GSBVH: Ch 34

This is an airtight hug.

Wei Xi’s arm was tightly clamped around her waist, and her jaw was placed against her shoulder, almost rubbing her soft and petite body into her body.

He greedily took the taste and body temperature from her.

“Don’t lie to me.” The man’s muffled voice rubbed her ears.

Ling Zhen was forced to raise his face, feeling the man’s hard chest and abdomen against his own flesh. His hot breath swept across the tip of his ear, making it slightly hot there.

“I didn’t lie to you,” she said.

She doesn’t know what happened today, but she knows that Wei Xi needs a little cure at this moment. In fact, what she said was completely sincere, and there was nothing deliberately pretentious, but it seemed that it was effective for Wei Xi.

Ling Zhen didn’t care about this shameful posture, as if he was carefully smoothing a beast, patted him softly, and whispered ill of others, “Don’t look at Shen Yanchu, this person looks bright, but in fact Others are very self-righteous, and I feel a bit selfish.”

Wei Xi did not speak, but the hand that fell on her waist lifted up and squeezed the back of her smooth porcelain white neck.

This is a possessive action.

But Ling Zhen didn’t understand. She just instinctively felt that he was holding the key, so she calmed down even harder. “Although you have a bad temper, you are very irritable, very negative, and a little bit extreme, but you”

She got stuck.

When talking about shortcomings, it is extremely smooth, because that is the personality of Wei Xi that has been emphasized in the original book. But when it comes to advantages, she can’t think of a vocabulary for a while.

Wei Xi is very good, but he is very abstract.

Those universal words used to praise the character of mortals do not seem to be reflected in Wei Xi.

But Wei Xi is still very good.

She paused for a second or two, but the man holding her smiled slightly.

Wei Xi put her arms around her waist and pinched the back of her neck with the other, and smiled softly, “Ling Zhen, I’m a good person, okay?”

The voice was like a whisper among lovers, with a hint of unclear meaning.

Ling Zhen’s ears were itchy, but she was very relieved, “Of course I’ve been looking forward to you being a good person.”

In this way, the villain will not be blackened again, she can also completely get rid of the original miserable end, and everyone can be well.

What a happy ending

Ling Zhen felt that he had succeeded in smoothing the hair, and smiled and patted him “Then go on, and can you let me go?”

After being held by him for a long time, she feels that she is almost unable to suck qaq

Wei Xi finally rubbed her head before letting go of her reluctantly.

Before going to bed, Ling Zhen received Zhao Yan’s WeChat.

“Sister-in-law, you know don’t be angry in the future. The main reason is that I don’t think the boss will tell you, so I will give you the bottom line. He Xi was fired today.”

Ling Zhen was stunned.

Last time I saw her, Manager He also showed off in front of her how outstanding his performance and how important his position in Qingxi, how could he suddenly be resigned

She replied “Why?”

Zhao Yan suffocated his stomach, and simply cracked a small composition and sent it over.

“In short, you don’t have to worry about Mr. Wei, sister-in-law. He quit the person straightforwardly, saying that the company doesn’t need someone who destroys other people’s families. Fuck, I think I will fall in love with him.”

Ling Zhen was a little startled after reading the causes and consequences.

She did not expect He Xi to choose such a way to seek a position, nor did she expect Wei Xi to react like this.

In the original book, the original owner’s various entanglements with Shen Yanchu were later known to Wei Xi. But in the book, this crime did not kill Wei Mu seriously. What Wei Xi hated was that she indirectly killed Wei’s mother for Shen Yanchu, and it was the same for Wang Yanchu and Zhao Yanchu. The result was devastating revenge.

Now, the two natural enemies of the villain and the hero are arranged together again. Ling Zhen finally understood why Wei Xi would let her compare herself with Shen Yanchu. It turned out to be such a reason.

Wei Xi hated the betrayal, but did not ask her a word, instead pointed the tip of the knife directly at the provocateur.

Ling Zhen blinked, feeling that he had touched Wei Xi’s silent tenderness.

The villain is really changing. Ling Zhen thought that as long as a few months later, the time when Wei Xi disappeared in the original book was smoothly passed, the plot would no longer need his blackening. By then, this blackening bomb would be really safe. Right.

She is now more and more confident.

A few days later, Xing Li won the cover of a second-line women’s magazine for her.

In fact, this is already a rare resource for newcomers. In addition to looking at Xing Li’s personal resource network, it also looks at the power behind Qingxi. Although it is not the cover of an important month, it is not comparable to a supplement or an e-newsletter.

Arranged for the shooting time, Xing Li personally took her and Xiaode to the studio.

Ling Zhen hadn’t tried this kind of treatment surrounded by agents and assistants, and had no experience in shooting magazines. After getting in the nanny car, Ling Zhen was a little nervous.

Wei Xi escorted her into the car and stood outside the car door to tidy up her clothes, “Relax.”

Ling Zhen exhaled and nodded “Okay.”

Xing Li sat in the back row, rolled down the window and teased, “I will take you away.”

Wei Xi’s expression turned cold, ignoring his deliberate teasing, frowning, “Watch more.”

Xing Li laughed, “Don’t worry, I have a count.”

The studio is a little far away, more than an hour’s drive away.

Ling Zhen’s attitude towards work is very serious, whether she likes it or not, since she is earning this money, she must do her best to do her best. She has watched a lot of filmings in recent years and practiced a lot of expressions and movements in the mirror. I wonder if the filming will come in handy later.

When he arrived, Ling Zhen followed Xing Li into the shed, and immediately many people greeted Xing Li with a smile. The gold broker is a lively sign in the circle. Many people exchanged greetings with Xing Li, and they looked at Ling Zhen behind him with inquiring eyes.

“The new little artist is very beautiful.”

Xing Li smiled, and said meaningfully, “The only artist under Qingxi’s contract, can it be beautiful?”

When the other side listened, Ling Zhen’s eyes changed a lot.

The film and television works that Qingxi has invested in in recent years have been exploded in various degrees, but he has never signed an artist. This little girl can sign, and the background is not simple.

After meeting the editor-in-chief of the magazine, Xing Li stayed to continue socializing, and Ling Zhen was taken away for modeling.

This time the style is cooler, so the makeup artist avoided the warm colors that are commonly used in daily eye makeup when dealing with it, but adopted some very bold cool colors.

Ling Zhen looked at it and wondered if he could control it, but he was too embarrassed to comment.

But then, the makeup became more and more exaggerated.

The eyeliner turned thick and black, and stretched straight out, flattening Ling Zhen’s slightly round apricot eyes. The contours were also repaired ruthlessly. Originally, Ling Zhen’s face was very soft, but after the shadows were cast down, her cheekbones were a little more prominent, the girly feeling weakened and she became a lot more mature.

Finally, after finishing the makeup, Ling Zhen blinked at the mirror. The coldness is indeed cold enough, but she feels so cold that it is a bit mean

Xiaode waited aside, and sneered, “This makeup is really artistic.”

Art is something that mortals like them don’t understand.

The hairstyle is also quite unique. The pure black hair was combed to the back, the top of his head was smoothed with hairspray, and the hair hanging behind his head was braided into a single-tailed whip.

When he went to change clothes, Ling Zhen was completely resigned.

One of the outfits prepared is a black dress with a wide open shoulder on the upper body, hollowed out from below the chest. The lower body is a heavy skirt that reaches the ground.

Ling Zhen went to the cubicle and changed it out. He pulled the corner of his clothes uncomfortably and asked Xiaode “Can it work?”

Xiaode lifted his eyes from the phone and took a breath.

Ignoring the real makeup, this dress is very, very revealing.

He always thought that Ling Zhen was so thin, probably a dry girl. Unexpectedly, people should have a lot of things, changing clothes instantly became sexy.

Ling Zhen is really not used to herself, and she feels a little embarrassed to think that she will have to face the high-definition camera later.

She thought about it for a while, but she had no idea, so she took out the phone and took a photo with the full-length mirror and sent it to Wei Xi.

“Is this look a bit embarrassing?”

On the opposite side, when Wei Xi opened WeChat and clicked on the picture, her pupils shrank slightly.

The woman in the photo has bare shoulders and neck, her collarbone is as thin as a wing, and her chest undulates. Going down further, a narrow waistline was exposed under the hollowed-out material, which was half-covered and half-concealed, which made people think.

Wei Xi looked at it for a moment, her Adam’s apple rolling.

After a while, Ling Zhen received a call from Wei Xi.

“Replace it,” the man said.

Ling Zhen clutched the microphone and asked in a low voice, “You don’t think it’s OK, right.”

“Well,” Wei Xi’s eyes were dark and her voice was strangely soft, “No.”

Ling Zhen was a little embarrassed “but I don’t know if I can change it”

Wei Xi seemed to be coaxing her, “Yes, be good, change it.”

When Ling Zhen changed the long skirt, Xing Li knocked on the door and entered the dressing room, putting on Ling Zhen’s artistic makeup, and was silent.

Ling Zhen blinked her thick false eyelashes innocently.

Later, I didn’t know what Xing Li and the magazine said. In short, the makeup was removed and reworked, changed to a simpler makeup, and the clothes became closer to Ling Zhen’s usual style.

When Ling Zhen was filming, the editor-in-chief and Xing Li stood outside the field watching, and sighed, “I think this child is born with very good conditions. If he can control the original set, he may be very eye-catching. But it’s not so eye-catching.”

Xing Li smiled and said meaningfully, “It’s better to be steady.”

After all, it was requested by her boss.

Although Fuhua had some twists and turns, the shooting process went smoothly.

It’s just that the flash keeps clicking, making Ling Zhen’s eyes sore. When she was resting, she felt something flickered in the surrounding light, but when she looked over, there was nothing.

Ling Zhen thought, maybe he was dazzled by the flash.

The filming didn’t end until the afternoon. Xiao De was still driving, and Ling Zhen leaned on the seat and closed his eyes to rest.

The journey was very peaceful, until Qingxi was downstairs, Xing Li suddenly said, “This group of people foo is tight.”

Ling Zhen opened his eyes and rubbed his face, “Yeah”

Half an hour ago, a hot search appeared on Weibo

Ling Zhen modern outfit

Someone secretly took a few pictures of her blurry shape at the shooting scene, the angle is clear, the portraits taken are either short or fat. Moreover, the clothes Ling Zhen changed later were detailed, and from a distance, it was just a very ordinary dress.

That Weibo wrote like this: “Little Floating Blue” modern outfit has been exposed. Ling Zhen, who had previously become popular with beautiful ancient outfits and a dark horse, took the role of Fairy Girl II. The modern outfit looks a bit disappointed as shown in the picture. There is no ancient costume photo that is amazing, think deeply, what do you think

This hot search was not very popular at first, ranking it around forty. But ten minutes later, another hot search appeared

Female celebrities who are inferior to modern costumes

Putting the two together, the intention behind it is obvious. And soon, the two hot searches were tied together and sent to the top seven of the hot searches.

Sneaking in the industry was originally an extremely unethical behavior, and after the sneaking, it was bought and publicized by hot search, and it was obvious that someone bought it.

When he arrived at Wei Xi’s office, Xing Li sat down on the sofa and took a sip of water.

“Some of the popular marketing accounts have long-term cooperation with Midsummer Entertainment.”

Ling Zhen had a vague guess after hearing the company name, but he didn’t say a word.

Wei Xi turned on the phone and clicked on Weibo to take a look.

In one of the hot searches, various people expressed disappointment with Ling Zhen’s modern outfits, and in the other, the actress fans found that the actresses were more beautiful than their counterparts. The pull step was very obvious.

His eyebrows frowned slightly, “I can’t withdraw”

Xing Li is more experienced in this area, and he waved his hand, “Your girl’s face, just take a few photos and put it on to get a face, no need to withdraw.”

He turned his head and said to Xiaode, “Take a SLR and take some photos of her life later, you should be able to edit the pictures.”

Xiaode blinked his delicate eyes “Of course”

Ling Zhen obediently waited for them to finish the discussion before asking, “But why are you buying hot search at this time?”

Xing Li opened the hot search for actress Bimi and showed her the phone. The number one hot is an acquaintance, Jian Wenyi from Midsummer Entertainment.

“After a charity night, you know, the last red carpet this year, the stars are gathered, the red carpet shape is very important.” Xing Lidao, “the last referendum, she was pressured by your ancient costume, this time it is gearing up. Regained a city.”

Ling Zhen said “Ah”, thinking that the entertainment industry is really too complicated.

Xing Li took back his mobile phone, “By then, Xianwen will have finished, and the protagonist should all go to the red carpet. You really have to think about your style.”

Next to him, Wei Xi heard the word “leading actor”, her eyes darkened.

Xing Li suddenly remembered something, turned to Wei Xi, and asked, “Mr. Wei should have received the invitation letter, right? I won’t go this year.”

On occasions like this kind of donation, the public welfare “stage” of celebrities, the organizers will definitely not let go of investors and entrepreneurs.

However, Mr. Wei has never attended such events, and the invitation letter is in vain.

But as soon as he finished questioning, Wei Xi suddenly turned his face and said to Ling Zhen, “The donation for this charity night, and 30 of the proceeds from the auction, will be donated to disabled children in the Northwest.”

Ling Zhen’s eyes widened, “Really.”

Wei Xi nodded, “So I will be there.”

Xing Li: “…”

Ling Zhen didn’t expect Wei Xi to have such kindness, with bright eyes, and moved, “You are so kind.”

Xing Li: “…”

What kind of big tail wolf is this guy pretending to be?

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