GSBVH: Ch 33

Wei Xi first opened the document attachment.

It says that Shen Yanchu is a Ling zhen’s male god, and Ling Zhen switched to acting for him. Even after marriage, he was ambiguous and had contacts with each other. The wording of the whole article is yin and yang strange, full of derogatory meaning.

After reading it, Wei Xi exhaled and opened the picture attachment.

The moment he saw the photo, he knew it was fake.

Ling Zhen and the man named Shen Yanchu hugged and hugged each other. The picture was blurry, but the traces of editing could be seen.

If the other party really has evidence, he will definitely not post such specious photos. So Ling Zhen and Shen Yanchu must have nothing happened.

Wei Xi knew.

But at that moment, he still wanted to smash the display.

Smashed to the pulp, every piece of crystal is shattered, and can’t be seen again.

The brain is like a one-sided cliff, and its intellect is at stake, and tyrannical emotions are coming swiftly, impacting the nerves like a tsunami. But the next second, the beast was imprisoned, and he forced his emotions back.

Some people want to hurt Ling Zhen, and this matter must be resolved faster.

He put on the phone and asked Zhao Yan to go to the technical department, his voice was low and calm.

To catch that person, Wei Xi heard her say. Don’t think about whether she likes others.

Qingxi’s technician was awakened in the early morning, and the cold oss ​​smashed into a mailbox with the IP-address to be determined.

The technicians were immediately frightened, tried for a night at home, and then ran to the company early in the morning. Sitting in General Wei’s office, he was trembling.

The other party is not stupid. The application is for an unrelated temporary mailbox, and the agent’s i is used, and there are several springboards slyly in the middle, which makes it difficult to find out the precise personal location.

Wei Xi didn’t let the technicians read the content of the email, and Zhao Yan only looked at the picture.

“This, what is this stuff?”

He was stunned.

Not to mention how low-level this approach is. Isn’t this just pointing to Mr. Wei’s nose and saying that he has been greened? Who is so bold and looking for death?

They, Mr. Wei, didn’t seem to be very angry, just the kind of cold air piercing through the bones.

“Did my sister-in-law have some hatred in the circle?” Zhao Yan scratched his head. He also rushed to the company early in the morning, his hairstyle was not messed up, and he was in a mess, “I want to provoke your relationship.”

Wei Xi’s eyes were dark, “I’ll know it when I find it out.”

As time passed, the air pressure on Wei Xi’s body became lower and lower. Zhao Yan was shaking his legs, and the sweat on the technician’s forehead became more and more.

Wei Xi said, “If you need higher authority, I will find a way.”

“No, no more”

Zhao Yan’s eyes lit up, “I found it.”

The face of the technician is a bit complicated.

Only an approximate range can be determined through i positioning, and accuracy cannot be guaranteed, but he found that he does not seem to need to locate a precise personal location, because

The technician wiped cold sweat. “The IP address is in the company.”

When Ling Zhen woke up during the day, Wei Xi had already gone to the company.

She left her breakfast on the table, it was still hot.

She slowly drank the milk in the cup, bit the toast, and lowered her head to send Wei Xi a WeChat message, “What do you want to eat tonight? Don’t go out to eat today.”

Wei Xi returned quickly “sweet and sour fish”

Ling Zhen smiled, she can now handle this kind of advanced order.


When Wei Xi put down the phone and raised her head, the temperature in her eyes disappeared, leaving only an ice sheet.

“Continue to check,” his tone was slightly harsh, “who, when, which computer.”

The next job will not be solved by Internet technology alone, but also by monitoring.

Zhao Yan was completely bewildered by the dog’s mood. There was such a spy in the company. How could he bear to take the technicians to the monitoring room with him.

But this matter did not spread. Everything in Qingxi was as usual, and a new day of work began.

He Xi was in a particularly good mood today, and she dressed very carefully. It happened that a little girl in her department wanted to send the documents to the president’s office on the 17th floor. He Xi swept her short skirt and dressed up, and stopped her.

“Xiaoling, I happen to be going to Mr. Wei, and by the way, help you bring the files.” He Xi walked over with a smile.

Xiaoling smirked, “Ah, then thank you Manager He. I was a little scared of Mr. Wei, but you and Mr. Wei have a good relationship.”

He Xi heard comfortably, “I’m just staying with Mr. Wei a little longer and doing more.”

After she turned and left, Xiao Ling and her colleague looked at each other, and both rolled her eyes.

Every day I run to President Wei with various excuses. Who doesn’t know that the whole company regards President Wei as a male god, so she has to put herself in a special position.

He Xi went upstairs and calmed down his beating heart.

If the email was successfully opened by Wei Xi, then he must be in a state of anger now. Thinking of the man’s frowning sexy look, He Xi’s heartbeat quickened again.

He knocked on the door and heard Wei Xi’s low “come in”, and He Xi opened the door.

The man behind the desk really looked cold, with a low air pressure, He Xi was secretly happy. She handed over the document, and suddenly noticed that Wei Xi glanced at her, she was immediately happy, and put on a perfect smile, “What’s wrong, Mr. Wei”

Wei Xi didn’t say a word, but after a scrutiny glance, she let her out.

He Xi was out of the office in a very good mood. She felt that Wei Xi saw her as a good start. I took the stairs back to the department, and just walked out, I was suddenly pulled aside.

He Xi was taken aback, and fixed his eyes on “Zhao Yan”

Zhao Yan did not have the hippie smile of the past, and looked at her seriously, “He Xi, what did you do at the company last night”

He Xi’s heart jumped, and his smile froze. “What to do, of course, is work.”

Zhao Yan was in a complicated mood. He repeatedly confirmed i and monitoring before he was sure that He Xi sent the email. But he really couldn’t understand what she was doing as a department manager to provoke Mr. Wei like this

“Don’t quibble,” Zhao Yan sighed and advised her from the standpoint of a colleague for several years. “You go up now and apologize to President Wei. Maybe there is still a rescue.”

After He Xi listened, her heart sank. They found out

She knew that sooner or later she couldn’t keep it, but she didn’t expect it so soon. Didn’t Wei Xi question his wife after reading it, but immediately let someone check the sender?

She couldn’t hide it anymore, and simply said, “I help Mr. Wei see the people around me, is there anything wrong?”

When Zhao Yan heard this, he didn’t expect He Xi to be able to work, but to be so emotionally confused, “What does your housework have to do with you?”

He Xi said, “I just don’t want to see Mr. Wei being fooled by that woman. She is obviously worthy of being better, for example.”

“better one”

A cold voice suddenly sounded from behind, and He Xi was suddenly dumb.

As soon as she turned her head, Wei Xi stood a few steps away, looking at her without a trace of emotion.

As soon as Mr. Wei appeared on this floor, all the employees were immediately attracted, and they put down their work and looked over.

“Better than her,” Wei Xi’s voice was cold and mocking, “Do you want to talk about you.”

He Xi’s face instantly became red and white, and a sense of humiliation surged in her heart. His underlying meaning is too obvious and he doesn’t even bother to hide it.

He was saying, are you worthy?

Zhao Yan, a straight man, finally remembered at this moment. He Xi actually wanted to get involved in Mr. Wei’s marriage.

All the employees were boiling, their eyes widened and their ears pricked up, all of them were eating melons.

He Xi felt that his focus was completely wrong. When receiving such emails, shouldn’t normal men judge whether they are true or false first? Why did Wei Xi directly find the person who sent the email to settle accounts?

She blushed, “I’m doing it for your own good, Mr. Wei, I have been by your side for three years, how can I harm you”

“It’s good for me” Wei Xi smiled, “the one who moved me”

“Who do you think you are”

He Xi seemed to be hanged by these words in an instant, and all his beautiful fantasies vanished in the man’s frozen eyes.

Wei Xi’s volume is not high, but everyone who is close hears a little, the whole floor is silent, but everyone’s heart is surging.

What’s the situation?

How did Manager He provoke Mr. Wei?

He Xi’s face was bloodless, and only a little sage remained to remind her that if she continued, she really couldn’t end it. She finally lowered her head and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Wei, I was wrong.”

Wei Xi looked plain, and finally dropped a bomb.

“Resign yourself.”

He Xi’s pupils shrank suddenly, why Wei Xi wanted to resign her.

There was a sound of air-conditioning on the whole floor at the same time.

Only Zhao Yan covered his face and sighed. He knew that He Xi had really touched Wei Xi’s scales.

He Xi’s face turned green. “My performance in the past few years is so good. I will also be responsible for the most important heart wall project in the next quarter. The company cannot do without me.”

Let her leave Qingxi like this, where else can she go?

But the man in front of him did not waver at all, like a handsome sculpture without emotion.

“The company doesn’t need someone who destroys other people’s families.”

He Xi’s resignation procedures were completed on the same day. Since then, Qing Xi has found no such person.

After this battle, the whole company knew two things. One, Manager He tried to intervene in Mr. Wei’s family, but failed. Second, Mr. Wei is married.

There is also a bold guess three. Mr. Wei’s wife may be the little fairy before.

So the whole company’s women collectively fell in love, and then the whole company’s men collectively lemon (sour).


However, the little fairy herself didn’t know that so many things had happened to Qing Xi. Not long after her sweet and sour fish was ready, Wei Xi came back.

“The fish is ready, I have cooked it for a long time.” Ling Zhen was wearing an apron, putting the dishes, “Wash your hands and eat.”

Wei Xi’s eyes fell on her, “Okay.”

What had been suppressed for a day, from the moment I saw her, I was ready to move.

At the dinner table, Ling Zhen vaguely felt that something was wrong with Wei Xi and spoke a little less than usual, but as soon as she raised her head, she could always meet his deep black eyes.

Is there something to say? Ling Zhen thought.

But until the meal was over, Wei Xi didn’t say anything.

He put away the dishes and took them to the kitchen to wash, Ling Zhen sat in the living room and watched TV.

I don’t know why she had a hunch, as if something happened that she didn’t know.

The channel on the TV was Durian Channel. After an episode of a family ethics drama was broadcast, an advertisement came in.

It is a national brand of drink, and the spokesperson is very familiar, it is the male protagonist Shen Yanchu.

He announced this personal endorsement shortly after he took the Xianwen male lead, and he was envious of others at the time, and now the advertisement has begun. Young Xiao Xianrou was dressed in bright clothes, and a few simple actions appeared fresh and handsome.

Ling Zhen took a few casual glances, then stared at the TV, thinking about Wei Xi just now.

When she recovered, she realized that the advertisement had already been broadcast for the third time. She was a little annoyed at once, stood up to get the remote control, and wanted to turn the channel.

At this time, the man’s low, soft voice sounded behind him, “Don’t look”

Ling Zhen was shocked by his abrupt voice, and subconsciously stuck to the wall.

Wei Xi approached her step by step, her expression gloomy.

Pandora’s box opened the lid, and the suppressed things in the dark corner began to scatter.

As soon as he entered the living room, he saw Ling Zhen looking at Shen Yanchu on the TV three times.

Envy grows like weeds.

Wei Xi’s eyes were cold, she pressed Ling Zhen against the wall, rubbed her earlobes affectionately with her fingertips, and said softly, “Like him like that.”

Ling Zhen was stunned. She felt a little dangerous and couldn’t get away if she wanted to run.

I had to answer honestly “I don’t like him.”

Wei Xi tightened her hand and accidentally caught a bunch of her hair. The little girl was sore, a little water filled her eyes.

She felt that Wei Xi’s condition was wrong.

But she didn’t even know the reason, she didn’t even know how to soothe.

Wei Xi was very close, and the clear breath of the past burned a little.

He asked “What about me?”

Ling Zhen was so frightened that he didn’t dare to blink, he made a sigh of relief.

“How can I compare you with him.”

Ling Zhen paused. Then she stretched out her hand trembling slightly and hugged him.

The girl’s hand fell on his stiff back and patted comfortingly.

Wei Xi was startled.

“You are much better than him, Wei Xi,” the girl whispered in his ear, “he is not worthy to compare with you.”

In the next second, she was pressed into his arms heavily.

The author has something to say, Mr. Wei: I am sick. But my wife hugged me.

It’s sugar.

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