GSBVH: Ch 22

On the last day before leaving, Wei Xi took Ling Zhen to the company.

When he arrived at the place, Ling Zhen knew what he was here to choose an assistant to accompany her to city b.

Wei Xi told her in the car, “Your agent is called Xing Li. Recently I was watching a show abroad, and I couldn’t meet for the time being, but the brokerage contract has been negotiated.”

Ling Zhen has heard of this person. He is very famous in the circle. He has held three gold actor in one hand, and he can be called the gold medal agent in the circle. Unexpectedly, as a small cannon fodder in the book, he could actually be an artist under the gold medal agent.

The fairy can’t help feeling that in this real world, it’s nice to hug your thighs well qvq

The assistant will be left next. Although the agent Wei Xi can help her find the best, the assistant still has to look at the fate after all.

When he arrived at the company, Ling Zhen followed Wei Xi into Qingxi’s building, and all eyes were shot at her frantically.

In the large group in private, someone secretly took a picture of the two of them and shouted, “The fairy is here again and Mr. Wei is here.”

As soon as the photo was sent, countless people immediately replied, “Fuck, fuck, it’s really that floating blue, ah, I can”

“Angry, I finally saw a real person this time, the fucking one who said ordinary people’s looks last time, are you a god? This is an ordinary look.”


Ling Zhen could feel some gazes, Xianwen’s referendum made her look familiar to the public for the first time, and now she is sometimes recognized when walking on the street.

But she was very calm, and she would look back with a smile when she ran into someone’s eyes, which made people feel like a spring breeze.

However, Wei Xi was not so peaceful anymore.

The sight that fell on Ling Zhen from all directions made him very annoyed.

Wei Xi speeded up and led Ling Zhen into the elevator. The elevator door was about to close. A young male clerk shouted “Wait a minute, wait a minute,” and grabbed the elevator door with one hand.

The elevator door bounced open again under resistance. When the male employee looked up, he turned red when he faced a shining white fairy.

The fairy smiled friendly “Would you like to take the elevator?”

“Ah, yes” the male clerk nodded blankly, raised his foot and was about to go in, and suddenly caught a glimpse of the tall man standing next to the fairy.

General Wei’s icy gaze swept from the corner of his eyes, and he asked, “Do you want to sit down?”

The male employee was sober in an instant, and the same sentence came out of his mouth, which was completely different, okay?

He looked at Mr. Wei, with cold sweat on his forehead, then decisively withdrew after a second.

excuse me

The elevator door finally closed, leaving only the two of them in the confined space, and the crease on Wei Xi’s eyebrows finally loosened a little.

Ling Zhen was a little strange, “He was so anxious just now, didn’t he sit down again?”

“Well,” Wei Xi replied casually, raising her hand and rubbing her cheek with her fingertips, “He is not sitting.”

In the conference room on the 17th floor, the assistants are already waiting, and Zhao Yan is there to preside over the order.

He had just returned from a business trip in a remote area, and learned from the pain in the lonely night, and finally a little tasted of their boss’s dark heart. So when he saw Ling Zhen, Zhao Yan was reserved and conservative. His words and deeds were extremely standardized and never overstepped the rules, making Ling Zhen a little unaccustomed.

There are four assistants in total, three women and one man. Ling Zhen sat opposite them and listened carefully to everyone’s resume. The three female assistants are of different ages, have worked with many artists, and have done similar jobs.

Only the last male assistant is very special.

He wears makeup and wears more carefully than ordinary boys. He is gay and he speaks very interestingly.

When asked about the artist he has followed, the male assistant named Xiaode is very proud of his tone, “My biggest advantage is that I have been loyal and dedicated to working with only one artist for five years.”

Ling Zhen asked curiously, “Then why did you think of resigning?”

Xiaode’s tone is very righteous, “because he passed away”

“”Ling Zhen was silent for a while, “I’m sorry, sorry.”

Out of the meeting room, Ling Zhen and Wei Xi talked about her choice, she wanted to pick Xiaode.

Wei Xi looked through the glass wall and scanned the three female assistants, her expression unpredictable, “No more thoughts.”

Ling Zhen thought for a while, and Zheng nodded his head, “I think he is quite cute, and it shouldn’t be boring to go out together.”

Wei Xi didn’t seem to be too satisfied. He shifted his gaze and scanned the male assistant on the far left.

I saw that he took out a cushion powder and was facing the mirror carefully applying lipstick.


Wei Xi nodded, “If you like it.”

After all, it is not threatening.

After signing the contract, Wei Xi drove Ling Zhen home.

Tomorrow’s flight is in the morning, and that time is the time for work. Ling Zhen also has an assistant now. She turned sideways and asked Wei Xi expectantly, “Will Xiaode come to pick me up directly downstairs tomorrow?”

Wei Xi turned the steering wheel and said, “No.”

“Ah” Ling Zhen was a little bit disappointed. She thought that her assistant would also pick up and drop off the car as shown on TV, and always accompany her artist to handle all kinds of things for her.

Wei Xi tilted her head for time, and saw her slightly disappointed expression, and the corners of her lips curled slightly. When the red light stopped, he raised his hand and rubbed her ear “Because I sent you.”

Ling Zhen stayed for a while, “Ah, wasn’t it time for work then?”

“Well,” Wei Xi squinted her face, drawing a beautiful line from her brow bone to the bridge of her nose, “but I want to send it.”

The things were put away early, because Ling Zhen went to bed early because he had to get up early the next day. She changed into the coral velvet pajamas after the fall, and after saying goodnight to Wei Xi, she closed the door of her room.

The house is very quiet at night, and the night is slowly settling outside the window.

Wei Xi stood in front of the French window and lit a cigarette.

Smoke entangled at the fingertips, the man’s well-knotted fingers sandwiched the sparks, and the cold white side of his face was naturally sexy.


Only one month.

It is normal for people to live and come and go.

It’s normal to leave occasionally, and will come back after all.

Wei Xi was alone, smoking the cigarette quietly, and the turmoil in her heart was suppressed by the acrimony of nicotine. He peeped into his own heart, and felt that it was fairly stable.

Early the next morning, the alarm clock on Ling Zhen’s phone rang on time. She rubbed her eyes, rolled twice on the bed, and got out of bed with sleepy eyes.

When I left the room, when I passed the living room, I suddenly saw a silent figure on the sofa, as if I had been sitting for a long time.

“Wei Xi” Ling Zhen said, her voice soft after she woke up in the morning, “You woke up so early”

Wei Xi stood up calmly, dusted the pleats on her body after a night, and nodded, “Just getting up, let’s go wash.”

Frankly speaking, Ling Zhen was still in a good mood.

Since Chuanshu came over, more than half of her focus has been on comforting the villain. This is the first time she has traveled far.

She washes, changes clothes, and puts on make-up, and she feels relaxed. Finally, I packed myself up to the brilliance, then dragged the box to Wei Xi, and smiled “Let’s go.”

Wei Xi didn’t say anything, and took her suitcase in silence.

Xiaode will meet her at the airport. It was not early or late for them to go out. After they arrived, Xiaode was already waiting for her in the departure hall.

He took Lingzhen’s suitcase and documents, and took them to check in and check in.

Ling Zhen clapped his hands and said goodbye to Wei Xi at the last moment.

“Then I’ll go.” Ling Zhen raised his face in front of him, smiling with crooked eyes, “I will call you in the evening.”

Wei Xi looked down “Yes.”

His pupils were very dark, his eyes fixed on her, he paused, and said, “Before takeoff, after landing, you can also fight at the hotel.”

“”She’s not a kid anymore, do you still need to report like this? Besides, if she fights like this, she will probably annoy him to the dark.

Ling Zhen thought it was Wei Xi’s peculiar way of expressing concern for her.

Xiaode quickly changed his boarding pass, and walked over with a small bag, “Ok, you can go.”

Ling Zhen nodded and waved to Wei Xi “Then goodbye”

Wei Xi gave her a deep look, “Go ahead.”

Up to this moment, he was calm.

When Wei Xi listened to her heart, there were only some subtle noises.

Ling Zhen smiled, turned around and walked towards the security checkpoint with Xiao De.

The moment she turned around and walked side by side with others, Wei Xi’s voice suddenly increased.

Approaching the security checkpoint, Ling Zhen turned his head and immediately met Wei Xi’s dark gaze. She smiled and waved, then walked into the security checkpoint.

Can’t see it anymore.

The irritability in someone’s heart was suddenly so strong that they couldn’t be restrained.

He walked out of the airport lobby and smoked a cigarette in the cold wind.

There is a feeling that everything is wrong. More intense than imagined.

When the cigarette butt burned to the end, Wei Xi threw it into the trash can and called Ling Zhen.

The security check is over there and we are waiting for the flight. Ling Zhen is about to play with her mobile phone, and the answer is very fast. “What’s the matter?”

Wei Xi was quiet for a while, her voice was dumb when she spoke, “Work hard.”

Ling Zhen answered very obediently, “Okay boss.”

“Go early and return early.”

The journey went smoothly, it was already afternoon when I got off the plane.

Xiaode’s work ability is really strong, and the arrangements are very well arranged all the way, Ling Zhen finally enjoys the happiness of having an assistant, and comfortably arrives at the hotel under the crew.

Her room is on the upper floor, and the other main actors, directors and screenwriters are on the first floor. Xiaode’s is on the lower floor. After she settled in, he crouched his waist and said, “If you need anything, please call me. I also have strawberry-flavored bath balls and rose petals.”

Ling Zhen was shocked by his exquisiteness, “Okay.”

After Xiao De left, Ling Zhen packed his luggage in the room by himself, thinking about saying hello to the director and screenwriters at night.

When she finishes packing slowly, the sky outside the window has been wiped out.

Ling Zhen stretched, and the door of the room was knocked suddenly.

She walked over and opened it, and it turned out that Zheng Xiqian stood outside the door. “I heard the assistant say that you are here, come and have a look.”

Ling Zhen didn’t expect that she would take the initiative to find herself, and smiled, “Welcome, welcome.”

Zheng Qianqian had never been in contact with her before, and thought that someone as hard as her backstage might be a bit arrogant or uncomfortable. But I didn’t expect this little beauty to be soft and very good.

Zheng Qianqian herself has a cheerful personality, and after a few conversations, she told her, “It’s just time for dinner, let’s go have a meal together”

Of course Ling Zhen has no objection, “Wow.”

The two changed their clothes and took the elevator to the hotel lobby with a smile. This hotel has been booked by Xianwen’s crew, and there are actors and staff everywhere.

They walked to the revolving door, and a woman in woolen rolls came across. Ling Zhen vaguely felt that she was familiar, but couldn’t remember it for a while.

But the woman obviously remembered Ling Zhen, she took a look, coldly snorted, and then rolled her eyes and passed them.

Is Ling Zhen sick?

Zheng Qianqian said next to her, “Don’t pay attention to her, this is the little sister of Jian Wenyi.”

Ling Zhen suddenly realized.

Her little sister must resent her for stealing Jane Wenyi’s role. Ling Zhen hadn’t remembered for a long time the group of Shen Yanchu, Jian Wenyi, and thinking of working with this wool roll and Shen Yanchu, Ling Zhen was a little bit annoyed.

But this meal was very happy.

Zheng Qianqian was very talkative, and dragged her to chat for more than two hours, telling her that all kinds of gossips in the circle told her that Ling Zhen was eating melons and eating.

After dinner, as a senior, she took Ling Zhen to meet the director and screenwriter, and the conversation lasted almost two hours.

By the time she returned to her room in the hotel, it was already over ten in the evening.

She just remembered at this time, she hasn’t called the big guy at home yet

At the same moment.

On the 17th floor of Qingxi, only the president’s office is still lit.

Wei Xi sat behind her desk. There were no documents on the desk, only his mobile phone.

No text messages, no phone calls, only a dark screen.

Wei Xi closed her eyes, her cold white face showed no expression, but he knew that a virus was breeding in the dark corner of his heart.

If you don’t let her go, you don’t have to wait

Some instincts that have never appeared before, or are suppressed, are silently stretching out black poisonous tentacles.

At this moment, the bell rang.

Abruptly resounded through the room.

Ling Zhen leaned on the bed to call him, her long soft hair was draped, her small face was plain white, and she was wrapped in the soft quilt.

The video call request was connected as soon as it was sent.

Before she could react, her face appeared on the screen, but the other side was black.

Ling Zhen was stunned, “Wei Xi”

The voice was soft, calling his name. In the cold office, he stroked Wei Xi’s heart.

After a few seconds, he said “Yeah.”

He is fine.

The author has something to say, Wei Xi: I am not sick

Ling Zhen: no, you are

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