GSBVH: Ch 35

 In fact, the other party’s intention was nothing more than to sing Lingzhen ahead of time and to label her most advantageous points as disadvantages. After all, it is impossible for a TV station to broadcast costume dramas. Of course, it is important to look good or not. This is to instill the impression of Ling Zhen’s low plasticity to potential viewers, filmmakers and management, so as to depress her commercial value.

    The more at this time, the more calm you must be. Therefore, Xing Li suggested to take some contemporary photos of modern outfits with a breath of life, but it will have the effect of two or two strokes.

    Ling Zhen didn’t have any comments. In fact, she herself is more Buddhist to these fame and fortune in the world, entering the circle is just for the simple purpose of making money. The agent Wei Xi rationed her was reliable enough, and she only needed to be obedient.

    Xiaode thought for a while and suggested: “Why don’t you go to take a photo near Zhenzhen’s house? By the way, you can go back and change your clothes.”

    Ling Zhen and Xing Li thought it was okay, Xiaode took the camera bag and stood up to prepare. Go out.

    But when he just came together, the SLR in his hand was taken away.

    Wei Xi squeezed the strap of the camera bag and glanced at him: “I’ll do it.”

    Xiao De was stunned: “You…”

    Reason made him swallow the words “Alright”.

    He still wants to survive.

    But…Although Mr. Wei looks at the flower of Gaoling, he is also a straight man! Can straight men really take pictures? ? Xiaode said he was very worried!

    Xing Li pressed his shoulder, smiled, and whispered: “Let’s let the young couple come by themselves.”

    When he got into Wei Xi’s car, Ling Zhen asked him, “You really want to take pictures of me?”

    Wei Xi held the steering wheel with one hand: “Yeah.”

    Ling Zhen obviously does not have the sensitive and slender heart of Xiaode. She opened a pair of innocent apricot eyes and asked nonchalantly: “Are you all right?”

    Wei Xi: “…”

    His posterior molar grinded and laughed. Very lightly: “I can do it, do I need to prove it to you.”

    Ling Zhen shuddered, shook his head and sat back: “No need!” I

    always feel that it is not a serious proof? ?

    When she got home, Ling Zhen went back to her room to look for clothes, and finally chose a pure white knitted turtleneck sweater, loose-fitting. After putting it on, she was wrapped in white fluffy wool, looking very cute and lovely. . The lower body is a light coffee-colored suede long skirt, and black leggings outline the slender and well-proportioned calves.

    Then she tied her loose hair into a ball head and pinned a small clip. The whole person is three years old, sweet and young.

    After getting out of the room, Wei Xi was already familiar with the equipment in hand.

    As soon

    as she looked up, the little girl stood in front of her eyes and shook her empty sleeves: “Is this all right?” The air seemed to be sweetened because of her.

    Wei Xi nodded and raised the camera in her hand.

    Ling Zhen asked, “Are we going to shoot at home?” She thought she would go to the surrounding cafes or something, because she had a background for posing.

    But she didn’t know, it was actually very good.

    The ceiling lamp in the house was not turned on, only a floor lamp, spreading out a warm yellow light. She is sitting on the fabric sofa, holding a pillow, and smiling in the camera.

    Behind the camera, dark and deep eyes looked at her intently, recording her expression every second.

    For the first time, Wei Xi found that taking pictures was interesting.

    Through the lens, his eyes can be unscrupulous without having to hide. In a small square picture, all her expressions belong to him.

    This kind of distorted cognition can make a subtle pleasure rise from the nerve endings.

    Ling Zhen had just been photographed by a professional photographer during the day, and compared with photographer Wei, he found that he was pressing the shutter very slowly. It’s like choosing carefully after the camera and waiting for the moment he feels satisfied before recording it.

    Ling Zhen raised his eyes and looked at the camera.

    The SLR recorded the process of raising her eyelids and drawing a beautiful arc. At the moment when she looked at each other, Wei Xi’s fingers tightened.

    My heart shrank, and straight words popped out of my mind.

    “…It looks good.” The

    man showed his face from behind the camera, his dark gaze came over, his face with a natural sense of coldness was full of concentration.

    Ling Zhen was slightly startled, and it took a few seconds to realize that Wei Xi was complimenting her, and she was complimenting her with a serious and warm look.

    Fairy Ling Zhen has a reputation in the immortal world and has received countless praises. But inexplicably, Ling Zhen suddenly felt a little shy after hearing Wei Xi’s simple and straightforward compliment.

    Touching his cheeks, it is slightly hot.

    …In the

    end, Wei Xi took a total of fifteen photos, imported them from the camera into the computer, and sent them to Xiaode for editing. But after Ling Zhen read it, he felt that there was nothing to fix.

    Wei Xi’s technique is unexpectedly good, and his angle and expression are well grasped. Ling Zhen’s choice was difficult, and the final decision was packaged and sent over, and her team made the decision.

    Wei Xi sent it directly from his computer, and Ling Zhen checked it after sending it and found that it was not right.

    “Why are there only 14?”

    Wei Xi calmly said, “One of them is not good-looking.”

    Ling Zhen pouted quietly, feeling a bit of unhappiness in his heart, and buds emerged.

    Just now I praised her for her beauty. Now it’s not pretty.

    No wonder mortals say, men’s mouths, deceptive ghosts…! !

    She didn’t show it, resisting the urge to hum, and asked him, “Which one is not good?”

    Wei Xi: “Forget it.”

    Ling Zhen was even more unhappy.

    After she left angrily, Wei Xi turned on the computer, restored the deleted photo, and uploaded it to her mobile phone.

    Then, set it as wallpaper.

    The girl in white on the screen was raising her eyes to meet him, her eyes bright and moving.

    … After the

    photo arrived in Xiaode’s hands, he felt very aggrieved.

    The photo-retouching techniques that he has trained over the years are almost useless. He reluctantly looks at the photo left and right, and finally only adjusts the dimming and fixes a little imperfection.

    In the evening, Ling Zhen posted a Weibo.

    [@凌真: Xie Jiao, just got off work [cool]. In fact, I am very daily [picture][picture][picture][picture]]

    Her hot search is still hanging, and her Weibo immediately exploded.

    The girl in the photo can’t be more everyday, with simple clothes and simple makeup, but beautiful and moving. Although she was responding to this Weibo, she was not pretentious. Instead of taking intensive photos to slap her face, she posted four pure photos of life.

    It can be said to be very popular.

    [Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? ? ]

    [[Crazed][crazed] I can, I can really! What do I see when my sister shoots! 】

    【So the fairy asked when it will be broadcast! I want to see the fairy sister! ! [Bao cry]] The

    effect is indeed as Xing Li said, and it quickly reversed the direction of comments. And if this hot search was bought again, it would become a publicity for Ling Zhen, so it was removed within half an hour.

    Soon after this small storm passed, “Xianwen” finally came to an end.

    The finale banquet was originally supposed to be held in the film and television city of city b, but due to the scheduling problems of the leading actors and the conditions around the film and television city are not as good as city a, they simply moved the banquet here.

    The location is in a famous restaurant, not far from home.

    Ling Zhen told Wei Xi a few days in advance that his reaction was not very positive.

    In fact, Ling Zhen didn’t have much interest in this kind of entertainment bureau, but it was really inappropriate not to attend. However, it may happen that after seeing Zheng Qianqian for a long time, Ling Zhen assumed that she was going to play with her, and was still planning to go that day.

    She was preparing, and Wei Xi was standing at the door of her room with her arms folded, her expression a little sad.

    Ling Zhen’s clothes were very casual, with a bright yellow loose sweater on the inside and a dark black coat on the outside. Then she didn’t apply her makeup, she just didn’t wear makeup, put on a hat, and planned to go out.

    Wei Xi grabbed her and raised her eyebrows: “Go out like this?”

    Ling Zhen nodded, “There is no important person to see, the main thing is to chat with Sister Qianqian.”

    Wei Xi hooked her lips.

    “Since there is no important person, come back early,” he raised his hand and pressed down the brim of Ling Zhen’s hat, and said in her ear, “…Don’t drink.”

    Ling Zhen also knew that her head would hurt after drinking. Lifted his eyes: “But, what if someone wants me to drink and I can’t refuse.”

    “Then pull me out,” Wei Xi said.

    Ling Zhen blinked.

    Wei Xi whispered in her ear: “Tell them, I won’t let you drink.”

    Let them know who you are.


    The crew of “Xianwen” directly covered the banquet hall on the first floor of the hotel, with more than a dozen tables, and the scene was lively.

    The lead actor and the director and producer are sitting on the main table, Ling Zhen is sitting next to Zheng Qianqian, and on the other side is Shen Yanchu.

    She and Zheng Qianqian hadn’t seen each other for a long time and had a good chat. Zheng Qianqian told her about the funny things in the crew after she was finished, and the two people laughed together. Shen Yan first watched it several times and did not find a chance to interrupt.

    At the beginning of the banquet, all the creators gave their thoughts before and after, and then the male and female leaders took the stage to give a speech, thanking the staff of the whole crew. After the process is over, the main dishes are on the table, and the banquet culture officially begins.

    Unfortunately, Ling Zhen was sitting at the same table with the seniors, and naturally he was not immune. She didn’t dare to do what Wei Xi said, and pushed him directly to stop the wine, and she was not very good at rejecting it. She was shot at the beginning and drank two glasses.

    Zheng Qianqian touched her leg underneath, and whispered to her, “Don’t be so stupid.”

    Ling Zhen blushed and nodded.

    Later, she learned a little bit to shirk, but she still drank some more. When the screenwriter came to persuade the wine, she was really a little bit on top.

    Ling Zhen shook his head, thinking, just pull it, she is about to push Wei Xi out.

    But when she was about to speak, a hand suddenly stood in front of her.

    Shen Yanchu smiled: “Teacher Zhao, don’t bully the little girl, I’ll drink it with you.” The

    screenwriter laughed and sold the face to Shen Yanchu, and smiled: “We said that we want to be flower care messengers today?”

    Shen Yanchu smiled. “Take care of it, it’s not a flower protector.”

    Ling Zhen glanced at him, frowning slightly.

    Taking advantage of their drinking, Ling Zhen slipped out of the hall quietly, planning to hide until they had finished drinking before going back.

    She breathed the fresh air outside, fanned her face with her hand, trying to reduce the alcohol. Wei Xi didn’t like it, and she herself didn’t want to go home with this smell.

    After a few minutes, footsteps suddenly sounded behind him.

    When Ling Zhen turned his head, Shen Yanchu stood behind him and smiled: “I help you block alcohol without authorization, am I just being nosy?” After

    Ling Zhen calmed Wei Xi that day, he didn’t want to have contact with the male protagonist. She took a step back and replied politely and distancingly: “No, thank you.”

    Shen Yanchu’s eyes fell on her face. After the girl drank the wine, her skin was pale and her black eyes were misty and beautiful. outrageous.

    He subconsciously said warmly: “Ling Zhen, in fact, my former friends still often mentioned you. We haven’t been together for a long time since you left the group.”

    Ling Zhen looked at him and felt that the tone of his words was weird.

    Is there anything she can miss for the kind of gatherings that ridicule the original owner? ?

    Perhaps the resistance in her eyes was too obvious. Shen Yanchu said helplessly: “We did misunderstand you before, but now we don’t. I hope you don’t reject me so much.”

    Ling Zhen: “You really think too much, let me first go back.”

    Shen Yanchu subconsciously stretched out his hand and held her: “Wait a minute–“

    At this moment , Lingzhen’s phone rang abruptly.

    Ling Zhen saw that it was Wei Xi.

    She quickly threw away Shen Yanchu and picked it up.


    “Are you full?” Wei Xi’s voice sounded calm.

    Ling Zhen actually didn’t eat too much, but she really didn’t want to stay any longer.

    “It’s almost there,” Ling Zhen said.

    “Then come back.”

    “Huh?” Ling Zhen was startled.

    Not far away, a man in black was looking at a man and a woman standing opposite.

    His pupils are so dark that they absorb light, his emotions are so tight that he doesn’t leak, and his voice is calm and almost weird.

    “I’m hungry,” he said.

    The author has something to say: Mr. Wei: I will bear it. Because I am a good person.

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