GSBVH: Ch 32

Ling Xuan has been out for a while. After several times of humiliation in front of Ling Zhen, she finally understood the truth that her own efforts are not as good as holding a good thigh. Instead of going around auditioning for opportunities, it is better to climb onto a rich and powerful gold master and directly control what he wants. Resources

She began to wander around various nightclubs and clubs, because she was sweet and daring to expose her flesh, and gradually got on the line with some investor bosses. I came out today for this purpose, but I didn’t expect to know the woman He Xi.

The enemy’s enemy is a friend. Although He Xi doesn’t seem to be a good thing, but she also hates Ling Zhen, that’s enough. Especially when she learned that He Xi was an executive of Qing Xi, who was close to Wei Xi, she was more willing to tell her what happened to her sister.

“So,” He Xi heard her description with weird excitement in her eyes, “Ling Zhen really has a leg with Shen Yanchu, so they filmed together.”

In Slow Alley that day, the male voice she heard must be Shen Yanchu

“Who knows if they would fool her in the crew and they have been thinking about Shen Yanchu since they got married, don’t look at pretending to be good now, I don’t believe that they are filming with the crew every day, she can bear it”

He Xi resisted the excitement and leaned closer and asked, “Is there any photos of them together before?”

Ling Xuan sneered, “No, Shen Yanchu doesn’t like her again.”

He Xi lowered his eyes and thought, it doesn’t matter if there isn’t, she can create it. As long as this matter is true, it is enough.

Let alone a man like Wei Xi, who is as cold and proud as a god, even if he is an ordinary person, he can bear his wife’s betrayal. He Xi smiled.

She waited for too long, and now finally waited for this opportunity. This time, she wants Ling Zhen to completely exit

Ling Zhen had no idea about the episode that happened this night.

Since December, the weather has been getting colder and colder. She is dressed in furry and warm at home and does not want to go out at all.

But Wei Xi always told her to go out, sometimes by driving her to pick her up for dinner, sometimes by asking her to go to the company to wait for a while, and then the two would go to dinner together.

The restaurants he chooses are of high taste, sometimes they are high-end Michelin orchestras playing, and sometimes they are niche restaurants hidden in inconspicuous places with surprisingly good taste. After eating, the two will take a walk.

Sometimes there is simply the illusion of “dating”.

Ling Zhen went to Qingxi to find him again this day.

I kicked the quilt last night and didn’t sleep well. Ling Zhen was a little sleepy. When the elevator came out of the 17th floor, he covered his mouth and yawned greatly.

Once he opened his eyes, the woman named He Xi was standing in front of him.

Ling Zhen hadn’t seen this person for a long time. She was still dressed up very mature and sexy. She was holding a stack of documents on her chest, and her gaze was a little strange.

Ling Zhen suddenly remembered that this manager He seemed to have that meaning for Wei Xi. She is a little curious, wondering if her progress bar has been shortened if she has not seen it for such a long time

Looking at Wei Xi’s reaction, it seemed that there was no such person in his mind, and he had never mentioned it.

But maybe, Ling Zhen thought, she couldn’t understand Wei Xi.

He Xi looked at her up and down for a while, a little hypocritical pity in her eyes, “I’m really sorry.”

Ling Zhen: “…”

He Xi smiled, hid the real sorry content in her heart, and said, “Oh, I mean, I have to go to the office, you can wait a moment.”

Ling Zhen frowned, “Oh.”

He Xi turned back to the office and said as he walked, “I have been working in Qingxi for three years, and my department performance is the top three every year. I am the most important sister-in-law of Mr. Wei. There are priorities. I can understand it. Right”

She turned her head, smirked, then knocked on the door and entered Wei Xi’s office, not asking her at all.

Ling Zhen stared at the closed door, feeling uncomfortable.

Indeed, public and private, she knows which is more important. But He Xi’s eyes were very uncomfortable, with an inexplicable sense of superiority, very unfriendly.

But Ling Zhen didn’t want to be sensible, and didn’t want to have trouble in Wei Xi’s company, so he pressed the uncomfortable feeling, walked to the door of Wei Xi’s office, and waited against the wall.

After waiting ten seconds, the door beside him suddenly opened. A blast of heating came out with a light male fragrance.

Ling really surprised, isn’t it important? It’s solved so soon

Turning his head, he suddenly met Wei Xi’s gaze.

The man lowered his eyes, touched her cold hand, frowned “Why didn’t you come in?”

Ling Zhen blinked, “How did you know I’m here” with round eyes

“I saw it when I opened the door.” Wei Xi wrapped her palm in her hand and squeezed her small fist, drawing people in.

In the room, He Xi’s face was a bit ugly. Wei Xi placed Ling Zhen on the sofa, pulled a blanket to cover her, and then turned around, “Just put the files there.”

Didn’t Ling Zhen say something important?

He Xi’s face was even more ugly.

But where she was frozen for two seconds, suddenly she didn’t know what she was thinking of, and there was a trace of triumph in her eyes. Then she said “yes”, turned and walked out.

Ling Zhen witnessed a series of complicated emotional changes in her, and was amazed in her heart.

It’s a pity that this nuanced expressiveness doesn’t act.

After Wei Xi finished the work, the two of them got down from the elevator directly to the parking lot and drove out to eat.

Ling Zhen picked this shop today. It’s a small pub. Now that the weather is cold, I can drink a pot of warm wine in the cold wind, which can warm people’s limbs. This pub is very famous for its glutinous rice and glutinous rice chicken. Ling Zhen went with Wei Xi when he watched his heart move.

When we arrived, the tavern was not big, with low tables casually placed, and most of the people sitting there were couples.

I found a relatively hidden place for the table, sat down, and took the menu to order. Ling Zhen asked for a pot of sweet-scented osmanthus stuffed and a pot of plum blossoms. The degree was not high.

“It’s a pity that you can’t drink if you want to drive.” Ling Zhen rubbed her hands and waited expectantly for the wine.

When the glutinous rice chicken is served, the two sit together and eat slowly. Ling Zhen remembered what had happened, and wanted to ask Wei Xi secretly.

“That,” Ling Zhen held the tip of his chopsticks and raised his eyes, “Wei Xi, what do you think of He Xi?”

Wei Xi glanced at her flatly, “Good ability.”

Ling Zhen was not asking about this, she shook her head, “What about other aspects”

Wei Xi bluntly “didn’t pay attention.”

Ling Zhen choked, but then he was a little bit relieved inexplicably. It seemed that He Xi couldn’t seduce Wei Xi. She thought it was very good. This woman was bad and not good enough for Wei Xi.

Thinking of the villain’s future and destination, Ling Zhen became interested in “Then what do you prefer?”

Wei Xi frowned, her eyes slightly cold.

A normal wife would never ask her husband a question, she said it without a psychological burden. I want to knock on her little head to see what she is thinking, or who she is thinking, but she can’t bear it.

She is the most difficult in the world.

Wei Xi spoke with a cold voice, “What about you.”

Ling Zhen raised his eyes, “Yes.”

Wei Xi’s pupils were very dark, and when she was determined to look at people, she would feel like being sucked in.

“What do you like.”

Ling Zhen was asked.

Her ancestor Ling Xuzheng said that the seven emotions and six desires are all vulgar things that are only found in the human world, and the immortal has only Dao in his heart and no emotion. Although Ling Zhen didn’t believe it, and she also peeked at all kinds of readings in the world, she really wanted to ask herself, it was really blank.

The immortal palace is deserted and desolate, and all the gods have their own practice. This experience in the world is still too short, and most of all the tastes she has tasted are related to Wei Xi.

So Ling Zhen couldn’t answer.

But Wei Xi seemed to be waiting for her answer.

When the man sits down, his back is straight, his shoulders are flat, and his waist and abdomen are well-shaped. He sat quietly and steady, but something was rustling rustling in the dark corner of his heart.

Who is she thinking about

Someone you like

Junior high school, high school, or university

Do you still like it?

The bad mood is raging.

“Ah” Ling Zhen said suddenly.

Wei Xi’s thoughts sinking into the ground were violently caught. He raised his eyelids, and the lines outlined by the arc turned out to be a bit sharp.

“I seem to like it,” Ling Zhen gave the answer uncertainly, “good guy”


Ling Zhen thought about it for a while, and definitely said, “I like good people.”

Wei Xi’s eyes darkened, and only after a long while, she lowered her eyes to block the dark eyes.

at night.

Ling Zhen drank warm wine and went to bed very early.

Wei Xi lit a cigarette, and the flame was extinguished in his fingers.

The gloomy emotions accumulate layer by layer, and may become diseased over time.

His little girl didn’t understand, and didn’t want to understand. He could only suppress the black greedy desires, and let her know nothing.

Can’t scare her away.

Wei Xi finished smoking and returned to the room with the smell of nicotine.

With the computer screen on, there is no more work to do. But the restlessness on his nerve endings continued, which seemed to herald the unusualness of tonight.

Wei Xi rubbed her eyebrows with her knuckles, preparing to shut down.

At this moment, a new email suddenly popped up in the lower right corner of the screen.

Wei Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly, her fingers moved slightly, and she clicked.

From a stranger, the content of the e-mail says “Please appreciate Mr. Wei”. In addition, there is only one document attachment, and a few photos.

This is his work mailbox, and he does receive some spam emails. But perhaps the time tonight is too strange, Wei Xi pondered for two seconds, and still clicked.

The document contains only a few hundred words and two or three photos.

But after reading it, his face was as cold as polar ice.

Wei Xi sat motionless for a long time.

Then he picked up the phone and broadcasted a number.

Zhao Yan fell asleep over there, so he was stunned to be awakened by the boss’ call, “Mr. Wei, what’s the matter?”

“Look for someone from the technical department.”

Wei Xi seemed to have not spoken in a long time. When he spoke, his voice was slightly rough, and his eyes raised up, “Check for me an IP-address.”

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