GSBVH: Ch 25

The next day, Qingxi employees discovered that their Hantang and Lengyue President Wei seemed to have really become a workaholic.

The man has been in the office for several days, processing various documents until late, as if he was on schedule.

But who can let Mr. Wei catch up?

Zhao Yan took the next week’s report and gave him the approval and signature. After signing it, he babbled and asked, “Boss, do you have anything to do in a few days?”

Wei Xi didn’t look up “Yeah.”

Zhao Yan’s curiosity was aroused, “What’s the matter?”

The corner of Wei Xi’s lips hooked almost invisibly, “Yes.”

Zhao Yan is coming. As the backbone of Qingxi and the confidant of the boss, how can he be absent for major events?

He immediately said, “Mr. Wei, let me go with you.”

Wei Xi’s sporadic smiles suddenly disappeared without a trace. He lifted his eyelids and glanced at him, “Go”.

Zhao Yan suddenly became cold, and he was inexplicably scared the last time he played his sister-in-law’s voice in the conference room.

“Fart” Zhao Yan learned a lesson, and immediately said with a serious face, “I will strictly guard the company and work till death.”

Xian asked the crew.

Zheng Qianqian had just finished filming a scene of Diao Weiya, and her face turned pale from exhaustion, and she sat outside to take a rest.

After she drank her coffee, the little assistant ran to buy her a new one, and there was no one around. Liu Ruo quietly walked behind Zheng Qianqian, pretending to read the content on the phone inadvertently

“Xianwen started broadcasting, starring appearance, the most beautiful is not the heroine but her”

Zheng Qianqian looked back at her and raised her eyebrows, “Take me a look.”

It was in Liu Ruo’s arms, she pretended to be indifferent, and handed the phone over, “I saw it when I first checked Weibo.”

Zheng Qianqian opened it and looked at it. It was a low-level manuscript that was obviously pulling and stepping. In the article, several people’s fixed makeup photos were posted, complimenting Ling Zhen’s role as the most beautiful Xianwen, and she secretly stepped on the heroine.

Liu Ruo couldn’t help being proud of seeing Zheng Qianqian taking it seriously. In the crew, Ling Zhen and Zheng Qianqian are together, and Liu Ruo has always been uncomfortable with her seniors. If you want to treat her, you must first destroy her interpersonal relationship.

Liu Ruo took this opportunity to fan the flames and said, “Sister Qianqian, I think you take care of Ling Zhen so much, but she buys the draft to step on you behind her back, her character is too bad, right?”

Zheng Qianqian finished reading from start to finish, and handed her the phone back to her, looking confused “buy the draft”

“Yes, I really know people and don’t know my heart”

Zheng Qianqian looked at her like a fool, “Who would buy this kind of account that doesn’t even have a fan, and write a draft that doesn’t even forward a comment.”

The smile on Liu Ruo’s face froze, and her lips moved, “Haha, that’s what I said, but Si Qian, don’t you think this is not angry? Isn’t it clear that you don’t have Ling really good-looking?”

“Zheng Qianqian is even more confused, “isn’t it?”

Liu Ruo: “…”

Zheng Qianqian had enough rest, stood up and patted her on the shoulder, and said meaningfully, “In this circle, self-knowledge and mentality are important. Although I am not really good-looking, I am much better-looking than you.”

Liu Ruo: “…”

Liu Ruo didn’t provoke him, but was ridiculed, feeling like he was eating.

Zheng Qianqian told Ling Zhen about it when they were eating together later. It’s been ten days since joining the group. She and Ling Zhen are already very familiar with each other and understand each other’s personalities.

Ling Zhen is also very confused, “What is her picture?”

“Picture you are beautiful, picture you have a future” Zheng Qianqian shook her head, “Anyway, there are a lot of small movements behind this person, please pay attention.”

Ling Zhen thanked her and sighed helplessly, “This person is really attached to me.”

Zheng Qianqian smiled, “In this circle, too many people are jealous.”

With Zheng Qianqian’s reminder, Ling Zhen paid more attention in the next few days, and he really noticed something strange in the crew.

For example, some staff members would whisper, but they would immediately stop speaking when she passed by. Another example is that some young actors no longer come to chat with her, and occasionally point to places that Ling Zhen can’t see.

At first she didn’t think about herself until she happened to pass by the dressing room that day and heard a familiar sharp sound coming from it.

“It’s definitely what I saw with my own eyes that Shen Yanchu was at the door of her room that day”

Ling Zhen raised his eyebrows, thinking so.

No wonder someone in the crew looked at her with strange eyes. It turned out that someone was conscientiously spreading rumors everywhere.

“The two of them are really fake”

Liu Ruo “Anyway, she is not clean, she originally had a gold master, but after she came out, she couldn’t bear to be lonely, and went to hook up with the male celebrities of the same crew.”

“My God, I can’t see it at all, she is so silly”

“She has a lot of things before.”

Before the words fell, the door of the dressing room was suddenly opened.

Liu Ruo was taken aback, and when he looked back, the Lord was standing at the door, looking at her coldly.

The scene was extremely embarrassing. He was arrested for talking ill of someone behind his back. Liu Ruo subconsciously robbed him, “Don’t you know to knock first?”

Ling Zhen watched her motionlessly, “Don’t you know that it is illegal to spread rumors?”

Liu Ruo “Why did I spread the rumors? Who am I talking about? You have to sit in the seat by yourself”

The two little makeup artist girls next to her had just finished listening to what she said. At this moment, they looked like she was scornful when they saw her, their expressions were a little hard to say.

For this kind of person, it seems better not to believe it

Ling Zhen disdain to mess with her stubbornly.

The little fairy got a cold face, with a kind of vigor that made people afraid to look at. “Your male lead knocked on the door and said something. It took no two minutes in total, but you.

“I’m not on the same floor with me, you can just see you in those two minutes, I said, are you a little unknown hobby?”

When these words came out, the eyes of the two makeup artists looked at Liu Ruo even more strange.

It’s true that Liu Ruo and them are not on the first floor. How can they know so clearly? Is it because they have been monitoring them? That is too abnormal, right?

Liu Ruo’s face was green and white, and Ling Zhen said it could not end. Finally, she threw down the sentence “Believe it or not”, and then ran out.

There is still work in the afternoon, and Ling Zhen does not want to affect his mood. She suppressed the matter and finished the afternoon shooting with high quality and quantity. Only after returning to the hotel in the evening did she think about it.

In fact, it’s still a bit angry.

She is a soul born of gathering spiritual energy, with a pure heart, and has always hated this kind of unfounded slander. Besides, Ling Zhen still doesn’t know what Liu Ruo’s purpose is for doing this. Is it just to give the little sister a head start?

Can adults be so naive

Sure enough, it’s no good to get the protagonist.

Ling Zhen lay on the big bed in the hotel, burying her head in the pillow. She was a little bit depressed, and wanted to find someone to complain.

But it seems that only Wei Xi can listen to her.

Ling Zhen took out the phone from the quilt, opened WeChat and saw Wei Xi’s dialog box, then suddenly remembered that he didn’t call Wei Xi yesterday, and Wei Xi did not send a message.

Are you busy

She sat up from the bed, holding the quilt, and dialed the phone.

Beep, beep

busy tone.

Ling Zhen was a little discouraged.

In fact, a person like Wei Xi, who is so busy at work every day, should be impatient to listen to these gossip things.

It’s just that Ling Zhen has lived with him since he came into this world. Even if he is still a dangerous person who may be blackened, Ling Zhen has subconsciously regarded him as a close friend.

If this friend ignored her, she would have no friends to chat with. Ling Zhen curled his lips, feeling a little desolate.

Ling Zhen’s whole body was in a ball, her long eyelashes drooping and a little faint. She sat for a while, and wanted to go downstairs to buy something to drink, add sugar to change her mood.

There is a convenience store downstairs in the hotel, and Ling Zhen likes the strawberry yogurt there. She put on a fluffy cardigan jacket and wore the bunny cotton tow she had brought, and walked out of the hotel lobby.

When I arrived at the convenience store, my mobile phone rang suddenly.

It’s Wei Xi.

Ling Zhen answered the phone while walking to the drink shelf, “Hello”

The girl’s voice was soft and a little bit dull.

Wei Xi’s voice came over, “Call me”

“Yeah” Ling Zhen took the strawberry yogurt and went to check out slowly.

Unlike her, Wei Xi’s voice seemed to be in a good mood, “What’s wrong, I was bullied.”

The tone of his words, with a touch of familiar favor, inexplicably reminded Ling Zhen of those thousands of years old fairy monarchs in the sky.

They treat her well and protect her to grow up carefree.

But she was a good little fairy, and suddenly she wore such a place. Encountered many weird mortals, but also to harm her.


After Ling Zhen had worn it for so long, he finally tasted the grievance with hindsight.

She bowed her head and walked out of the convenience store, was blown by the cold wind and rubbed her eyes.

Then rubbed it again.

“No,” she whispered into the microphone.

Wei Xi’s voice revealed a slight smile, “It doesn’t sound like it.”

Ling was really upset. She dragged the little rabbit on the head with cotton and kicked the flower bed outside, wrinkling her nose, “Who can bully me.”

Wei Xi chuckled slightly, obviously not saying “Do you need someone to accompany you?”

Ling Zhen held the phone between her cheeks and shoulders, twisted the strawberry yogurt with both hands and took a sip. His mouth was hard to the end, “No need.”

After she said this, there was silence over the microphone.

In the next second, footsteps suddenly came from behind him.

Ling Zhen hadn’t turned his head, the man’s familiar low voice came into his ears

“No need, I’m here too.”

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Mr. Wei, come to coax people

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