GSBVH: Ch 38

Ling Zhen recovered, and immediately groaned “No.”

She averted her gaze and pressed her lips.

Just a little amazing.

Ling Zhen used to be in the immortal world, and the men around him were all immortal monarchs and immortals with great righteousness, and no one had Wei Xi’s temperament. He is indeed not decent, his eyebrows are too delicate and beautiful, and he hides a trace of natural evil.

Others are cold, but their eyes are hot, and they are united in contradiction, but there is a blushing sexiness.

Wei Xi raised her hand and gently pinched her chin, turned her palm-sized face back, and asked “What is that?”

Ling Zhen felt that she was a little gaffe, and was so surprised by a man who got along day and night that she forgot the words. It was really hopeless.

She pushed away Wei Xi’s hand, her slick eyes rolled around, “It’s nothing, let’s go quickly, it’s going to be late”

Wei Xi didn’t tease her anymore, and closed her hand with a faint smile.

When the two arrived at the modeling studio, Xing Li and Xiaode were already waiting there.

Seeing the image of Wei Xi today, Xiaode took a breath, staring at Venus. What kind of killer this is?

Even Xing Li couldn’t help but ask “Will President Wei consider his debut?”

Wei Xi glanced at him indifferently, “Go away.”

But he was indeed too prominent. Standing there with a height of 1.87 meters and wearing an expensive suit, he automatically stuck the gaze around him.

Lingzhen evening dresses have been ordered in advance, makeup and hair have also been discussed in advance, just apply directly to the face.

The makeup artist is a sister in her thirties. After seeing Ling Zhen’s bare face, she was full of fighting spirit and picked up the liquid foundation and makeup brush.

Ling Zhen waved his hand quickly, “It doesn’t need to be.”

Just make no mistakes, she is not so ambitious.

In the process of her makeup and hair, the celebrity studios attending the charity night tonight have begun to post blogs one after another. In addition to echoing the theme of this charity night “in the name of love”, more importantly, they published tonight’s styling photos.

For example, Shen Yanchu’s studio sent out a set of photos. He was dressed in a white suit with chestnut curly hair and a handsome smile, completely looking like a girl’s fantasy prince charming.

Jane Wenyi’s studio soon also appeared tonight’s look.

The previous hot search was really a foreshadowing. Jian Wen Yiguang’s dress is very worth seeing tonight. She wore the c-home of the season, with a huge skirt embroidered with colorful flowers, and the slender figure seemed to be in full bloom among the flowers, grand and gorgeous.

Her team moves quickly, and Jian Wenyihua Fairy quickly became a hot search.

Ling Zhen looked down and saw this hot search when she was doing hair. For some reason, she vaguely felt that the other party was deliberately using the word “fairy”. Click on the hot search, and it turns out that the popular Weibo are all exaggerating the “Xianqi” style of Jane Wenyi.

After about two hours, Ling Zhen’s makeup and hair were done. This stylist is indeed very skilled, the makeup is very meticulous, but the makeup is not heavy, and the original clarity of Lingzhen’s skin is maintained to the greatest extent. On this basis, she outlines her beautiful facial features more clearly, and the ends of her eyes are slightly raised, adding a touch of charming and attractive.

The hairstyle is processed into a fluffy and natural fishbone braid, the tail is curved, hanging down to the chest, delicate and chic.

Then only the dress is left. The clothes had been delivered here in advance, and Ling Zhen was taken to the fitting room by the staff to change clothes there.

This time it was a dark black evening dress veil. In the style of the tube top, the chest is a strap with a sense of design, between the straps is a thin black gauze. The skirt is very long, the skirt support is also tulle, and a few black straps are also hanging.

Fairies like Su, rarely wear pure black clothes. But after Ling Zhen got on her body, she realized that she was unexpectedly suitable for black.

The snow-white complexion and the dark skirt formed a sharp collision. Her exposed shoulders, neck and arms were almost transparent, with a fragile beauty. Under the black gauze, the slender waistline and legs were looming, and the straps floated slightly as they walked.

The girl who was wrapped in pure black was still like a fairy from dust.

When Ling Zhen walked out of the fitting room, the studio was quiet.

After Wei Xi raised her eyes, her gaze fell on her tightly, watching her approach step by step.

Ling Zhen walked up to him and stroked his arm embarrassedly, “Can we go, I’m a little bit cold.”

Wei Xi returned to his senses and realized that there were too many coveted gazes around him. He frowned without a trace, took off his suit jacket, and wrapped him up.

“Let’s go.”

When they left, the stylist in the studio poked the person next to her, “Did you find out?”

The person next to me “I found it.”

The two looked at each other, “The two of them are good for my god.”

They are all black and white beauties, one stern and one bright, it’s so seductive to stand together

The venue of the charity night is the stadium in the center of city a.

Usually this is the sacred place for concert venues. Today, there are also a large number of media and fans gathered outside the venue, which is very lively.

The red carpet has not yet started, and there are already some stars and company representatives in the stadium.

The heroine Jian Wenyi still has aura, standing in the middle of the crowd is particularly conspicuous, surrounded by a few small stars, all boasting about her hot searched dress.

Jiang Mei smiled triumphantly, as if she was wearing it. “That is, our Wen Yi dress was sent by air from France.”

Everyone is envious.

When they were gone, Jiang Mei whispered, “No one here today can beat you.”

Jian Wenyi smiled, “Don’t talk nonsense, there are so many seniors there.”

Jiang Mei snickered, “Go and show Yanchu, he will definitely be moved.”

Speaking of Shen Yanchu, Jian Wenyi’s smile became more shy. I just sent her a message at the beginning of Yanchu, and it should be time. She raised her eyes and looked around, and found the tall figure without much effort.

But he was looking in a certain direction.

Jian Wenyi followed his gaze and saw that it was a slender figure in a black gauze skirt.

Ling Zhen

How she wore black Zeng Hong analyzed in advance, Ling Zhen’s selling point is the “fairy” persona, this time the red carpet will most likely be a fresh and elegant style.

Unexpectedly, she completely changed her style and was very successful.

Once again, successfully, took away her sweetheart’s attention.

Jian Wenyi pinched the flowers on her skirt, and there was a trace of jealousy in her eyes.

Jiang Mei’s instigated voice rang in her ears, “You can’t let her steal your limelight this time.”

Jian Wenyi’s hands tightened.

Jiang Mei thought about her old hatred with Ling Zhen, and sneered, “Just leave it alone, leave it to me.”

The red carpet is about to begin. According to the official process, Ling Zhen and Zheng Qianqian and their leading actors will walk the red carpet together.

After all, she is a newcomer who has no works. If she leaves alone, she is not enough and not suitable.

Ling Zhen was quite happy to be with Zheng Qianqian in this way.

She waved to Wei Xi, “I’m going to see Sister Qianqian, we won’t be at the same table when we enter the venue, let’s go together when it’s over.”

Wei Xi nodded, looked at her, and pointedly said, “If you are cold, put on your clothes.”

Ling Zhen smiled, “Xiao De helped me hold the clothes, and it shouldn’t be cold inside. I’ll go ahead.”

Wei Xi watched her leave before she retracted her gaze.

Just about to leave, suddenly a few actresses came up.

Qingxi Investment can be called the industry’s throne. It has invested in big hits for several consecutive years, with strong financial resources and numerous resources. But Qingxi’s boss doesn’t like to show up and rarely attends public events. It is very difficult to match up.

This time when Wei Xi appeared, many actresses were eager to try.

There are a lot of rich bosses in the circle, but they are young, rich and able to grow like Wei Xi. They are definitely the best among the best.

Therefore, as soon as Wei Xi entered the field, many eyes fell on him.

Moreover, when they saw Wei Xi talking to a new actress, the attitude was very gentle, and it seemed that it was not as difficult to reach as in the legend.

Therefore, a female celebrity stepped forward tenderly and greeted “Mr. Wei” with a smile.

Wei Xi furrowed her eyebrows and glanced at them with a cold and gloomy look, and directly froze the rest of the people’s words.

Why, why was it okay just now, but suddenly it changed

Wei Xi’s voice is also cold, “Something is wrong”

Several female celebrities “nothing, it’s all right”

Forget qaq

In the absence of Ling Zhen, Wei Xi’s cold and harsh aura was particularly unscrupulous, causing the staff to beat herself for five minutes before daring to walk over.

“Well, you are Mr. Wei from Qingxi, please, are you going to walk on the red carpet later” the staff asked cautiously.

Wei Xi frowned and spit out the word “No.”

If the “good” staff were amnesty, they turned around and ran away.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, the red carpet officially began. At the same moment, the live broadcast on the online platform also started simultaneously, and the screen was immediately filled with barrage from various fans.

But the celebrities will be behind, and some entrepreneurs and company representatives will walk the red carpet in front.

Ling Zhen and Zheng Qianqian were waiting in the rest area. Their order was still high, and they could enter the meeting place and sit down soon after they walked.

Ling Zhen’s phone has been handed over to Xiaode, and asked the staff in the venue that she was planning to go to the bathroom if there was enough time.

“It’s just you,” Zheng Qianqian teased her, “Watch out for skirts.”

Ling Zhen smiled, “I know.”

If she doesn’t go now, she is afraid that when she blows in the cold wind, her expression will be ugly if she freezes.

Ling Zhen followed the signs to the bathroom. After reaching the bathroom on the first floor, there was an aunt who was cleaning at the door.

The auntie wore a hat, did not look up, and pointed to the top, “There is a long line in the bathroom, let’s go to the second floor.”

Ling Zhen thanked him and walked to the second floor with his skirt.

The second floor is very empty, there is no one, Ling Zhen pushes the door and walks into the bathroom, feeling a little strange

Since the second floor is so empty, why do everyone line up on the first floor?

She suddenly realized that something was wrong.

But at this time she had already entered the bathroom and was about to push the door to exit, but she heard the door “Gada” and the lock was released.

Ling Zhen reacted immediately, someone wanted to keep her here

Outside the door, the cleaning lady just now locked the door and returned to the first floor.

In the corner of the surveillance blind spot, Jiang Mei satisfied her transfer. Then Auntie Cleaning threw her hat and turned around and went straight out of the gym. It turned out that it was not the staff here at all.

In the rest room on the other side, seeing that they were about to walk on the red carpet, Ling Zhen was too late and Zheng Qianqian became anxious.

I can’t eat my stomach, I was fine when I left, not to mention who would come back after eating this day.

Zheng Qianqian waited for a while, but couldn’t wait, and called the staff on the side, “Excuse me, please go to the bathroom to find Ling Zhen, don’t just look close, look upstairs and downstairs.”

Jian Wenyi in front is halfway there, and the next one will be at them soon.

Zheng Qianqian sighed, God bless her to catch up.

Jian Wenyi smiled decently in the flash, signing autographs, taking a group photo, and answering questions. She performed very well in several links. She was really dazzling in a high-rise dress and she looked like a flower fairy.

The barrage on the live broadcast platform has also fallen.

Ah ah ah ah Wen Yi is a fairy

So beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

Jian Wenyi walked off the red carpet perfectly, Jiang Mei was on the opposite side, and she looked at her for a moment, showing a meaningful smile. Jian Wenyi smiled, then lowered her eyes slightly.

Ling Zhen was helpless.

She thought about it, only people on the hostess’s side would use this trick on her.

Now she didn’t have a mobile phone on her body, and no one passed by outside the bathroom. Such a low-level trick actually trapped her.

Although she couldn’t see the time, she estimated that it was almost time for them to walk on the red carpet.

Rao is Ling Zhen’s calm temperament, and can’t help but worry at this time. She didn’t want Zheng Qianqian to worry and cause unnecessary trouble to others.

At this moment, an unsure voice rang outside the door, “Is Miss Ling Zhen there?”

Ling Zhen was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Trouble open the door for me, I am locked.”

The toilet door reopened, and outside the door was the staff in the rest area. She didn’t even ask the reason, and said anxiously, “The red carpet has come to you, are you going?

Ling Zhen trot downstairs holding her skirt.

The cold wind ran across her ears, her fishbone braid hit her collarbone, and her hair ran slightly messy.

But when she arrived at the entrance, Zheng Qianqian and the others had already walked onto the red carpet and started taking pictures in front of the background board.

Ling Zhen held his waist to stop, and breathed a sigh of relief.

There are still celebrities waiting to walk on the red carpet in the rest area, all of them are looking at her with different eyes.

The staff who organized the admission saw her with a distressed expression. This little actor’s red carpet should have been walking with the few people in front, but she missed it now. If she wants to let her go by herself

She is not even the lead actor in that drama, it is really inappropriate to let her go. There are artists who are bigger than her, who walk the red carpet with the director.

In this circle, coffee position is too important.

The meaning of silence was straightforward and true. Some female stars showed mocking expressions directly, and there were a few unclear low laughs in the lounge.

Ling Zhen actually didn’t want to leave, but was so busy that he didn’t have time to speak. Although she didn’t want to miss the original process, she didn’t have the obsession to walk the red carpet.

The staff apologized, “I’m sorry, miss you, you are not enough”

Ling Zhen waved his hand, just about to say forget it, at this moment, a person suddenly walked behind him.

Suddenly there was silence in the lounge.

Bringing the wind, the visitor rolled up the familiar light fragrance of cedar, lingering on the tip of the innocent nose. Then the man took her wrist and put it gently in his arms.

Standing on the red carpet, not far in front is a dazzling flash.

Wei Xi stood beside Ling Zhen and calmly spoke to the staff

“Is it enough for me to accompany her”

The author has something to say oh oh oh oh, Mr. Wei professionally protects his wife

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