GSBVH: Ch 39

The staff was stunned, and then violently dragged by the person next to him, he whispered something in his ear.

The staff member’s eyes widened suddenly. It turns out that this is the president of Qingxi who is so young and handsome.

She can turn down a small actor who is not well-known, but she does not have the courage to reject the big names in the industry. Within a few seconds, his mind turned back and forth, and the staff smiled “Okay, yes, please come here.”

Ling Zhen took Wei Xi’s arm, and at this time he recovered, and whispered in his ear, “You don’t actually need to accompany me.”

Wei Xi doesn’t like crowded occasions, and doesn’t like to show her face. Naturally, she can’t like walking on the red carpet.

Ling Zhen was a little guilty, and a little touched.

The man is holding his arms, his suit is pure and noble, and the chin angle is perfect, and there is no impatience in his expression.

He took her slowly onto the red carpet, and said “Ling Zhen.”

The girl was next to him, expecting to raise her eyes “Yes.”

Wei Xi looked ahead, “You can rely on me.”

On the live broadcast platform, because Ling Zhen, who was originally scheduled to go on the red carpet with the protagonists of Xianwen, did not appear, Ling Zhen’s fans were swiping the screen, mixed with some barrage of passersby.

We are so little fairies.

Let us fairies out ah ah ah ah!

Can’t you just stop using her modern outfit and I didn’t expect much.

Zheng Qianqian and his party ended the red carpet, and the host of the online platform continued the cue process, “Then the one who is about to set foot on the red carpet is-“

As soon as she finished speaking, a slender girl came out holding a young and tall man, facing the flash.

The host got stuck, and the live broadcast platform was briefly empty for three seconds.

The girl’s skin is snowy, slender and exquisite, and she wears a black gauze skirt that looks like an immortal. The man is cold and abstinent, and his expression is indifferent, but he will slow down his pace in cooperation with the girl around him.

Just look at the two of them, they are all first-class looks. When they are put together, the visual effects are simply explosive.

The two have the same tone, but one is soft and fragile, and the other is cold and deep.

It’s like a demon king and a princess, Satan and a girl.

They themselves are the ultimate collision of black and white.

The live broadcast host was stuck for three seconds, and simply sighed. She was really poor in words.

The barrage has also exploded into fireworks.

Ah ah ah ah, my fairy, look at this fairy!

Who is this brother? I want to know all the news about him in three minutes!

Help, they are so good, I am smashed.

The two people walked to the fixed point for taking pictures, and the flash and shutter in front of them sounded together.

Wei Xi discovered that this was actually not as annoying as imagined.

His little girl was standing beside him, and everyone could see her holding her arm.

The pleasure of declaring sovereignty to the world jumped on the nerve endings.

So Wei Xi’s indifferent face gently curled the corners of her lips.

The next second, the barrage exploded again.

Handsome guy smiled ah ah ah ah!

I can ah ah ah ah so handsome, I really can!

That night, the red carpet photos of the two of them were in the hot search, and the natural heat alone made it into the top seven.

Some people are born with amazing skin and flesh, which is unforgettable inadvertently.

After Ling Zhen and Wei Xi finished taking photos, the host on the red carpet had already been mentioned, knowing that the little actor who was walking with the young actor was a big man and was not easy to provoke. Therefore, the questioning session is quite gentle, just ask two questions that are not salty or not.

After walking the red carpet for just a few minutes, Ling Zhen felt that his face was stiff.

Wei Xi put on her coat and asked, “What happened just now?”

He was sitting in the conference hall, not busy socializing in the banquet, but looked down at the live broadcast on his mobile phone.

Wei Xi had already come out since Zheng Qianqian and the others played while Ling Zhen was away. When he walked to the rest area, he happened to meet the scene just now.

Ling Zhen only cared about getting angry at this time.

Although she has a calm mind, she has never been the kind of person who can’t fight back, and there is no reason to be wronged in vain.

She whispered, “Someone wants to fix me.”

Wei Xi’s face was dark, but her tone was soft “Who”

Ling Zhen felt that it could only be the heroine and the little sisters next to her.

When she was reading, she actually had no bad impression of the heroine Jian Wenyi. Because this person is a beautiful soft girl, and his heart is not bad. In comparison, of course it is the original owner, and the original owner’s sister Ling Xuan, who are truly superb cannon fodder characters that are even more suspected.

But Ling Zhen forgot that Jian Wenyi, the heroine, is a complete “love brain”.

Her attacks these few times were probably not just because she took away the role of “Floating Qing” and overshadowed her, but also because of the male protagonist Shen Yanchu.

Ling Zhen combined with Shen Yanchu’s inexplicable attention to her for a while, and finally realized that this love-brained heroine seemed to be jealous.

Really sick.

Wei Xi protected her, but Ling Zhen didn’t want Wei Xi to come forward at all. He is getting better now, a little bit away from the villain role, Ling Zhen doesn’t want him to get involved with the protagonist group.

So she shook her head, raised her small face, her eyes bright.

“I will do it myself.”

After the red carpet, all the stars entered and the charity night officially began.

The show invited the popular idol men’s group to perform the opening dance of the typhoon explosion, which suddenly raised the atmosphere. Next, the host will come on stage, interact with the guests, and cue the flow below.

Everyone on the round table turned sideways or tilted their heads, looking towards the stage to watch the performance. Only Jian Wenyi lowered her head slightly, swiping her mobile phone with very small movements.

There is a hot discussion on the red carpet just now. Fashion bloggers and major marketing accounts under Bimeibo have fan-controlled comments by Jane Wenyi, which looks like a lot of flowers.

But in the hot search, the red carpet photos of Ling Zhen and Wei Xi hung in the high position, and a set of live photos was even more direct, and the discussion and popularity were doubled. As for her own one, she had already been thrown away from 30 people, and she was nowhere to be seen.

She lost again.

Even if Jiang Mei acquiesced in using infamous means, she still never beat her.

Jian Wenyi was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t sit down, got up and left the court to go out to breathe. But as soon as she walked to a corner, she was suddenly stopped.

There was no one around, Ling Zhen stood in front of her.

Jian Wenyi was a little flustered for a moment, but quickly recovered her composure “Ling Zhen hasn’t seen it for a long time, is there anything to do with me?”

The two clashed secretly several times, this is indeed the first time they face each other after a long time.

Ling Zhen is straight to the point, “Aren’t you going to apologize to me.”

Jian Wenyi’s pupils shrunk, “Apologize if you have misunderstood something, I didn’t do anything.”

Indeed, the heroine will not do these things herself, and there are small cannon fodder to do it for them.

Ling Zhen nodded, “You didn’t do anything with your own hands. You didn’t put me in the bathroom with your own hands. You didn’t take pictures of my magazine with your own hands, but you all acquiesced in others to do it, didn’t you?”

Jian Wenyi’s hand hanging beside her shook slightly, her words were logically clear, which made Jian Wenyi somewhat unable to resist.

Ling Zhen’s face was strained, her bright black eyes with a hint of sharp anger, “I hope you understand that I have no interest in your Shen Yanchu, please don’t treat me as a love rival, and continue this kind of backside action.”

She straightforwardly pointed out that she immediately embarrassed Jian Wenyi.

Yes, she is just jealous. She knew it herself.

But her jealous object seemed to be worthless in the other party’s mouth, which made Jian Wenyi even more embarrassed.

“You clearly were before, you-“

Ling Zhen interrupted her, “I never disturbed you, but you kept looking for trouble. So can I have an apology now?”

Jian Wenyi’s face changed a little, but finally she couldn’t bear her posture, and she lowered her head “I’m sorry.”

Ling Zhen said “It’s okay”, then picked up the phone and ended the recording.

Jian Wenyi was stunned.

Ling Zhen saved the recording and made a handshake gesture, “If you use this method again in the future, I will expose the recording directly, right?”

She showed a cute smile and raised her phone.

Only then did Jian Wenyi realize that she had been taking the rhythm from start to finish, and by then she could not even fight back.

In the end, she stretched out her hand aggrievedly and shook her, “No problem.”

Ling Zhen’s mood improved a lot. Before leaving, he suddenly remembered something, and threw down the sentence with disgust, “And my husband is very good, who cares about you.”

Jane Wenyi is a daughter of a daughter, and she is rarely said to her by others. After Ling Zhen left, she stood there for a while, and finally suffocated and cried.

Ling Zhen finished handling his own affairs and returned to the venue humming a tune.

After not taking a few steps, she was pulled over at the corner of the stairs.

Wei Xi curled her lips, pressed her against the wall, and chuckled, “Isn’t it rare for him, rare for me?”

When Ling Zhen spoke, he was only trying to relieve his anger, but he didn’t expect to be heard by the master, and his face suddenly turned red.

She was afraid of being seen, and pushed Wei Xi’s chest, “I just said it casually.”

The corners of Wei Xi’s eyes and eyebrows were filled with joy. She pinched her thin wrists and praised her for “good job.”

When Ling Zhen went to find Jian Wenyi, she didn’t think too much. Her purpose was very simple. She hoped to cut off the contact between the hostess and herself, far away from her and Wei Xi.

According to the plot of the original book, when the hero starts to beat the heart wall, Wei Xi’s role is basically over. At that time, Wei Xi no longer has the risk of blackening, and she doesn’t have to disappear into this world, so she can feel at ease.

Ling Zhen also felt that he was doing a good job, and raised his chin, “It’s okay, isn’t it?”

Wei Xi smiled and rubbed her head, “When the auction is over, we will go back together.”

Ling Zhen obediently nodded “Okay.”

The auction was held in the second half of the charity night. The auction items included expensive tea, porcelain, and jewellery. I heard that there is a stack of diamond necklaces called “Polar Heart” that is the highlight of the night, and many actresses are secretly preparing to shoot.

But this is the game of the rich, and Ling Zhen knows that he is a paperless rich woman, so he didn’t join in the fun either.

In addition to donating part of the donation through auction, all the guests present can also directly donate on the charity night.

Although Sister Qianqian told her that newcomers can come and sit without donations, but Ling Zhen also wants to do what he can for disabled children in the northwestern region.

After thinking about it, she finally donated 300,000 RMB, which happened to be the amount that she wanted back from Wen Xiaoning.

Ling Zhen was enthusiastic when filling out the donation form, she thought, now Wei Xi should also be able to experience this kind-hearted happiness.

When the event was over, the two returned to Wei Xi’s car one after another.

Ling Zhen flaunted, “My little rich lady also donated.”

Wei Xi was holding a black flannel box in her hand, and she looked “so great”

Ling Zhen smiled, “It’s so happy to be a good person.”

Wei Xi smiled.

He put the box in her hand, “Reward good people.”

Ling Zhen thought it was something to eat, and when he opened it, it turned out to be a string of diamond necklaces.

She opened her eyes wide, and asked “What is this?”

Wei Xi smiled lowly, “The bride price.”

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