GSBVH: Ch 19

The plot reverses again and again, and the people who eat melon are all excited.

Yesterday, Jian Wenyi’s fans asked Ling Zhen for justice and sent out a brainwashing package all day, but today her sister simply broke Weibo.

Searching the real-time square, all early netizens are talking about it.

With the blessing of Hot Search, it didn’t take long for hundreds of thousands of “Yin Soldiers to Cross the Border” at night to spread all over the Internet.

Can’t Cha Mumu spend more money to buy a premium account? Do brushing off is too ugly, right?

Qingqing’s bellyband, so I felt that their fans were self-directed and acted yesterday, and the co-authoring is to pave the way for the mastermind.

Unknowingly, the fairy tale’s dispute between the two women has become a hot topic, and the popularity has even far surpassed the first or two women candidates.

When Zeng Hong received a call from Jian Wenyi early in the morning, they all cried. When she read Weibo, she was shocked.

Then, Midsummer Entertainment issued an emergency public relations statement at eight o’clock in the morning to dispel the rumors.

The rough meaning is that our company has always rejected the act of water injection, please judge rationally and do not listen to rumors.

But embarrassingly, although they claimed that the 300,000 votes were not swiped by themselves, they could not show any evidence in their hands. Zeng Hong called the phone all morning to try to find the hammer, but the other side did it cleanly.

So after the netizens tasted this dry statement, it was obvious that no one believed it. Apart from Jian Wenyi’s fans in the comment area, there was a lot of laughter and teasing.

When things were fermenting and opinions were divergent, Ling Zhen from the event center finally went online and posted a Weibo.

She didn’t have a long story, but simply put a picture of the 24h real-time data monitoring picture of the votes of Ling Zhen and Jian Wenyi from 8:00 yesterday morning to 8:00 this morning.

The screen showed that from the first hour, Ling Zhen’s line flew over Jian Wenyi. In the next 24 hours, the line showed a smooth upward trend and kept getting steeper.

The thread that had been crawling under her suddenly approached Ling Zhen infinitely at two o’clock. The data was interrupted for several hours, and after the voting system was restored, it was thrown under Ling Zhen again.

In other words, the people who are framed for scoring have very stable data from beginning to end. On the contrary, Jian Wenyi’s data fluctuates sharply.

Comparing the two wires together, it can be called a heavy hammer.

Netizens exploded again.

Here, Ling Zhen finished posting on Weibo, but didn’t read the response on the Internet anymore. Instead, he turned to look at the man sitting next to him.

She didn’t do the data graph. When Wei Xi sent her the monitoring analysis, Ling Zhen was equally surprised. He did it from the beginning of the vote, and Ling Zhen had no idea.

Although Wei Xi is a superb villain in the book, Ling Zhen still couldn’t help but sigh after actually seeing it. This series of operations is too irritating.

Fortunately, she has not stood the opposite of Wei Xi now, otherwise the tragic ending in the original book is just around the corner.

“Why would you think of saving evidence in advance” Ling Zhen asked him with a learning mentality.

“Because” Wei Xi curled her mouth and rubbed her cheek with her fingers, “You are so stupid, you will definitely be bullied.”

Ling Zhen wrinkled the tip of his nose, avoiding his cat-like hand, daring to be angry but not saying that she is not stupid, she just doesn’t know the routines of the world.

On the other hand, after Ling Zhen’s Weibo was posted, Jian Wenyi shut herself down.

Zeng Hong was struggling to death, trying to communicate with the film crew, “I said before, the second female will let us Wen Yi, and you can see her strength.”

The film party replied indifferently, “The default is only verbal and does not include voting factors. The current result is the judgment of netizens and the choice of future audiences.”

In other words, Jian Wenyi’s acting prowess is not enough to make them give up a female No. 2 with a degree of discussion and a double expectation.

At this point, the overall situation of the entire battlefield has been determined.

Zeng Hong and the others didn’t lose the rice by stealing the chicken. They didn’t become Lingzhen, but they suffered a big dark loss. In the last few hours before the voting deadline, in the face of surging questions from netizens, Midsummer Entertainment simply pretended to be dead.

At 12:00, the voting channel was closed on time. The official blog announced the voting results.

The male number one Shen Yanchu, Gu Wei was defeated by a few thousand votes. The female number one, Zheng Qianqian, has almost no suspense. The male number two is Zhou Yun, another second-line niche. The voting results of these roles are actually in line with the film’s presupposition.

Only Ling Zhen, with his beautifully overwhelming costume image, won the popular vote like a dark horse, and no one disputed.

Ling Zhen turned off the phone after reading the final result.

She glanced at Wei Xi’s calm profile, feeling a little moved and a little horrified. More than a month ago, she must have never imagined that that violent man would shelter her like this.

Ling Zhen touched the tip of his nose, nudged him a little closer, and asked embarrassedly, “Did you spend a lot of money on the number you bought?”

Wei Xi lowered her eyelashes, “want to reimburse me”

Ling Zhen’s eyes floated for a moment, “I, I may not be able to pay it back at once, if there is another way of repaying it.”

“Yes.” Wei Xi said.

Ling Zhen didn’t expect him to answer so quickly, as if he had already figured out the answer “what, how”

Wei Xi curled her lips, “Signed a contract with me and arrived.”

Ling Zhen was stunned “Ah”


Zhao Yan took a stack of printed documents and returned to the 17th floor, just in time for He Xi with delicate makeup.

He Xi glanced at what he was holding and saw that it was a contract, and casually asked, “I happen to be going to Mr. Wei, do you need me to bring it in?”

Zhao Yan hurriedly guarded “It can’t be done, I have to present such an important thing in person.”

He Xi smiled and asked curiously “what is so important”

Zhao Yan said mysteriously, “The boss established a personal studio for his sister-in-law, and signed the contract today.”

He Xi’s face suddenly stiffened, “What?”

She immediately realized her gaffe, and met Zhao Yan’s weird look, and smiled stiffly, “Our company has never signed an artist, so why suddenly make an exception?”

Zhao Yan shook his head, “Manager He, are you not online?”

Of course. He Xi also knew about Xianwen’s vote. In the past two days, she spurred all the sisters to vote for Jian Wenyi.

“What’s wrong?” He Xi pretended not to know.

“You’ll know it if you go online,” Zhao Yan said with a deep look, “We, Mr. Wei, are the first to make a good move and lock people up. Otherwise, if he doesn’t sign, others will definitely grab it.”

In the president’s office, Ling Zhen had just learned that Qingxi, a company that specializes in the film and television industry, and had just voted in the drama “Xianwen”, was shocked and stared in a daze.

She finally understood what Wei Xi’s phrase “I can give you” means.

No, no, more importantly, she finally understands why the villain in the original book can crush the male lead and the female partner.

Because they are the father of the fathers

“In your personal studio, the brokerage team will give you the best match, and you can choose the resources.”

Wei Xi gave an extremely attractive offer, and then she hooked her chin to make her look at herself, “So do you want to go to Gu Wei’s company?”

Ling Zhen met his gaze, her eyes were so dark that she had the illusion that she had become a prey and was about to fall into the net.

She was quiet for a while, and sighed, “Then I really become a backdoor player.”

Wei Xi “I will open the door for you.”

Then what else can she say.

In this world where she has no sense of belonging and no idea when she will leave, it is best for her to hold the safest thigh.

Ling Zhen pursed his lips and made a decision, “Then I won’t go to him.”

Her choice made Wei Xi’s eyes a hint of joy, and she reached out and pinched her cheek “Goodbye.”

Ling Zhen hummed his hand away.

She found that Wei Xi has become more and more like teasing her recently, so she always has the feeling that Wei Xi regards her as her own little toy.

Soon, Zhao Yan sent the printed contract, and Ling Zhen obediently signed according to Wei Xi’s instructions.

After signing, Wei Xi seemed very satisfied, touching the back of her head, it was very obvious

After signing the deed, it is mine.

Zhao Yan: “…”

Excuse me, is this dog unworthy of existence?

The single dog Zhao Yan stood still without moving under the cold dog food, tentatively saying, “Today happens to be all the high-levels. They want to congratulate my sister-in-law for taking the role and opening a table in Slow Alley. I wonder if Mr. Wei and his sister-in-law will appreciate Appreciate the light.”

Wei Xi frowned and was about to refuse, Ling Zhen’s eyes lit up, “Is Slow Alley that famous Hunan cuisine?”

Zhao Yan nodded immediately, “Yes.”

Ling Zhen had been recommended by others before, and had always wanted to go. She turned her head to look at Wei Xi with bright eyes, “Shall we go?”

“…”Wei Xi looked at her, unable to refuse, “Okay.”

After work, several senior executives were all dressed up in suits and leather shoes. Seeing Ling Zhen, a group of seniors immediately greeted with depression and excitement.

OMG, the screen is beautiful, real people are even more like a fairy.

Wei Xi’s expression was ugly for an instant, and she took Lingzhen’s hand.

A few people were about to get off the elevator when a female voice suddenly intervened, “I will go with you in any game today.”

He Xi changed into a little fragrant skirt, not as mature as Ling Zhen last time saw her, she was more charming and charming, and she immediately attracted the attention of several executives.

“Okay, okay, let’s go with Manager He.”

He Xi smiled gracefully, pretending to go to see Wei Xi casually, but the person had already taken Ling Zhen down the elevator.

The group was divided into three luxury cars and went to the slow alley one after another.

This shop has a high level of consumption, a relatively quiet location, and not many people. But when Zhao Yan set up a private room, the largest one had already been booked away, and they had to choose the second largest one.

Entered the private room and sat down, Wei Xi was in the upper seat, and Ling Zhen was beside him. He Xi glanced around and sat directly opposite Wei Xi.

The group of people who had drifted all the way finally realized that the boss was not in a good mood, and they were more reserved one by one.

Ling Zhen was afraid of stepping on thunder and asked Wei Xi in a low voice while reading the menu. Wei Xi’s arm rested on the back of her chair, in a subconsciously exclusive posture.

In the end, the main dish was 800 yuan a piece of Qiandao Lake fish head with double peppers and a pot of boiled fresh abalone. There were also scattered beef, braised tofu with crab roe, braised pork in a crock pot and some stewed vegetables. A bottle of Chixia was opened. Beads.

Although the boss is there, everyone is a little bit of it, but fortunately, Zhao Yan and He Xi have been active in the atmosphere, and the scene is also lively.

When the wine was poured, a young manager surnamed Liu plucked up the courage to hold up the wine glass and said to Ling Zhen, “Congratulations, sister-in-law for taking the role of Fuqing, we have voted for you.”

After that, I did it myself.

Ling Zhen is not very familiar with their wine table culture. He hesitated to pick up the goblet. Wei Xi leaned against her and said casually, “You can take a sip.”

Ling Zhen didn’t reply. He Xi, who was sitting next to him, blamed him, “Mr. Liu, look at you. Ms. Ling doesn’t know how to drink at first sight. Isn’t it embarrassing for you? I’ll drink this cup for Miss Ling. .”

After she finished speaking, she lifted the glass in a very beautiful posture, and when she was empty, she applauded on the table. Then, He Xi passed Ling Zhen with a slightly glamorous gaze, and finally fell on Wei Xi.

Ling Zhen immediately understood.

She said why this woman keeps looking strange, because she has thoughts about Wei Xi.

She found it very interesting and couldn’t help but look at her.

He looks very good, with beautiful facial features, and can be a senior in Wei Xi’s company, presumably his ability is also good. Except for her unpleasant personality, she thinks He Xi’s conditions are pretty good, and she might be able to make up with Wei Xi.

In the direction Ling Zhen looked at, besides He Xi, there was also Manager Liu next to him.

She looked at it for a while without consciously, and suddenly one earlobe was gently pinched, her movements were intimate, but the voice in her ears was “good-looking?”

Ling Zhen tilted her head, Wei Xi was very close, her expression was not very good.

“What, what’s wrong?”

Wei Xi stared at her for a few seconds, and the corners of her lips curled up, “It’s nothing, let’s eat.”

He Xi, who was opposite, saw the movements of the two in his eyes, and unconsciously squeezed the chopsticks tightly.

Halfway through the meal, Ling Zhen sipped too much wine and got up to go to the bathroom.

Someone was talking in the private room just now, but she didn’t pay attention. When she came out, she realized that the next door was also very lively, as if arty was being opened.

Ling Zhen didn’t care too much and went into the bathroom. When she came out, she saw an unexpected person at the door.

Shen Yanchu seemed to have been waiting for a while, saw her come out, raised his foot and walked over, and stopped in front of her.

Ling Zhen thought to himself, it turns out that arty is next door to this group of protagonists, and said strangely, “Is there something wrong?”

Shen Yanchu took a deep breath, “I apologize to you for what I did for Manager Wen Yi, they shouldn’t use this method to frame you.”

Ling Zhen felt inexplicable and waved his hand “No need.”

After all, she didn’t suffer.

Shen Yan first saw her relaxed attitude, and continued, “In the future, we will work together on the same crew. I will not look at you from the past. I hope you can take your work seriously. We will collaborate to produce an excellent work.”


Male-dominant preaching.

Ling Zhen had a drink, and she was a little bit upright at the moment, and simply said, “I don’t remember the past, and there is nothing to do with us. Just take care of yourself, and you don’t need to educate me.”

After speaking, Ling Zhen turned around and left.

After they were all gone, the door of a compartment in the women’s bathroom was opened.

He Xi walked out of the inside, showing a meaningful smile

When the dinner was over, when Ling Zhen sat in Wei Xi’s car, the wine spirit had already come up completely.

She softened on the back of the chair, half-closed her eyes, her fair skin blushed a little, making her whole face pink. A little bit of alcohol on her body wafted from the closed carriage, slightly sweet.

Wei Xi put the suit jacket on her, and Ling Zhen rubbed his collar and wrapped it up obediently.

Wei Xi watched, and the restlessness in her heart finally sank bit by bit.

“I don’t know how to drink, huh” he reached out his hand and touched her warm cheek with his knuckles.

“Then you didn’t tell me,” Ling Zhen closed his eyes and hiccup, “The stamina is so great.”

Under the dim car lights, Wei Xi looked at her face carefully. After a long time, Ling Zhen almost fell asleep before he whispered, “Go home and sleep again.”

Ling Zhen is drunk and very obedient, “Good.”

The car drove very steadily, and when she reached the place, Wei Xi lightly touched her face, “I’m home.”

Ling Zhen slowly opened her eyes, her bright black eyes were a little confused. She rubbed her eyes and whispered, “Wei Xi, I seem to have forgotten to tell you.”

Wei Xi: “Yeah.”

“Thank you.” Her voice was soft but serious.

Thank him for standing on her side and doing everything for her who doesn’t have much friendship.

After speaking, Ling Zhen went to pull the car door and wanted to get out of the car.

Suddenly, someone grabbed his arm and went over there.

As soon as she raised her head, Wei Xi was looking down at her, her pupils were so dark that she absorbed light, and her voice was low.

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