GSBVH: Ch 18

Zeng Hong probably couldn’t think of it, even if there is a perfect strategy, an absolute passerby, it can still easily crush the powder circle.

At the first moment when the voting channel was opened, Jian Wenyi’s fan base was fully invested, and marketing accounts were publicized one after another. The difference was so big from the beginning.

This can only show that all the real passers-by voted for Ling Zhen after watching the video.

Ling Zhen himself was unexpected, holding the phone in his hand and was excited for a while. Then she went to poke Wei Xi next to “Hey, did you see the number of votes?”

But the man next to her was motionless, his eyes fell on the phone screen, still playing her short video.

It took less than 20 seconds, and I don’t know how many times I have seen it.

He was sitting lazily leaning on the sofa, but his eyes were extremely focused. Ling Zhen calmed down at this moment, feeling a little embarrassed, and poked his waist “Don’t look.”

Wei Xi grabbed her hand and frowned, “Don’t poke indiscriminately.”

Ling Zhen really behaved “Oh.”

After he finished watching this time and locked his phone, Ling Zhen asked, “Have you seen the number of votes? I seem to be quite high.”

Wei Xi was not surprised, with one arm stretched out and placed on the back of the sofa behind her, “Anyone who is not blind knows how to choose.”

Ling Zhen didn’t realize that she was almost half-circled by him. She blinked her eyes and pursed her lips, “Are you complimenting me?”

Her eyes were black and white, and she raised her small face to wait for praise.

Wei Xi’s slender fingers hooked the ends of her hair, with a smile on her lips, she lowered her head, “Not afraid of me anymore?”

I was shivering when I saw him before, but now I dare to act like a baby in front of him.

Only then did Ling Zhen discover that they were very close, and Wei Xi almost half-wrapped her, Ling Zhen could smell the faint smell of fir from him.

She hurriedly backed away, thinking about it in her mind, it seemed that Wei Xi rarely showed a grumpy look recently, and was very friendly to her most of the time, she subconsciously got closer.

Ling Zhen was a little pleased. Could it be that the villain’s personality has been subtly changed. If his character can become less violent and extreme, can the risk of blackening be eliminated?

Then, her freedom is just around the corner.

“Because you seem to be very kind lately,” Ling Zhen smiled and narrowed his eyes. “Keep it up, okay, brother.”

Wei Xi curled her fingers on her shoulders slightly, and squeezed her earlobes “Virtue.”

Ling Zhen was in a good mood. She stood up and wanted to go back to the room. Wei Xi stopped her waist and pushed the person back into her arms.

The man rubbed her ears addictively, rubbing the soft meat, “Go to the company with me this afternoon.”

“What are you going to do?” Ling Zhen shrank his neck.

Wei Xi lifted her lips and smiled with a cool ribbon, “Do you think they can let your votes pass?”

In the afternoon, when I arrived at Qingxi, Zhao Yan rushed out as soon as he went up to the 17th floor.

“Sister-in-law” Zhao Yan greeted Wei Xi’s look at the dead, and shouted out bravely, “You are a fairy, and you are a floating green. Benqing will not stop playing ca for you.”

Wei Xi slightly turned sideways to block Ling Zhen, frowning “Go away.”

Ling Zhen stuck his head out behind him and smiled, “It’s not necessarily true, I don’t know if I can act.”

“Is there any uncertainty?” Zhao Yan lowered his head and took out his mobile phone. Once unlocked, the voting interface was displayed. “We are all voting for you at this level, you see, the difference is now 300,000.”

Ling Zhen’s eyebrows jumped, it was so much worse.

Although the number of leading votes at the beginning made her a little excited, at this time, the widening of the points difference made her feel a faint anxiety in her heart.

At the same moment, in the office of Midsummer Entertainment, Zeng Hong was struggling to deal with Mr. Jian’s phone call, and Jian Wen sat in front of the computer in a daze.

Many days of uneasiness has become a reality, just click on the comment area, and some people are complimenting the Lingzhen version of the floating green.

Your words ah god ah ah ah ah I buy it.

Little Xiong Nini has been in the pit since the video of the little sister dancing, and now she really hasn’t disappointed me. Come on, come on.

A Keren’s book fan came, and the book fan said that he was originally asking the Tian Fu Qing Party, Shen Yanchu x Ling Zhenyan, I really eat ah ah ah ah, crazy and crazy

Jian Wenyi’s eyes were stinged by the line of words, and she shut down the webpage abruptly.

The voting time ends at 12 noon the next day. Right now, the difference is widening. If this continues, she will lose the role of Fuqing.

There was also silence in their WeChat group. Faced with this situation, everyone was a little embarrassed.

The worst situation they could think of was the stalemate between Ling Zhen and Jian Wenyi. But the current situation is that Ling Zhen’s makeup photos are widely spread all over the Internet, and Jian Wenyi is completely beaten up.

Ling Xuan watched Weibo for a day and was furious.

Everywhere they are boasting Lingzhen, if you want to show them how Ling Zhen looked like a black monkey when she was a child, and that Jian Wenyi, who is so unbelievable, it’s better to let her go because Ling Zhen has so many votes.

After scolding Ling Zhen’s face with a vertical pit for a long time, she watched Ling Zhen’s rising number of votes, and suddenly a thought came to her mind.

Where is Ling Zhen so popular with passers-by? She has such a high vote, so she won’t be brushed.

At this time, Zeng Hong finished Mr. Jian’s call, strode over to take a look at the data, and then made another call without stopping.

Jian Wenyi was listening, and she suddenly became surprised when she heard the word “brush points”, but in the end she didn’t say anything.

Zeng Hong hung up the phone and patted her on the shoulder, “Don’t worry, leave it to Sister Hong.”

Ling Zhen stayed in Wei Xi’s office until the evening, and everything was calm. Just when she clicked on the takeaway a and wanted to find food, the office door was knocked suddenly.

Wei Xi did not raise her head to “enter.”

Zhao Yan pushed open the heavy glass door and shouted anxiously, “Sister-in-law, someone tore you on Weibo”

Wei Xi put down the pen in her hand and looked not surprised.

This Weibo is a fan of Jian Wenyi.

Wen Wenru, after all Yikoulian’s unremitting publicity and voting, up to now, Miss Jian Wenyi has received a total of 1204 votes. We can guarantee that every vote is innocent and has no guilt. But we need to speak up for Ms. Wenyi Jian and her own interests. Please Ms. Ling Zhen and her team to explain the facts we have learned about whether Ms. Ling Zhen’s votes are scoured. Officials are also invited to make a fair judgment. 

Below Weibo, there are screenshots of several group chat records, which are the “evidence” they have.

The group names of these groups all carry lingzhen names, and there are a lot of comments on buying accounts, and some slogans such as “for the sake of realness”.

Ling Zhen read it carefully and was really speechless for a while.

She doesn’t even have a lot of fans, so don’t be too obvious where the fan group comes from, directing and acting

But since the opponent fought a battle, it was obvious that he was going to pour the dirty water to the end. Soon, the term Ling Zhen swiped tickets appeared on the hot search, and quickly climbed up at an unnatural speed.

The voting was still in progress, and suddenly such a big piece of melon fell, and netizens came one after another.

A Uncle fucking, isn’t it, I just voted for her to eat melon this morning

If there is no real hammer, please don’t believe it. Eat melons and you have to be mindful.

Mei De Xuan is upstairs, isn’t this enough for real hammering? I have long felt that this data called Lingzhen is not normal. She’s a newcomer who doesn’t have a company, and she has all the votes of the two males, but she doesn’t even have a fan base, so I believe it.

Zhao Yan has been paying attention to the online public opinion, seeing that the trend of comments has gradually changed, and Ling Zhen’s soaring votes have also been affected and slowed down.

He was very anxious, “How can this be explained?”

Zhao Yan is also a fan of Xianwen’s original novel. He is extremely satisfied with the appearance of his sister-in-law, and really does not want her to lose this role.

With Lingzhen’s personality, she might directly post on Weibo to clarify, but she subconsciously glanced at Wei Xi first.

The man half-supported his temple, because her eyes showed a faint joy.

“Do you want to clarify?” Ling Zhen asked.

Wei Xi lifted her arms, her expression was a little unpredictable, “Wait.”

His demeanor was inexplicably reassuring. Ling Zhen looked at him and really quit Weibo and continued to open takeaway a.

Ling Zhen never responded, and Jian Wenyi’s fans became more brainwashed. Not only was it posted within the fan group, how miserable my sister was being voted down by the newcomer Water King, but also posted to passers-by, selling miserably.

Jian Wenyi’s WeChat group became active, and everyone found a reason to scold Lingzhen again. Ling Xuan danced most happily in it.

Then she would send a separate message to Ling Zhen, “It doesn’t cost less to pay for the ticket, it seems that Wei Xi is still willing to spend some money for you, although he will not care about you.

Ling Zhen replied, “Yes, I am so happy that my husband paid me.”

After reading it, Ling Xuan’s nose was crooked.

Until two o’clock in the night, Ling Zhen got up in a daze and got up in the bathroom, but when she passed the living room, she saw Wei Xi sitting on the sofa, facing an acbook.

She rubbed her eyes, saw the voting interface on his screen, and whispered “Are you still waiting?”

Wei Xi put a blanket on her nightdress, “It’s time.”

After he finished speaking, he refreshed the interface.

Ling Zhen suddenly became energetic.

Because she suddenly saw that after the refresh, Jian Wenyi’s votes began to skyrocket, and within a few seconds, hundreds of thousands of votes rose.

Her boss, when others framed her for scoring, he actually bought 300,000 votes for the other party and they were all low-level zombies.

As a result, a large number of unstable and unsafe accounts poured into Weibo to vote, and the nightly data was severely abnormal.

Then, the voting interface crashed.

Early the next morning, Jian Wenyi fans swiped Weibo and rushed to the hot search.

Ling Zhen, who had been silent, finally responded by sending a Weibo message.

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