GSBVH: Ch 31

When the two walked out of the hospital, Ling Zhen didn’t speak.

She struggled and struggled in her mind, never knowing how to speak.

Waiting to get in the car, Wei Xi put one hand on the steering wheel, turned her head and glanced at her, stretched out her hand and hooked her face “What are you worried about?

Ling Zhen turned his face pitifully and looked at him silently.

Wei Xi smiled, rubbing her eartips with her fingers “making the old man happy.”

After a pause, he said again, “Don’t let you give birth.”

Ling Zhen breathed a sigh of relief.

Although they were a contracted empty-shell marriage, she was really afraid that the contract would require his wife to have children.

Wei Xi looked at her obviously relaxed expression, her eyes were faint, “I’m working hard.”

Ling Zhen leaned back in the chair, and the pair of apricot eyes that looked over were crystal clear, “Trying hard?”

Wei Xi had some emotions in her eyes that she couldn’t see clearly, so she fixedly looked at her and whispered “My future.”

Some things that were not conceived before, but are now beginning to look forward to.

Ling Zhen couldn’t hear his most cryptic and profound connotation, but she at least understood that Wei Xi also had expectations for the future.

She couldn’t help but think of the description of Wei Xi’s ending in the original book. After being blackened, Wei Xi abused the protagonist to the ground, but the ending suddenly disappeared from the book.

There was only a perfunctory explanation: “Later, no one saw that violent and gloomy man again. He seemed to have never existed before.”

Ling Zhen’s heart suddenly felt sour.

The author gave him a standard growth background for the villain. He was unfortunate in childhood, lost his mother in adulthood, and was betrayed along the way. Then he used him as an unsentimental tool man, suppressed the male lead, slapped him in the face, let him stand at the top of the food chain, and obliterated him directly because he couldn’t solve it.

But it was obvious that Wei Xi had flesh and blood, and was much better than the male lead group.

After looking at her soft, distressed eyes for a while, Wei Xi’s fingers curled up slightly, her voice low, “What’s wrong?”

Ling Zhen leaned her head on the back of the chair, sniffed, and whispered, “Wei Xi, I know that you and I are married so that Mother Wei can feel at ease, but it doesn’t matter, the future you look forward to will definitely come.”

Wei Ximo took a moment to realize that he might not want to listen to the next words.

“You will meet a lot of people in the future. As long as you are not so angry, you will have everything.” Ling Zhen lowered his head and rubbed his eyes, did not see that Wei Xi’s face was sinking, and added, “So don’t It’s okay to miss it because of my existence.”

After all, she was also a passer-by. She came to this world by chance and intervened in his life by accident. But after all, she doesn’t belong here.

After she finished speaking, the man opposite was silent. Ling Zhen raised his eyes again, but saw that Wei Xi’s eyes were dark, like a lake frozen in the winter.

She blinked, her eyelashes fluttered, looking very innocent.

“what’s happenin”

On the contrary, Wei Xi laughed angrily, turned her face back, and turned the steering wheel.

“It’s nothing,” he said, looking forward with a deep gaze, “just suddenly realized that I need to work harder.”

Another week later, on a day when the temperature dropped below zero, Ling Zhen’s legendary gold broker finally returned to China.

Ling Zhen heard from Wei Xi that Teacher Xing Li is a middle-aged man over thirty-five years old and very senior in the circle, and Wei Xi is a good friend.

She feels like a student sees the teacher, and when she enters Qingxi and gets on the elevator, she feels a little restrained.

Walking into the office, Ling Zhen finally saw his agent, only to realize that it was not the serious uncle he imagined, but a handsome uncle with a refined temperament and a handsome face.

Uncle Shuai heard the sound, put down the tea cup, and looked up.

The little girl is wearing a plaid woolen coat, the lower body is a very design over-the-knee skirt, and a pair of British retro double-buckle thick-soled Martin boots are on her feet. The whole person looks very autumn and winter.

She looked a little smaller than in the photo, her skin was as tender as water tofu, her complexion was fair and clear, her facial features and eyebrows were protruding, she was a beautiful and pleasing look.

Xing Li was very satisfied with her appearance, smiled and nodded, “Ling is really a little girl, she looks so beautiful.”

Wei Xi frowned, leaning halfway to block Ling Zhen, her eyes were cold, “Have you seen enough.”

Xing Li laughed haha, “I am now my artist.”

Wei Xi was irritated.

Xing Li is not a young man, but he is well maintained and has a funny personality. The little girl who stuck to him has never stopped.

He didn’t want him to be Lingzhen’s agent, but Xing Li was indeed the best resource in his possession.

Xing Li rarely saw Wei Xi showing emotions. He said that this iceberg also had weaknesses, and immediately greeted Ling Zhen in a very good mood, “Come here, come and do it.”

Ling Zhen obediently responded “Okay.”

Wei Xi’s eyes were so cold that she glanced at him warningly, then took Ling Zhen’s wrist and let her sit next to her.

Xing Li smiled and knocked the stack of information in his hand, and said, “I checked your information, integrated your strengths and weaknesses, and the shortcomings of future development. At present, I can use the momentum of Xianwen to push you up. A second-line impurity cover. Of course, the golden, nine- and silver-ten opening and closing years are not enough for the time being. Let’s take it slow and expand the fashion resources first.”

It was the first time Ling Zhen had a serious contact with professionals in the circle. He listened so seriously that he wanted to take out paper notes and notes.

Wei Xi sat next to her, looking at her gaze falling on others, a trace of hostility rose in her eyes.

Begin to regret it.

Shouldn’t be brought out, let her see other people.

Xing Li still said, “When I get the good film and television resources on hand, I will pick you up at that time. You are now relatively high, the first one is the big production and the big i, and then you need to be more careful when you take the scene later.”

Ling Zhen nodded earnestly as if attending a class, “Okay, okay.”

Xing Li said a few more words, glanced at Wei Xi’s expression, smiled meaningfully, and then picked up the teapot, “Girl, let’s get some water.”

Ling Zhen was completely impressed by his conversation and experience. After hearing that, he didn’t suspect that he was there, so he picked up the teapot and went to the pantry outside.

Wei Xi’s gaze followed her and saw her meeting Zhao Yan in the pantry. Zhao Yan was teaching her how to use the machine.

“So worry about it” Xing Li’s voice pulled his eyes back.

Wei Xi squinted at him, her expression impatient, “I don’t worry if you have someone like you.”

Xing Li laughed.

When he is this age, he can see everything thoroughly. After smiling, he glanced at him, “I see, the little girl doesn’t feel much about you now.”

Wei Xi raised her eyelids coldly and stared at him with a smile, “You don’t want the investment money for the new year.”

“Xing Xing Xing” Xing Li raised his hand like surrender, “Don’t let me say it yet.”

Wei Xi’s eyes were gloomy.

Lingzhen’s voice came in from outside the door. The little girl is likable, and after standing there for a while, someone will come to talk. Not knowing what interesting things were said, Ling Zhen laughed.

Xing Li shook the tea cup of the Hongguan kiln, and asked after a while, “Then what are you going to do?”

He and Wei Xi have known each other for many years. Although he cannot see through this young president, he still has a little vague understanding of his paranoia and possessiveness, which is different from ordinary people.

Wei Xi looked up at the pantry, and Ling Zhen had already changed the tea bag, added new boiling water, and was covering the lid of the pot.

“The person she likes may not be me.” Wei Xi said.

Xing Li raised his eyebrows, saying that the master was actually open-minded, which meant he could let go

Ling Zhen walked back with the teapot, reached the door a few steps, and raised a smile.

At this moment, Xing Li heard a low voice in his ear.

“But it can’t be someone else.”

The voice was slightly mute, and it was shocking.

In the nightclub at night, a woman with a wavy body and a hot figure walked in and immediately attracted a lot of attention.

A veteran came up and asked with a smile, “Beauty, something is on my mind.”

The woman glanced at him and sneered, “I look like something is on my mind.”

The veteran smiled, “At first glance, it is a frustration in love, come here to find excitement and vent.”

He Xi glared at this person.

It really made him right.

She saw the gold medal broker Xing Li coming to the company today, and when she asked, she knew that it was the broker that Wei Xi had invited Ling Zhen.

That cold-hearted man, such a cold-hearted person, was actually so concerned about a woman’s affairs, but no matter how hard she tried, how hard she tried, she never got his half attention.

He Xi has been sought after by the opposite sex since childhood, but she was only frustrated with Wei Xi. However, how many superb men like Wei Xi can meet?

She was drinking sullen wine alone, her eyes swept randomly, and suddenly she saw a familiar profile face in the crowd.

That person will come to the club to fool around

He Xi quietly walked over and took a closer look. She was suddenly disappointed that the exposed woman in front of her was indeed similar in appearance to Ling Zhen, but it was not her.

The woman realized that she was looking at herself, raised her head, and said “what do you look at?”

He Xi looked at her contemptuously and folded her arms, “Oh, nothing, you look like a third-line star.”

She wanted to leave after she said, but the woman laughed, “You said Ling Zhen, right?”

He Xi had a meal.

The woman may have drunk too much and was a little excited. “That’s my sister who married a rich husband and also hooked up with a male celebrity.”

He Xi’s eyes suddenly lit up.

She smiled and bent down, “What male celebrity, please tell me carefully”

The author has something to say that Wei Xi cannot like others.

The crowd shouted the name of the male lead.

Ling Zhen: that’s not me qaqqqqq

Let me order a box of medicine for Mr. Wei first.

The more the female partner is dying, the faster the law is in operation.

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