GSBVH: Ch 16

After Wei Xi finished speaking, she pressed the doorknob with her hand and pushed the locker room door open.

The sky light outside the curtains illuminated the room. The girl stood in front of the window, heard the noise, looked back.

It is a familiar face, but its temperament is very strange.

A soft light enveloped her body, and the woman’s black hair was like a waterfall, sliding down on the loose white shirt. The half of the face hidden by the green silk is like a jade, with a dusty temperament, like a fairy in an ancient painting.

At this moment, her eyebrows are frowning, her red lips are slightly pursed, and she is holding her neckline with one hand, her eyes flashing “you are coming”.

Wei Xi pinched the doorknob with her fingers, paused for ten seconds, and then walked into the locker room.

He returned his hand and closed the door firmly and firmly.


He looked as usual, but his voice was slightly muted.

At this time, outside the door.

Everyone: “…”

The whole studio fell into a long silence.

Wei, who has never heard of Qingxi, summarized the marriage, and never heard that his wife was also so silent in the background of their crew.

Of course, they didn’t know, because the “Background King” himself said that he didn’t want to be thought of going through the back door, so a certain tycoon hasn’t revealed much.

Everyone looked different, and among them, Shen Yanchu’s expression was the most complicated.

He still remembered how Ling Zhen looked at him in the past, showing various gestures of goodwill. Is it true that now she really let go of the past and start a new life. Indeed, it seems that since she no longer appears in her own life, Ling Zhen will come more and more. It looks good. Give up on herself, she is doing well.

Perhaps it is the male self-esteem that is at work, and Shen Yanchu feels inexplicable.

On the other side, Jian Wenyi’s face was obviously stiffer.

Frankly speaking, she didn’t have any malice towards Ling Zhen, just like a person with a good life would not taunt someone who has nothing. She has always been superior and smooth since she was a child, even her beloved loved her. So even if Ling Zhen frequently showed good wishes to Shen Yanchu, she didn’t have the slightest sense of crisis.

But if a person who cannot be an opponent suddenly stands in a better position than her.

By Jian Wenyi’s side, Zeng Hong’s expression was even more ugly. She stared at the closed door, quietly left, turned around and made a call.

Inside the fitting room.

Ling Zhen was actually a little embarrassed. Although she is already very slender, it is still very embarrassing for a girl to break her clothes.

She turned a little sideways, not wanting to expose her back to Wei Xi, blinked her eyes and asked him, “Did you bring it?”

Wei Xi’s gaze stayed on her, and she raised her hand when she heard the words. It was a small sewing box.

Ling Zhen breathed a sigh of relief and stretched out his slender wrist, “Thank you, give it to me.”

Wei Xi didn’t hand it to her, but walked slowly towards her, and said in a low voice, “What do you want to do with needlework?”

He stood in front of him, his aura was too strong to be ignored, Ling Zhen couldn’t avoid answering, so he said dejectedly, “The clothes are broken.”

Wei Xi stood in front of her, “Where.”

I don’t know why he is so persistent to ask, Ling Zhen’s face is blushing, and her slender eyelashes tremble “back and back”.

After speaking, she felt embarrassed and hurriedly said, “It’s just a hole. I’ll sew it by myself. Go out.”

Wei Xi looked at her red ear tips, stretched out her hand and squeezed it lightly, then lowered her head and opened the sewing box.

Ling Zhen stared blankly at him putting the white cotton thread into the pinhole, “What are you doing?”

Wei Xi pressed her shoulders and carried the person back, a low voice rang in her ears, with a slight air current, “Don’t you want to sign a contract?”

“Now I’ll be your assistant.”

Under the snow-white coat, the girl’s smooth and white back was looming. Wei Xi lowered her eyes, her eyes gradually darkening.

Ling Zhen shyly wanted to turn back “I’ll do it myself.”

Wei Xi held her down, her voice low, “Don’t move.”

Ling Zhen couldn’t help the boss, so he had no choice but to let him. In order to shorten the time for this public execution, Ling Zhen coordinated to put her black hair hanging on her back in front of her, “Then you as soon as possible.”

In this way, her neck was also exposed, and it was as white as a piece of porcelain under her black black hair.

Wei Xi let out a sigh of warmth.

Holding a silver needle in his hand, his fingers with distinct joints landed on the girl’s back, and slowly and meticulously sutured the gap, like a work of art.

Ling Zhen felt inexplicably that the temperature in this small space was rising, and she fanned it uncomfortably with her hand.

When she moved, Wei Xi immediately held her “Don’t move.”

But the silver needle still went wrong, and the sharp point of the needle made a light stroke on her delicate back.

“Hiss” Ling Zhen frowned slightly.

The scratch is not deep, but it leaves a light red scratch, which is very eye-catching on the snow-white skin. Just like the first bright color on a clean white canvas, the thin wound has a fragile and ruined beauty, which can arouse the darkest and most direct sadism.

Wei Xi held her breath for a moment, and then her breath became hot.

Ling Zhen could feel it, and turned around a little puzzled and asked “Are you hot?”

Wei Xi bit the tip of her tongue and continued to hold the needle “It’s okay.”

With a few simple stitches, he sews the posture of a craftsman. When Wei Xi finally sewed her clothes, a thin layer of sweat broke out on Ling Zhen’s back.

“I have to hurry up, people must have finished their styling.”

As she said, she lowered her head and picked up the cyan dress hanging on one side, and then glanced at Wei Xi, showing with her eyes why you are still here

Wei Xi and her looked at each other for a few seconds, folded her arms, and said calmly, “There is no place for me to stay outside.”

“…”Ling Zhen was silent for a while, “Okay.”

Anyway, you don’t need to undress the rest, just put it on.

I wore a green jade shirt, although the material was not good, the style was good or bad. Ling Zhen shook his hands and shook his clothes open, then the skirt twirled in the air, and the sky blue fell on him.

The collar is pressed, the fringed belt is tightened, and the exquisite figure is outlined.

Ling Zhen looked in the mirror, raised his hand, and put three thousand green silks in a bun.

Lifting his eyes again, the person in the mirror is very familiar.

The life Lingzhu pressed on the collarbone was faintly heated, reminding her of something that she hadn’t noticed for a long time. It wasn’t until she put on clothes similar to the previous ones that she finally realized that this face had returned to the peak state of Fairy Ling Zhen.

Spiritual energy swayed in the air, a special faint fragrance wafted out, Ling Zhenxing’s eyes gleamed, lips curled and smiled, slowly turning back.

Wei Xi raised her eyes.

Then, the pupils shrank suddenly for a moment

Fairy Ling Zhen hasn’t shown people like this for a long time, and smiles shyly, “How is it?”

Wei Xi stared at her with dark eyes, but was silent and did not speak.

Don’t know how to evaluate.

Because he never knew that a person can be so beautiful in ancient costumes.

Eyebrows, eyes, nose, and lips are all just beautiful.

It’s like the fairy on the ancient painting came alive and came to the world to ferry. She stood between the light and the shadow and looked at him with a smile, almost deceptively beautiful.

It’s so beautiful that people want to hide it privately.

Ling Zhen took the corner of the skirt and turned around, and he was quite satisfied. Although the workmanship is a bit poor, the color matches the skin tone. Moreover, Fairy Ling Zhen, who had returned to her peak appearance, was still able to fight, without embarrassing them in the fairy world.

She didn’t wait for Wei Xi’s comment, shrugged carelessly, and then walked out with her skirt. “Then, I’ll go take pictures first. You can go back to the company if you are busy.”

But when she passed Wei Xi, she was suddenly grabbed by her arm.

Wei Xi grabbed her wrist bone, rubbed her thumb hard, and then said, “Don’t go out.”

Stay here, only them.

No one else can see it.

“Ling Zhen didn’t want to shake it off, “I have to take pictures.”

Wei Xi exerted a slight force and pulled the person in front of her, “Then change your clothes.”

Ling Zhen became unhappy, not to mention that there is no other clothes to change, the most important thing is

“Doesn’t I look good in this?”

“”Wei Xi paused, “No.”

Ling Zhen glared at him angrily, and after a long while, Wei Xi finally let go of her hand.

In the studio at this time, the shooting of the male No. 1 makeup photo is in progress.

It has been a while since the boss entered the locker room, during which countless people stared at it, but no one dared to ask.

Zeng Hong went out to make a phone call with a sullen face, and when he came back, his expression looked better. She walked to Jian Wenyi who was watching Shen Yanchu’s shooting, and gently touched her arm.

Jian Wenyi was obviously a little uneasy. Zeng Hong smiled and said in a voice that only two people could hear, “I just talked to President Jian on the phone. You are the default role. The casting has been handed over to the film crew. The influence of the management is not that great, don’t worry.”

Jian Wenyi pursed her lips and nodded “but”

“In short, today’s makeup photo must be gorgeous. As long as you can suppress her when you vote, you will be stable,” Zeng Hong squeezed her shoulder, “Wen Yi, you should have confidence in yourself.”

It’s really not that she sees her artist with filters, to be honest, Jane Wenyi’s costume looks better than those of the first female candidate. This white dress was grabbed too right, and it matched her facial features very well.

Only then did Jian Wenyi smile and nodded.

“Moreover, we don’t compare with anyone, just compare with Ling Zhen,” Zeng Hong smiled. “If she can wear that shoddy clothes with effect, then she must be a true fairy.”

After a while, Shen Yanchu finished filming, glanced casually at the locker room that was still closed, and then walked towards Jian Wenyi.

When he stood in front of him, Jian Wenyi raised her head shyly, “Am I so good-looking?”

“Very beautiful,” Shen Yanchu smiled, “I said long ago, no one is more suitable for acting as a fairy than you.”

As soon as his voice fell, it was like some kind of omen when the door of the locker room closed for a long time suddenly “clicked”.


The noisy voices in the studio, everyone’s eyes focused there.

First, there was a blue skirt, then the slender legs and slender waist under the skirt, and finally the whole person walked out the door.

Everyone looked up along Linglong’s figure, and finally saw the face clearly.

Then, the whole studio, completely pressed the mute button.

The author has something to say that Wei Xi is not allowed to read it.

Ling Zhen, control yourself!

Babies, the next chapter will enter v. Little fairy’s gorgeous face

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