GSBVH: Ch 24

Ling Zhen heard Shen Yanchu as soon as he heard the voice.

She is now more and more confused about the intentions of the male lead. Ling Zhen didn’t contact the protagonist group and didn’t know each other. They had already drawn a clear line very simply, but I don’t know why this person is starting to appear now

She was really confused, and casually returned Wei Xi, “It should be that Shen Yanchu didn’t know what to do with me, I’ll take a look.”

Wei Xi squinted.

It’s ten o’clock in the evening now.

A man knocked on the door of her room.

Wei Xi’s tone became dangerous, and her eyes were dark, “Don’t hang up.”

Ling Zhen’s little feet fluttered to reach the slippers, got out of bed and walked towards the door. After hearing what he said, he replied without thinking, “I didn’t want to hang up.”

Wei Xi was startled slightly, and the hostility that rose silently all over his body also stagnated.

“I’m on the phone with you,” Ling Zhen took it for granted. She didn’t finish talking with Wei Xi, why did she hang up for an inexplicable Shen Yanchu, “I just went to look at it out of politeness, and wait for two minutes. “

Which is lighter and heavier is self-evident.

Wei Xi’s eyelashes trembled, and the sharp thorn in her heart was soothed back into the soil.

Pleasure grows quietly like a new bud.

Ling Zhen had earphones on her ears, and walked over to open the door with slippers. Shen Yanchu was standing outside the door wearing casual clothes, his image was very refreshing and handsome, and he was indeed a standard male protagonist face.

However, Ling Zhen didn’t have the slightest affection for him, and didn’t want to have a good relationship with the protagonists at all. She only half-opened the door, and her refusal to gossip obviously meant “what’s the matter”.

Holding her mobile phone in her hand, Wei Xi, who was connected to the video, couldn’t see her expression, but she could hear her voice very cold.

Pleasure deepens.

Shen Yanchu naturally understood her silent language, so he stood outside the door and said to her, “In the afternoon, Liu Ruo is Wen Yi’s friend. She originally wanted to join the group with Wen Yi, so it is inevitable that she feels a bit resentful, so don’t take it seriously. .”

Opposite him, the girl half hid in the door, her coral velvet pajamas looked very soft. Her eyes were bright, with a hint of vigilance, and there was a clear rejection.

It was completely different from before, and I couldn’t find the slightest favor and admiration from the past.

Shen Yanchu had a complicated mood for no reason. He whispered, “If you are angry, I will apologize to you for her.”

Ling Zhen is very strange, is the male lead addicted to other people’s aftermath?

Apologizing every day for this apology for that, how much he takes himself seriously, is this the confidence that the male protagonist halo gave him.

Fairy is not easy to get angry, but her tone is still not very good. “Even if you apologize, she will come to apologize by herself. Why do you replace her, who are you?”

Shen Yanchu was stunned.

He had never thought that Ling Zhen would talk to him in this tone.

He subconsciously wanted to explain “I didn’t mean that.”

“It’s okay,” Ling Zhen held on to the doorknob and raised his eyes. “I don’t really care about what you mean. Just work together and make a good film. Isn’t that what you said?”

After the crackling, Ling Zhen saw that Shen Yanchu was still shocked, so he simply closed the door.

With a “click”, the door lock was closed, and Ling Zhen returned to the room majesticly, a chuckle suddenly came from the earphones.

Ling Zhen remembered that the boss was still connected, and suddenly felt a little embarrassed, “Am I, too fierce?”

Wei Xi curled her lips, “No.”

Ling Zhen asked “really”

In the earphones, the man’s low voice was filled with inexplicable joy.

“Good,” he said.

His little girl can actually be a bit more fierce.

When dealing with other men.

A few days later, Ling Zhen adapted to the daily life of modeling and filming. She is a very clever person. She has experienced directors in the crew to lead the play, and she has the guidance of her predecessor Zheng Qianqian. Together with her own efforts, Ling Zhen’s acting state is getting better and better after the week.

Fuqing was originally a lovable character, played by Ling Zhen, a top costume face, and the degree of restoration was almost 100%.

But when I got busy, I didn’t have so much time to call Wei Xi. Sometimes I was too tired to go back to the hotel and fell asleep. I saw the “good night” from Wei Xi early the next morning.

Ling Zhen quite likes such a busy life, which gives her a real feeling of living in this world.

This afternoon, there happened to be a rivalry between Ling Zhen and Liu Ruo.

In order to give the male lead Ye Wen Tian Ling Spider, Fu Qing ran to the mountain behind Shimen to drill through the grass and climb the ancient trees. The third woman played by Liu Ruo is her elder sister.

When the board hits, Ling Zhen’s single one is first.

Xiao Fuqing was wearing a beautiful gauze skirt, but he lay down in the grass without hesitation, scooping around seriously. The camera cuts a close-up, the girl’s flawless face is full of seriousness, staring at the gap in the grass, so nervous that the tip of her nose is sweating.

The director stared at the monitor and called out simply.

The next few Ling Zhen were also filmed smoothly. The director poked his head from behind the monitor and praised “not bad.”

Liu Ruo waited for the show and couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

Then came the rivalry between the two. Ling Zhen stood on the prop tree, desperately trying to catch the dexterous little spider, shaking under his feet.

At this time, the senior sister appeared on the scene and called her to be careful.

Liu Ruo opened his mouth, “Be careful, don’t fall.”

Ling Zhen on the tree: “…”

Not only did her voice mean nothing of concern, but she seemed yin and yang weird, with a tone of accent.

The director didn’t have much patience with her, so he immediately stuck his head out, “Why don’t people say anything about you?”

A group of people around were all looking here, Liu Ruo was particularly shameless, and had to whisper an apology to the director.

When her scene was over, Liu Ruo went back to the hotel room with an ugly expression, took out her cell phone and called Jian Wenyi.

Over there quickly, Jian Wenyi’s soft voice came, “How is Ruoruo today?”

Full of resentment, Liu Ruo scolded the director and Ling Zhen into the microphone.

Jian Wenyi was there, although she frowned, she had to listen patiently. She was not so close to Liu Ruo originally, because this time she was on the Xianwen crew, and the two talents suddenly became close.

Finally, when Liu Ruo finished complaining, Jian Wenyi immediately asked, “How about the past two days?”

“Oh, my lord,” Liu Ruo talked about this, and started to sell off. “I saw it when I passed by their building yesterday.”

Jian Wenyi is a little anxious “seeing what”

She also knew that it was not good for her to hear about Shen Yanchu’s life from others, but she was very upset.

Since the character was robbed, Jian Wenyi was always worried that other things would also be robbed.

Liu Ruo knew about the relationship between Jian Wenyi and Shen Yanchu. She sold enough, and said angrily, “I saw your male lead standing at the door of Lingzhen’s room. They didn’t know what they were talking about.”

Jian Wenyi’s face turned white, as if she went to the Ice Cave on her own initiative.

“I don’t know, maybe Ling Zhen asked him to go,” Liu Ruo said.

“Ruoruo, please watch more.” Jian Wenyi’s anxiety became more intense, she said with difficulty, “I’m a little scared.”

Liu Ruo nodded, remembering the scolding he had received during the scene with Ling Zhen today, and there was a calculating light in his eyes, “Don’t worry, I will help you treat her.”


It’s time for get off work, but some people in the office haven’t left.

In the past week, Qing Xi’s off-duty time has been silently postponed. The reason is simple. Their boss, Mr. Wei Xiwei, works until late at night.

He didn’t even dare to go too early with all the high-levels, and had to spend a while, showing his loyalty, before daring to leave quietly.

It took more than an hour for Zhao Yan to leave. He glanced at it when he left, and only He Xi was left in the upper level.

He knocked on the door of the office, “Manager He is still busy, this is okay, can we go together?”

He Xi raised her head, curled her lips and smiled, “I haven’t finished it yet, you can go first.”

Zhao Yan shrugged, “Okay, then come on.”

When he left, He Xi took out the makeup mirror from the drawer, filled the air cushion carefully, and then reapplied the lipstick. The color number that I chose today is the legendary cut male color. He Xi looked in the mirror and felt very satisfied.

She patched up her makeup, stroked her curly hair, and walked to the president’s office on high heels.

Xianwen started up last week, and she saw the news on Weibo that Ling Zhen was already in city b. Now that there is no one around Mr. Wei, it should be when he is alone.

After listening to Ling Zhen’s conversation with another man in the bathroom of Slow Alley that day, He Xi had been trying to find out what Ling Zhen called the “past”, but there was no gain for the time being.

But she was not discouraged. She fell in love with Wei Xi at first sight since she joined the company. Even though she later learned that he was actually married, she didn’t want to give up love regardless of whether she came first, didn’t she?

He Xi walked to Wei Xi’s office.

She raised a charming smile, opened the door, and sweetly yelled “Mr. Wei”

There was no one in the office.

Only the pot of riches and noble trees stood still.

He Xi’s expression drooped in an instant, and he slammed the door panel hard.

Wei Xi did not go home, he went to the hospital.

This week passed very slowly, just like the days before, like plain and tasteless white water. After finally having something to do, Wei Xi drove over after finishing work.

Wei’s mother’s condition was fairly stable. After Wei Xi talked with the attending doctor, she returned to the ward. He sat on the edge of the bed, silent and tall, slowly peeling an apple in his hand.

Mother Wei looked at him, “I heard people say that the drama really started in b city.”

Wei Xi cut off a small piece of apple and fed it to the old man on the bed “Yes.”

“I can’t see each other now.” There was a smile in Wei Mu’s eyes.

Wei Xi frowned “Yeah.”

The communication between mother and child is very thin. After a while, Wei’s mother asked, “How long will it take to finish the filming?”

The crease in Wei Xi’s eyebrows is deeper.

He rarely thinks about that number. Because after thinking about it, there will be no positive emotions.

“There are still a few weeks.” He replied in a low voice.

Mother Wei’s gentle and calm gaze fell on her son, with a kindly scrutiny. After a long time, she smiled and said “Don’t you want her?”

Wei Xi lowered her eyelashes, “It’s okay.”

Missing is a weak and useless emotion, which is too strange to Wei Xi.

He wasn’t missing, he was just irritable all the time.

Wei Mu smiled silently. Her eyes were very soft, with a trace of clarity and relief that belonged to her elders.

After a while, the meal ordered by Wei Xi was delivered outside the ward.

He went and pushed the dining trolley in, set up the table, and arranged the plates and food.

Wei Xi lowered her head slightly, as if thinking about something, with tableware under her hand.

After setting it, his well-knotted hand was suddenly grasped by Wei Mu tremblingly.


Wei Mu’s voice was smiling, and her dry fingers pointed to the neat third pair of bowls and chopsticks on the table.

“You miss her.”

The author has something to say,

Mr. Wei is not seriously ill now, don’t laugh at him

In addition, He Xi’s female counterpart is basically the same as Amuli in a famous TV series hahaha

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