GSBVH: Ch 37

Ling Zhen looked at his bank card balance, and felt a little inflated.

She’s also a little rich woman now.

The world is really a magical place. These money, which is regarded as dung in the fairy world, can give people an extremely strong sense of security here.

Fairy Ling Zhen clapped her hands with satisfaction, and began to wonder what to eat at night.

Wei Xi is particularly good at talking recently, as if the black villain is really “whitening”. Ling Zhen felt that his work in the past six months had achieved visible results. Wei Xi’s violent expression before became less and less common. When he looked at her, he was often deep and gentle.

This also caused Ling Zhen to become more and more courageous in front of him, and occasionally dared to commit crimes.

But even though Wei Xi didn’t ask for her treat, Ling Zhen still wanted to show his sincerity. After all, thinking about it carefully, the money she made was largely the blessing of her boss.

After thinking about it, she decided to do it herself. One is because they go out to eat very frequently, and the surrounding delicious foods have been hit all over, and the other is because Wei Xi really likes her own cooking.

Her current level has been greatly improved compared to when she first came, and Ling Zhen decided to use her lifelong skills tonight to make a big table.

After waiting for Qingxi’s off work time, Ling Zhen called him “Are you off work?”

“Just off.” Wei Xi chuckled lightly, loving her inquiring about her whereabouts.

He paused, lowered his voice, with a slight hint of teasing, “Waiting for you to ask me.”

Ling Zhen’s ears were itchy and a little hot again.

Since the last time Wei Xi bit her apple, Ling Zhen has never known how to define this behavior. Until she learned a word on the Internet, it turned out that the mortal people called this behavior “snipe the girl’s heart.”

After all, Wei Xi is a mature man with a lot of charm, occasionally sniping, will make Ling Zhen blush physiologically for a second.

But she is not a little girl, she is a little fairy who refuses to be fooled by this bloodless and tearless villain.

So Ling Zhen shook his head, and replied very solemnly, “I have something to discuss with you.”

Through the microphone, I can think of her deliberately pretending to be serious with her sullen face, Wei Xi’s heart is itchy, and she picks up her coat and walks out, with a smile, “My lord, please speak.”

Ling Zhenhan coughed pretendingly, and then his voice softened and went back, “There is not much food at home. I plan to serve you as a full-fledged dinner party at night. There are a lot of things to buy. You can accompany me to the supermarket.”

A few months ago, she asked Wei Xi to help carry the barrel of oil carefully, but now she dare to ask him as a coolie openly.

“Man and Han banquet,” Wei Xi chuckled, “It’s so good to me.”

Ling Zhen snorted, “Rich women are so generous.”

Wei Xi took the stairs down to the parking lot, opened the car door, and smiled, “Your coolies will come soon.”

When he drove to the large supermarket near his home, Ling Zhen was already waiting for him at the door. The two walked in together, Wei Xi pushing the shopping cart.

To show his sincerity, Ling Zhen put boxes of fine black pork and Brazilian sirloin directly into the shopping cart, not even looking at the price.

Wei Xi followed her, her lips twitched slightly, looking in a good mood.

It’s all his.

What she chooses seriously and does everything for him.

Ling Zhen slowly followed the order of the goods in the supermarket, and Wei Xi followed her unhurriedly behind her, which made people feel at ease.

As she walked, she suddenly heard the noise of a child running.

This scene was inexplicably familiar. Ling Zhen didn’t have time to think about it. A little girl in Yu Guangli turned her head and ran, smiled and smiled, and ran into a man.

Wei Xi lowered her head slowly.

Even Ling Zhen is speechless. Why is there always a child hitting Wei Xi? Is he sucking a child? What a wonderful contrast?

Moreover, the little girl really didn’t look at the road at all, and hit so hard that Ling Zhen hurt when she looked at it. She couldn’t help but feel a little worried, and whispered “Wei Xi”

Before she finished her words, she saw the man stretch out his hand, and his cold white slender fingers fell on the top of the little girl’s hair.

Ling Zhen was shocked, feeling that his hand could squeeze the child’s head in the next second.

But Wei Xi’s hand touched it lightly.

He lowered his eyes, his voice was low, “Are you okay?”

Ling Zhen’s eyes widened.

The little girl was stunned and just recovered. She slowly raised her head under the man’s hands, and at an angle that only she could see, she caught a pair of cold and dark eyes unexpectedly, pressing down with obvious impatience.

The little girl swallowed, her voice trembling, “No, nothing.”

In the distance, her parents were calling her. The little girl hurriedly got up, threw a sentence of “I’m sorry”, and then ran towards her mother.

As soon as she threw herself into her mother’s arms, she cried, “Wow, that uncle is so scary.”

But Ling Zhen didn’t hear it.

She stared at the man in front of her with slightly round apricot eyes, and her bright black eyes revealed a little smile.

Wei Xi turned her face to see her like this, her beautiful eyes fell completely on him, and his pupils were full of him.

The fingers on his side curled slightly, making her look faintly dry.

Then the man knowingly asked “how”

Ling Zhen bent his eyes and smiled, “Why are you so good now that you are not angry anymore.”

If Wei Xi has nothing to do, “isn’t it good?”

“Very good,” Ling Zhen smiled, and rubbed his abdomen with a hand, “Does it hurt?”

The muscles under his hands tightened instantly, Ling Zhen was relieved and distressed.

The nerves of Wei Xi’s whole body were concentrated on the place she touched. The place where I was hit didn’t hurt at all, but from her fingertips, it felt a little tingling.

Wei Xi looked down at Ling Zhen.

The girl raised her face, her eyes were clear and serious, without a trace of suspicion.

He took a breath, then whispered “It hurts.”

So that night, Ling Zhen put the best part of the stewed whole chicken into a Wei Xi bowl.

Someone looks calm.

Shameless and comfortable.

Towards the end of the year, apart from the New Year’s Eve party on each station, there seems to be only a charity night for the larger events in the circle. According to the usual practice in previous years, this year will also be a night of stars and contenders.

Ling Zhen listened to Zheng Qianqian talk about the stars in the circle grabbing the red carpet finale, as well as the actresses who must come on the red carpet. Fandom struggles, netizens focus, and celebrities themselves will compare secretly.

The red carpet is the most eye-catching part of the charity night, and the whole process will be broadcast live for the whole network to watch.

Ling Zhen is just a young newcomer who can be satisfied with a million dollars, and he is not qualified to compare with the predecessor actresses. She also has no experience with the red carpet and has no ambitions to overwhelm the audience. She just hopes that she can go through smoothly without making mistakes.

In fact, Ling Zhen was originally a little worried about being secretly photographed on a hot search before. However, Wei Xi had said that he would also attend, and she was inexplicably relieved.

The publicity of the charity night started long in advance. The official blog announced several heavyweight guests and several popular traffic, which attracted a lot of enthusiasm.

Several of Xianwen’s leading actors will walk on the red carpet. Among them, Shen Yanchu is now in the limelight, and he is particularly concerned about other people.

Ling Zhen is not the only artist under Xing Li, but this time he put a lot of thought into Ling Zhen’s styling and invited a well-known domestic studio to design for her.

There are also comparisons between agents. In his words, no one can lose to the person under Zeng Hong.

When the day came, Ling Zhen was still a little nervous.

After all, to attend this kind of occasion, Wei Xi also went to change clothes and make styling. He will come back to pick her up later, and then send her to the studio for styling.

Ling Zhen wandered around at home, and to divert her attention, she reviewed the facial expressions and postures in the photo.

After a while, Wei Xi came back with a “Gada” sound from the door of the house.

Ling Zhen’s messy heart must be like finding the backbone, and hurried to trot over, “You are back, I will tell you.”

Before he finished speaking, the man behind the door appeared.

It was the first time Ling Zhen saw Wei Xi dressed so formally.

The man’s loose black hair was lifted up, revealing a cold white forehead and profound and delicate features. He is dressed in a black embroidered suit with flat shoulders and a narrow waistline. The shirt was fastened to the highest point, pressing down on the mole on his neck. Under the neckline, a string of silver necklaces fell.

Abstinence, coldness, and preciousness.

“Tell me what?” Wei Xi asked.

Ling Zhen opened his mouth and suddenly forgot what he was going to say.

Wei Xi looked at her dazedly and chuckled lightly.

“Fancy Me”

The author has something to say that bad men are always charmingly push glasses

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