GSBVH: Ch 17

Which one of the people in the studio is not used to seeing beauties, but at this time is truly shocked by the beauty of a girl. It is a rare, top-class costume face, so natural that she should wear it like that.

If the usual Ling Zhen is just a very beautiful little girl, she is a great beauty in ancient costume.

Zheng Qianqian was still secretly comparing with Jian Wenyi, but the moment she saw Ling Zhen walk out, she finally gave up her desire to survive.

She tugged at the other female candidate, and sighed, “I never thought that I was the one who pecked at each other.”

This is what people call fairy fights.

Gu Wei directly showed a surprised expression. He even heard a few inhalation sounds around him. But looking at it, he suddenly felt an inexplicable coolness.

A cold-faced man appeared behind Ling Zhen, his expression swept from the corner of his eyes with an undisguised hostility.

“Fuck it is terrible.”

Jian Wenyi’s fingers squeezed her white dress tightly, and she couldn’t recover from the incredible for a long time. She subconsciously looked at Shen Yanchu, the man’s profile was slightly taut, and his eyes were also shocked.

But in the shock, there was a trace of surprise that could not be concealed.

Zeng Hong stood behind Jian Wenyi, looking at a girl in blue not far away, the initial surprise in her eyes faded, and a layer of cruelty slowly floated.

Although there was an episode in the costume, the shooting process went smoothly.

Ling Zhen found that the staff were very careful with her, and liked to look at her secretly when she was not paying attention. After being a man for a long time, I almost forget that I am a god, and I am not used to it.

The makeup photo of the second female is the last one. After Ling Zhen finished filming, all the other actors in the studio were gone. Ling Zhen went to change the clothes, and was a little embarrassed when handing it to the staff, “I stretched my back a little.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” the staff thought to their hearts that it would be too much to wear this kind of clothes for people. Besides, they should just kowtow to thank you for being able to wear this kind of emptiness.

Ling Zhen pursed his lips and smiled, waved goodbye to everyone.

She came alone when she came, and was still alone when she left. The staff watched her slender figure go away, and couldn’t help sighing, “It’s a fairy.”

“Oh wrong, why did she go by herself? I saw Mr. Wei just now.”

“Yeah, he was still here just now”

Ling Zhen walked out of the studio, and as soon as he reached the side of the road, a dark luxury car stopped.

The window rolled down, and the man showed a delicate chin angle, watching her “get in the car.”

“Oh.” Ling Zhen obediently walked around and got on the co-pilot.

Wei Xi held the steering wheel in one hand and turned her face to “Does it still hurt?”

Ling Zhen didn’t react. “Yeah.”

Wei Xi stretched out her hand and nodded her back.

There was a slight pain between the clothes rubbing, but it was just a small wound. Compared with pain, Ling Zhen felt more embarrassment. She clutched her seat belt, “I tell you, I’m really not fat.”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows, a little smile appeared in her eyes “Oh.”

Ling Zhen thought he was smiling badly, Xing’s eyes stared slightly round, “That dress is too small, I’m really thin.”

Wei Xi lifted her lips, raised her fingers, and poked her soft cheek “I know.”

Of course he saw it. The girl’s waist was not enough for a grip, so slender as if it could be broken at any time.

It’s a pity that he can’t hide.

There is still one day before the voting starts.

The publicity team invited by Xianwen is very professional, and it always keeps the popularity of the drama within a certain range, which makes netizens ticklish.

Dingzhuangzhao is in full swing, and various companies are also starting to prepare for artists to enter the rankings.

Especially the few with a fan base, the fans are all voting for rankings. After all, there are not many opportunities to compete for resources for idols in person, and this sense of participation will particularly arouse the fighting spirit of fans.

Ling Zhen watched the grand conversation between Gu Wei and Shen Yanchu. The atmosphere of the two battes was quite strong, and she was scared to be crushed by the name.

The fan circle in the world is so cruel.

Ling Zhen thought that since she didn’t have a company or a team, she wouldn’t be able to deal with these things that were torn and shouted.

But the facts proved that she was still too naive.

That afternoon, the entry Jian Wenyi suddenly appeared on the hot search. The reason for the hot search is that a short video of Jian Wenyi’s audition came out on the Internet, and then the marketing account and the various groups and districts were moved, which triggered a wave of discussion.

People in the circle can naturally see that the voting channel of Xianwen will be opened tomorrow. At this time, buying hot search is nothing more than preempting the opportunity to promote.

But if you just promote your own artists, but after two hours of hot search, the top one quietly turned into a contrast between two female second candidates.

This has become a bright pull.

Zeng Hong was busy all morning, contacting various channels, and steadily sending the hot search to the top ten. It’s not publicity, but the exposure is enough.

She calculated that Ling Zhen did not have a company, and knew that the other party did not have a publicity team, so she was not keen enough in this regard. Sure enough, the tumbling Weibo posted thousands of comments, but Ling Zhen still didn’t respond.

If it hadn’t been for Ling Xuan to send a message to Ling Zhen, she really didn’t know that she had been brought into a hot search again.

Ling Xuan’s text message reads schadenfreude between the lines, “Why should someone do something if you have known so long ago? You insisted on the role of the second female, and now you are being publicly executed.

Ling Zhen followed what she said and took a look at Hot Search, only then saw the Weibo.

Come and take a look at the two candidates of Xianwen Fuqing, which one of the masterpieces of Miss Jian Wenyi’s youth rain do you better support, and fascinated thousands of fans with a face of first love. Not only that, she is also a graduate of a serious acting department, and she is a school flower while in school. Look at another candidate, Ling Zhen, who looks very good, are you familiar with her? Picture Picture Picture Picture

The two points found in this Weibo are quite right. The masterpiece and the background of the class are indeed where Jian Wenyi has an advantage over her. The first few photos show Jian Wenyi’s stills and life photos, and the next few photos show Ling Zhen’s previous photos that were picked up from nowhere.

It was taken by the original owner. Although the facial features were the same as Ling Zhen, the complexion was very poor and the skin was not white at that time. It was put together with Jian Wenyi’s various hard photos, and the pulling was clearly white.

This is the first time Ling Zhen has seen such disgusting people in the human entertainment industry. Whether she can get a role is second, but she has never suffered this kind of malice.

Ling Zhen took the phone and walked out of the room, and saw Wei Xi sitting on the sofa looking down at the phone, and ran over a little aggrieved, and showed it to him.

“They bullied me no one”

The hostess has everything, and there are agents who plan everything for her, but the little cannon fodder doesn’t have human rights. It’s too much.

Wei Xi followed her mobile phone, raised her eyes to meet her gaze, and asked “I am not a human.”

Ling Zhen was stunned, “Ah”

Wei Xi held her wrist and pulled someone to sit next to her. “Since you see it, let’s watch it together.”

Ling Zhen is still “seeing what” outside of the situation

Wei Xi lowered her eyes and flicked on the phone, then leaned over, took her hand, and refreshed the hot search interface on her phone.

“Watch others praise you.”

Ling Zhen blinked his eyes twice, and suddenly realized that the top spot had changed.

The original Weibo post was replaced by an Amway blog. A marketing account with a lot of traffic posted a video of her dancing in a red dress that night. The copy is like this

When Mackerel Fuqing first saw Ye Wentian, he danced barefoot on the clear pond. Please raise your hand for the book fan, but still remember the dancing posture of Fuqing in the original book, “Ripple, she is as comfortable as a fish, but also as elegant as a surprise.” If Fuqing invites this fairy lady to perform, the fan will die. No regrets. Breeze love.

The blogger extracted a paragraph of the original text describing the dance of the second female, and combined with the Lingzhen dance, the effect was surprisingly good.

Yan Yanxia, ​​I can say it again, I can.

A watermelon, my blood book asks her to act as a floating blue book powder, which means that this is the floating blue in my dream

The re-comment likes soared like a gasp, and within a few minutes, the hot spots were squeezed out. Not only that, following this Weibo, other Lingzhen Amlibos appeared one after another, and each of them was sent to hot spots.

Soon, Jian Wenyi’s hot search was completely slaughtered by Ling Zhen An Libo.

When Zeng Hong found out that Ling Zhen had already made a wave of popularity on the hot search, it was still free.

Zeng Hong hurriedly tried to contact the popular marketing account, but the other party refused to communicate. So she had to call the person who bought the hot search and asked to withdraw the hot search.

The other party “can’t withdraw, someone added money just now”

Zeng Hong’s eyes are black, “When will it be added?”

“tomorrow morning”

Zeng Hong almost fainted.

Here, Ling Zhen, who had witnessed the whole process, expressed shock at Wei Xi’s vast supernatural powers.

In response to her surprised and puzzled eyes, Wei Xi flicked her forehead and whispered, “Don’t be afraid if you encounter something.”

“I am here.”

Xianwen itself is a national university with its own traffic, and the open and secret struggles between candidates have indirectly boosted its popularity and exposure, and the public’s expectations for the publication of fixed makeup photos and voting have been raised to infinitely high. By the next morning, almost everyone stayed on the official Weibo.

Although no one counts real-time traffic, it should be a terrible number.

Zeng Hong wasted yesterday’s hot search, contacted a batch of marketing accounts, and greeted Jian Wenyi’s support club in advance. As soon as the voting channel is opened, fans will vote on the list, and the marketing accounts will be linked to each other. It is necessary to build momentum.

Zeng Hong has brought talents to talent show and is quite experienced in voting. There is a set of systematic investment strategies for data control and driving passersby. This is still very confident.

Among their friends, Song Zhao’s group were greeted to vote for Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi, and then forwarded to the circle of friends to canvass for votes.

Ling Xuan mixed in a group of people and responded positively, “Don’t worry, Wen Yi, don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

In comparison, Ling Zhen looked extremely calm here.

After Wei Xi finished speaking with her yesterday, Ling Zhen actually felt inexplicably relieved. When the villain is not darkened, he is a calm and powerful person. He tells her not to be afraid, she is really not too afraid.

At eight o’clock exactly, under the attention of everyone, Xianwen Guanbo finally released the set makeup photo.

At the same time, the voting channel was officially opened.

Ling Zhen was also looking forward to the finished product. After the official blog was released, he clicked in and read it. The one by himself and Jian Wenyi were placed side by side.

In fact, Ling Zhen’s makeup photo showed no signs of repairs, and her eyebrows and posture were basically close to her real appearance. Apricot eyes, long and thick eyelashes, clear and clear eyes. The tip of the nose is small, the lips are rosy, and the whole face is carved and jade without any blemishes.

The “floating blue” in the azure ancient costume, holding a ribbon bamboo fan in his hand, smiles brightly at the camera.

In addition to the makeup photos, everyone also has a short video.

When shooting, Ling Zhen couldn’t think of any promotional words, so he did a short dance.

The tail of her jet-black hair fluttered with the cyan skirt, and the ribbon on the bamboo fan swung away again. The smile on the girl’s lips remained undiminished, and her figure was flexible and light when she turned, floating like a leaf between the sky and the earth.

Yingying smiled and asked her sweetheart to “ask the heavens” to the camera

In a trance, like a person in a book walks into reality.

Ling Zhen quit and refreshed.

Jian Wenyi, 15,040 votes

Ling Zhen, 157,803 votes

In one minute, ten, double, kill.

The beauty in ancient costume dancing in a blue dress shocked the entire network at this moment.

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