GSBVH: Ch 36

When Ling Zhen heard this, he didn’t want to stay any longer.

She turned sideways and asked into the microphone, “have you not eaten dinner yet, do you need me to pack something to take back?”

Wei Xi looked at her from a distance, with a deep black line in her eyes, “Okay.”

Just leave.

Ling Zhen “Then wait for me, I’ll go and say it and go back.”

Shen Yanchu was left aside since she answered the phone. He could actually go back directly, but he didn’t know why, he just didn’t move.

When Ling Zhen hung up, Shen Yanchu asked “You are leaving?”

“Yeah.” Ling Zhen nodded and walked into the banquet hall.

Most of the dishes on the banquet were a bit greasy. The few dishes Ling Zhen tried just now were not very tasty. Only one seafood porridge was not bad. Ling Zhen went to talk to the back chef and asked them to pack a copy.

Then she apologized with Zheng Qianqian and the directors and producers on the table, saying that they were not feeling well and went back first. Everyone also understood that the little girl had been filled with a lot of wine today, and it was really uncomfortable for the people behind to make trouble for them, so they kindly asked her to go back to rest.

Ling Zhen held the coat in one hand and the seafood porridge in the other, and walked directly outside the banquet hall.

Shen Yanchu was still standing at the door, waiting for her to pass by, trying to say something. But the little girl had long legs and walked super fast, and she walked past his eyes with a swish, with a plain ignoring attitude.

Only a trace of her fragrance remained in the wind.

Ling Zhen didn’t want to let the porridge get cold, and walked fast, but before he could go a few steps, the road ahead was blocked.

She raised her eyes and recognized a familiar figure.

Ling Zhen drank the alcohol, his reaction slowed down, and the process of widening his eyes clearly showed “Why are you here”

Wei Xi didn’t speak, but instead reached out and half embraced her, looked over the top of her hair and looked at the man behind her.

Shen Yanchu’s gaze followed Ling Zhen, and he naturally saw Wei Xi.

The eyes of the two met in the air for the second time.

This time, Shen Yanchu felt a sense of oppression that was several times stronger than the previous time.

Wei Xi half embraced Ling Zhen, her dark gaze seemed to be poisoned, with a condescending mockery, like a male beast declaring his sphere of influence.

Looking at each other for only two seconds, Shen Yanchu took the lead to look away.

Only then did Wei Xi withdraw his eyes indifferently.

Then, he lowered his head nonchalantly, and his voice became very low “Come to stop you from drinking.”

Ling Zhen reacted for two seconds before letting out a dazed “Ah”.

Wei Xi lowered her eyes, pulled out her coat, shook it open, and draped it over her shoulder. Then he pulled the collar and gently brought the person to his side.

“What did you tell him?” Wei Xi lowered her head and asked softly, “Yeah.”

Ling Zhen wrinkled his nose, “Something that I don’t know is so annoying.”

Wei Xi smiled faintly.

In fact, he could guess that Ling Zhen had liked that person. A sunny, positive, gentle man.

Before Wei Xi realized the meaning of marriage, he let him go. Now his little girl ran back by herself, but he still had to be punished and tortured by jealousy.

But while he was so jealous that he wanted to kill, he couldn’t help being what she liked. The contradiction is like a schizophrenic patient.

Ling Zhen shook his head, and replied slowly, “Why did you come here to help me stop drinking? Didn’t you tell me to report your name?”

Wei Xi suppressed the madman’s voice in her heart, and laughed softly, “Then have you reported it?”

“It’s a bit too ostentatious,” Ling Zhen was drunk, and his eyes were slightly lost. “I hesitated, I didn’t think I should use you like that.

She was blocked by Wei Xi, unable to blow any cold wind, and the feeling of sleepiness overflowed like a tide.

Wei Xi buttoned her coat, holding her an empty sleeve, and whispered “Can be used.”

But Ling Zhen yawned, just not hearing what he said.

“Use me however you want,” Wei Xi said, “I will give you everything.”

When Shen Yanchu returned to the finale banquet, he felt an indescribable dullness.

Jian Wenyi called just now. For the first time in his life, he didn’t want to answer.

The people at the dinner table were already drinking, and seeing that Shen Yanchu was still sober and self-controlling, they came to persuade him to drink. He didn’t refuse, and poured a few glasses of wine vigorously.

Director He sat next to him, posing a heart-to-heart look, and asked him “Xiao Shen, do you have a development plan next?”

Shen Yanchu “We still continue to select high-quality scripts, accept plays, and accumulate works.”

“Well,” Director He nodded with satisfaction, “I heard that you want to take the man of the heart wall.”

Shen Yanchu smiled, “What leads the news is really good.”

This drama was also won by his agent. The talks are pretty good at the moment. If there are no surprises, I have great confidence.

Director He also smiled, “Yes, your agent has a good vision. I have also read the script. Although the original author is not well-known, it is not a big one, but I guess it will explode next summer.”

If Ling Zhen were here, he would definitely lament that Dao He is indeed an old fried dough stick in the industry, and his vision is very vicious. The Wall of Heart is the drama that led the male protagonist out of the downturn in his career. Since then, Shen Yanchu’s acting world can be said to have been flat.

After Shen Yan first heard it, his mood improved a lot, and he exchanged drinks with He Dao.

But on the other side, Jian Wenyi, who had made three consecutive calls without being answered, finally couldn’t help it.

She has recently felt more and more that Shen Yanchu and her are not as sweet as before. Although he is still gentle and considerate, a woman’s sense of smell in this area is absolutely sensitive.

And it all started from the beginning of the filming of Xianwen

Jian Wenyi is trapped by love, Jiang Mei is by her side as a good girlfriend. After all, she and Ling Zhen have even greater feuds, and Jiang Mei still blames her for missing Xianwen.

“I think Yan Chu was fascinated,” Jiang Mei said, “You think they are in the crew every day, but you don’t see them looking up. Ling Zhen changed this costume to that costume today. Isn’t it hiring?”

Jian Wenyi’s eyes were red, her fingers twisted, “I believe I won’t betray me at the beginning.”

She is going to marry Shen Yanchu. This is their time for love.

Jiang Mei said, “Definitely not, but Wen Yi, you have to be crisis-conscious, this charity night”

Jian Wenyi raised her red and swollen eyes.

Jiang Mei leaned in her ear, “You have to let Yanchu know who is the most beautiful.”

Jian Wenyi was startled, then nodded vigorously.

Qingxi, meeting room.

After He Xi left, Xiao Deng, the second in command in her department, replaced him and temporarily took over the heart wall project. Facts have proved that because of He Xi’s presence, these backbone forces rarely have the opportunity to show off in front of Wei Xi, but their abilities are not inferior.

On the basis of He Xi’s investigation, Xiao Deng added new analysis content, and the report was very detailed. After finishing his presentation, the pages of his presentation were turned, and pictures of several actors appeared on the screen.

“This is the actor selected by the filming party we cooperated with in the early stage. I have also conducted a thorough investigation on them. Let me analyze their respective strengths and weaknesses for you.”

The first one is the male protagonist.

Shen Yanchu’s face was magnified on the screen, still called handsome.

“This is the actor most recommended by the film crew. I just participated in the filming of our company a few days ago, and also served as the male number one in the play. This actor has a good appearance, outstanding acting skills among his peers, and has a popular foundation.”

Wei Xi supported her temple with one hand, her gaze fell on the screen, her eyes cold.

Xiao Deng noticed that the expression on oss was not very good. He was still nervous after all. The more he talked, the lower his voice, cold sweat oozing from his forehead.

At this moment, the screen of Wei Xi’s mobile phone turned on.

When he opened it, it was Lingzhen’s WeChat.

The balance of my pay is here

I have money

What do you want to eat at night, please

I can feel her excitement and happiness across the screen.

Wei Xi lowered her eyes and replied to her congratulations

You can eat anything

Ling Zhen, I will decide for myself

Wei Xihao

After replying to WeChat, he looked up again, Xiao Deng still stopped at Shen Yanchu’s page and did not dare to continue speaking.

Wei Xi put down the phone.

Just pretend to be in front of Ling Zhen.

He is not a good person himself.

Wei Xi leaned back in the leather chair, with an indifferent expression, “Male number one, change.”

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