GSBVH: Ch 26

Ling Zhen was stunned, holding the strawberry yogurt and turning back.

Under the street lamp, Wei Xi is wearing a black coat and her long legs are very eye-catching.

The cold-white-skinned man was wrapped in deep black, and his whole body exuded an aura of abstinence. His black hair is loose, his eyebrows are clear and deep, and his brow bones cast a small shadow, making his eyes extremely deep.

Ling Zhen was really dazed, and it took him a long time to ask “Why are you here?”

Wei Xi hung up the phone and walked in front of her a few steps. He lowered his head and could smell the strawberry on the girl’s lips.

Very sweet.

He paused for a few seconds before he said, “It just happens to have some work to deal with in city b.”

Ling Zhen’s eyes widened slightly, and his eyes were full of innocence, “Really, what a coincidence.”

“Yeah.” Wei Xi’s lips twitched slightly, and her eyes fell on the corners of her eyes, a little red that had been rubbed.

The man frowned slightly, raised his hand, and touched the end of her eyes with “what’s wrong” with his cold fingertips.

Ling Zhen tilted his head uncomfortably, his eyes drifting slightly.

She couldn’t think that Wei Xihui, who was far away in city a, suddenly appeared in front of her, Ling Zhen suddenly said “Did you arrive?”

I shouldn’t have seen her stubbornly on the phone while rubbing her eyes and kicking the flower bed.

Wei Xi said, “Well, it’s a coincidence.”

I just saw a little fluffy ball of her, with her ears drooping, standing in a small cool breeze and rubbing her eyes twice, like some kind of weak and stubborn little animal.

Ling Zhen quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Just halfway through the relaxation, the top of his hair suddenly became heavier.

Wei Xi put her hand on her head and touched it, “You can tell me if you have something.”

Ling Zhen lifted his eyelashes under his palm, and blinked a few slick apricot eyes.

Wei Xi’s hand fell on the back of her head, rubbing between the soft and fluffy hair, “I can listen.”

Ling Zhen pursed his lips, and suddenly his mood rose a little.

Have been comforted.

What about some nasty little cannon fodder? Even the biggest villain oss is her intimate friend, Ling Zhen suddenly felt that he was quite successful in mixing.

“I know.” Her eyes were bent, showing a smile, so bright and charming, “Then you have to stay here for a few days.”

Wei Xi took her hand and looked at her, she couldn’t help squeezing her earlobe again, “I’m not sure yet.”

Ling Zhen shrank his neck, avoiding his hand, and said “Oh”.

Wei Xi looked at her and asked “What time will work end tomorrow”

Ling Zhen “you need to see the notice to confirm what’s going on”

Wei Xi squeezed her wrist and pulled the person back in front of her.

“After it’s over, come with me.”

To be honest, the arrival of Wei Xi still surprised Ling Zhen. After coming to city b, Ling Zhen stopped work and went back to the hotel. At most, he went out for a meal with Si Qian or Xiao De, without even traveling around.

With the opportunity to accompany Wei Xi, I can just look around and relax a little bit.

She doesn’t have many scenes today, and she can call it a day before evening. Because Ling Zhen can go out to play at night, Ling Zhen feels good since she wakes up in the morning.

When I am in a good mood, I even bring the spirit of the people, and after the modeling is done, it is a dazzling little green.

It’s just that the more eye-catching she is, the more uncomfortable she is in the eyes of others. Liu Ruo looked at her and snorted coldly.

She targeted Ling Zhen, for Jian Wenyi was one of the reasons, but more importantly for herself. If Ling Zhen’s reputation is not good, the post-announcement will be affected. At that time, the attention she receives as the third female will greatly increase.

Liu Ruo is an actor. She has stayed in the third line for a long time, so she really wants to use the springboard of Xianwen to jump up.

But after that incident yesterday, several makeup artists ignored her, and even some other staff members began to look at her with strange eyes.

On the surface, if nothing happened, Liu Ruo was planning how to proceed.

The first scene in the morning was for the male and female lead, and the director’s cell phone rang suddenly when the affair came out and hit the board.

He didn’t even think about it, frowned and took it out and wanted to turn it off, but when he saw the caller ID, he was taken aback.

Then the director got up from the chair, took the phone back to the workshop and picked it up.

As soon as the door was closed, the director pressed the answer button “Hey, Mr. Wei”

What does it mean for the boss of the boss to call this early?

“He’s early,” Wei Xi said faintly, “It’s already started.”

“Yes every day.”

The two exchanged unsatisfactory greetings, and Dao He became more puzzled. He said that he and Mr. Wei are not familiar with each other, but what kind of wind is blowing today actually called him on the phone.

At this time, Wei Xi suddenly said, “I happened to be in city b in the past two days.”

“…” Director He was surprised, “You are here.”

“Do some official business,” Wei Xi said, “you can go to the studio when you are all right.”

10,000 words in He Dao’s heart rushed past the grass mud horse.

What kind of demon wind is this blowing, it can actually blow this great god to the crew

Although there is nothing wrong with the employers caring about the progress of the drama they invested in, they are all stunned by Wei Xi after all, and Dao He would not dare to yell at the young actors when he was on his set.

But on the surface, Director He still welcomes politely, “Then dare to be kind, we are waiting for you.”

“Right,” Wei Xi’s tone was casual, as if suddenly remembering something, “There hasn’t been anything on the set recently.”

Director He was surprised, and said to his heart where he heard the rumors, “No, everything is going well.”

Wei Xi paused, seemingly meant to be “new actors will not be bullied in the crew”

Director He remembered the relationship between Wei Xi and Lingzhen. Could it be that the little fairy of the head of Wei’s family was bullied on the set. He usually only pays attention to the film.

He was a little frightened at once, but at this time Wei Xi said again, “There is no best, so why don’t you take care of it?”

Director He wiped his sweat and understood what he meant by “good, good”

No one knows who made the call that Director He answered in the morning, but no one remembered the episode soon.

In the afternoon, Ling Zhen ran into a scene with Liu Ruo again. Although Ling Zhen still hates her, she is in a good mood now and doesn’t want to be familiar with her.

In this scene, during the battle between the two factions, Fu Qing stood up to speak for Ye Wentian, and the third female senior sister stood with her.

As soon as the board hits, the actors walk through the play according to the script. When it was Liu Ruo’s turn, she uttered a series of lines righteously, with all expressions in place.

But Ling Zhen’s eyebrows quickly frowned Liu Ruo snatched two words from her.

Although those two sentences are not important, they can reflect the passion of a young girl.

But the other actors accepted the show as usual, and the director didn’t call to stop, Ling Zhen had to suppress the uncomfortable feeling and continued to act as usual.

This one passed last.

Ling Zhen took a rest, Xiao De handed her hot coffee and asked in a low voice, “Is something wrong just now?”

Ling Zhen nodded, “Two sentences were robbed.”

Xiaode suddenly rolled his eyes in Liu Ruo’s direction. “She’s so cheap. I’ve found out for you in the past few days. This woman is gossiping about you everywhere, saying bad things about you, hoping that those rumors can reach the ears of the official team.” in.”

Ling Zhen frowned.

She is not a magnanimous temperament, and she will not bear it again and again if others engage in her. Ling Zhen glanced at Liu Ruo from a distance, and decided in his heart that as long as this woman had a moth once more, she would tear her up.

But then she didn’t meet Liu Ruo again, and after another shot, Ling Zhen’s work today was over.

Xiaode packed up her things and came and called her “Sister Zhenzhen, do you want to go back together?”

Ling Zhen’s apricot curled his eyes and smiled mysteriously, “I won’t, you should go back first.”

So Xiaode took her things and went back to the hotel. Before leaving, he suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom, so he turned to the bathroom. After he finished using the toilet and walked out of the set, he suddenly noticed a tall man standing on the corner of the street.

Based on his instinct to the handsome guy, he could see that the man was amazing from the figure to the face.

But before he could move, a familiar figure suddenly rushed out and trot towards the man.

The girl is not short, but she looks petite in front of him, and her whole person is almost enveloped.

She ran to him, raised her face and said something, then the man touched her head, pulled her around the corner, and left.

Xiaode: “…”

Damn, love belongs to others.

When Ling Zhen searched the surroundings last night, he decided what to do after work today.

Wei Xi was more unfamiliar with city b than she did, so Ling Zhen took it with him, and didn’t just ask what to do.

Ling Zhen asked, “Are you not curious about where I will take you?”

Wei Xi’s profile is incomparably superior, with a relaxed expression, “It’s okay.”

Ling Zhen smiled, “Let me tell you, this thing is especially suitable for the two of us to do”

Wei Xi’s eyes moved, and she didn’t know what she remembered, her eyes dimmed slightly, “We, do.”

Ling Zhen was unconscious, pulling him to the location on the navigation map, not noticing Wei Xi’s increasingly unpredictable expression.

After a while, Wei Xi grabbed her, her voice was slightly muffled, “Can you please?”

“What’s okay?” Ling Zhen turned his head and looked confused, and pointed to the building behind him, “It’s already here.”

Wei Xi followed her fingers and looked up at xxx Universal Studios.

Ling Zhen smiled brightly, “I have already bought a ticket for a patriotic youth educational film to be released today.”

Now that Wei Xi is so stable, of course, he must hurry to guide him in the direction of a positive and sunny youth, and get rid of the risk of blackening as soon as possible.

Ling Zhen felt that he was too dedicated

There were hardly a few people sitting in the dark movie theater.

After the two of them sat down, all around was empty. Wei Xi swept around and could already predict the level of the movie.

He looked at the screen and silently lifted the armrest between the seats of the two.

Ling Zhen turned her face to talk to him, but the advertisement was too loud, and she had to get closer, “You have to watch it with your heart, and get a good understanding.”

The girl’s slightly sweet breath swept between her chin and neck, and Wei Xi lowered her eyelashes, and saw her small nose and moist lips, her throat tightened involuntarily.

He stretched out his hand, rubbing Lingzhen’s wrist bones, and whispered in her ear, “I think I need education, eh”

Ling Zhen felt a little itchy, stepped back, and said with a guilty conscience, “No, didn’t I also receive edification together.”

Wei Xi hooked her lips and leaned back in her chair, but did not let go.

Facts have proved that accepting edification is not so easy.

Ling Zhen felt heavy eyelids ten minutes after the beginning of the movie, and closed his eyes half an hour later.

Forty minutes later, “Boom”

Fell on the shoulders of the person next to him.

Wei Xi smiled at the corner of her lips and waited quietly for a few minutes when she heard her breathing gradually deepen, and she fell asleep next to him.

The distance from home to city b was shortened to zero, and the restlessness for many days was completely appeased at this moment. Listening to her breathing, the noise in Wei Xi’s heart was calm.

He waited patiently for a long time, and then gently raised his arm, letting the girl lean against him. The knuckles of the fingers hooked her hair and gently rubbed her ears.

She is a soft and warm ball, with a sweetness on her body, lingering on the tip of her nose, especially attractive.

At this time, the inspirational youth in the movie ushered in a turning point in their lives, and the sound effects suddenly increased.

The girl who looked like a kitten in her arms grunted, closed her eyes, frowned, and nudged gently.

Wei Xi lowered her head, covered her ears with her hands, and whispered “Go to sleep.”

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