GSBVH: Ch 23

The hostility is dissipating, sinking and turning into soot.

The man’s accurately proportioned mandibular angle was slightly tightened, his dark eyelashes drooped, and he looked at the person on the screen of the little one.

It’s his little wife. It belongs to him legally.

Ownership is a very reassuring thing.

Wei Xi’s sanity was quickly returned to the basket, and within a few seconds, she cleaned up her emotions, and she couldn’t hear anything wrong with her voice.

Ling Zhen recovered and realized that the angle he raised was a bit too deadly, so he raised his arm and changed it to a better angle before saying, “Just finished the meal, and then Sister Qianqian took me to see the director and screenwriter. , They are all kind.”

Wei Xi tapped his fingertips on the table and changed to a relaxed posture.

Ling Zhen really wanted to find someone to share the results of her social activities, and opened the chat box in a tweet, “Do you know that Senior Cici told me that the surname Xiao Aidou really had a gold master since he was 16 years old, he hadn’t As an adult, some of his teammates and fans also know about this, and they often use it secretly to step on him.”

Due to work reasons, Wei Xi occasionally comes into contact with some secrets in the circle. However, due to his personality, he is naturally not interested in “other” things, and lacks the ability to empathize, and he will not pay attention to many things.

But girls always seem to like such unknown secrets.

Wei Xi said lightly, “His teammates also have gold masters.”

Ling Zhen was shocked “Ah”

Wei Xi “has been there at 15 years old.”

Ling Zhen was shocked.

Your circle really disturbed

She thought for a while, as Wei Xi, wouldn’t there be more people begging to hug thighs?

Ling Zhen was holding a little gossip, and asked him thiefly, “What about you, Mr. Wei”

The portrait on the phone screen is a bit distorted, and her smirk is a bit vague, but it’s still pretty.

Wei Xi “No, don’t worry.”

Ling Zhen thought to herself, she is not worried

You can actually do it for me

After chatting for a while, Ling was really sleepy. She yawned, wanted to say good night and hung up. It was only then that she realized that Wei Xi had never shown her face from beginning to end, and the camera had been blocked.

She was a little dissatisfied, wrinkling her nose, “You are not allowed to block the camera.”

Wei Xi listened and took the phone from the table. But the rear camera he used showed the surroundings of the room.

Ling Zhen found out that he was still in the company and was a little surprised “Why haven’t you come home yet?”

Wei Xi whispered “Yeah.” Because it was boring to go back.

His lens shook slightly, and Ling Zhen suddenly saw the emerald green passing by, and suddenly smiled and curled his eyes at “My Rich Tree”.

Wei Xi curled her lips and slapped her phone close to show her.

“Not bad,” Ling Zhen was very satisfied with the position he placed, “Seeing the tree, you have to take good care of it.”

Ling Zhen had a little aura in that tree, and this tree would be more vigorous than the others.

She checked the time, but she didn’t expect to chat with Wei Xi for almost an hour. She yawned again and waved, “Then I’m going to sleep, good night Wei Xi.”

Wei Xi looked at the screen “Good night.”

see you tomorrow.

Early the next morning, Xiaode came to call early on time.

Ling Zhen changed his clothes and went to open the door for him. The man outside the door has exquisite makeup and brilliance, making Ling Zhen ashamed of a girl.

Xiaode stood outside the door holding breakfast, and looked at Ling Zhen who had just woke up.

In the state of full face, even the face hasn’t been washed, but the skin can be broken by blows, and it is as white as porcelain. The eyebrows are clear and delicate, even if the hair is messy, she doesn’t hide her beauty in the slightest.

“Xiao De is so sour and plain, “Why?”

Ling Zhen confused, “Yeah”

Xiao De was silently shocked, and walked in sadly with breakfast. “You wash up first. The makeup team on the crew side and I have already greeted, and we will go straight to the styling later.”

Ling Zhen obeyed the arrangement “Okay.”

After breakfast, Xiaode took Ling Zhen to the makeup artist.

The work of makeup artists has always been to conceal flaws and avoid weaknesses, but after seeing the pure and pure face, they also shouted like a small German.

Really, why

Today is the start-up ceremony of the crew. In addition to Ling Zhen, other actors will come over to do their modeling. However, a slightly bigger actor might be equipped with her own styling team. For example, Zheng Xiqian brought people she used to.

Ling Zhen sat in front of the makeup mirror and handed it to the makeup artist. Not long afterwards, the little sister Jian Wenyi who met yesterday also walked in. According to Zheng Qianqian, her name is Liu Ruo.

This person saw Ling Zhen at a glance, and he felt like he was excited immediately. He didn’t know who he said to him, “Oh, those who have a backstage these days don’t have a team of their own.”

What she said was very lacking in EQ, even for the connotation, but at the same time it made the stylist present unhappy.

The makeup artist is applying eye makeup to Ling Zhen, her face can’t move, only her eyeballs rolled, and she asked in a low voice, “Who is she talking to?”

The young lady “pouch” laughed, thinking she was so cute, and whispered “I don’t know.”

The two eyes met and reached an agreement, and no one paid any attention to Liu Ruo.

Liu Ruo was a little embarrassed and hated Ling Zhen even more. She and Jian Wenyi are best friends, and they have heard that Ling Zhen is among Shen Yanchu’s admirers.

No one would have thought that Jian Wenyi’s role would be robbed of such a person. Listening to Jian Wenyi, this woman is a little backstage. Liu Ruo felt that she might be filming with Shen Yanchu and fantasize about being in love with each other. It happened that she also passed the audition and played the third female role in Xianwen. Before coming, Jian Wenyi asked her to pay more attention to this person.

Liu Ruo took a critical look at her appearance, and hated her even more after reading it.

The makeup artist made Ling Zhen extra care, and she became happier as she became more and more, and it took two hours to make up her face. Then he twisted his hair, braided a bun, inserted a jade bead hairpin, and a fairy-like beauty appeared in the mirror.

Young lady excitedly asked if she could take a picture, and Ling Zhen nodded with a smile. The makeup artist took a shot at her from all angles, and then proudly took it to Moments.

Ling Zhen was also very satisfied with her look, did her makeup and hair, and asked Xiao De to change clothes with him.

The person who put on Liu Ruo’s makeup was called away in the middle, and her makeup was accepted by the young lady who had just put on Ling Zhen’s makeup. The young lady wore a professional smile on her face, but her level of care was completely incomparable to Ling Zhen.

After waiting, Liu Ruo looked in the mirror and finally understood that no one can offend the stylist.

What’s going on

But the start-up ceremony was about to begin. Liu Ruo had no choice but to put on this rough makeup and hurriedly change clothes.

Ling Zhen had done a full body shape at this time, and ran into Zheng Qianqian when she came out. The other party was wearing a flaming red dress and looked up and down at her. “Although I expected this result earlier, can you show some mercy and don’t hang us mortals”

The girl wore a smoky pink gauze skirt, with her skin like fat, splendid and bright.

Ling Zhen was praised, curled her lips and smiled, “You are so pretty too.”

The two went to the start-up site together. The stand and the red carpet were ready, and there were support from various fans. Ling Zhen among the piles of Shen Yanchu, Zheng Qianqian, and Zhou Yun actually saw the support flower basket with his name written on it.

Shen Yanchu was standing in the middle of the crowd, chatting with the producer. Ye Wentian, played by him, is a vigorous young man, and the male protagonist who put on the costume style does have a heroic spirit.

Ling Zhen just glanced at him, and quickly moved his gaze elsewhere. So she didn’t see it, and Shen Yanchu also noticed here. After taking a look at her, there was a hint of surprise in her eyes.

The ceremony officially began, with elders taking turns to give speeches and accept questions from the media. Then, the male and female protagonists uncovered the red cloth on the camera together, and the other actors also received red envelopes with the words “Boot Lucky” one by one.

Ling Zhen had nothing to do and followed the process all the time.

In the afternoon, the crew went straight to the first scene.

In this scene, Ye Wentian, Fuqing, and Banyan Tree played by Zheng Qianqian will all appear.

Before playing the board, Ling Zhen was reviewing the script alone, so that he could get into the state quickly. Carrying on his back, there was a voice beside him, “How are you preparing?”

When Ling Zhen looked up, it was actually Shen Yanchu. She didn’t show her surprise, and nodded lightly, “It’s okay.”

“I still said that,” Shen Yanchu looked at her, “I hope we can all let go of the past and cooperate well.”

Ling Zhen frowned, just about to say something, another sharp female voice came in, “Oh, what are you whispering?”

Liu Ruo seemed to be watching them, with an inexplicably bitter tone, “I said, you didn’t really want to chase the male god when you joined the crew.”

When he said this, even Shen Yanchu frowned.

He knew very well that Ling Zhen hadn’t contacted him privately for a long, long time, and he also won the favor of the majority of netizens with his brilliant makeup photos.

Ling Zhen really annoys this person, but at this time the director has already begun to shout “The actor is in place”

Liu Ruo said that I just want to show up for the little sister. What kind of expression can you take on me, Ling Zhen frowned, did not pay attention to her, tidyed up and started shooting.

It wasn’t until the evening when she called Wei Xi that she began to complain, saying that there was a woman in the crew that was weird, she seemed to be watching her, and she spoke cynicly.

After hearing her, Wei Xi looked slightly gloomy and asked in a low voice “What is her name?”

“It’s not important,” Ling Zhen didn’t really want to file a complaint after all. She just wanted to vent, and that’s fine. “Have you eaten?”

She did not say, Wei Xi did not continue to ask, but remembered the matter in her heart.

“Well, I eat it.”

After chatting for a few words, Ling Zhen couldn’t help showing a proud face and said to him, “I officially made a floating blue look today, and many people praise me.”

She wanted to change Wei Xi’s aesthetics of death, so she sent him a photo taken in the mirror, “It looks good, the quality is much better than the cyan one last time.”

Wei Xi opened the photo, saved it, and then looked at it carefully for a long time “It looks good.”

The girl’s figure is exquisite, and the clothes are tailored to fit, which is vividly outlined.

Wei Xi’s eyes turned dark, too attractive.

Someone will come up.

Ling Zhen is still twittering, “In addition to this one, there are several sets of styles for Fuqing.”

As she was talking, the door of the room suddenly clicked.

Wei Xi’s eyebrows twitched, “Who is looking for you.”

Before Ling Zhen had time to speak, the people outside the door had already spoken.

“Ling Zhen, are you busy now?”

Wei Xi’s eyes sank.

It’s a man.

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