GSBVH: Ch 28

Ling Zhen blinked, and didn’t say anything.

She observed Wei Xi’s expression. The man seemed to be a little angry, but there was no fire like when others were angry. The black in his pupils is cold, like a deep ocean without the sky, making people feel oppressed, but there is no sign of losing control.

Ling Zhen recalled that he looked very much like the expression he showed when he met Ling Xuan last time. And these two times, it seemed that others were disadvantaged to her.

So she reacted slowly, and Wei Xi seemed to be helping her.

Ling Zhen didn’t know whether the relationship between the big guys during this period of time influenced the big guy, or the big guy took this kind of asylum posture to those who could accept him, but she finally recognized him as good and felt very warm in her heart.

Wei Xi was stared at by her translucent eyes, the hostility overflowing from the bottom of her heart stagnated, and she consciously controlled her tone of “Yeah”

Ling Zhen has a simple mind, and as much as he rejects the malicious intentions of others, the more he appreciates the kindness of others.

She blinked her slightly round apricot eyes and asked him “Are you angry now?”

He was.

But she seemed afraid of him being angry.

“Fortunately,” Wei Xi controlled her expression very calmly, and the surging black tide was well hidden, “Don’t want me to do it.”

Ling Zhen looked at him, and then picked up the coffee cup on the table. Behind the edge of the cup, a pair of dark eyes “No.”

She shrank her shoulders. She was not so confident when she said this, and her tone sounded soft “Then you let her go.”

“I never want to see her again.”

Wei Xi’s heart seemed to be scalded.

Even though he was only relied on for a moment, his irritability faded obediently.

The corners of Wei Xi’s lips curled up slightly, raised her hand, and hooked her smooth cheeks with her knuckles, with a hint of indulgence in her voice, “Hey, then won’t let you see her again.”

Liu Ruohuo hurried back to the studio and couldn’t wait to export the photos from his phone. In fact, she slipped fast just now, and there was another reason she was afraid that the other party would steal her phone and delete the evidence. There is a man on the opposite side, and she must be at a loss if she really grabs it.

But it seems that Ling Zhen should have been suppressed by her. Liu Ruo smiled triumphantly when she thought of this. She has been in this business for a long time, with so many means. It is more than enough to cure her a little girl in her early twenties.

Moreover, even if the benefactor behind her knew, Liu Ruo didn’t worry at all. Not to mention that Ling Zhen himself certainly wouldn’t dare to sue this matter. If the gold master knew that the little star he had bagged was out with such a handsome wild man, maybe he would have to thank her.

In the afternoon there was still her part, Liu Ruode took advantage of this time to finish the work quickly. She contacted several Yuji she was familiar with, processed the matter with added vigour, and then carefully selected a few photos showing her face, packaged them and sent them together.

After she finishes this, all the props such as the blower for filming in the afternoon have been put on. Liu Ruo deleted the chat history from his phone, then went to the service team to change his clothes, and entered the set casually.

When she entered, she suddenly felt that the atmosphere was a bit unusual.

The field staff who usually laugh and laugh are serious and decent, and are doing the preparations properly. Even the director sat behind the monitor early and looked down at the script, looking a little ugly.

Liu Ruo felt a little inexplicable. As he walked, he suddenly saw Ling Zhen sitting on a chair outside a rest room, biting a straw and drinking a bottle of Yakult.

Liu Ruo suddenly sneered. Seeing her like this, he still doesn’t know what will happen in the future.

She carried her skirt and walked to Ling Zhen, looking at her condescendingly, and said in a predecessor’s tone, “I forgot to remind you just now, you have to be cautious when you are in this business. Although no one requires actors to be single in their emotional life, You have to be a little measured.”

The implication is that I have your handle in my hands, you’d better be humble.

Ling Zhen held the straw in his mouth and nodded in agreement, “You should be more cautious.”

Liu Ruo didn’t get the expected low voice, and rolled his eyes. At this time the director was calling for someone, Liu Ruo dropped Ling Zhen, turned and twisted his waist and walked over.

The director drooped his face and called her to “act this.”

Liu Ruo was a little surprised “Isn’t it 23 episodes written on the notice?”

Director He is very irritable “let you act as you act”

Liu Ruo nodded and said yes, feeling a little puzzled. There are not many scenes in the female number three, this is the most important part of the scene, how could it suddenly be performed in advance?

After the performance, Liu Ruozha walked up to the director and asked softly, “Director Ho, do I still perform 23 episodes today?”

“No,” Director He gave her a look, “I won’t use it anymore.”

Liu Ruo didn’t react a little bit “Ah”

Director He threw a stack of papers, “The new script just typed out, read it for yourself.”

Liu Ruo was stunned, picked it up and roughly turned it over, her face suddenly turned pale, and all her scenes were deleted.

She asked in disbelief, “Why delete my scene?”

Director He glanced at her and found it troublesome to rearrange the script. He didn’t have a good face to Liu Ruo. “Why don’t you think about it, what did you do?”

Liu Ruo’s face changed drastically, and he immediately thought that Ling Zhen had only had a conflict with Ling Zhen recently.

She glanced around, caught the Lingzhen figure, and ran over angrily, “Is it your ghost?”

The people on the set stopped working and watched Liu Ruo go crazy. Zheng Qianqian saw her virtue as soon as she came in, and she immediately curiously pulled the person next to her and asked, after listening to the whole story, she was happy, “Isn’t it worth it?”

Ling Zhen really couldn’t deny Liu Ruo’s words, so he didn’t speak. She sucked in the straw, Yakult had already bottomed out, and the empty bottle made a whistling sound of air.

Liu Ruo felt that she was laughing at herself, and her face was grim. She believed that Ling Zhen had found someone to fuck her, and yelled at Ling Zhen, “Did you find someone to sue and tell me, who is your backer?”

Ling Zhen frowned.

At this moment, the door of the rest room behind her squeaked and opened from the inside.

The slender man walked out of the rest room, staring at Liu Ruo with cold eyes, “looking for me”

Ling Zhen was swept away by his aura.

I couldn’t help sighing, the villain’s appearance is really domineering.

But Liu Ruo was in a state of anger, and his brain obviously couldn’t handle the two words Wei Xi said. She is now full of brains on how to save the situation, how to fight back at Ling Zhen’s role in holding herself, so when she saw Wei Xi’s face, what she thought was that Ling Zhen actually brought her wild man to the set. Up

She seemed to have grabbed a straw to fight back, pointed at Wei Xi, and shouted around, “Ling Zhen is just fooling around with him, this is the man.”

Ling Zhen: “…”

Not only was she silent, but everyone on the set was also silent.

A field clerk said silently to the person next to him, “Doesn’t she know that the big boss came to the set this afternoon?”

The person next to her, “She might be stupid.”

After Liu Ruo shouted, there was no response around him, and his heart became even more flustered.

At this moment, Zheng Qianqian came over and said hello, “Good for Mr. Wei.”

Liu Ruo was taken aback.

Zheng Qianqian was a little gloating. He glanced at her, stretched out her hand and introduced, “Mr. Wei of Qingxi, get to know.”

There was a “boom” on Liu Ruo’s head, like a bolt from the blue sky.

She may not know Wei Xi’s face, but it is impossible for her to not know Qing Xi’s name. This time Qingxi’s investment accounted for 70. The man in front of him is the president of Qingxi.

At this time, the producer came out of the rest room and said respectfully to Wei Xi, “Then do it as you said.”

Wei Xi’s expression was cold. “Yeah.”

Liu Ruohui didn’t do it. She hated that no one told her that Ling Zhen was behind Qing Xi. On the other hand, she regretted what she did in front of Wei Xi at noon. She eagerly took two steps forward. I’m kidding, I didn’t think about it.”

Before the words fell, a chuckle suddenly sounded.

The sound was like drops of snow melted into the neck, making people shiver with cold.

“Joke” The curvature of Wei Xi’s lips was very cold. He opened something in the phone and showed it, “The same goes for sneak shots and drafts.”

Liu Ruo took a closer look and found that what he had on his phone were the things he sent to Yuji at noon.

Her face was completely bloodless.

People who were close around saw what was on the phone, and felt a chill in their hearts.

When someone goes out to eat, this woman is actually following, even taking pictures, and sending out this is already abnormal, right?

Wei Xi accepted the phone and glanced sideways at the producer.

At this point, it has become a fact that Liu Ruo has spread rumors in the crew, not to mention that the bosses personally call the names, there is nothing left to say.

The producer glanced at her, “Pack your things and stop appearing on the Xianwen crew.”

The big guy came forward, and the matter was resolved very quickly.

Liu Ruo was kicked out, in fact, many people clapped and cheered.

Wei Xi didn’t stay for a long time, things were done quickly and ruthlessly, and he took Ling Zhen away soon after it was over.

Ling Zhen was next to him, feeling up, and curiously asked, “Why did you have something she sent out? Didn’t she send out a marketing account or something”

Wei Xi pulled her to the side of the road, with a casual tone, “Because there is me in the photo.”

Ling Zhen understood that the relationship between these insiders and Qing Xi was of course much closer than that of Liu Ruo. Sending a picture of Wei Xi to Qingxi, and doing more personal affection, Baili will be harmless in the future.

In short, thanks to Wei Xi’s blessing, Ling Zhen felt very happy that he would never have to look at Liu Ruo’s nasty face again.

When he walked a little farther, Ling Zhen grabbed him, touched his pocket, and took out a bottle of strawberry yogurt. She has been holding it warm in her arms, and it is still hot now.

“Here,” Ling Zhen smiled, “This is my favorite, please drink it.”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes and took it. The girl’s body temperature was still on top, pressed against his palm.

The sugar content of this drink exceeds the standard at first glance, and it is something that little girls like.

But he smiled and looked down at her “So good.”

“Well,” Ling Zhen nodded, “Thanks to you this time, you worked hard.”

Wei Xi tilted his head slightly, her gaze fell on her raised face.

“Also” Ling Zhen was a bit shy, her eyelashes flickered a few times, and her pink lips were pursed. “You were so handsome just now.”

Wei Xi had a meal.

The girl praised softly like a soft hook. She didn’t know that it was natural to be sultry.

Wei Xi’s jaw line was slightly stretched, and he cursed a swear word in his heart.

The author has something to say that Mr. Wei was praised by his wife in a trance.

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