her out, Ling really resisted.

    She was wearing thick coral velvet home clothes. Today it is light purple. She was like a piece of soft fragrant taro. She was lying on the sofa and refused: “It’s cold outside, I won’t go.”

    Wei Xi sat on the side of the sofa next to her. With a warm body, he lowered his eyes: “Send you directly, it’s not cold.”

    Ling Zhen turned over and turned his back to him: “I have to change clothes, it’s very troublesome.”

    Wei Xi held her shoulders. Turning back: “May I help you?”

    She twisted her body like this, her neckline was pressed to the side, half of her slender collarbone was exposed, with a small piece of white jade-like shoulder and neck, right next to Wei Xi’s finger. .

    With a slight movement, she can touch her skin, warm and smooth, as if to melt a person’s finger.

    Wei Xi leaned over and pressed her, dark lines gradually appeared under her eyes.

    Someone turned ignorant and blushed and pushed his shoulders: “What are you talking about? Who asked you to help…”

    Wei Xi stretched out her hand and directly pressed her wrist onto the sofa, and the corner of her lips twitched: “Then Do you come by yourself?”

    Recently, Wei Xi was so easy to talk, Ling Zhen often forgot his personal settings, and became courageous.

    She was even more angry when she was pressed on the sofa, her black apricot eyes flare up, struggling under her hand, and secretly kicked him.

    “How are you pressing!”

    Not only was Wei Xi not angry, but smiled at the corners of her lips. One hand suppressed all her movements, and when she stopped, he leaned over and leaned close to her ear: “This is forcing you, eh?”

    He didn’t do anything yet.

    Wei Xi’s voice was soft, but Ling Zhen was suddenly excited, and later realized how dangerous this posture was, so he obeyed for a second.

    Her soft neck was at hand, and Wei Xi rubbed her fingertips, feeling the beating of her pulse.

    He asked softly: “Can I go now?”

    Ling Zhen said so obediently at this time : “It’s okay .”

    ……Where did she have beaten qaq

    Wei Xi, then let go of her, twisted her fingers, casually. Stand up and let her go back and change her clothes.

    Ling Zhen rubbed his face as he walked, wondering if he could speak well!

    Just to get her to go to the concert, too hard…!


    Tonight’s show at the Grand Theater downtown location, two points, the first half is coming to Berlin Symphony Orchestra, playing a major world music such as Symphony No. 7, the second half is a piano solo voice and piano.

    In order to enter and exit this kind of formal occasion, Ling Zhen changed into a printed shirt with a black woolen skirt, slender legs tucked into high boots, and a thick long coat on the outside.

    When the two arrived at the theater, the performance was about to begin in fifteen minutes. The upper and lower floors of the theater were full. I don’t know if it’s because of the New Year’s Eve, many of the audience who came were lovers, sitting in pairs, with affectionate gestures.

    Ling Zhen followed Wei Xi and went to the second-floor box, facing the stage. The golden hall is bright and spacious, and the stage is in the center of the light source, which is very dazzling.

    She asked Wei Xi in a low voice, “What should I do if I don’t really appreciate it?”

    Although Ling Zhen also likes singing and dancing, he has not had much contact with Western classical music after all. But the audience around seemed to understand, she was a little worried.

    Wei Xi sat next to her with her arms behind her, as if she was holding people in her arms: “It’s okay, just listen.” The

    first half of the symphony began.

    Ling Zhen’s first contact was directly shocked by the magnificent aura of all the musical instruments intertwined. This is the first time that she truly appreciates the artistic level of a mortal, immersed in the notes for an hour, completely forgetting the people around her.

    Wei Xi’s hand hooked her black hair scattered on her shoulders, her dark eyes glanced at her, and finally she smiled helplessly.

    Originally, I just wanted to spend the New Year together, but she didn’t expect to like it.

    When the first half was over, Ling Zhen’s face was pale and her eyes lit up: “That’s great!!”

    Wei Xi raised her eyebrows: “You didn’t want to come at first.”

    “I was wrong,” Ling Zhen smiled. “Thank you boss for taking me.”

    Ling Zhen also listened carefully to the piano vocal performance in the second half.

    Only the piano and performers are left on the whole stage. When the surrounding lights dim, the stage becomes the only light.

    Ling Zhen watched the vocal singer’s devotion, and his heart suddenly moved.

    She also likes that place very much. Compared to standing in front of the camera, Ling Zhen seems to prefer to stand on the stage and express what he wants with dancing, singing, and musical instruments.

    Maybe she can return to the fairy world, or maybe she can’t leave again. But when she first came, her goal was to save her life, and now she is about to be free.

    Therefore, she may also be able to do something she likes.

    Ling Zhen watched the stage performance with bright eyes, and silently wrote down the incident.

    The last show is piano solo.

    Upon hearing this tune, Ling Zhen’s excitement all night suddenly calmed down.

    That is a very melodious piano piece. Musical notes are like colors, faintly outline the dream, like a misty night, crescent moon crawling over the treetops, telling speechless thoughts.

    Ling Zhen was a little startled, and whispered to Wei Xi, “Although I don’t understand it, it’s so beautiful…”

    Wei Xi hooked her cheek.

    Cir de lune, the moonlight of Bergamo, the snowy night of the Alps, the colorful light and shadow in Debussy’s song.

    But he rubbed Lingzhen’s earlobes with his fingertips, nodded, and whispered: “Well, I don’t understand either.”

    … By the time the

    concert came out, it was already ten o’clock in the evening.

    It was a bit boring to stay in the hall for a long time, and the two walked around before going home.

    On the other street, there are few shops and almost no pedestrians. On the dark long street, there were only the two of them.

    Ling Zhen’s mind still echoed the song just now. Although it was completely different in tone, it always reminded her of a minor tune from their Moon Palace.

    Ling Zhen recalled the tune in his heart, and suddenly couldn’t help but miss it.

    She pulled Wei Xi’s sleeve: “I’ll sing you a song from our place?”

    Wei Xi lowered her eyes: “…Okay.” The

    girl cleared her throat, and then sang a song against the hazy moonlight. The first old minor.


    At the end of the whole year, in the silent night, she sang a cappella beside her.

    In the moonlight, the girl’s face was soft and her voice soft and clear.

    Even the passing night breeze makes people tremble.

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