GSBVH: Ch 27

After Ling Zhen woke up, the movie had ended, and she was ashamed to no avail.

It was agreed to receive education and edification together, but she actually slept so soundly in the cinema.

I still slept on Wei Xi

Ling Zhen covered his face and lowered his head, feeling like the kind of poor student who fell asleep in class. When he walked out of the projection hall, he couldn’t raise his head, but made small steps.

Wei Xi followed her slowly, her lips twitched slightly, as if she was in a good mood.

When he reached the outside hall, Ling Zhen touched his hot face, saw Wei Xi’s expression, and asked strangely “Is the movie good?”

Wei Xi was composed and said casually, “It’s funny.”

At this moment, the last pair of spectators came out of the theater, one of whom burst into tears, covering his toilet paper while blowing his nose, and said to his companion, “It’s so touching.”

Ling Zhen: “…”

Are you watching a movie

But anyway, since Wei Xi’s evaluation of the movie is positive, she should have absorbed it.

After watching the movie, the two of them ate a meal together, and the dangling time passed.

Ling Zhen looked at the sky and said, “It’s a bit late, you have to come out and have work to do. I have to get up early tomorrow, and I will be here today.”

Wei Xi looked down at her watch. It was actually not too late, when it was time for them to call.

But he didn’t say anything, and asked quietly, “Go back to sleep”

“Maybe look at the script again” Ling Zhen thought for a while, “then I took a bath and slept in the crew too early to get up.”

Wei Xi looked at her small face and felt that she was indeed working hard, and even the chin was so thin that only a sharp point remained. In addition to working hard, there seems to be some extra annoying things.

With a slightly probing gaze on her face, he paused and said, “I will go to the studio tomorrow.”

“Yeah” Ling Zhen was a little surprised, “What are you doing on the set?”

Wei Xi “Inspection is also one of the tasks.”

“Oh,” Ling Zhen had no idea about the specific job of the president, so he believed it after hearing it. But she thought about it, and said in a bit distressed “Then if you want to come, do you want to wear a mask?”

Wei Xi’s eyebrows slightly picked “How?”

Although Ling Zhen didn’t have any guilty conscience in facing those rumors, it would be best if he could not make any waves. Nearly half of the construction period has passed, and she wants to finish the filming in a down-to-earth manner for the remaining ten days.

So she explained, “Because some people think you are my sponsor or something, this matter is not easy to explain. Just avoid the misunderstanding. Anyway, you should just take a look.”

After that, I was afraid that Wei Xi was unhappy, so I raised my eyes carefully, “Okay?”

Wei Xi looked at her with dark eyes and did not hold back after a long while. He lowered his head, bullied slightly, and asked softly “Then what am I?”

Ling Zhen blinked, but didn’t react. “Ah.”

Wei Xi seemed to have a trace of bewilderment in her eyes, temptingly, “It’s not the gold master, what is that?”

Ling Zhen’s slender and thick eyelashes trembled, and suddenly felt that this did not seem to be what Wei Xi would ask.

She squeezed each other with the back of her little hands behind her back.

Ling Zhen vaguely felt that Wei Xi’s attitude was a little different from before, but she couldn’t tell where the specific difference was. The things hidden in Wei Xi’s black pupils were a little confusing, causing Ling Zhen to feel some vague and uncontrollable anxiety.

“Husband,” she said uncertainly, with a slight timidity in her voice.

Wei Xi paused for a few seconds after seeing her expression in full view.

Don’t be anxious, don’t force her first.

So Wei Xi straightened up, returned the safe distance to Ling Zhen, and then hugged her shoulders falsely.

“Let’s go, take you back.”

Work started as usual the next day.

Wei Xi didn’t clearly say when he would come, and Ling Zhen later forgot about it and completed his role seriously.

In the morning, Fuqing had a very important scene with a large dance movement. Ling Zhen told Wei Xi in advance that if he came in the morning, he would still see her dancing.

After this post-processing special effects, the setting will be very dreamy. Therefore, today’s Fuqing costume is also very gorgeous. It is an embroidered lilac brocade dress. After wearing it, the whole person is three-point expensive.

The young lady in the service team secretly told Ling Zhen that her set was the most expensive of all the clothes, and made Ling Zhen very careful.

Although for the fairy, these are still rough after all, but after all, it is more than a little bit better than the original set of dresses. And after putting it on, the luster of the dress is very matching with people’s complexion, and the clothes are graceful when walking around, which is very moving.

Ling Zhenyan killed the crew again when the modeling was finished that day.

After finishing the previous scene, Ling Zhen solo dance. From the director to the staff, the whole crew were looking forward to it. After Ling Zhen came on stage, they all gathered outside to watch.

Outside the crowd, a man leaned silently in the corner, his black hat was lowered and he was wearing a mask.

His gaze swept across the black crowd, frowned.

There is a hint of irritability that presses the nerves. But it can’t stop her from jumping.

He raised his chin slightly and looked over the crowd to look at the girl in Chinese clothes standing in the field. Then his gaze shifted slightly, and in a position that Ling Zhen could not see, a woman pointed at her back and was talking to the person next to her.

Judging from the expression, it is not a good word.

Wei Xi frowned and her eyes narrowed dangerously.

But at this time, the board hit, the melodious background music sounded, and Ling Zhen began to dance in accordance with the rhythm.

As soon as she raised her hand, her expression entered a state, and everyone’s eyes could no longer be removed. With her every move, the flowing color skirt was like a ball of fire, and the lively, daring, daring, beautiful but terrible floating green slowly appeared in front of everyone.

Wei Xi’s eyes kept falling on her body, and everything around her turned into a black background.

When the fire extinguished and calmed down, he let out a sigh of relief slowly.

The director yelled “Pass”, unabashed satisfaction in his voice. There was also a round of applause around, filled with all kinds of admiring voices.

Wei Xi was a little irritable by the noise.

At this moment, a man dressed in ancient costumes passed by him. Both of them noticed each other, and their eyes briefly touched in the air.

Shen Yanchu has noticed this man since just now. Although he can’t see what he looks like, the aura of this man is too strong to be ignored.

Unprepared to look up, Shen Yanchu saw a pair of extremely cold eyes, and for a moment there was a sense of suffocation that was suppressed. Inexplicably, he felt that this kind of oppression was a bit familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it.

Wei Xi also looked at this person.

The feeling of disgust seems to be natural, and before he recognizes this person, there is a trace of hostility in his heart.

A few seconds later he realized that this was the person Shen Yanchu went to find Lingzhen that night.

So disgust became substance, and a hint of malice filled his dark eyes.

The eyes of the two met for only a moment, and then they moved away from each other.

Shen Yanchu turned to the director. He also saw Ling Zhen dancing. He originally wanted to talk to her. But in a blink of an eye, the dancing girl was gone, and she didn’t know where she was going.

At this moment, Liu Ruo stood in the crowd, staring at the direction Ling Zhen was leaving, with a bitter expression on his face.

She didn’t expect Ling Zhen’s dance to be of this level. It would definitely be a big plus to go out for publicity and would not be laughed at.

There was a lot of applause around, and everyone was boasting Lingzhen. The atmosphere she worked so hard for a few days was completely broken by her dance

Liu Ruo gritted his teeth with anger and walked outside the set to breathe. Who knew that as soon as he came out, he saw Ling Zhen leaving behind.

The most important thing is that she is followed by a strange man

This is simply a godsend opportunity.

A flash of light flashed in Liu Ruo’s eyes, and he immediately carried his bag and followed.

Ling Zhen received Wei Xi’s WeChat after filming the dance show. She just had no show to film in the afternoon, so she changed her clothes and went out to eat with Wei Xi.

When the two of them ate Western food, Ling Zhen fiddled with his knife and fork while asking him, “When did you come here and see me dancing?”

Wei Xi nodded, “I saw a little bit.”

Ling Zhen smiled, his eyes curled up, his tail cocked and waited for praise.

But she waited for a while, and the man opposite did not praise her. Ling Zhen pouted and lowered his head to eat obediently.

After a while, Ling Zhen said, “But you are so quiet, I don’t think the director knows.”

Wei Xi raised her eyes to see her, “Didn’t you ask for it.”

Ling Zhen “I didn’t say it so exaggerated.”

Wei Xi nodded, looked at her, and suddenly said, “That’s why there are man-made rumors, you are only worried.”

Ling Zhen was startled, but he didn’t expect that he would guess directly.

Wei Xi put down her fork, her eyes calm “Who is it?”

Ling Zhen blinked, just about to speak, and suddenly felt that something flashed in the surrounding light.

She immediately looked in that direction, and the person opposite was caught off guard and had not had time to retrieve the phone.

“Liu Ruo”

Liu Ruo hid on the dining table diagonally in front of her, secretly taking pictures of her under the cover of green plants.

After being discovered, she didn’t hide, but walked over directly. Standing at their table, Liu Ruo glanced at the man opposite Ling Zhen, he was actually quite handsome.

She felt sore in her heart, but then she thought, it’s better to be more handsome, which is more proof that Ling Zhen is fooling around outside.

She raised her phone, feeling that she had taken a lot of photos, and smiled proudly, “Miss Ling’s love history is so rich, isn’t it a bit too wasteful if you don’t use it to let everyone entertain you?”

Ling Zhen glanced at her, then glanced at Wei Xi who slowly raised her eyes on the opposite side, and sighed again in her heart for the woman’s ability to kill.

I hit the ultimate boss as soon as I hit it. It’s a bit too correct.

During the previous audition, Liu Ruo’s account was behind Ling Zhen, and Wei Xi had already left when it was her turn, so she didn’t know this boss father.

So she was very thorough.

Liu Ruo glanced at Wei Xi frivolously, looked up and down, and sneered, “The face I found is pretty good. It cost a lot of money.”

Ling Zhen: “…”

She was a little afraid to look at Wei Xi’s expression, and sincerely suggested, “Will you go quickly.”

Liu Ruodang was scared, smiled, and left the restaurant with the gesture of a winner.

After she left, Ling Zhen secretly glanced at Wei Xi.

The man’s expression is very light, “it’s her”

Ling Zhen didn’t know what to say.

Wei Xi’s voice is a little gloomy, “She bullies you”

Ling Zhen thought about it, it was indeed correct, but

Wei Xi suddenly chuckled, her tone of voice was soft, but her eyes were not warm, “Let her roll, okay?”

The author has something to say I am late again, sorry qaq

Mr. Wei was treated as a little white face raised by his wife today

Lingzhen’s key: three yuan for one, ten yuan for three, does it match with me?

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